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Well I am near a TV, painfully sober and am going to try to blog this but I don’t think I have a pause feature so it is going to be quite brief. Joyce and her husband are at dinner. Brandi says this scene was filmed after filming ended. I agree we did not really need that scene.

Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Chica. Sadly, they never did find her.

Carlton is making one of her rooms a sex dungeon. Elizabeth, the nanny, is also more than just a friend to Carlton. Did they just move in to that house? Why wasn’t the sex dungeon already in place.

Lisa is building a new gay bar called Pump. Which is by the way the perfect name for a gay bar.

RHOBHkimsdogkingsleyThis episode is off to a VERY slow start. Kim’s storyline is her dog. Which is cute but kinda boring.

Carlton calls in sick to the party at Yolanda’s house. Brandi and Kyle are drinking in the limo. Brandi said she only drinks like two times this season. LOL. I think we should count the scenes where she is not drinking. Why is David being such a girl about Carlton cancelling at the last minute?

Yolanda put hearts on her favorite girls place cards. It this high school? Lisa brings up Brandi’s drinking. Why do the Fosters need a seat filler when someone cancel? It’s time for the David Foster show. The Canadian Tenors are kind of awesome. The food looks fantastic!

Joyce and her husband do some Brandi bashing on the way home.

Am I the only one that thinks that Carlton has a fugly body? I wouldn’t comment on someone’s bad body but Brandi keeps talking about how awesome she thinks it is.



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46 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  1. a little birdie

    I also think Carlton gas aa ugly body

  2. ericzku

    Carlton’s whole being is fugly.

    Her body is alright I suppose, but certainly her face qualifies as fugly, as well as her personality, taste, attitude…and on and on.

    She’s…NO…just NO.

    • Joan

      MaMa told me that if I didn’t having something good to say about someone, don’t say anything at all. So I’m not commenting on Carlton’s body. I will say that my body isn’t worth writing home about either – I’m aging badly, but man do I enjoy the perks of being a Old Southern Lady (OSL)….

  3. Also not a fan of Carlton’s body. Yolanda has posted her blog for tonight’s show, btw.

  4. ZenJen53

    I,too am an OSL and no we don’t bash a womans looks. Carlton simply does not capture the elegance of what I expect from RHOBH neither does Brandi while the rest of the cast does. They do not possess old Hollywood glam. I love Kingsley but since I adopted a schnoodle for Christmas I’m bias cuz I’m soooo in love with Bailey! Merry Christmas to everyone who visits this site and esp our very own TT, the best blogger on the net XOXO

  5. I got no problem with whatever anyone does sexually. Please do not think I’m a prude. What I DO have an issue with is dragging a camera crew and your assistant into your dirty secret room. I mean…her kids will see this. And like you said, why is the room not done. Mor importantly, why have none of the clothes or implements been used??? They all seemed brand new.

    Will Carlton’s husband be part of the show? Have we seen him? Was he supposed to be at the dinner party? It seemed as though the party planner dude filled the seat next to Gigi. You know, the guy that Yolanda was talking to before the party when she said she was going to be the bigger person, as she trashed Kyle. Not sure how that was being bigger. Unless she has confused the English word “person” with “bitch.” David Foster is a huge douche. Have I said that? Mr. Class clinks husband glass with silverware to get attention. You gotta love people who decide that their personal rules are proper etiquette.

    Brandi talking over Joyce’s Spanish was embarrassing. The whole boob feeling scene was stupid. I did like Joyce’s reminder to Brandi that she has three men in her life. I wonder if Brandi is obnoxious because she is alone or if she is alone because she is obnoxious.

    Kim making rh dog her best friend makes me sad. Because the dog has maybe 12 years left and I’d hope she has more. I don’t want to know about it when her dog dies.

    • spk

      I think we saw Carlton’s husband on the first visit to her home, where she “helped” the kids w/ their math and when he came home, they took the kids to the backyard and made them run sprints. While he stood there.

      You said it’s bad form to clink your glass w/ the silverware to get ppls attention. Why do they always do that? What is the non-gauche way to do it? Do you know? I’ve always wondered….

      • “Getting the Crowd’s Attention

        The host must attract the crowd’s attention before making his toast, which he does by standing and raising his glass-not by banging on a glass with a utensil. No matter how large and noisy the crowd, repeating “May I have your attention” as often as necessary is the more courteous option.”

