Shahs of Sunset Recap: Caught In A Bad Bro-mance

Shahs_of_Sunset_Season_3_castI don’t understand why Asa’s  Tehrangeles song is not the theme song to this show. It’s a way better song than the one they use. Reza has apparently never been to a mall before. Apparently, he and Adam went to promote some sort of Beluga Caviar machine.  It went a little something like this.  Here is $3,500 provided by the Caviar people. Go to the mall, find the machine and pretend like you just had an extra $3,500 in your pocket to buy caviar.

UPDATED: Here is the link to the Beverly Hills Caviar Company  that got all the advertising on Shahs last night. The largest tin in the machine is 200g and cost $800. Oh Bravo, you slay me.

Asa takes GG to an outdoor Tai Chi class. I think this is a fantastic idea for GG and her anger issues.  It’s calming, but in kind of warrior princess way.  “Put your mind inside of where your hips are….”  GG asks if this helps sex. LOL.  But she is sort of taking it seriously! GG and Asa have such a nice civilized conversation.  That was actually nice to watch.

MJ is showing Leila’s house to a potential renter. I haven’t seen her doing anything real estate related in ages.

Shahs SashaReza meets with Sasha to apologize. Something tells me he is not going to be very good at this.  Reza says that he owes him and his brother an apology.  Sasha says thank you.  Reza says the irony is that we come from the same place and speak the same language but we could not be more different. Sasha says he did not come to hear Reza’s apology. He came to find out what caused Reza to react the way he did. Sasha is adorable.

Mike is shopping for an engagement ring. Stein Diamonds will be providing the ring for promotional considerations. But probably not the $340K one.  You can tell even on TV that these are very high quality diamonds. Mike is shopping in the $30K  range.  His brothers seem to be of the mind that since the girl isn’t “Persian” the ring doesn’t have to be expensive. Mike blames Reza for his financial situation. Real estate is a tough job that requires you to be on your grind 24/7.  It also requires a lot of connections. While I get that Reza fucked him over a bit, ultimately, it’s up to Mike to do the work.

GG is out to dinner with Sean to come clean about kissing Shionn. Sean is hot. And he is also about to break up with GG.  Then Reza and GG will start shouting from the mountaintops that he is gay. He doesn’t really set off my gaydar, but I really have seen enough to make a call.  GG is struggling hard to tell the truth. GG comes sort of clean about the kissing. Sean asks her if she still talks to him and she says he texts her everyday! GG  says she doesn’t text him back. She’s lying and Sean knows it. He says to let him read the text messages. He is angry that she has been lying to him since MJ told him about the kiss. Sean very calmly explains that this is the last day of their acquaintance.

Reza’s housewarming party is very Martha Stewart and quite lovely. Mike is not invited so he goes to a high stakes poker game. Sammy is there! I am over being pissed off at him, so I am happy to see him! Mike was stupid to leave commercial real estate for residential.

The food looks fabulous. Did Reza cook all that? The dinner is going very well, so of course MJ wants to ruin dinner by encouraging Reza to call Mike.

Next week: Mike and Reza come face to face, and it is not pretty.


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46 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: Caught In A Bad Bro-mance

  1. Urethra Franklin

    First of all Pepper (Naomi Grossman) from AHS:Asylum was at Reza’s dinner party. WTF?

    Reza said carrying thousands in cash is an immigrant thing. See how he refers to himself as immigrant, and uses FOB frequently as a pejorative. #hypocrite

    I’m glad he apologized, but he’s still an ass.
    Yay no wazzaherface on this episode either.

  2. Bombshell

    This group is nauseating the way they turn on each other every week! Given Reza’s track record for bending the truth his remark that mike is lazy may not be actually true…well I am less likely to believe him. Reza is still a self hating troll who couldn’t even find it within himself to apologize properly. I don’t think it came from his heart and I think he only did it for PR and because everyone was telling him to. Then he is still upset that mike didn’t back him up?! Excuse me while I vomit! It seems in this group the way to survive is to support your friend’s bad behavior!! And as for fame whore Sean…..first time I saw him I got a huge gay alert! Those eyebrows do not belong on a man! I’m shocked GG never told him the truth in all of this and continued to lie so she has to take responsibility. Knowing MJ she feels justified but she still should not have gotten in the middle of their relationship!

  3. Shirley

    TT why were you mad at Sammy? I forgot. I thought he was cool. it’s sooooo weird but I’m starting to like gg she’s pretty cool. I don’t like to take ppls BS either.

