The Lawyers For the RHONJ Folk, Give Interesting Interviews!

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

Teresa Gives FANTASTIC Bagel Head!

Two staff writers for have a very interesting piece on the behind the scenes world of Joe and Teresa Giudice’s  attorneys.  Also in their piece they talk about the attorney who handles contract negotiations for Joe and Melissa Gorga, and Kathy Wakile and Rosie.

Joe and Tre’s lawyers have reviewed hours and hours and hours of raw footage from the show that the Feds subpoenaed from Bravo.  #IndicitmentsByBravo 

It really is an interesting piece of reporting. I highly recommend you go read the whole piece.  Click through for an exerpt.

“In the course of the government turning over evidence in the case, the government has provided us with outtakes,” Klingeman said. “We are reviewing the broadcast show as well as things that were filmed but not broadcast.”

Feinstein, who had seen just one or two episodes of “RHONJ” before taking on Giudice as a client, has now seen every episode.  He said he has “spoken to Bravo about certain matters that I did not want discussed on the program that I thought might be prejudicial in getting a jury. There were certain times when they were agreeable.”

Klingeman and Feinstein have found themselves in some atypical attorney-client settings of late. The duo, who work “shoulder to shoulder,” as Klingeman puts it, were present on Sept. 4 when the “RHONJ” Season 5 reunion show was taped at The Venetian in Garfield.

“I want to make sure that, on the one hand, Teresa’s able to maintain her career and fulfill her obligations to Bravo. But I also want to make sure, on the other, that no one tries to manipulate her or take advantage of the situation in a way that will harm her legal defense,” Klingeman said.

Although cameras are not allowed in the federal courthouse, the lawyers may well end up being seen on the Bravo show next season in footage of everyone entering and exiting the courthouse. Not that they’re looking for any more publicity. Feinstein said he and Klingeman have declined numerous requests to go on “The View” and other high-profile talk shows to discuss the case.



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18 responses to “The Lawyers For the RHONJ Folk, Give Interesting Interviews!

  1. ZenJen53

    What I found interesting is that Miles Feinstein has represented Genovese crime families. I’m going to guess Joe may have had a business deal or two with certain members. I like the Guidices entertainment value.Material lifestyle was their downfall not reality TV. Reality TV only fed the desire. They wld of crashed n burned wthout the HW.TT sounds like u got just what the DOC ordered. A well-deserved break to rejuvenate the creative juices.

  2. Angel

    Thanks for this article TT. Am very happy you had a much deserved happy holiday with friends and Banjo.

  3. lori

    Thanks for sharing Tamara.

  4. peachteachr

    I read the original article and what I found most interesting is that there were no comments. What do you do when you have a reality show and no one in your home state is interested?

    • Anjanette

      What you wrote is really interesting.

      I suppose I’m like a lot of those New Jersey residents and many others who have basically tired of these two crooks. The biggest part of them that appears interesting now, is the upcoming trials (his identity fraud and then their federal fraud cases). Other than that, I personally have little desire to watch their show anymore when it finally does hit the air.

      I don’t want to support a company that continues to hire someone whom I feel is clearly going to be found guilty of many of the Federal indictment counts they have against them. It’s disgusting that Teresa G. and her jerk husband have allegedly done so many things that are so foreign to anything I would ever do, and it effected far too many individuals, businesses, banks, the IRS and the Federal Government).

      The Giudice’s and their castmates don’t really seem to be inspiring me to want to watch them except to see how much time T&J Giudice will be sentenced to, if and when they are convicted of the various fraud cases that are in their future. I just don’t appreciate the lack of integrity this couple has proudly displayed.

  5. Kheppera

    This is Goood. Interesting that the View wanted to interview them. Thanks Tamara =)

  6. So they are paid AND get to watch footage before it is edited into a show? omg I want to intern for them and pick and choose what goes on tv so it isn’t harmful to the case…OUR CASE.

  7. Katrina

    It is interesting that the attorneys are going through raw footage in hopes of finding evidence for a 10 year old crime. It is very likely that the Guidices will never take the stand.

    • The prosecution subpoenaed the raw footage. Thus the defense has to watch it all too to be prepared.

      It is beyond my imagination that these two are not going to plea at some point. Once the Feds compile a solid case on you, and this one is, only fools go to court. Oh wait. Nevermind.

  8. Katrina

    If they go to trial, how long do you think it will take to present 41 counts? I can’t imagine the feds want to go to trial. I know they want to set an example, but the payoff is so small.

    • The Feds will be happy to go to trial, if they lose, there will likely be mandatory minimums for some of the sentences. They are guaranteed much more time if they go to trial and lose (and they will). Their attorneys know this, so they must be furiously working on a plea. I mean they must be. RIGHT? Who knows with these people.

      I really don’t think this is about setting an example. It’s just what they do. People pay their taxes and don’t lie to banks to avoid this sort of thing. Well, thinking beings do. Prisons are full of people with offenses much less than these two morons tried to pull off.

      • lori

        If it were just one, or maybe even two counts, I could see the whole “using as an example” thing, MAYBE, but forty one counts?!? That goes way beyond having anything to do with making an example out of.

    • JustSaying

      Katrina, I don’t think the Feds want to set an example as much as they’re just doing their jobs. There are consequences for breaking the law, and those consequences should be commensurate with the crimes. The payoff is that the people/institutions the Guidices defrauded will see some sort of justice done. Taking that money blocked other, possibly more legitimate ventures from getting funding they needed. The banks probably won’t get their money back, and no one will get those opportunities back, but neither with the Guidices skate away free.

      • The sad part in all of this is the girls. Not just because mommy and daddy may both do time, but because they have been raised to value money way more than they should.

      • lori

        Or NOT to value money as much as they should. It really doesn’t grow on trees, as their parents seem to think it does. I mean they must think something like that if they actually thought that it wouldn’t catch up to them and/or no one would notice.

      • lori

        aka “They’ll just print more.”

  9. I hope they both go to jail. No one is perfect but it takes a special nut (or two) to do what they will likely be found guilty of. Just looking at Teresa’s behavior of having to hog attention and play the victim role or even the positive role when she is anything but, one can see some serious character flaws that would lead her down the wrong paths in life. I do feel sorry for their kids.

  10. Great post TT, thank you.
    Does anyone recall the episode of Tre & Joe building the garage apartment in an episode right after the bankruptcy? I know I was surprised they had the money for that. Then on the reunion someone asked about being able to afford that construction right after the bankruptcy? Tre gave a stupid comment!
    Right then I thought, hope some federal prosecutors Mom isn’t watching this.
    I promptly forgot about that until the 41 counts came to light. Guessing once the Feds starting looking, more fraud came up.
    Happy Holidays to you all!

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