  6. I’ve a dog similar to Kim’s and that dog will get put down if Kim doesn’t get firm with her best friend/dog. Those dogs need rules, need to be spaded/neutered and be trained while young. Kim’s headed for heartbreak.
    I want glamor from these women not what Bravo is airing this season.
    Brandi’s a mess.

  7. I’ve tried to give Joyce a chance but I just can’t her and her husband creep me out with all that baby boo boo talk ok we get it y’all are still in love and she has no sense of humor instead of laughing at her stupid pageant answer on wwhl she makes up an excuse

    • I have to agree. Joyce seems to act as if everything in life is a pageant. She is pretty but I doubt she’d have given her hubby a 2nd thought if he were a low to middle income guy.

  8. Skeeter

    I can’t take to Joyce. Carlton is bizarre but I think this show needs a little bizarre – the kind she brings, not the kind Brandi (how appropriate is her name LOL) brings.

  9. AmberKnows

    If anyone told me last year that I wouldn’t like Brandi this season I would’ve thought they were crazy. Nope I was the crazy one as I always thought she went in hard on those who needed to be taken down a peg or two. Wrong.. It was just that I didn’t like her victims Adrienne, Taylor, Kim and Kyle. She’s a messy, hateful bitch. She jealous as she wants to be the youngest, prettiest, hottest, center of attention and is envious of those HWs w/ real wealth, money, businesses, cars and real estate. If ever ANYONE needed to SitTFDown and STFU it’s her!

    • Tweetypie35

      Amber I know how you feel. I loved Brandi her first season. Last season is when I really started seeing how hateful she is. This season she’s treating Joyce just as badly as everyone treated her. It’s not cool . I don’t like Joyce, but I fail to see what she did to Brandi to warrant this treatment. As much as I don’t like Joyce, she doesn’t deserve to be bullied for no reason.

      • Agreed. I made excuses for Brandi but that’s all over with. She’s a sloppy drunk and very rude and selfish. She is a mother who acts like a single, loose, college girl. That is not a good look at her age. She needs to focus on building wealth and a retirement fund. Also, why is she RENTING an old house????

  10. Belinda

    Fugly would be a compliment when describing either Carlton’s or Brandi’s bodies/faces/demeanor/attitude, etc. And don’t even get me started on brain dead Kim. Merry Christmas !

  11. Bren

    Summary: Joyce continues to come out looking like an angel, while Brandi continues making an ass of herself. Brandi looked simply terrible at that dinner party, like she hadn’t seen daylight in a few weeks. I know I’d look like shit as well if I’d lost my pup. I think one of Brandi’s MO is to get friendly with the husbands and then the ladies have to play nice with her or look like jealous prudes. Not going to work on Joyce’s husband, I suspect.

    Touching scene with Kim and her dog. There are times in life when something so upsetting or painful happens and, if you’ve got a good dog, you can just sit and hold your pup and tell him everything, even the things you can’t verbalized to your best friend or partner. And Kim’s clearly been there.

    Agree with those above who said Brandi and Carlton lack the glamour and intrigue of the other wives.

    Oh, and Carlton reminded us again that she’s a very kinky and sexual person who has a good body. Thanks for the reminder, Carlton, but scenes like this will always be boring and come off as desperate.

  12. JrLeaguer

    I get Kim’s attachment to her dog, because around here we love our pups madly too. They send a shout out to Banjo!! I wonder if Kingsley had a soft muzzle on because he tried to nibble on the Bravo crew that was following him or if the kicking, swinging dog trainer said that he would not come back unless Kingsley was muzzled?
    Loved Porshe telling her daddy to basically, “shut up” while they were playing the part of supportive friends on the search for Chica.
    I still cannot warm up to Joyce, but I think that Brandi’s treatment of her is horrible. I think that Joyce strikes a nerve with Brandi because she has two very young boys like Brandi’s boys were when her marriage imploded and that Joyce seems secure and happy in her life which is what Brandi thought that she once had too and being drunkedty drunk drunk seems to bring that to the surface.
    Brandi is starting to have the puffy face from drinking too much thing going on. She is becoming almost as squinty eyed as her arch nemesis, LeAnn.
    I was hoping that she would find her pup and hate it for her and her kids.
    Lisa stayed above the fray tonight.
    Yolanda is perfect for David’s needy, insecure tortured artist self. She foresees and caters to his every whim. He needs a mother and she has taken on the role. I STILL WANT HER FRIDGE!!!
    Carlton, we get it….you like sex….you like lots and lots of sex and you have a walking, talking sex doll in the form of the nanny, mazel tov! Those that talk about it the most, are usually getting it the least.

