Brandi Glanville Loses An Appearance Gig Over Reckless Comments

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Well, Brenda’s reckless mouth has caused her to take a hit in the pocket book (maybe).  Brandi was supposed to host a party at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa last Saturday. However, after her  comment  about black people and swimming, the Hard Rock cancelled her appearance.  Seriously?  Did these people not know who Brenda was when they hired her? She is always saying something stupid.  Her whole RHOBH persona is saying and doing stupid shit. Mentioning that black people don’t like to get their hair wet is so far down the list of her stupidest moments  as to be laughable. If you are looking for someone with integrity to host an event, you should not be fishing in the Bravolebrity pond.

Click through for the official PR. : Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (SHRHC) Tampa has previously announced a star-studded party on Saturday, December 14, 2013 for the unveiling of its 2014 Calendar, which features its employees. As a company who prides itself on its core values of “Love All, Serve All,” SHRHC has decided to proceed with the planned party without Ms. Glanville’s appearance due to recent developments that include remarks towards African Americans made by Ms. Glanville on her hit Bravo TV show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “Until this situation is behind her, our organization feels it’s best to reinforce our culture and values at this time, which consist of love and respect for all,” said President John Fontana.

Frankly, I think Hard Rock thought they could get more  free publicity (like this blog) by firing her than by letting her come.  My guess is they still paid her.  She was in Florida that night so the tickets  to fly down were used.  That was the night after she ran into Amanda.

Do  you agree with the decision to uninvite Brandi?



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28 responses to “Brandi Glanville Loses An Appearance Gig Over Reckless Comments

  1. Kate

    I thought we werent using nicknames. its one of the reasons I come to your site.

  2. TheKsFoxsays.....

    It’s okay because Brandi looks more like a Brenda, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

  3. Considering, like you said, what Brandi’s role is it makes no sense to uninvited her except that they are in Florida where tensions are still high.

  4. JoJo

    The Hard Rock Hotel? When did it become the paradigm of American moral values, sensitivity and political correctness? I always associate drunk, rock n’ rollin’ anti-establishment type of behavior marketed to 20-30 year olds when I hear “Hard Rock Hotel.”
    Considering Brandi’s entire 3 season portfolio of drinking, STFUs, and graphic sex talk apparently wasn’t offensive thus the original invite, it’s suspect that an isolated comment referring to race (not using a racial slur btw) was the Mel Gibbons/Michael Richards Litmus Test.
    I’m going with a press release announcing the cancellation = more publicity (maybe the rsvp’s were lacking:))
    Or, someone high up in the Hard Rock’s chain was the insultee? I doubt they were getting an organized mass of protest letters from RHOBH fans.

    • lori

      The Soft Rock Hotel.

      • JoJo

        Bingo lori…..I’m literally in the devil’s playground, Stephen King even used this place as the backdrop of “The Stand” and poof, when I wasn’t looking the Hard Rock became Soft Rock. Well, I’ll be damned;)
        (Now it may also be true that the Hard Rock Corporation is franchised and the one 3,000 away from me that uninvited Brandi has different rules.)

  5. Mango

    I didn’t even know the Hard rock was still a thing.

    Honestly I don’t think Brandi’s a racist — she may have other issues, but that’s not one of them.

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  7. puravidacostarica2

    Do I agree? Absolutely not. As for giving Brandi “some of her own medicine,” I think Brenda is a beautiful name. In fact, you can call me Brenda instead of ‘rica from here on out. :-)

  8. Angel

    They should have been aware many HW members put their foot in their mouth. Seems to be extreme caution of what is appropriate, since Pres. Obama arrived. I am not too cool with any of it, that includes blacks using racist words to each other. I also don’t think a black should call a Caucasian whitey or white bitch, etc. It is ok to say someone is a white person as a way of identification. We know the Persians slam the whites in many of Shahs shows.

    Has the Hard Rock company ever let R Kelley do any kind of appearance in their clubs? He did much more than say an insult, he raped dozens of black underage girls! It is in the court records.Some on videos. Read his recent twitter timeline when he opened to questions. Big fail, he got told. Much more serious than a rude comment about black women swimming have hair issues to a Puerto Rican actresses. Brandy has become a stupid bully that likes to snark and then try to pass off as a joke, but no one but Yolanda thinks it is funny. While Yolanda herself pretends to be the Dutchess of properity and all things good manners.

  9. steve

    whatever happened to the right of free speech? She didnt harm anybody by her statement so what is the big deal. I agree that they were seeking free publicity by their worked.

  10. Belinda

    Belinda a racist ? Nah…….oh, wait…..I’M Belinda.
    Posting your address, TT…….is that a teeny weeny bit reckless ? Wish you hadn’t done that.

  11. Belinda

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  12. OMG I just read that Brandi was REPLACED by Joanna Krupa and Karent From RHOM!!!! Perfect!

  13. Tweetypie35

    As a black female who can not swim and does not like her hair to get wet, I was not offended by what Brandi said and I don’t believe she’s racist ,but everybody is not like me and some people would be offended. Brandi just needs to think before she speaks.

  14. Tweetypie35

    I forgot to add that I don’t think this was worth her getting fired over. She’s said way worst stuff before.

  15. She lumped all black people into one non-swimming group which is a facet of racism. Also, a racist can have some people that they make exceptions for to have as “friends”, workers, employees, while maintaining racist views all the while. That is nothing new. However, saying that an entire group of people is the same simply because they have race in common is racist and ignorant and doing so on t.v. in this media overloaded age is asinine.

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