Real Housewives of New York Bitch About Bravo Christmas Gifts

This is SUPPOSED to be your accepting a gift face...

This is SUPPOSED to be your accepting a gift face…

Every year, Bravo sends Christmas gifts to those on the show.  I heard this year they sent Teresa Giudice one of those fancypants cakes with a file baked inside!  KIDDING!  Usually the gifts are pretty good but this year the girls on RHONY got low end luggage.  And SOMEBODY (who do you think it was?) leaked the gifts to Page Six.

Now I am pissed, this is the brand of luggage I travel with all the time.  It’s great luggage and it doesn’t scream I AM RICH STEAL ME!  From the carousel if it suddenly has to be checked. When traveling, you really do not want fancypants luggage. The only people who should be packing in Louis are those who fly private, and none of these bitches do with the possibly exception of Carole. So shut the fuck up and don’t bad mouth A GIFT.  EVER.

Click through for the rudeness.  It can’t be the Countess, right? She has an etiquette book out that I am sure we all refer to.  Surely, there must be a chapter on accepting a gift with gratitude.


Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs By T. Kyle

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs By T. Kyle


From Page Six:
Considering Bravo has made millions off its “Real Housewives of New York”  franchise, it should not be surprising that the cast, who make the show so  delicious, would expect a fabulous holiday gift from the network. But they were  left disappointed when they found they made Santa’s naughty list.

“We got a carry-on piece of luggage,” one cast member tells us. “It was in  black by Swiss Army, I think. Is that a brand? I will check the label … it looks  like a cross; I have no idea what this cheap thing is sitting in my  hallway!” 

Over past holiday seasons, the network has gifted the ladies with iPads and  iPhones.

“We were all expecting at least wonderful flowers or a little blue box from  Tiffany’s to turn up,” our source says.

With cast turnover happening fairly often, maybe it’s Bravo sending the  ladies a message: Pack your bags!



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41 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Bitch About Bravo Christmas Gifts

  1. iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

    Merry Christmas Tamara. These ladies sre nuts….Swiss Army makes very higy quality products and is not considered cheap luggage by any means.

    • iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

      Damn phone n fat fingers…high

    • Ellis Scarlett

      I agree, I have a computer bag from the company and it is indestructible. Talk about ungrateful!

    • lol'zing

      I see their point; they do make them a shit load of money and aren’t paid that well. Since the show is scripted and they have to fake fight on social media, they do deserve more.
      On the other hand, it’s funny,
      Maybe that is a hint from Bravo to pack it up. (Pun So Intended!)

  2. lori

    Lol @ pack your bags! I think it was either Aviva or Ramona. I am leaning toward Aviva.

  3. Stacey

    I didn’t get any gifts this year, maybe these ungrateful hags could send me the “cheap” luggage. I know how to appreciate a gift!

    • I agree. They could send it all to TT commenters, we’ll take it from their hallways no problem. I hate ungrateful twats. (Not that I like a grateful twat either lol)

    • Skeeter

      I’m right there with ya Stacey in the gift department – however, every cent I had put away for gifts went towards the vet bill of my 110 lb. “lap dog” Rottie who got sick :( . The best gift was on Christmas Day she got up and walked after laying for over a week – I’m so grateful. I told everyone to concentrate on the grandkids and I would concentrate on the dog. She’s worth every cent and more!

      • Banjo and I are glad to here your baby girl is getting better!

      • Definitely glad your Rottie is getting better.

      • Diva

        You’re right Skeeter, having your pup well is much more important than buying a bunch of gifts. There’s always next year.

      • Valley Girl

        That’s wonderful! Glad your dog is doing better.

        Unfortunately our Black Lab Imani died yesterday. Very sad, but I’m thankful for the 15 years we had her. She really was an awesome doggie.

      • lori

        That my friend is a no branier in my life. Our “kids” are definitely the best gift we ever could have gotten, and doing all you can to get them through things like this is like having no choice at all. Money well spent. Glad to hear is he/she(?) Is making some improvement.

  4. Well…it’s not designer luggage. It’s obsessed something they got for free in exchange for promo. The equivalent of a radio station giving the fifth caller something from their prize drawer. And…Bravo EXPECTS these women to be over the top designer-y. It’s what fascinates the great unwashed masses. So you’d think Bravo WOULD expect them to complain. I wonder what the other ladies on other shows got. TT, tweet some of them.