  13. Does anyone else want to produce a remake of Sixteen Candles? I would love to shut Kyle’s hair in a door and cut it free! Just an insight of my feelings for that “better than thou” attitude… P.S. Kyle- your man is fucking around on you. Wake up!

  14. Didn’t make it through the entire episode. Feel asleep sitting straight up and honest only drinking water. I liked Brandi last season and still am holding a little bit of hope for her because she is a hot mess this season. I feel bad for Joyce even though she isn’t my cup of tea. Yolanda is kind of irritating me this season also. David and her are a couple of arrogant snobs. I enjoyed the tenors but wondered why they weren’t having dinner with them? They came out of the kitchen like the hired help. I admit, I was irritated with Kim’s talking head during the singing. Wish it could have been shown after the singing was over as I was sitting here getting goose bumps from their beautiful voices. Brandi behaved badly and the hearts Yolanda “subconsciously” put on her team was really asinine and high schoolish. Yolanda is always saying what a great hostess she is but didn’t seem like to me last night with that little escapde. Plus she flat out lied about shoes and purses not being her thing and that flowers were her passion. I mean we have all seen this womans closet. I was uncomfortable watching Brandi comment to Joyce while she was giving her Spanish speech at David’s request. Did I miss anything of any importance after dozing off?

  15. jelley

    Brandi looks so bad this episode and she was totally projecting in her talking head about Joyce always needing to be the center of attention.
    Yolanda has become so catty. I used to really like her. Maybe it’s her illness.
    Carlton grosses me out. There’s not much love for Kim but I like her. Maybe bc I’m a crazy dog lady.

  16. Nicole

    Did any of you notice that big vein popping out of Joyce’s forehead? I noticed it in the limo scene when they left Yolanda. Also, when Yolanda said that it was the group’s only night off, I thought she was inviting them to dinner not to work. I still like Yolanda though and I feel a little sorry for Kyle. I still don’t like Kim, she’s weird and Carlton is weird and she does not have a nice body and neither does Brandi. I can’t remember where I read or heard it but someone else said that Lisa is only nice when she the camera is on.

    • Diva

      I still like Yolanda too. I read someone elsewhere, slamming her for having so many expensive shoes and handbags in her closet. Well, considering the fact that she was a very successful model back in the day and married a couple of millionaires, with all those fancy schmancy functions to attend, I wouldn’t expect her to show up dressed in WalMart and Payless accessories. (Heather Dubrow is another story, every episode she has a different LV or CHANEL bag, yet I’ve seen pics of her girls in Target dresses). I don’t care for Kim either and I think Carlton (what’s her REAL name, anyway?) is utterly GROSS, just like Brandi (who actually looks to me most of the time, as though SHE’S pretty smelly herself).

  17. psedmond

    I’ve only commented on here a couple of times.

    What I found most surprising about this episode was the Foster’s throwing this dinner party because they were going to have the Canadian Tenors at their house so “the girls” could enjoy seeing them and having a entertaining evening. What I didn’t understand what’s why the Tenors weren’t included in the dinner. It was kinda obvious they were there while they were waiting on the girls to arrive and then came out while dessert was on the table

    Kim is boring but is making an effort to be nice as compared to her time in the past, Joyce and her husband are a bore, Lisa is Lisa. I used to feel sorry for Brandi because of her issues with what her ex and Leann has and still flaunts to her, but she HAS GOT to get this alcohol and dirty mouth under control. It’s not good for her boys

    • Belinda

      I guess I am the only one with this opinion. When I turned 16 my parents hired a group called The Crests to perform a song called 16 Candles at my party. The song had been very popular a few years earlier and I think the group may have been pretty well known. They did not have dinner with us and other than performing and mingling for autographs we didn’t see them. They must have been there all evening because they sang more than once. That seems perfectly normal to me. They weren’t there to be friends….they were there to work.

