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My last  recap Revenge was so well received (two whole comments! And I think one of them was mine!) I simply must try to outdo myself on this one.  Seriously, none of y’all watch Revenge?  It’s because Sunday nights are so full of good stuff to watch, I know, but you really should have been DVRing it!

Emily has a problem with her faking her own death at her wedding and setting up Victoria as a murder. It seems that Victoria is refusing to come to the wedding at the last minute.

Meanwhile, Conrad has discovered that Lydia Davis not the innocent returning lover she has portrayed herself to be and is working with Margaux trying to bring him down for the murder of David Clarke.  As they are arguing Emily texts Conrad saying she needs to see him ASAP.  Lydia steals the picture of Amanda/Emily back in her catering days. Conrad rushes to Amanda.  She snows him into getting Victoria to the wedding by bringing Patrick back. It works like a charm.

Daniel and Sarah bump into each other at the magazine offices. What is the point of that couple? They don’t their attraction to each other doesn’t seem to have much of anything to do with the primary plot.

Emily goes to say goodbye to Jack.  She tells him she was with Amanda when she died. They hug and argue and cry.

Revenge SurrenderI am either going deaf, of these people talk like they have marbles in their mouths. Revenge actors talk super slow, unlike on Scandal when everything is at double speed. The wedding is beautiful. Aiden keeps Lydia at bay with ….. some paperwork?  Why not just kill her and take the picture? Nolan and Emily have their final dance. This episode is such a downer.  Daniel is getting drunk and dialing Sarah until Charlotte interrupts.

Nolan’s job is to keep Patrick off the yacht. He sends Patrick a text about Father John and Patrick takes the bait. Conrad makes up with Lydia and invites her on the boat. This is not good news for Amanda/Emily.  Like I said, they should have just bumped her off.

Jack and Sarah are both chugging back the liquor at the bar. Both are in love with the two people who just got married. Sarah propositions Jack, but he calls he a cab.  Emily left one of her necklaces in an envelope for Jack.

Patrick arrives at Nolan’s place. Nolan tells Patrick he knows he cut the brake lines on the car that killed Father John.  Nolan is being sort of creepy with Patrick and his attraction to him. They are both teary-eyed. Nolan is not taking the whole thing going down with Emily well.

Sarah, whose name I just noticed from the phone is Sara, drunk dials Daniel. He says “What are you talking about?”  I was thinking suicide immediately. I thought she was going to off herself on the phone. But it was her roommate calling to let Daniel know, while on his honeymoon, that Sara tried to kill herself. He is very shaken up.

Meanwhile, Lydia is STILL fucking up the plan by following Victoria on the boat so that Aiden can’t isolate her.  Lydia shows Victoria the damning picture of Emily/Amanda. I told them to kill her three or four times. Why does no one on TV listen to me?

Okay, we just took a left turn into crazy town.  Victoria confronts Emily on the deck of the ship with the picture. Then, and this is the crazy writing part… out of nowhere,  Victoria says that Emily is as worthless to her as this bracelet. Then she chucks the bracelet with the gun powder residue all over into the ocean?  What man wrote that scene? Because no woman makes a point to some bitch she is arguing with by throwing her favorite bracelet into the ocean.

Then Daniel walks out, picks up the murder weapon and shoots Emily. Apparently, he decides to shoot her right where the fake blood packets were placed? Daniel throws the gun in the water and takes his drunk self back inside for the slide show.  The staff does the whole man overboard drill and Charlotte wonders where Emily is while Conrad seems to wonder where Victoria went.

Meanwhile, Patrick picks up one of Nolan’s many remotes to put on some music, but he discovers a hidden wall safe instead.  Aiden swims to the beach and finds Jack who there to give Emily the necklace back. But Emily is not there. She did not activate her distress signal. Did Daniel actually shoot her? My DVR started a minute or so too early so I missed the very end. Did they show previews for the next episode?


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19 responses to “Revenge Recap: Exodus

  1. Angel

    I should have been reading your recaps of this show. I quit on it mid season 2, after being my favorite the 1st year. Just got too unrealistic, too many constant twisty turns for my liking. Saw preview of wedding and wished I knew what was going on. Glad you filled some of it in. My DVR is even too busy on Sunday nights to include this, something had to give. I keep being an idiot and choose Brovo crap over others.

