Vanderpump Rules Did Jax Sleep With Kristen?


The rumor mill is going wild over the issue of Jax and Kristen’s alleged hook-up.  Kristen is in full on denial.  Gay Tom doesn’t believe the rumors.

Lisa is going to hire a secret diner to check out the waitrons jobs skills.

I missed most of Stassi  confronting Jax about the rumors. I am exhausted. Lisa chatted with Stassi about the situation.  I think Lisa believes the rumor. Katie and  Scheana  are not getting along.

Scheana is going to get taken to the mat by the mystery diner because she is more focused on talking to Gay Tom and Katie than serving her customers. Stassi was doing better with the mystery diner until Scheana drags her into the ladies room. Still, this whole mystery diner crap was ridiculous.  Clearly, they knew who the diners were because they were being filmed.  Anyway, the script said that Stassi would be great and Scheana and Jax would be reprimanded.

Scheana is the Labron James of the waitress world. Stassi has hatched a plan to get Kristen to let her text Jax from her phone pretending to be Kristen. What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Actually, nothing went wrong.  Stassi finds out that the rumors were not true. Drama is over. Or is it?


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21 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Did Jax Sleep With Kristen?

  1. I didn’t think the rumor was true and really hoped Stassi would be a good actress and act shocked when her plan backfired. Thanks for the recap! Will watch it tomorrow :)

  2. Ok, those glasses on Scheana are HORRENDOUS…… Is she trying to get bitch-slapped?

  3. Jackie Hunter

    How old is Stassi? She acts like a high school brat. ALL she does is complain about Jax….get over it you broke it off with him so SHUT UP!

  4. I know it’s makes for reality tv but Stassi being such an over the top bitch to Jax who she says she hates makes me NOT want to watch Vanderrules anymore!

  5. trishdish2001

    Why does Stassi care what Jax does? I wish she would practice what she preaches!

  6. I suppose you have a reason but I wish you had a “like” button. That way I could let you know I read your post but had no comment.

    Have yourself a very merry Christmas!

  7. I was hoping the rumor was true because I can stand Stassi… I don’t like any of them really but Stassi…yeah she would have deserved that hurt! Scheana? eh… thanks for the recap…missed this and RHOBH.. was baking cookies! Merry Christmas Tamara!

  8. S

    if the rumor was true, this show wouldnt be so goddammned boringggggg…… im officially done w VR

  9. My two cents… if the storyline of Kristen and Tom arguing incessantly doesn’t work out, Jax will become the new plot…. hell, men will fuck anything, even Kristen!

  10. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…. Best not forget your antibiotics Tom (and Jax)!!!! I think Tom’s in the closet anyway. HEY, Tom while you are in there please fold and color code my sweaters!!! Disclaimer: I love the gays, they are better then a backstabbing bitch (not to mention their wonderful gaydar, MWAH!!!!)

  11. Joan

    I’m with everyone else, Jax is a male slut, Stassi is a high school mean girl. The rest of the crew are seat fillers. Does anyone else have a creepy feeling about Jax – like, he’s been with so many partners that he’s probably got ‘something’? Don’t mean to be mean…..just putting it out there……

  12. Gingersnap

    Well, the storyline between Jax and Kristen was certainly anti-climatic.

  13. I can’t stand Stassi for a second an I’m very sure Jax never has sex with Kristen at all .

  14. There TAROT READING by KATIE to KRISTEN was completely INACCURATE .. First of all the initial card she chose ast the signifier is that of many choices — so many you become almost confused — some choices are illusion and others are true happiness.. The obstacle that is placed over that card is the 10 of cups — that is about the most pleasant card in the deck.. Kristens own obstacle is her own happiness and choosing and trusting to just be happy. ANNND not only that the 10 of cups in a love reading represents that there is nothing to worry about.. So really the obstacle is in Kristens mind and she can potentially have a very happy home life.. Katie said about contentment with a false heart and I apologize but I would have to disagree? What is behind you is the 8 of cups… It absolutely does not represent feasting and happiness.. ? In the past you severely pondered ending a long term relationship -needed time alone – felt bored at your current job or had a true “gut” feeling that everything was indeed going to be ok. The 10 of swords means that you are really not quit believing your loved one and questioning everything. You must trust yourself and the universerse.. THe most important card at the end that was never mentions was the 4 of wands.. This is the card of possible marriage and blessings. In love the relationship is about to get alot stronger or signifies a special event where in which you will be so proud of yourself. Brings a light a positivity to the entire reading… Kristen will probably never read this but I just thought if she did it would make her feel a lot better. Unless this is a made for tv relationship then your friend was way off. No bad energies to the reader but she needs more practice.

    • I that when I saw the 10 of cups. Plus the whole “you feel good but not what good feels like.” or whatever LOL. Thanks for the actual read. Many Bravo folks read here and some even admit it! lol.

  15. boxerlover

    I really think Kristin and Jax did have sex. I also believe they would go to their death denying the act. It will come out sooner or later. Mark my words.

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