      • But your birthday party was not filmed for reality TV. Was it? I would bet that Foster owns a piece of those (horrible) boys. They were there so he could cross promote them. He’s made it clear that he’s not interested in the show and Yolanda is only there to become well enough known to get her own show. He seems to be a huge snob. I’m sure he does not find them worthy of dining with them.

        Yet he clinks his glass with silverware.

    • The tenors probably had to warm up their pipes and keep them warm and simply came through the kitchen at a set time. Even a lapse of 40 – 60 minutes can take some singers back to fully cold. It would have been nice to have them join for the meal and spend desert and any extra time needed warming up.

  18. JoJo

    It might be possible that the Canadian Tenors were not free to spend the time it took for the filming of the whole dinner. We know that they film a 3 or 4-hour dinner then edit the ‘good’ parts to show us and that last maybe 15 minutes total, if that. Maybe they wanted to sing after dinner as a favor to David/Yolanda but didn’t want any part of sitting through the drama that was filmed and shown at the actual dinner?

  19. Thanks to dvr screw up I am just now getting to watch. Just finished the scene Brandi says Joyce was filming when she ran into her at the restaurant. At the end of the scene, Joyce’s husband says, “I’m glad I have you back, my little girl” EWWWW. Creepy.

    • JoJo

      After reading the post with Brandi’s open letter, I thought she’d be in this scene, and that would be the reason Joyce and her ‘baby’ talked about how badly Brandi acted. I thought I missed it, and then a re-run and still didn’t see Brandi?
      The scene would have made more sense if they showed Brandi, then giving them a reason to talk about it, since it’s logical Joyce told her husband right after the mess happened. Unless that open letter was a figment of Brandi’s imagination:)

      • Once more with feeling. AFTER THE SEASON WRAPS housewives are often asked to film continuity scenes. Production asked Joyce and her husband to film a dinner where she fills him in on her trip to Palm Springs.

        BECAUSE A LOT OF THIS SHOW IS SCRIPTED! Joyce does not have the luxury of deciding the topics of conversation for these scenes.

        Also, I am starting to wonder where some of you live? You don’t call your significant others by names like Baby, and Baby Girl, Honey, Sugar, Love, Sweetie?????? Nothing? Seriously? This is odd behavior to you guys? That it one of the weirdest, and saddest thing I have read here in awhile.

      • Brandi never said she was being filmed for the scene though. RH’s have mentioned filming “extras” before so this was just Joyce’s turn. Knowing that it was filmed after just added to the lame factor.

      • Yeah, I actually agreed with Brandi in the Open Letter when she said, there was no need for that scene. But it was not up to Brandi or Joyce. They do what they are told.

      • @TT – we have pet names for each other but when in public we typically use our real names. I don’t mind her calling him baby when speaking TO him but when in reference to him is weird.

      • I get that. I don’t recall her talking about him TO someone that way. I am thinking now, and I can say I probably have done that about someone I was dating… “Guess what by baby did for me?” To me is fine. “My baby is a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch” is not. So maybe I am missing that nuance. These days I just prattle on about my gay fianc

      • JoJo

        Yeh, I got it that this was a filler after production wrapped – guess they didn’t get a one-on-one with Joyce and hubby during regular filming. What I thought though if Brandi was actually there, if they filmed that part of her greeting them and then she left w/ her kids to go have dinner, it would have made more sense for them to discuss her. But since her kids can’t be on camera, maybe that’s the reason.
        I called my husband pumpkin, honey, helmut head – but only when we were alone. When in a group of couples I didn’t want to confuse other men so I called him by his first name unless I was mad, then asshole became his first name:))

    • English is not their first language. Jesus Christ. There is so much to rag on, why would you choose to rag on their affection for each other?

  20. Mary Schmidt

    I don’t understand how Brandi could think that Carlton Gebbia has a nice body. It is somewhat distorted and she is not an attractive person inside or out.

  21. Heather

    Great recap! Tamera, any chance of finding out what brand of jeans that Carlton is wearing in the scene that she is discussing her pllayroom set up with contractors? They have a rhinestone looking band around the waist, I thought that it was a belt at first. I appreciate your help!

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