Nene Leakes on Good Morning America

nenedomeWhoever handles Nene’s PR is working over time this month. She set to appear on GMA shortly to talk about her blood clots.  Nene says she was at work when she started feeling pain under her right breast that kind of went around her side and to her back.  The next morning she was still hurting in those places and her right shoulder.  She felt like something was wrong. Gregg kept telling her she had gas. She went to the hospital. They ran a few tests and discovered clots on her right lung and a few on her left.

At first they thought it might be caused by all the traveling, but now they think it may be a genetic issues. She is on blood thinners.

rhoakimandneneThey ask her how it is being the only original housewife left on the show. She says it’s different, and she never thought she would say it but she kind of misses the old girls. Nene says now she is working with a bunch of new girls and it’s okay.(He voice rasied an entire octave for that comment.) They ask if there is anyone that just kind of gets her goat, and in that same voice, sounding a lot like Phaedra, she says well, you know, you don’t love everyone.

Nene says she is still playing Coach Roz on Glee and she was just there last week.  She loves working on Glee. By the way, she is wearing black heels, black leggings, a big burgundy sweater, and what appears to be the carcass of a medium sized bear on top.



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  1. GNG

    I don’t watch the housewives (save first season ish if Jersey) but I like Nene. Is she likeable on the show?!

    • Like all of them, they are on the first season, usually and then less so each season.

    • eastjames

      Nene is the most likeable giving that she’s been on for so long and been through different “edits.”. She’s graceful at times, charming at times, funny at times, and loony at times. Just enough of a mix between bitchy, straight up, and goofball to not be too perfect but not be boring or gawd awful.

  2. pfffttt

    Have you noticed that Nene has NO storyline this season? That she is really just “there” in the background on RHOA? She’s also the only Housewife who has not appeared on WWHL this season while RHOA is running.

    She has got to go. If the only thing keeping her relevant is her health issues. I wish her well, and hope she has a speedy recovery though.

  3. Blood clots are not hereditary. Nene should sop having all those nicks and tucks, and face lifts which cause blood clots. She will probably be on blood thinners for a while.

    Glee has gone off the air some what is she still doing on it, the new normal was canceled. It should never been a t.v.

    • Katrina

      You can be genetically predispositioned for blood clots. You don’t have to have surgery to get blood clots. I am sure it doesn’t help. You can also get blood clots from being immoblized too long or breaking your leg. People with varicose veins or families with stroke victims. There is a lady at work that has to take the blood thinners for the rest of her life. She also wears special stockings.

    • KWM

      Actually you can. My mother had factor V, which is the most common, inherited blood clotting disease. My brothers and I were both tested for it.

  4. Good Morning America must be desperate to have this woman on their show.

  5. Lou Lou

    ” I’m currently on blood thinners now…which is to help my blood be alot thinner” Really?? LMAO….. I cant

      • Wait…what really irked me is her lack of empathy over the death of Corey. This is the second time he’s come up around her, and she just skates over his death as if someone chose asking for his autograph over hers. The first time was on the ep where her agent called to give her an update on when Glee was gonna start back up. All she cared about was getting back to work. Same with her interview. She is incredibly selfish, and yes that road kill over her shoulders was atrocious.

  6. jarlath

    Maybe Porsha is on brain thinners?

  7. Cali

    Nene look great this morning. She said, she was on blood thinners, She needs to be, very careful not to cut herself and maintain a good diet. I notice on Bravo schedule that, there are 24 episodes. RHOA not ending until April 2014. I really like this group of women, but tried of hearing about Kenya and Apollo.

    • pfffttt

      There is a lot more than just the texting scandal coming down the road on RHOA. Kenya hinted on Wendy Williams that things get ugly between both Nene and herself. Marlo also returns this season and gets into a huge altercation with Nene at a Cynthia event. Police were called.

      Cynthia also said in an interview that she and Nene do not see eye to eye on everything this season.

      Looks like Nene is slowly being phased out of the show.

      Later in the season you will see Christopher Williams (R&B singer) former boyfriend of Halle Berry, and his wife make several appearances. They just moved to Atlanta. They make several accusations towards Kenya Moore, and Kenya’s friend Brandon gets into a fight with Christopher.

      Apollo tries to break up the fight, however Brandon hits him, and Apollo then goes Donky Kong on Brandon.

      Then right after this fight, Kandi spazzes out and has to be restrained by several people and Nene blames it all on Kenya and then Nene spazzes out on Kenya.

      I was told it will be one of the craziest Housewife episodes ever.

  8. travis

    Tamara..part of me feels sorry for Nene cause you know she thought she had risen above the reality phase of her career. At the same time people report she makes the most money of any housewife and the past few years she is blah to watch. Do you think she will stay?

    • Her RHOA income is GROSSLY overstated in the tabloids. However, It is her only source of income. She was making Sag minimum on Glee…like 1200 an ep or so if I recall. She won’t leave RHOA without at TON of kicking and screaming. When that gravy train ends, it’s back to obscurity and bankruptcy…

      • eastjames

        Surely she’d rather end up in obscurity than like Vicki. Just sayin’

      • Travis

        As always you know the real tea. You would think these ladies would invest their money to prepare for life after the show. Nene needs to kick it up then as she seems to think just her name carries her. Kandi doesn’t have to worry obviously about money.

      • Nene has allegedly worked an investment or two. I think she got a percentage of the pizza place in exchange for fake dating John Kolaj, but maybe not. She claims she is working on a clothing line, but it may be too late for that.

        While her PR team is excellent she needed a money manager. If she had one, they would have told her to save her checks until she could afford to pay cash for a modest house in Brentt’s school district. Stop buying clothes and shoes like you are made of money. Open a retirement account. Open a college fund for Brentt. And squirrel away as much as possible because It’s surprising she has gotten as many seasons as she has Her contract is season to season and could end at any time.

        Alas, I fear Nene will go the way of most lottery winners and be right back in debt and financial disaster as soon as this franchise ends or fires her.

  9. RealitySux

    WHOA!!!>..thanks Pfffft for the tea regarding Kandi and Kenya. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was Kenya that Kandi was going off on…only because of the body language from Kandi when she has done these press tours with Kenya. This will indeed be an epic season – and from twitter, I’m gathering it all begins to happen after this Savannah trip. WOW!

  10. RealitySux

    BRAVO **REALLY** should have Kandi giving seminars to all of these housewives on how to manage their money!

    • Katrina

      It would be nice if Kandi gave seminars. It could help a lot of people. I believe Kandi still has her money due to Mama Joyce. There are so many people having financial issues, minimun paying jobs, and escalating costs. The entertainment business is very up and down industry.

    • JoJo

      Bravo did have Kandi guest star on “Blood is Thicker Than Water” (I think that’s the name) about a rich black family, the Tankards.

      She gave a little ‘seminar’ (edited to about 3 soundbites though) about how to make and save money at Mrs. Tankard’s Millionaire Group;) It was funny that her theories were completely opposite but completely more realistic than the Tankard woman’s. Kandi said after her girl group broke up, she stayed with Mama Joyce for as long as it took to work and save to buy a house, then slowly invested and kept working her butt off. Basically, simply don’t spend more than you make. Her appearance on this show clearly showed that she’s no fan of Mrs. Tankard or her ideas on getting to or staying millionaire!

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