Is This Perhaps The Worst Christmas Present Imaginable?


Um okay y’all, I have a question for you. The picture above is a Hermes bag that costs about 20k.  The um, art work is courtesy of George Condo. He is an artist of some note who is highly compensated for his work.  I actually like some of his pieces.  However, this one falls into his grotesque demon orgy category.  One that I find rather, um, distasteful. I have a few nudes in my house but they are not accompanied by abstract demon faces.

So if your significant other gave you the Birkin bag above what would you do?  I think I might have to graciously accept with such enthusiasm that my request that it be encased in glass and displayed in one of the least often entered rooms in my  ridiculous mansion seemed like an act of love and protection.

I mean really. WTF would you do with that? More importantly, what does a gift like this say about the giver?  At what point does a woman, even a woman with nary a brain in her big ole head,  realize that she is married to a man who thinks he is Jesus, Steve Jobs, and Michelangelo all in one? Wouldn’t that be a tiny bit disconcerting, even to a woman who made entrance into the public eye via sex tape?

What would you do if you received such a thing? Seriously!


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69 responses to “Is This Perhaps The Worst Christmas Present Imaginable?

  1. Truegiver

    The bag is hideous. I think I would encase it and display it as art. In hopes that one day I can unload it as art.

    Meanwhile, she’s walking around the streets of LA with this thing.

  2. NAA

    I don’t think Jane Birkin would approve. Je t’aime moi non plus indeed….

  3. Brillke

    If I were rich enough to recieve such a gift, it would be put on a shelf behind my other Birkin bags, never to be seen again.

  4. Tango

    She doesn’t care that he’s crazy because she thinks she is really somethin too, a mix of Elizabeth Taylor and a royal princess. And he is just dumb enough to be manipulated by her and her mother…..

  5. Anne

    If I were so rich or well connected to receive such a gift I would donate it to HM Queen Elizabeth II. The bag might be really useful for her or her staff. Whilst out walking they would have something to temporarily put her corgi’s wrapped scooping into until a more suitable receptacle was available . George Condo has shown a great interest in the Queen and her image and she could reciprocate in this way!

  6. Tango

    I finally watched “Eyes Wide Shut” on tv and I thought the movie was kinda dumb, but I googled it to see what the point of it was and found all this info on supposed occult/orgy crap among the rich and powerful in this country. Maybe that’s why he gave her the bag….”Hey baby, good job at the orgy last night”. Lol.

  7. Bethany Rhoades Onnen

    Re-gift it!

  8. Gingersnap

    If I had received this ugly artsy fartsy bag, I’d throw it at whoever gave it to me and tell them to get their money back, and just give me the cash. I can buy my own ugly shit, thank you very much.

  9. Dolores Slater

    Sell it on eBay .

  10. Looks like a bag Carlton from BHHW would carry.

  11. Better discussion! Let’s interpret the painting. Kim is ovs the big busted centerpiece demon. Kanye is probably the darker demo to the left who can’t swim. Kris Jenner is the evil middle demo keeping them apart. The. There are the harpy sister demons off to the right. Ding! fries are done!

    • Didn’t the universe decide a week or two ago that saying black people can’t swim is racist?

      • Whatever. I will state for a fact, that not knowing how to swim has never stopped a black child from being as annoying as FUCK in a hotel pool. You know I’m right.

    • lori

      OMG, you’re right!

      • You ARE right. One thing I loved about RHOA was in the beginning I learned something. There was a little research involved, but watching the girls either the 1st or 2d season, I learned there are stereotype sayings they have toward white people…that when we’re wet we smell like wet dogs. There were a couple others, but that stayed with me and the others didn’t. Mainly because it rained a few days later and I smelled what they were talking about! How could I have gone 40+ years without knowing that?

  12. Belinda

    Sell it and use the money to get a breast lift. I want my DD’s to stick straight out like that. No more peeing on my own nipples.

  13. Damn that’s ugly! And further proves Kanye is mentally disturbed!

    If that was given to me I think I would instantly shout “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” and throw some Holy water on it.

