Mini Mob Wives Catch Up Recap: It’s Delicious!

mob-wives-new-bloodI am two episodes behind on Mob Wives and looking forward to catching up now.  I really want to lay down and curl up with a hot water bottle to watch it, but I know I will be dying for feedback.

I’m so happy that things are going well for Drita and Lee. Hopefully, they had to make up the bullying story for the show. In the second episode, Drita realizes that Lee is not going to help with the renovations. Lee gives Drita a ton of shit for the Vegas trip. Which must be scripted because she is getting paid to go and frankly has to go.

As for the new one, Alicia, her sentencing is currently scheduled for January 2014. The Feds postponed it once already to reevaluate her income after she took the gig with Mob Wives. She will be paying some hefty fines and likely be serving so jail time.  Maybe she will go to Danbury in CT.  I just finished listening to Orange is The New Black on audio book and it was really interesting. Someone should get her a copy.  Meanwhile we are five minutes in and she has already referred to “Eddie’s Betrayl” ten times, some were even unnecessary Frankenbites. Meanwhile, Renee is talking to a new friend, Nicole about Alicia.

Oh, it’s time for a dinner. Alicia wants to talk about the wire tap. And Eddie’s betrayal. Big Ang and Drita seem to think Renee was somehow shady about the situation. I don’t get that. If I have a guy friend who is cheating on his wife that I don’t even know, it’s not my job to assume she doesn’t know and tell her.

Big Ang’s son has knocked up his girlfriend. Big Ang is thrilled. She has not told her son she wants a baby with her man. lololol

610x360Everyone goes out with Renee and  Michael to a club. Drunk Natalie gets a little to friendly with Renee’s man and Renee grabs her man to leave before they even sit down. I have a few problems with this scene.  First, all the girl did was hug the guy and say he smelled delicious. Would this piss me off? Maybe. Depends on who the chick is and who the man is. If I determined that the little drunk whore was going to be a problem, I probably would slide out the door with my man to someplace more intimate. I would not however let the drunk little whore know she has pushed my buttons.  I would not flap my arms around like a chicken headed for slaughter.  I would whisper to my man to get me out of there and he would. Easy Peasy.

The other issue I have with this scene is that Renee seems VERY EMOTIONAL. Like I have had too much to drink emotional. Didn’t she just come out of rehab? And when little whore put hands on her man as they were leaving, her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

Ah, as the next episode starts Renee orders a bottle of wine. She tells us in her talking head that drinking is not her issue, it’s Xanax. Whenever I try to stop smoking I have to stop drinking because drinking leads to poor decision making. Surely they cover this in rehab. The dinner was to introduce  Michael to Renee’s son and girlfriend. Seems a little early for that. This Michael guy seems like a hired actor to play the part of boyfriend. Scene one be charming and then by scene three be over it. All these dinner scenes are making me hungry.

So of course we now have to have a dinner scene with Natalie and her boyfriend London. (brief pause to thaw out something)  Nothing interesting there.

The girls are going to Vegas. There was much written in the news about Alicia going to Vegas as she is on parole and not allowed to leave the state except to visit her son in West Virginia. On the show it shows her getting permission to go, probably because it was “job related.”

Natalie’s boobs look plastic. I mean on the outside. They don’t appear to have human skin on them at all.  Also, she wears lots of see through shirts and apparently they blur the nipples or else she doesn’t have any.

I love how these Mob Wives do not get dressed or do their hair for lots of the scenes, it’s refreshing reality.  And just as I suspected Renee is using again.  She is having panic attacks on the way to the airport and says she needs to take a couple Xanax.  I have taken Xanax for anxiety for years and years. I do not understand how you get addicted. You take one, the panic attack stops, then you feel normal. Not drugged up, not happy, not stoned, just normal.  Then you don’t have to take another one until the next panic attack. I don’t see the point in taking them if you are not having a panic attack. In fact, most of the time, I don’t even need to take one. Just knowing that I have one to take if things escalate is enough. I don’t get the attraction people who don’t have panic attacks have to this pill.

