Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams


Kenya Moore is talking about her mystery man that she calls her African Prince.  I am not sure I trust her sense of geography enough to believe that they guy is African. I still think she is probably tricking in Dubai. It’s all the rage for D listers  right now.  Wendy asks her if one day she will get married and have children. Kenya says absolutely. I always feel that when someone says “absolutely” rather than “yes” or “of course” they are lying.  Kenya is too old to start a family now. Sorry but that ship has sailed.

Kenya talks about her mother giving her away at age 16. She says he mother made the decision to pretend that she never existed. She has seen her at family functions and her mother just pretends she is invisible. That is sad and explains why Kenya will do anything to be noticed.

Kenya says she was wrong for returning Apollo’s texts given that she and Phaedra had a falling out and he was married.  Kenya says that she thinks Todd and Kandi are fine together and they know what they are doing. She says Mama Joyce is off her rocker.

Wendy says that Kenya and Nene seem like besties on the show but that they are no longer friends in real life.  What happened there? Kenya giggles.  Kenya says  last season Nene had her acting career and this season she doesn’t have any of that. She says Nene changed when being a housewife was all she had left.  We will see everything unfold on the show. They don’t speak anymore.  She says in the upcoming episodes  things get ugly.

Wendy showed an old picture of Kenya and Jay Z in a car. Kenya says that was video and she got to play Jay Z’s girlfriend for the day. She says, “So Beyoncé, I got him first.”

Oh Kenya.












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8 responses to “Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams

  1. Lou Lou

    TT… you should do an exclusive with Kenya on your blog..ask the questions these shows are scared to

  2. Shirley

    I could see Kenya and Nene having a fallout Nene can’t stand someone take her thunder especially the only one she has left. She should thank Kenya for having a job cuz without her this show is a snoozefest.

  3. myinfo

    So none of the other women like Kenya. I can see why. She is too weird to watch anymore. She needs help. Yuck

  4. I can’t stand Kenya but she right on the bullseye with the NeNe commentary.

  5. Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this comment, but Kenya drove me nuts on WWHL the other night. She is so loud and pompous with her dismissive attitude that I feel it’s all an act. This brought me back to Kandi’s tears when discussing Mama Joyce on an earlier episode of WWHL. I caught an old episode of RHOA where Lisa and Kandi were doing a play on domestic violence/abuse. Kandi played a woman who had been sexually abused as a child. Kandi was very proud of her performance. She was quick to fall into character. Watching the drama on WWHL was reminiscent of that episode. Not the abuse, but how quickly she can choke up and turn on the emotions and tears. Does anyone else think her speech and tears were an act the other night? She sure had Fantasia on her side

    • Katrina

      I do think that Kandi cries sometimes to game some sympathy. She can be very emotional. However, I do believe every word she said about her mother. She really does not care what people think about her mother!

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