Greggy Bennett on Watch What Happens Live!

RHONJGreggy2Now that I am finally home and happily reunited with my beloved, Vizio, and his massive um, DVR drive,  all is right in the world again.  And that means I FINALLY get to watch Sunday’s Episode of Watch What Happens live, WITH GREGGY BENNETT, the most anticipated WWHL episode EVAH in this house.  Oh. And  Andy seems super excited that Mariah Carey is there. I mean, I like her fine, but she is no Greggy.

First of all Did they get new chairs? And why is Mariah sitting in Andy’s chair and Andy is sitting on the guest side.  I do not care for change. I suppose they did it so that Greg could have a better view of Mariah from the bar. Greg is freaking out over Mariah. Update: I just checked his Twitterline  to see if Greg died from cardiac arrest.  He says she requested it because it shows her “good side.”  God she is annoying. #TeamNikki.

Greg looks hotter than the last time I saw him on muh TeeVee.  Perhaps he is actually doing prison time out there in San Fran. He looks like he has been spending a lot of time in the yard.  Or maybe he’s just a bigger gym rat than he was before.

RHONJ GREGGYAndy is once again showing me that he always focuses on the wrong things on WWHL.  YOU HAVE GREG BENNETT RIGHT THERE, and you choose to play a Glitter remix and chat up Mariah Carey? #EpicFail  But since it appears that is who he is going to interview, Mariah says she had a very hard pregnancy with the twins and ain’t gonna be making no more babies with Nick unless he can give birth himself. Whatevs.

It’s time for Mariah to Plead the Fifth. Mariah is sort of funny and more fun than I expected. Name one celebrity that we would be surprised to hear hit on you?  She drones on about her flirtatiousness without answering the question.   Say three nice things about Eminem.  She says they come in a package that you can carry wherever you go. Everybody loves them. And you can have the peanut or the regular kind.  What is your biggest career regret? Glitter. Duh.

FINALLY I get my Greggy time.  Sadly, my boy can barely eek out a question because he is so star struck at finally being allowed to glance at the diva and ask her a question. He asked her if there were any songs she wanted to released as a single that she could not get released. She says of course! They always pick the worst ones to release as a single. The diva is looking directly at him acknowledging his presence in her world and I am quite sure he shit his pants. Sadly, I will never know because, Vizio did not properly set himself up to get the last seconds of the episode. Damn you Vizio.! I had forgotten we had such a love hate relationship!  P.S.  Greg did not have enough HAIR going on! I don’t like when he shaves the sides so low.

So there you have it.  I should probably take a peek at Gregg’s Twitter Timeline and see if he survived the experience.   Okay, it looks like he went straight home to New Jersey into the arms of him Mama and is safe. So there is that.


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14 responses to “Greggy Bennett on Watch What Happens Live!

  1. Shirley

    Why do you love him so much?! Anywho I thought Carey was funny and Andy always cuts ppl off whn they ate speaking is so annoying !!

  2. willlynn

    Ok Ms. T please forgive me, but who is he? He is a cutie!

  3. Mariah Carey was so ridiculously full of herself.

    They should actually do a drinking game off of the number of times the egotistical guest checks themselves out in the monitor on the floor. So annoying!

  4. Tweetypie35

    I love Mariah. This is one of her best interviews. I love when she’s funny and just let’s go. I thought Greg was going to queen the f*ck out. Lol

  5. Tango

    Her good side? So the rumors about her being the diva needing dozens of roses and certain colors of M&Ms must be true…..

  6. Nicole

    Accckkk! I don’t understand the love for Mariah. She is so annoying with her hair flippin and hand gestures and the weird gloves.

  7. Tweetypie35

    I love her music. Her diva antics are hilarious to me.

  8. Mina

    what is the deal with all the hand flutters when she sings?

  9. She really isn’t a pretty girl, doesn’t seem like a nice person and most of her music makes me want to slit my wrists. Tommy Mottola was lucky to get out. But that’s just my thinking :)

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