Mob Wives ReneeBy the time the girls get to Vegas Renee is literally falling down drunk. Renee is out of her head drunk. Big Ang is alone with Renee and praying for Drita to hurry up and help back her up.  Drita and Big Ang realize taking Renee to Vegas was a very, very, bad idea. She is on the brink of alcohol poisoning. Big Ang says Renee has been up for two days. If your drug of choice is Xanax, which calms your nerves and alcohol, another depressant. How is that possible? Eventually you get drunk and pass out.

After Renee goes down for the count the storyline becomes Drita’s excessive gambling. Only for almost every bet she made the minimum table bid of $100 ( 4 green $25 chips).

Renee did not go to bed. She is fucked up and by the infinity pool. Surely, some Bravo crew was in there filming or keeping an eye on her or both. And she is smoking Newports which I find funny for some reason.

Next week, Renee gets drunk and tries to kill Natalie and the camera crew has to step in and break it up.


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27 responses to “Mini Mob Wives Catch Up Recap: It’s Delicious!

  1. lori

    Renee is fucking nuts! As far as the issue that Alicia has with Renee going out with her man with Renee’s friend, flip that around. Imagine if it was Alicia who had gone out with a friend of hers and Renee’s ex husband and Renee found about it the way Alicia did. She would’ve cut a bitch! (Lol) She’s a complete hypocrite. Sad to see that she’s off the wagon. I also figured as much in last week’s episode during the club scene. She is not behaving like a woman in her right mind… even by Renee standards.

    • sheane

      Renee had been friends with the husband since she was a child. Both were friends with the other woman, again since they were children, Renee had no responsibility to Natalie for her husband’s behavior. Alicia is an ill mannered lush.

      • Salazar

        I think that’s flipped ..Rene is the ill mannered lush..although I do agree Rene had no responsibility to Alicia for her husbands actions

  2. Shellbelle

    I wondered about Renee’s sobriety last week when I saw her drinking… I thought sober meant sober from everything.
    You made a comment in an earlier recap about Alicia an how she is sometimes pretty and sometimes not… I think she has lots of freckles and when she does her own makeup it is too dark but when she has it done for her talking heads, she looks very pretty. I myself have a very light complexion complete with many freckles so I recognize another “freckle face” when I see one. :)

    • Salazar

      I’ve noticed the same thing about her ..sometimes looking pretty & other times rough ..she actually looked a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones the last episode I saw.The freckle thing may be what is going on but I also see possibly acne or previous acne scars

  3. GirlFromKY

    Man, Renee is totally out of reality, even when she’s sober lately! Do you notice she calls herself “The Boss” and demands one-sided respect from everyone else yet doesn’t give it to others with her ridiculous ranting? The girl has gone off her rocker. And who on the face of the earth would allow cameras to film them drinking after having just gotten back from rehab??? I would better believe a truthful reality of Renee sneaking her drinking off camera. I don’t buy it! I think Renee is full of storyline creation! And I agree her romantic relationship is fake and made up for the cameras too! It’s just way too out there, ya know???

  4. Mizzzzzz

    TT I totally agree about Renee not being responsible for Alicias feelings. Renee didn’t betray her, her husband did. The only reason she’s mad at Renee is because her husband isn’t around for her to yell at and neither is Carla (the ex girlfriend).

  5. Twilly

    Renee’s behavior is so typical of addicts. “A glass of wine won’t kill me. My problem is Xanax.” And blaming Natalie for Michael seeing the crazy side of Renee. Renee takes zero responsibility for her own foolish behavior. She is over the top dramatic and he was gonna see that side of her sooner or later because she’s a lunatic.

  6. ericzku

    Tamara – Xanax is a lovely drug! I used to take it too. If someone who is not overly anxious or having a panic attack takes it, it gives one a nice buzz…I would get a quite pleasant floating sensation; as if I were walking with both feet 3 feet off the ground.

    This, I think, is why people get addicted to it. With prolonged use, the body will develop a physical dependence, and that’s when people start needing them to get through the day. Thankfully, I never got to that point before I stopped taking it.

    Then there are the people who use it to come down from their Extasy/Cocaine/Meth highs. Also, when you combine it with an Opiate (pain pills) it can make the euphoria more intense. I’m sure that is what Renee was doing…because she was all about the painkillers!

