Peter Thomas Wanted to Divorce Cynthia Over Illness

Cynthia-froI just posted about Kenya selling a bullshit story to Life & Style. Now I see a link in that same story to the one Cynthia sold and it is even WORSE.  How badly do these women need money? Cynthia’s story is that Peter wanted a divorce  because Cynthia was ill. AND that at the very least he was going to find someone else to sleep with because she didn’t want to FOR THREE WHOLE MONTHS.

There are two options here and both are pretty disturbing.  Cynthia sold this story (with Peter, both are DIRECTLY quoted so this is not one of those “friends close to Cynthia” stories)  which is true to the tabloids for money.  HOW BADLY DO YOU NEED MONEY CYNTHIA? Bad enough to admit your husband does not stand by you during your time of need and instead plans a trip to go fuck in another country, bad?  Is this a ploy to sell your book about your marriage? Are stories like this supposed to HELP?

The other option is that the book is not doing well and they are making this shit up to sell books. Again, I ask HOW BADLY DO YOU NEED MONEY, CYNTHIA?  Who in their right might would ring up the Tabs in either situation and put it out there that your husband doesn’t really love you and is unwilling to uphold the whole IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH part of his vows. This is insane on every level.

Click through for the down and dirty tea….

Cover By Griffin Scott Press

Cover By Griffin Scott Press

The reality star now admits to Life & Style that if she hadn’t undergone corrective surgery this summer, her husband would have left.
“We’d be divorced for sure,” Cynthia reveals to Life & Style, on newsstands now.
Peter’s quick to agree: “I know we would have been done,” he tells Life & Style. “There is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed.”
The main issue plaguing the couple was Cynthia’s suddenly nonexistent sex drive, due to bloating and discomfort from the fibroids. Cynthia admits to the mag that sometimes they went three months without sex.
At one point, he confesses, he thought of cheating on his wife: “Me and my buddies were planning a trip to Venezuela because nobody knows us there.”

What the motherfuck? Whose husband says that kind of shit? And what kind of wife sells the story to the Tabs herself.  Totally fucked up.



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34 responses to “Peter Thomas Wanted to Divorce Cynthia Over Illness

  1. the real scrub is peter, not tod. notice how he is always “leaving” when the camera is rolling? cynthia is boring but i like her, she has better chemistry with her ex :(

  2. Tango

    I saw this somewhere fb and I was like…what? I agree this is really sad and disturbing. Either they are that crazy for attention or he is a real pig…probably both. If it’s true though she needs to leave him now. I always wondered why she settled for him anyway. He’s old and not in a sexy way.

    • iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

      Curious…not that it justifies what he said. Did he know she was sick or did he think her attraction to him had changed? Always got the impression Cynthia not physically turned on to or by Peter. Figured after baby Daddy Leon that maybe Papa Smurf was a dud.

  3. lori

    Disturbing is right! And she hasn’t dumped his ass?!? This story makes him look like the jerk (gold digger) I have always thought he really was, and it makes her look like a desperate fool. Whenever they show Peter, in the back of my mind I always think about how he disappeared at the opening of her agency. Where the fuck did he go like that?

  4. Yeah I saw this recently and thought “Damn that’s fucked up.” Even worse is, if it’s true, she’s saying it’s ok that he’s been this way.

  5. Susan

    From what I understand they are broke – didn’t I hear that bar one failed and is going under? She seems be the only one bringing in money, and that gets old after a while. They did say when they opened bar one it was in a bad part of town and wondered how it would do. Now she is moving her agency and opening across the street from bar one. I don’t know about you but that makes no sense to me. Not a good part of town who is going to want to go there? Even if the rent is cheep it just doesn’t make sense. Correct me if I am wrong but that’s what I heard.

    • I also heard that Susan and that he went and rented it using her money (of course) without her knowledge. Just presented it to her as a fait accompli. Also that it was in a bad part of town. I would have been so pissed. I often wonder why she loves him so much. He isn’t attractive and seems to me anyway not to have his own money. I bet that are broke.

    • lori

      I’m pretty sure they showed that on the show, didn’t they?

    • You’re wrong. Bar One leases the site from the property owner. The property owner is being foreclosed One. I believe that same owner owns the building Cynthia moved into (yeah, yeah, I know Peter made it sound like he owned it on the show) It is possible they are trying to get a good deal on both properties from the banks.

      As for Bar One, I think it is still drawing crowds because of THE SHOW. Once the show is over, I predict Bar One is over too. The ratings for the Bar One ONLINE are TERRIBLE.

  6. thedisher

    BTW- I had Cynthia’s procedure, which was performed by the very same Dr. she had. It is NOT even surgery. You don’t even have to stay in the hospital overnight. It’s performed by Dr. Lipman, an interventional radiologist. They insert foreign particles into a large vein in your inner thigh to block the blood flow to the fibroids. Fibroids then are supposed to shrink. You are NOT even put under with anesthesia — you are given Versed usually. You have a few days of cramping/dishcarge and are back on your feet. On RHOA, they made it seem like major surgery, which it isn’t. Don’t know why Cynthia is with Peter — he seems like such a douchebag. She should get back together with her baby daddy. He seems so much nicer.