    • Because back when MJ was getting the good edit, Sammy was getting the bad edit, basically. He set her up with a creepy ex and poured alcohol down her throat (literally) and did not protect her.

      • How could I forget that?? That was pretty awful, I felt so uncomfortable watching it and knowing that someone/anyone thought it was okay to treat someone like that, okay enough to do it while cameras were rolling even.

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        Vegans do not eat cheese or caviar. There are dif degrees of vegetarianism but not veganism. If Asa is a vegetarian, she is all good. But vegans eat NO animal products.

  4. Iwannano

    The ring comment by Mike’s brother was insulting to me as an American. I hope Jessica heard that! Resa’s constant reference to the cost of things is so tacky. In my experience, although limited, really rich people don’t go around talking about money. Also, Resa only invited his pudgy friends to his party.

  5. S

    I did not find the comment by Mike’s brother to be insulting. Actually, it may be mildly insulting to female Persians, because he was implying that they were more “materialistic” than their American counterparts…according to what he said. What I did not like, was how Mike’s motive for buying a hugely expensive ring was not just to make her happy, but to throw dust in people’s faces about how wealthy he is. Now it seems the only thing keeping him from proposing is saving up for a …. 50k ring …. um okay … I mean I’m sure she would be happy with like a 15k ring…. or a 10k ring… or a 3k ring … especially since 50k ring doesnt appear to be in his budget. my husband bought me engagement ring for $3500 and it blew me away, and people always comment on it… but I wouldnt care if he bought me one for $600 its just a piece of jewelry its the love thats priceless

  6. Kate

    I was looking at the promo picture on the front of this post and didn’t recognize MJ at first. What did they do to her in this picture?

  7. JrLeaguer

    Being a Jewish mama that sold diamonds a billion years ago, I have an overwhelming urge to take Mike diamond shopping and show him how it is done.

    • Kate

      what would you tell him?

      • JrLeaguer

        I would tell him that the size of the stone does not define love. However, in his Persian community, size does seem to matter, so with that in mind, I would be happy to take him shopping. I used to love it when I had customers that did not want the ordinary and I was able to take them to suppliers in Atlanta for special stones. It was also rewarding when I had young men on a shoestring budget trying to get that perfect ring for their beloved. I always did my best to treat them as if they were buying the most expensive ring in the world and to make it a positive experience and make sure that they got as much bang for their buck as I could give them.

    • I know, but those were some GOOD LOOKING diamonds. And again, it was an infomercial poorly disguised as an actual scene.

      • JrLeaguer

        Yes, indeed. I remember reading a trade article that I found online a few years ago that Bravo is the KING of product placement among the networks. If you ever see a logo blacked out, then you know that Bravo could not strike a deal.

      • They are the King of product placement. They obvi have a deal with Dom who gave them ONE bottle, then everyone walked in with Veuve. Despite no deal (probably) it’s hard to miss the orange label.

      • So what the hell did Sears do to piss them off? That was a horrible disrespect.

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Resa is jealous of Sasha. Sasha is one HOT gay man and Reza is not.

  9. So, I’ll have to look it up. But I heard over a year ago that there would never be real beluga caviar in the US again. I think it was because the whales had been listed as endangered? Anyway that whole thing was sad. When he pulled out the wad of cash I thought, remember when Teresa Guidice was throwing around cash?

    So tonight’s party edits, and I doubt the parties were on the same night, just made me see what a little bit of nothing Reza is. Bravo wanted me to recognize this. But Reza yelling about how $3500 caviar in his little studio apartment with a galley kitchen and talking about Dom Pee and all the other things that he obviously does not get but tries to pretend to own outted him as a giant poser. Meanwhile the real Persian mafia were partying and literally saying out loud that reza is a nobody….in case you didn’t glean that on your own by watching the mansion vs, the hovel. Reza saying “I have….and I bought….and I am serving….” Is so horrible. His boyfriend is either very patient and will get sick of his selfishness or is a doormat and reza will get sick of him.

    Mj and reza changing partners every week and declaring that ______ is was and always will be ther one only true friend is sickening. They have lost all credibility.

    I wish I could blame reza for mike’s not being rich. But… I kinda think Mike being dumb as a stump has a bit to do with his lack of fortune. He is nice and probably good looking. But…he is no Mensa candidate.

    • Tara C.

