Kenya Moore Sells Tall Tales to Tabloids

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5Kenya Moore is at it again. Apparently, she hit her speed dial button for Life & Style Magazine, and offered them a story to get a bit of cash in her pocketbook. The story is.. are you sitting down?  Kenya wants to have a baby with Miss Lawrence.  Oh dear Lord. I can’t believe they actually paid her for this story. No wait. Yes I can.

We all know, and Kenya has even sort of admitted to on camera, that Kenya’s old eggs are dried up and shriveled away. She is also flat broke. Like Sheree Whitfied broke almost. But suddenly she is going to get in vitro and to hear her tell it will be with demon child in six months.

Click through for the  gory details, if you dare.

kenyamoore_1You can read the complete Life & Style interview here. Here is a small exerpt…

After turning 42 last year, The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore shifted her priorities from finding a man — to motherhood!  Now, she’s sharing her big poignant resolution for 2014: “I plan on having a baby next year,” she reveals to Life & Style in a tearful, emotional interview. “Within the next six months, I hope to be pregnant.”

And the star tells the mag she’ll do it whether or not there’s a guy by her side. “I am going to do in vitro,” she shares. “I just have to figure out whose sperm to use!”

 Kenya says she’s considering using Miss Lawrence, her gay BFF on RHOA, as a sperm donor. Another candidate: the mystery businessman she’s dating. (Kenya declines to name him, other than to share that he works in Africa and is “smart, kind, generous, respectful and driven.”) But if he doesn’t want a baby, “I have some options,” says Kenya. “I wouldn’t mind having a modern family.”

Ain’t nobody but Life & Style buying what you are selling Kenya.

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14 responses to “Kenya Moore Sells Tall Tales to Tabloids

  1. lori

    Ooooooo… I hope we get follow up from Miss Lawrence about this. But I do believe if you want a child and there is still a chance, go for it any way you can.

  2. JoJo

    OMG what/who’s next on these RHOA gals to make such an obvious, cheap buck?
    Nene on cover OK Mag selling a little ditty that Greg and her are contemplating adopting to really put the cherry on the top of the re-wedding or writing a book ‘Sacrificing a Successful Acting Career to Re-Marry the Man Who Cleans House”
    Porsha giving exclusive to Ebony announcing her new gig as spokesperson for the Atlanta Historical Society Civil Rights Knowledge Bank (while positing the new theory there in fact was a real choo choo underground the church shuttling the runaways out of South to freedom? or
    Apollo’s book: ‘Surviving Sexting Your Wife’s Nemesis – Doin’ More Time in the Marital Doghouse.’
    Kandi doesn’t seem to need the extra cash pandering to the rags, especially for nominal $$.
    But, she’d put all to shame if she decided to really write a useful book, say, something like “Finding and Keeping A Man You Love & You Know Mama Won’t Like And Probably Hate” – would make her another $1M or so, and the rest would still be pandering to the trash rags.

    • LOL!! Gotta love the Atlanta housewives! They always make me laugh with their great one liners and zingers. I actually like all these women unlike the other housewife shows most that I don’t even bother to watch anymore.

      • JoJo

        These Atlanta gals are fun to watch, although I think Kenya just tries too damn hard.
        But this latest episode was hilarious. That poor black/white gal (I forgot her name) opened a can of worms that she just wasn’t equipped at all to close and then turns up on Porsha out of frustration it seemed! Great theater – comedy of errors:)

    • willlynn

      I want Kandi to do direct some porn films but they need to be inexpensive. I’ve been to Good Vibrations and priced her toys and them damn things cost a mint!

  3. Is she really Sheree broke

  4. Dammmmm !!! This whatever you what to call her is one desperate Nut Bag for sure wow Kenya go get a real life job you are a joke, A Baby !! Are you for real cuz I’m telling you Kenya can’t take care of herself at all an she has proved it many times over but again she would say anything to be relevant, Right!! Lmao !!

  5. A

    RHOA is so boring. It’s really sad when the only people that are little entertaining are Porsha and Mama Joyce! Bring back Marlo, Shree, Kim, Dwight,Miss Lawrence and Derek J.

  6. Maybe Nene can use her “connections” to get her on Celebrity Apprentice.

  7. Twilly

    Kenya’s “African boyfriend” is almost certainly her benefactor, sponsor aka Sugar Daddy! I doubt he’s going to sign up for a baby with his trick!

  8. donna

    Poor Kenya, why dont she just buy a condo & keep it moving. Quit trying to be something youre not RICH! Take a lesson from Sheree!

  9. Katrina

    They say that Kenya had a home in California and sold it. Kenya probably does not know if she will stay in Atlanta, so she is not willing to invest in a permanent home now. I’m not sure Kenya can get pregnant, especially if she has fibroid problems too and over 40. We will see. She may have to adopt, if she wants a child.

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