Kim Richard’s Daughter Gets Engaged for Christmas!

unnamed (10)Thayer Wiederhorn put a ring on it!  Who is Thader Widerhorn you ask? He is the guy that Kim Richard’s daughter, Brooke has been dating the last few years. Thad’s daddy is the head of Fat Burger. So he is a good catch!  Kim made the announcement tonight on Twitter/Instagram. Kim is always a proud mama but this news seems to have put her over the moon!

4 hours ago
What an Amazing Christmas!


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35 responses to “Kim Richard’s Daughter Gets Engaged for Christmas!

  1. Jarlath

    I guess she can quit the Housewives now

  2. What does the Head of a Fat Burger mean?

  3. Belinda

    His Father is the head of a mcDonald’s type hamburger chain called Fat Burger. I think I read somewhere that Daddy is worth a couple hundred million $s and he is under 50 yrs old. So the kid is probably in his 20’s ?
    In the pix she looks like Paris Hilton and he looks bored. My take…the wedding will either not happen or won’t last. I know….bah humbug !

  4. Congrats to her. Since the Bride’s family typically pays for the wedding I hope Brook’s dad has serious money.

  5. barbinga

    Isn’t Fat Burger what Kyle always has at her white party? How am I not surprised? If so, Kim is still supporting her, Big Kathy would be proud.

  6. Wallace

    Her fiance’s mother is one of Kyle’s oldest friends. His father, Andrew Wiederhorn, was driven out of Portland, OR after society shunned him following his prison time related to one of the largest pension frauds ever. And yet they are celebrated and the toast of their new home in Beverly Hills. Who would have thought …

  7. Beverly

    I must have different pictures than you guys. No way does he look bored in the picture I see.

  8. terry macon

    Move over teecee I’m on your side, Bowling ball? LMAO I’ll drink to that, It’s

    Five o’clock somewhere.

  9. Twilly

    That explains all the Fat Burger stands at Kyle’s parties.

  10. Monihew

    I always wondered why Kyle chose “Fat Burger” for her white party, now I know.

  11. You know what’s interesting that no one has mentioned yet? Kyle uses Fat Burger for her white party.

  12. Julie

    Even though they’ve only been dating a few years, Brooke grew up as family friends with the Weiderhorns and they are a wonderful family (despite rumors). I think in knowing each other for over 20 years, they make the perfect couple!!! Congrats Brooke!!❤

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