It’s Time For a StilettoGate Update!


Are you ready for a StilettoGate Update?  You know that you are. First, in case you missed StilettoGate altogether you must go here and read the post. Just go, it’s a funny one.  I’ll wait.  Okay, remember all that? They didn’t show nearly enough of it on RHONJ.  Remember back in September when Jacqueline was having one of her epic Twitter meltdowns?  She was raging at all of her haters swearing that she and Chris did not use a fake attorney when meeting with police? She said her attorney was MIKE McGuire, not MARK McGuire!  Then she bitched about all the haters.

Well maybe he told her his name was Mike, but they all came to the police station and left the police station and went into the interrogation room together.  Somehow, despite not hiring real attorneys, Bravo or someone waved a magic wand making all of the StilettoGate charges in both directions go away.

Things did not work out that well for Mike/Mark McGuire.  He’s was indicted by a grand jury yesterday for practicing law without a license.  No trial date has been set yet because the New Jersey court systems are completely booked into the foreseeable future with other indictments related to the RHONJ.


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4 responses to “It’s Time For a StilettoGate Update!

  1. eastjames

    Remember when all the RHONJ were soooo offended because people were associating them with the mob and old school gangsta stereotypes?

  2. ZenJen53

    The mob has a Code of Honor something these HW’s and their husbands know nothing about. And i’ll b nice and not mention what we all know to be Tiny Manzos fate….otherwise they are ill-mannered thugs in a cocktail dress

  3. Katrina

    How do you impersonate a lawyer? That should be an interesting trial! Did he steal someones identity?
    I love those shoes.

  4. Jacqueline and hubbt Chris are so worried about the perception of them using their autistic little boy for ratings and notoriety then one thing they could do would be try to align themselves with the industries bigger supporters such as Jenny McCarthy and the Doug Flutie jr foundation , both are well established in the fight against Autism and the more people band together the more that gets accomplished just sayin

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