Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken In Car Accident Monday

Vanderpump SwansMonday was a rough day for Lisa Vanderpump.  First one of her swans (picture above) ran away from home.  Then, Ken got in a car accident.  Lisa  let us know on twitter this morning that Ken is fine, but the car is not.

If you live in Beverly Hills, please keep your eyes peeled for Lisa’s swan. She’s clearly down to only SIX swans a swimming this year, poor dear.  Click through for a blip from Lisa’s Bravo blog about the car accident as well as holiday wishes for all.

From Lisa’s Bravo Blog
This year having been on Dancing With the Stars and all the challenges that Sur and Villa Blanca give me, coupled with these two shows, it has been a demanding year but an amazing one. I thank you all for your comments. I wish you all a happy, cozy Christmas. Ken was in a car collision today and it made me realize how fragile life is. He is fine but shaken up, but the outcome could’ve been so different. Time is precious. Sending you all my love for a happy Christmas.

Until next week. As always, love Lisa.


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7 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Ken In Car Accident Monday

  1. fpf1

    Still wondering what caused the major Brandi blow out between these two. Hopefully they air it.

  2. Sorry about Ken being in an accident. Probably not a popular sentiment right now but I like Lisa and Ken. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh hope he recovers ok and that they find the swan. The cars they’ve shown him driving are beautiful, sucks that one is now not so beautiful :)

  4. Stacey

    Very happy Ken is ok, I love that man and his wife. Brandi is going to blow up the best friendship she could dream of by continuing to get wasted and like most drunks being a complete asshole to the friend that tries to keep her in check. Lisa is way too good for Brandi anyway so good riddance! Merry Christmas to all!

    • Diva

      I agree. (I just got rid of a “Brandi” myself, a few months ago. People like that are a complete waste of time, effort and have no concept of gratitude, anyway).

  5. Skeeter

    I hope there’s not some sicko running around Beverly Hills stealing housewives pets. First Chico, now the swan. I feel bad for them :(

  6. I love Lisa and Ken and hope that all is well. They do need to leave Brandi be. She is selfish and sloppy, not a good friend or person, much less mother.

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