  5. lol'zing

    Ok Tamara,
    I read your blog all the time.
    I click on the page six link and it does not link to the original article and I wanted to see it. 😉

  6. lol'zing

    That is weird, I just clicked it again and it went to the link. I swear it went to the front page. I never heard of page six before.
    Happy New Year

  7. I’m thinking it’s Sonja. She seems imo to believe she is entitled to the best.

  8. ungrateful rich b@tches

  9. They sell this shit at a Target apparently!!

  10. I just had my first Christmas in Guyana. The poverty is overwhelming. I received the best present I have ever received. My driver brought me over a traditional Guyanese Christmas dinner of pepperpot and homemade bread. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness knowing I was missing out on my traditional American Christmas away from my family. Just saying…….

  11. flygrltpa

    Considering all the BS these women put Bravo and fans through I think they should be thankful of reçeiving any gift! Donate the pieces to people carrying their lives around in a trash bag and buy your own luggage bitches!

    • They are NOBODIES. NO BOD EZE. for the most part. With no job skills. That Bravo hires to HUMILATE. for six figures. And they think designer luggage is good thing because they have never traveled. WAH! It’s not like GOOD luggage (its my brand of choice, nondescript and indestructible is what I LOOK FOR.) Because I am not an idiot. I am grateful for the fools who think “I need for everyone in baggage handling and baggage claim to know I can afford to have expensive shit RIGHT HERE IN THIS BAG. Because I want everyone to know I am RICH, BITCH.” I so appreciate those fools. As Islide buy with my swiss army luggage.

      • But….you could say the same for any brand or label. You sound like my mom trying to explain away the store brand corn flakes when I was a kid. They did not taste as good no matter what she said.

  12. Swiss army brand is good shit…my brother won a huge and I mean huge gift basket full of their stuff men’s/women’s watches..very nice good quality he gave me 1 along with the Duffel bag excellent quality roomy and of course various miss army knives there was probably about $800 worth of stuff…anyways these housewives are an ungrateful bunch of bitches!

  13. tasha

    Bravo gave them exactly what they deserve. They’re lucky they didn’t get a pink slip for Xmas. You got low end (for them) luggage for your low end show. They are no longer the iPad of the housewives, more like the nondescript android tablet where you can’t even access the Google play store. They simply do not bring in the ratings they used to or compare to the other shows. Its a sloppy production of a show compared to what it was, and the oc housewives are almost there too. I wish they would have gave the DC wives a second chance, all the juicy stuff happened once the show went off.

    Ramona (I bet it was her) or whoever was complaining is lucky they didn’t get some Gretchen Christine pleather bags. I love Swiss Army stuff btw.

    • I don’t buy iPads and crap. But I don’t think they are much more expensive than a swiss army bag. I love mine, the only problem is the brand is very popular with international travelers so they all sort of look alike. Mine is red and black, and even that is on every carousel in CDG. I very very rarely check a bag anyway though.

  14. Skeeter

    I hope this particular NY Housewife checked with the other ladies and made sure they all got the same gift! It may be Bravo’s way of dropping a hint! Maybe all the other ladies did get a little blue box from Tiffany’s LOL!

  15. The funny thing is? The crowd boos and blames the housewives for the show sucking. Then the crowd bitches about scripting and edits. Shouldn’t the show sucking be directly attributed to bravo?

    • Well,yeah. But mostly it’s us. If we could get off the teat they would come up with more interesting shows.

      • But having a little hissy at this gift is just so in line with the show. It’s what we want them to do. It’s what bravo wants them to do. I mean, spoiled rich bitches. THATS what the franchise is based on. Having started just before the banking industry shit the bed kind of threw things off a bit. None of them is actually as rich as they were. But, you can’t blame a dog for barking. It’s their nature.

    • Katrina

      I actually agree with TC. I guess we just have to complain about something.

      • How come whenever anyone around here agrees with me, it’s always qualified with “actually” or “this time” or “dear god, I fear for my soul”?? It’s really enough to give a girl a complex.

      • Um because agreeing with you makes us fear for our souls, and not agreeing with you makes us fear for our lives? Most are just peeing themselves on the sidelines. It’s progress….

  16. Skeeter

    I’m officially overwhelmed at the comments from all of you about my Rottie. Thank you everyone!!! She (her name is Madrina) was playing yesterday like nothing was wrong. Again, I’m so grateful to have her healthy. Valley Girl :( I am so sorry for your loss.

  17. Souvlaki

    I am thinking it was Sonja, who despite her charm can be an awful snob. Perhaps she can’t claim gifts as assets but is disappointed this is one she can’t pawn or such, and I also highly suspect she’s not been traveling quite a lot these days, unless she has far away suitors I haven’t heard of, jetting her about. My second guess is Ramona, because she compulsively complains a lot, so.

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