Joe Giudice in Court Today in New Jersey


Juicy Joe Giudice was back in court today. It seems he has so many cases and his defense attorney does too that scheduling everything is problematic.  We did find out that his federal trial will be in April.  I am not sure if Teresa’s trial will happen at the same time or not. They are being tried separately with separate lawyers, but it would seem likely the Feds will probably just do it all at once.

As for his state case regarding his frauding the state out of a driver’s license using false documents belonging to his brother, there is more of a scheduling issue.  His lawyer for both trials has another client with a murder case which is currently in the jury selection process. So they will have a pretrial hearing  in early January to determine when that trial date can be set.

Be sure to go HERE to check out the courtroom footage from today.  It’s very short. But Joe looks like hell. He also came to court alone, without his mother or Teresa. It doesn’t look like a very merry  Christmas at the Giudice  household this year.





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13 responses to “Joe Giudice in Court Today in New Jersey

  1. justjenn

    Giuseppe looks like shit because he is hungthefuckover for court.
    For. Court. The fact that he appeared alone speaks volumes (IMHO).
    Maybe Carolyn wasn’t too far off when she predicted a divorce and a tell all book…

  2. Katrina

    Does Joe normally wear a wedding ring? I noticed he does not have one on. Joe looks totally wiped out! If his trial starts in April, I wonder if Teresa’s trial will even start next year.

    • Vivaladiva

      No I don’t think he has ever worn a ring. Teresa bought him one for Father’s Day or valentines or some such, but he never wore one before that and I don’t recall seeing it on after.

  3. ninja_please

    Tamara, what is your opinion on why Joe just doesn’t plead guilty on the driver’s license case in order to focus on the more serious charges? Isn’t having two trials stressful and expensive? He drove with his brother’s license, yes? What am I missing here?

  4. lori

    Thanks for sharing this with us Tamara. I am in awe at what a good job you do as a blogger. You always bring it. I don’t know how many people realize what a tedious job it is, but I do. At least for someone who is as thorough as you are; and then add to that your wonderful and hilarious) writing style. I never cease to be impressed.

    Anyway, Joe looks like he’s been crying or something. I know I am in the minority here, but I feel sad when I watch this video. The tangled web of us with out reality stars… I mean, love them or hate them, I feel like we all feel like we know them to a degree. I also do like Joe for some reason. As I watched this, in the back of my mind I was thinking of his hilarious videos with Rosie, and just other things about him that make him sort of endearing to me. Just so strange to really see all of this stuff beginning to play out in court. I know a lot of people say how they can’t wait to see Joe and Teresa l “get theirs”, but I don’t share that, I guess, “excitement” about the the whole situation. I am not saying that they DON’T have what’s coming to them, because of course they do. I just don’t feel any happiness over the situation at all. Quite the opposite.

    • I get it, there is some degree of pity for them on my part as well. I do want them both to be punished for their crimes. It’s just sad especially for the girls. I would love to hear the conversation between Tre and Gia. about this.

      And Thanks!

  5. Belinda

    I don’t think Joe looks bad…..he seems to have lost weight. Now that Judge….that’s my new obsession !

  6. He looks like shit because he’s realizing the gravity of the situation. This is no slap on the wrist case(s). He’s about to get his own loose hole and he knows it.

  7. I wonder what he was whispering to his lawyer..?

    PS ~ ITA with what @lori posted above.

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