  14. Shellbelle

    I bet that ugly fuckin thing never sees the light of day. As much as I dislike Kim and Kanye, surely she has some taste… Nevermind, I just realized who I was talking about. She’ll tote that ugly ass bag… Yuk!

    • lori

      If Kanye says it’s cool, then Kim will carry it. She has zero mind of her own. She’s become his puppet on a string. I also think that he does stuff like this to kind of say to the public “Fuck you all. I have enough money to have something like this monstrosity painted on this ridiculously priced handbag, AND I can get my girl to carry it around. What cha gonna do?”

    • She’s been wearing it every day with Kanye by her side.

  15. my 1st reaction when i saw the thing was to say “uhhhh” like a punch in the gut. if i got this for xmas i’d prolly do the ugly cry and think the gift giver hated me.
    i like fauvist/expressionist stuff, but on a canvas in a museum, not my clothes and accessories.

  16. Skeeter

    I’d fill it with dog shit and put it on Kanye’s doorstep, light it on fire and run ala flaming bag o poo! Seriously what the fuck was he thinking and does she really like it? Gawd wonder what matching shoes would look like 😡

  17. gupto

    that ugly assed bag will be valuable someday and that saddens me…..

  18. Becky White

    Now that gift certainly celebrates the reason for the season being the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I would dial a Catholic priest stat and call for an exorcism of both the giver and my home where the damn thing was brought into.

    No I misspoke – just my home because his ass would be gone – he is crazy and that would be the last straw. I don’t mess with demons.

  19. Beverly

    If she opened that gift in front of the whole family, can you imagine how hard it was for all of them not to laugh their a**es off. Seriously, there is something with that guy.

  20. Beverly

    Meant to say “something wrong with this guy”

  21. Cali

    I would act like I loved it. Carried it, for one full day, only. As you said Tamara, have it encased in glass and put it as far back in the closet and forget about it. You truly wouldn’t want to hurt,Mr Yeezus (Kanye West) feelings.

  22. Katrina

    Is this a picture of how he sees the Kardashian sisters and Kris? They say Kanye did that strange Christmas card.

  23. Linzy

    This is display Art. She’s carrying this thing around LA…and she looks RIDICULOUS !! She’s so desperate to be relevant…and he’s wants so much for them to be Jay and Bey….just a SAD couple…!!

  24. Guccinara

    I would smile and accept it gracefully then my passive aggressive side would purchase an expensive manbag for him paint lots of naked men all over it and suggest that we use our bags at the same time so we can match (and I’d start looking for his replacement).

  25. catching up on posts I missed during the holidays-and this one reminds me I have my annual mammogram scheduled for tomorrow! Very FUGLY bag, but thanks for the reminder Kimye.

  26. donna

    I wouldnt give $2.00 for it, let alone $20,000. But some clown will just to say they have one!

  27. Really!!!

    My SO would NEVER give me a bag with that hideous painting on it because he knows my taste. I think it’s pretty obvious Kanye Kardashian gave Kim the bag because HE THINKS IT’S FABULOUS and Kim goes along with him because she’s scared to go against him or she’s just as screwed up in the head as he is.

  28. love2hatebravo

    I could almost dig it as an art piece in black or red leather. The brown is hideous.

  29. mark

    Two annoying things about this monstrosity: 1. Pretty sure that’s an Hermes HAC. HAC is not your regular Birkin. It’s so big, it’s classified as unisex LUGGAGE. Yeah girls: That’s like you or I wandering about with a friggin’ suitcase on a walk to the shops, with your wallet in it.

    2. I like to think that KanGaye DID buy it as an art piece, meant to be displayed in a case. Then Kim saw it and said, “Ooooh. Big Hermeeeees. Me have big Hermeeeeeeess. SPECIAL Hermeeeees!!!” And excitedly started carrying it everywhere. And KanGaye is mortified. :)

  30. Riley

    I don’t know which is worse. A purse that costs 20k or the hideous art work. Oh wait a sec. I DO know what’s worse……..that hideous art work on top of a 20k dollar purse.

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