Kim Richards on Bethenny


I wrote this blog the day Kim was on Bethenny.  I thought I published it, but apparently  it’s been sitting in my drafts file. Ooopsy.  Anyway, here are some Kim quotes from the show. It is clear she is NOT a Lisa Vanderpump fan.  It’s pretty much all she talked about.

“I don’t think the audience has seen really Lisa’s stuff yet. I think that as the season unfolds they will see really what Lisa has done to some of us. I think Lisa has a way about her where she comes off very sweet and kind to all of us. If she is really my friend then she would come to me off camera and say to me, call me and say to me, “I’m here for you.” Be a friend but instead she would do it on camera and come to me on camera and say “‘Let’s talk about things.”

RHOBHkimoopsgif“It’s like, “Lisa, I don’t want to talk about things , pretty bad night for me alright, seriously.’”‘Seriously, darling if you want to talk about things.’ Cameras rolling everybody, fans to see. I think is she really my friend? Is Lisa my friend?”

“But when I wasn’t well I couldn’t decipher and all of a sudden I am getting more well and I am like hey, wait a minute, girlfriend you are not my friend. I so see what you are doing. She’s letting the audience think she’s my friend when clearly she was just dragging all my stuff out

“But where did the phone call come in for Kim as a real friend? There was never one. There were no off camera calls to check on me, there was never a real friendship there and that’s the kind of stuff she’s done to all of us. I think that more and more of that will unfold and you will see the little snide things that she does. She’s just never been a real good friend to me and that’s okay, she doesn’t have to be. I’m over it, I’m over the things she’s done, like pulling out the magazines out of Brandi’s bag, Oh, ooooh my. There are little things that you will see that will happen over this season that her true colors will show.

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21 responses to “Kim Richards on Bethenny

  1. Dawn

    This is what has always driven me crazy about BH and what I appreciated about Bethenny on NY. BH wants all kinds of stuff to NOT be on camera. Then why join a reality TV show that is supposed to be about your life, like her or not at least Bethenny never hid from the cameras

  2. Tango

    The magazines out of Brand’s bag? What did I miss?

  3. But she’s over it. No really. She just goes on and on about it but she’s so over it.

  4. I’m going to defend Kim on this one. She may be on a reality tv show but she is NOT fake nor is she a malicious mean person. She’s definitely had her catty moments, but the fact is she takes friendship seriously. Her only connection to the show was her sister, and it takes her a long time to open up to people. She doesn’t do phony friends, and Lisa is definitely one of those. I mean, Kyle sort of is too, but Kyle/Kim don’t always see eye to eye either. haha

  5. so you’re dancing around like a fool trying to straighten out your underwear after using the restroom and a female friend kindly closes the door so nobody will see you looking foolish, and you decide she is dismissing you? biggest problem all these women seem to have is accepting bad behavior from their “friends” and attacking the lamest things from people they don’t like. guess i could get it more if these were drunken college or high school girls but most of them are pretty damned old. a lot of petty BS all the time. some of the women claim these shows are unscripted, but it sure comes across as a lot of planned attacks on the victim of the week.

  6. Monihew

    Bethenny still has a show???? : )

  7. Kaleesi

    Chris so nailed it.

  8. AngieB

    I think Kim is just touchy about being dismissed or talked down to because that’s how addicts are often treated by those around them. She’s sober now (hopefully) and it’s often an adjustment for them and others. A friend’s wife had an issue with pills for years and she was pretty much out of it all the time. We all tended to ignore her, talk past her, humor her while she was using. It was like interacting with a child. When she stopped taking the pills it took awhile before I started relating to her as a fully functioning human being. Personally, I find Kim’s scenes uncomfortable to watch. She seems scattered. I don’t know if it’s because she’s on medication to help with the drinking or arrested development after using for so many years.

  9. JoJo

    I got from the quoted material that Kim doesn’t like Lisa, and I think she thinks she’s fake and everything’s for the camera? Because other than that, that seemed like a lot of rambling.
    I’m still not sure that Kim is clean and sober. But maybe she’s just super quirky and this is the real Kim that we don’t know. But she does come off loopy as hell at times, or at least what they show us in the talking heads especially. Maybe if we didn’t know she was a recovering addict, her behavior would just seem eccentric and not substance related?
    I’ll wait to see what ‘unfolds’ regarding Lisa, since she clearly did warn us in her last blog that things change from now on and people turn on her beginning with this Palm Springs trip. Either Lisa is doing damage control ahead of time, or the crew turned on her?

    • I have the same suspicions as you about Kim… I’m pulling for her to stay in recovery. So I am trying to over look as much as possible. But…. well let’s just all say a prayer for her or kiss a rabid squirrel on her behalf, or HEY I LET A BEE OUT OF THE CAR TODAY WITHOUT KILLING IT! I’m gonna say that was my religious thing I did for Kim. :)

      • JoJo

        I’ll never forget the Paris trip scene where she’s bawling in the little limo bus because Lisa hurt her feelings, then minutes later, after being warned not to go into to the private cuisine lesson, she’s all “If it’s not quacking while he’s whacking, I’m ok”!

  10. Becstar

    She brings her own juicer on vacation. You know who does that? People who need fresh grapefruit juice. You know why they do that? Ask Kim.

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