    • BUT BUT BUT….They did tell you to make out your will, RIGHT? :)

    • IBS

      My daughter also had a similar operation. They told her she had 40 feet of
      fibroids wrapped around everything so they had to do a hysterectomy. They did it through 5 or 6 very small dots on her stomach. They did leave
      her two ovaries intact so she wouldn’t go into early menapause.

      Peter is ignorant and only thinks about himself. He used all of Cynthia’s
      money up. If Cynthia’s classes are held in a bad neighborhood, what Mom
      would drop their kids off there?

      There must have been cheating going on regarding Cynthia and Noel’s
      Dad. Peter is controlling and doesn’t care what Cynthia wants as long as
      she sticks her debit card in Peter’s pocket. CYNTHIA….Don’t give a man
      your access code!

  7. JoJo

    This would have perhaps been a positive thing if Cynthia’s reasoning was to bring awareness to a serious medical condition that affects many woman.

    But this article calls it “corrective” surgery” – makes it sound like a nose job. A brief mention only about the medical issue, then the focus is on a selfish husband not getting enough sex from his wife of a couple years and the nub Peter plotting foreign, anonymous sex. Cynthia, you deserve better than this:(

    • ZenJen53

      ITA. What a missed opportunity to discuss a common female problem. Real people having real problems. I’ve heard rumors about Peter before, so possibly Cynthia is making excuses for him just in case next season Bravo decides to bring these rumors to light. Cynthia has always got a good edit and everybody has their turn it seems.

  8. Angel

    Even as a relatively unfashionable, white, middle age, workaholic in mfg mgt, I was aware of fashion model Cynthia Bailey for years. When she showed up on RHOA, I thought her man would have to be a special guy. Everyone has faults, but what did broke, shorter, gray gramps Peter offer her? She should have been with a rich, (probably philandering) rock or hip hop guy, and now living well on big settlement, like most successful models. Somewhere she let love or need to be on TV f-up her life. Peter has used her for personal gain, I think. I hope she can disentangle her life and finances from him ASAP

  9. Could the reason this info was sent to tabloids be that Cyn is trying to create a storyline for next season? There have been a few blogs reporting that Porsha is on the list to be dumped as well as one more “un named” ATL housewife. I don’t know if the stuff is true or not. I usually don’t believe what I read unless I get the info from here or SFTA . I figure with you guys being in the actual area your dish would be more accurate than others.

    • With regard to people “leaving” , it is time for the rumors to start for RHOA. However, all the cast on every franchise is on one year contracts. Contracts are not offered or with held until after the reunion. So anything now is just speculation based on social media reaction to the current girls.

  10. Angel

    I also saw here, or somewhere, she was trying to set the critics straight. The RHOA show she thought put Pumpkin Eater in an unsympathetic light in surgery waiting room, or absence thereof. She wanted it known he never left her side.

    I guess he did not want to miss earliest opportunity to jump her bones.

    • bunniecarrot

      @Tamara/TT I do want to point out for months I didn’t have a clue what your golden rule was or where it was “obviously posted” UNTIL I came to your blog on my laptop instead of android. It’s not visible on the mobile site. I’m not complaining because a major blogger (Necole bitchie) site is mobilephone hell and she’s aware of it yet can’t figure out how to fix it. Just saying in defense of the rule breakers.

      • Ah, good to know. Truth be told I am a Luddite with no smart phone or cellphone at all for the moment.

        Maybe I should go easier on the rule breakers. MAYBE. lol.

        I have no idea how to fix any problems, mostly because WordPress is in charge of all that and we do not communicate with each other. Good to know though. Perhaps in 2014 I will be nicer.

        BWAHAHAHAHA. I mean it COULD happen.

        Seriously thanks for the heads up. I am strictly laptoply.

      • As soon as I saw this I grabbed my iPhone to check and sure enough, same thing. The warning above the comment box does not show, it simply says Comment (above the box).

  11. I read about this earlier. I lost all respect for them afterwards. For several reasons.

  12. Wow !! Now I know how hard up Cynthia an Peter really are for “Money. They both really need to grow up an Cynthia calls herself a mom omg she needs to check herself as well as that thing she calls a husband that’s for sure.

  13. Katrina

    I am shocked that Cynthia would put a story out like this. I don’t think Cynthia is broke.

  14. Mina

    What a fricken douche Peter is. I would divorce him for being a douche while I had health issues! Who does that! What if,Gawdfabbid she gets something worse? He will be in Argentina somewhere screwing with his buddies while she suffers. And she knows that!! Really, what is wrong here that she would even put up with such disrespect, and then also to tell everyone how disrespected she is with that life sucking ass she is married to. UGH! It must be for the chance to get paid on the show. Maybe she forgot this is her life.

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