      These people are fakes! Just like Tre n juicy ! With their “money tree” , in the backyard of their “redone home” ! How did that money flashing work out for them? Lol! Take note Shahs, you better be able to back your shit up , or ELSE!

    • fish nerd

      Caviar comes from fish, not whales. Beluga sturgeon are the fish that beluga caviar comes from. It was banned at one time, but now smaller amounts are allowed into the US.

  10. ZenJen53

    Ever since you mentioned Tehrangeles your so right. Much better song. Bravo uses Adrianna to sing RHOM theme song.
    The ban has since been lifted. TT I’m not a vegan but does vegans eat cheese and caviar? I thought they didn’t. I know theirs dif degrees of veganism. If you profess a lifestyle be true to it I guess is my point. I love Asa and it could be just the process of edit.

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      GAWD my new laptop is posting things all in the wrong places!!! Please excuse the out of place comments.

      Anyway… This comment meant to go here:
      Vegans do not eat cheese or caviar. There are dif degrees of vegetarianism but not veganism. If Asa is a vegetarian, she is all good. But vegans eat NO animal products.

      • ZenJen53

        Thanks for clarifying the dif as I was unsure and now I feel better about Asa. TT, I like you, do not have the palette for caviar. TeeCee, u cld be right about the ban. I just seem to remember reading that the USW&G had lifted it but the details are a little foggy so I wldnt swear to it. Merry Christmas to all. XOXO

    • Nothin I’ve read says the ban is lifted. There is a substitute from Iran. But it’s not beluga.

      • Thanks for the info. I would not know. I tasted some caviar once at my brothers and thought I would puke. And Like EVERYTHING serious, I eat street foods for all countries and am big on “trying anything once.” I am sure there is “caviar” and then what my brother had… but I have yet to get have a desire to try again. I swear I like fishy and everything….I’m a fatty that loves everything from cheese wiz (god it’s been ages but I still crave it) to fois gras. But… not caviar. Yet. I WANT to like it. …

      • Just Saying

        TT, good caviar doesn’t taste fishy at all. If you gently press it up against the roof of your mouth with your tongue, you get this little splash of slightly ocean-y salty sweetness. You don’t need (or probably want) the bread or most of the other stuff it’s often served with. Just a non-metallic spoon; a plastic spoon is preferable to stainless or even sterling. Watch how it’s served and you’ll know if the host knows caviar….ummm, which is not meant as a slight against your brother, at all.

      • My vague recollection is I stole a taste out of the fridge when babysitting years ago. lol.

      • Plastic? Mother of pearl.

      • Just Saying

        Yes, mother of pearl or horn spoons are traditional. But even plastic disposables are preferable to anything metal

  11. JoJo

    That B&W photo above of Sasha looks as if it was plucked from a GQ ad….he’s adorable. So glad to see him in a calm scene and gracious enough to meet with Reza, let alone accept his apology – which Reza still didn’t seem to deliver unequivocally, from the heart.

    I hope we see more Sasha in calm scenes like this; however I do wish he’d lose the white stretchy, meshed see-through pants with a jockstrap. He looks perfectly fine in regular trendy garb.
    I’m even beginning to like GG after last season’s off the charts anger. It was a great scene w/ her and Asa. didn’t seemed staged much or strained. Sean is a looker, too bad she didn’t come clean with him immediately. I don’t get a gay vibe from him at all. And if he is and prefers not to be exposed that’s downright evil of Reza and G to blast him now that he’s left her.

    I’m not sure that Reza and MJ can rehab themselves and their messiness. I guess we’ll see by season’s end.. If GG recognized how bad she came off and reached out to change that and Asa believes it, Reza and MJ should have taken note. .

      • JoJo

        Last season reunion, I wanted to reach through the TV and strangle GG to shut up when she was trashing Asa – ALL of it about her body and so below the belt and unneeded. So, I’m kinda amazed how I’m warming to her and this new attitude, it’s refreshing.

  12. Sara

    I went to the caviar site, if you look under the caviar over 1k, you’ll find the beluga caviar for $3500.

  13. The largest size on the machines is one pound and is not the Imperial White Beluga which Reza got on the show. The one Reza got, sells for $16,000.00 per kilo and is no longer in stock.

  14. There’s a caviar site? Lol

  15. bunniecarrot

    I hate that I read your blog while watching. So I’m still at the ASA gg ti chi crap and have already read your recap. It’s a bad drug this site has become. Now I’m going to suffer thru the whole episode knowing what’s to come.

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