    • I think the issue is people are prescribed large doses. I know in the street version people sell “Xanibars” they are five or maybe 10? mgs! I would think that would take a horse down. I took 1/4 mg here and there until the crazy came in full a couple years ago and I finally moved to 1/2 a mg and still often just take 1/4 mg. My anxiety makes me not want to run out. So even if I need one, I often knuckle through in case I need on more another day. It’s common for people with anxiety to be able to breathe through an attack just knowing a pill is there if you need it. I know. It’s crazy. That’s why I call it the crazy! :)

      • lori

        Xanibars are the same strength as the large round ones. 2mg each, each little”brick” section containing 1/2 mg. I have been given both in my life, dependant on which the pharmacy had in stock.I suppose they make both kinds in higher doses, but I wouldn’t know about that.

  7. kisha

    I’m watching the episode right now. Renee has to be on something more than alcohol. Alcohol/Xanax don’t keep you up for days; cocaine and other uppers do. Clearly, she has been drinking but between her behavior and lack of sleep, I really think she’s doing some hardcore drugs.
    And damn, her new man is hot! While I don’t think Natalie really should have made that delicious comment, Renee should have addressed it after the homeboy was gone. But that would have made for boring tv. Lol.

  8. Kaleesi

    I keep missing this show! Please someone tell me when and where this comes on.

  9. Renee had this weird complex where she makes rules for the world that don’t apply to her. Keeping in mind that she and her sister really produce and profit from the show, it’s odd what a bad light is being shined on her now. I agree that the bf is cast. That said, Renee looks physically better than she ever has on the show. It was fun watching all of them have a great time until they realized that Renee was still awake.

    • lori

      So if the bf is cast, does that mean that everything that followed (aka how dare you call my man delicious!?! I now want to drown you) is also fake. If so, then she’s a pretty good actress. She even takes it into drunkenness with her. I mean I’m certainly not saying that the bf isn’t a hired actor or friend (like with kenya), but it’s a very blurry line. Was she really drunk/high off her ass, because she was getting madder and madder about the delicious thing during this time. I’m sure someone who is really sober in real life would never pretend to fall off the wagon for some reality tv show. It’s just too much of an achievement and way too precious to not only the person but the whole family (and friends) to pretend that you’re using again for the show. I am very confused by this. I hope for her sake that she is a wonderful actress who is still off the pills and liquor, or whatever else. I love mob wives. I was so bummed after last week’s episode ended. I felt like I could have watched hours more.

  10. Urethra Franklin

    I keep giving a side eye to Natalie’s boyfriend London. He dresses so fem that it’s douchey. In one episode he’s wearing hot pink shoes with a hot pink belt. In this episode he’s wearing a paisley blouse and cardigan sweater set that some old librarian would wear. And it looked like a woman’s size watch on his roided out wrist. Then he was holding his wine/martini glass in a very non-butch way. Just sayin’.

  11. If only we could get Renee’s take on all this.

  12. Michelle McKim

    Mob wives don’t let their men whisk them away from trouble unless it could end up with her in jail. I have over 22 years clean from drink and street drugs. I do however MUST take prescribed meds which I do with full disclosure to those closest to me and if my ego were ever to get as big as Rene’s, they would take better care of me because an addict using is a cry for help. I had 4 1/2 years clean and relapsed for 6 months before getting on with life on a healthy, healing path. The meds Rene is taking clearly states on the bottle not to drink with the pills so she isn’t clean AND she isn’t recovering….two VERY different things!!!! The only way Rene will get clean is for her “friends” to not drink in front of her and not agree with trips to Sin City.. As they say, people, places and things. Those all have to change for you to change. I have watched Rene’s ego, or lack of ego which makes her strong but in a brittle way. It is good to be tough and it makes for “can’t stop watching the car wreck” TV. But, being strong should mean one can bend without breaking. True power lies within picking your battles and playing the game to win. It takes a clear mind. It takes purposeful action and it takes being self aware.

  13. Xanadude

    I had given up on this show a few seasons ago, but was home with a cold the past few days (I blame Tamara for giving it to me through this website) and caught this episode. Yowsers. I may have to start watching again.

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