Teen Mom Amber Portwood On Dr. Phil

1387477412_amber-portwood-lgJust happened upon this.  Um, this should be interesting. Amber has recently gotten out of prison.  Amber says that she first tried drugs for the first time at age 9. Her father was an alcoholic.  When she landed the spot on MTV suddenly everyone knew who she was. She had money for the first time in her life. Things quickly began to spiral out of control and her drug use greatly increased. Eventually, Amber opted for a five year prison sentence instead of going to rehab.

Amber says that she was high during all the Teen Mom shows (But not the 16 and pregnant ones).  She says this is her first ever interview sober, so she is really nervous.

Amber says was on drugs all during rehab. She says it comes as a patch and she would eat the patch. The patch was supposed to be for three days.  How the hell was she getting the patch while at a Malibu rehab facility? The drug in the patch was not a drug she was screened for and did not show up on her drug tests.

Amber says she was very high when she went to court to ask for prison over rehab. She says she had tried to OD the night before.  She knew she was going to die if she did not go to prison.

Overall, Amber looks good and said all the appropriate things. I think she is still in love with Gary. There was really nothing new or interesting disclosed on this interview that we didn’t already know.

Do you think Amber will relapse or stay strong?


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5 responses to “Teen Mom Amber Portwood On Dr. Phil

  1. Rhurhu22

    I’m rooting for her. She seems sincere and wants another shot at being a good mom to Leah. I hope she is able to keep the enablers out of her support system.

  2. Tango

    I could not STAND her on the show. She always thought she could do better than Gary. Now I know why. She was such a bitch cuz she was messed up. I hope she recovers for good now. That poor little cutie daughter of hers doesn’t need this anymore.

  3. Vivaladiva

    I’m not defending Amber’s actions or addictions at all, but Gary said some messed up shit to her on tv.

  4. Gary really knew how to push her buttons. All he had to do is threaten to take Leah away and the fight would escalate. Nothing makes me more mad than when a father uses that tactic on a single mom. Of course, all of the single moms I know are loving, caring, and put their kids first. Most of the corresponding dads put their girlfriends and drinking buddies first.

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