  2. Truegiver

    Yes, Daniel really shot her after overhearing her confess to faking her pregnancy when talking to his mom. He shot her and went back into the party as if nothing happened. The previews show her in the hospital where Daniel is attempting to kill her again. She wakes up… With amnesia.

  3. RVA

    I loved loved absolutely loved the first season of this show, then season two was just…CRAP! i was so disappointed with season two that i lost interest midway. I might catch up on 2 on netflix because from your recaps it looks like they are making up in season 3 for the crapola that was season 2.
    I’ll take a jump in this weekend to catch up on 2 then move on to three on

  4. Angel

    Was Emily/Amanda ever really in love with Daniel? I originally thought their relationship was a part of her plot to ruin his family, then I could not tell anymore and quit watching. She so belongs with Jack. Comments here make it sound like Daniel did not love Emily either. I guess if writers put her with Jack the show would be over. They could write around that, they do other crazy nonsense twists.

    I do not even think the Emily and Daniel actors have on screen chemistry. Hard for me to see them as a real life couple, which I have read they are.

  5. Shirley

    I really thought this was the end ! Now emms got amnesia this should be interesting.

  6. SaraK

    Folks….Emily and Adian are the couple to root for. She never loved Daniel, that was all a means to an end of destroying the Graysons. Now our little revenge seeker is at the mercy of the big bad wolf! What will Victoria do? Will Daniel stay with Ems to cover what he did or will Sara (which is spelled the right way)… :-) come back into the picture? How will this Impact Nolan? At this point there are only 3 characters I am invested in, Emily, Victoria, and Nolan.

    PS…I expect praise and adoration for being one of the two posts on the last Revenge blog. :-)

    • You do deserve praise and admiration. However, you Sara/Sarah people are very particular about the H or lack thereof. Not just you but every Sara/Sarah I have ever known. :)

    • Nicole

      I don’t feel the chemistry with Aiden. I don’t think he’s the one for her. I honestly liked Daniel the most but not sure now after this last episode…

  7. momadison

    OMG TT, they took a great show with two cunning conspirators, Emily and Nolan and ruined it this season. You are right, the Lydia, picture, bracelet writing was craptastic! Emily let THE MOST IMPORTANT part of her plan get cocked up and we are supposed to stick around for this assinine amnesia storyline? They should have let her plan work, be done with Conrad and Victoria except for their commupance and shown Emily and Aiden on the run and developed Charlotte as next one seeking revenge. Also jilted woman suicide trope and rich people let’s run a magazine is so 80’s. I am pretty much done with this show. Let’s do a spinoff with Nolan, he can solve cybercrimes and troll for houseboys!

  8. bendy

    I know her plan couldn’t work because then the show would be over but I was rooting for Emily and Aiden riding off into the sunset.

    Daniel and Victoria will never believe this is real amnesia (if it is). Lydia needed to die seasons ago.

    The necklace Emily left for Jack was Amanda’s (his wife Amanda not real Amanda) that she gave to Emily as she died.

    I want Charlotte to know Emily is really her sister. Charlotte is shaping up to be a major villain, I want her on Emily’s side.

  9. Angel

    See TT, when you slap us up side the head, or spank us, your preference, we comment.

  10. Nicole

    I watch it! You didn’t miss much at the end. It showed the wedding dress washed up shore w o body and Emily is floating on a buoy thing

  11. I also loved this show the first season. One great kick ass female with some hardcore back up.
    They had a few characters I thought the show would develop. No – Poof!
    Then season two and squat!

  12. JrLeaguer

    The first season was slick and sleek. This show was originally supposed to be a one and done, but the ratings were so good that they decided to extend the series. Second season was not only full of plot holes, but also took extensive breaks and therefore it lost a lot of the sparkle that the first season had. I have spent a lot of this season mumbling, “Seriously?” during most of the scenes. I saw from the previews that followed that Ems ends up in a hospital room with amnesia….or maybe another part of her fall back plan since the original one went sort of awry.

  13. June

    I loved the first season too! It was a lot less soapy. I don’t mind the soapy, but I liked it better when Emily was a ninja/action goddess. I am pretty sure the amnesia is just her way of trying to save her can until her allies can get there to keep her safe.
    Since her whole plan went south I wonder how long Aiden will hang around? I really hope it is not, “back to the old drawing board,” only now she is married to Daniel.
    From what I understand the actors that play Emily and Daniel are a real life couple. Their chemistry on screen is really terrible even though he is part of her plot etc… It is hard to even imagine them together at all in the story line.

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