Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Don’t Be Tardy For The Damn Party!

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-hero-the-atlanta-reunion-beginsOkay, I have about ten shows I want to be watching all at once, but let me get to recapping RHOA first and foremost. I can’t believe this show pulls close to four million viewers a week. And Nene has not had much of a presence at all this season. Now she has been relegated to “being in charge of a road trip.” That sort of task is usually assigned to the most boring person on the show!

Did Cynthia move? I don’t remember her house being this nice. Kandi goes to Cynthia to tell her about the bridal beatdown her mother and aunts put on Carmon. I don’t think the Mama Joyce thing is all storyline. Kandi broke down on WWHL talking about her mama and how they are not currently speaking.  Kandi doesn’t seem like the fake crying type. I am buying into this whole scene.  And it’s really sad. Kandi says she might just do something small for her wedding. Like getting married in Mexico?  Cynthia basically tells Kandi that if she doesn’t get a grip on her mother, she will lose Todd.

Oh Lord, Mama Joyce has arrived to Phaedra’s office. Phaedra is there with Ayden. Ayden is not acknowledging Mama Joyce. Phaedra whispers to him that he needs to speak to Mama Joyce if he wants a treat. Ayden whispers back, “I don’t want a treat.”  And I am officially in love with Ayden. Mama Joyce says she is there for legal advice. She wants to ask about a prenup.  Phaedra says she has a prenup and Kandi will have one too.  Mama Joyce says Todd is refusing to sign a prenup. That is horseshit. Todd just said he was not agreeing to anything with Mama Joyce.  He said it in a nice way leaving out the whole “this is none of your fucking business” portion that he and the rest of the free world were thinking.  Phaedra tells Mama Joyce that Kandi has a will and that Mama Joyce will be taken care of.

MAMA-JOYCE-RHOAMama Joyce asks Phaedra why in the hell did she introduce Kandi to Todd? She says with all of these lawyers and everyone else that you know, you gonna introduce her to one of the workers?  Why I the hell Mama Joyce has it in her head that Todd’s job is not lucrative I have no idea. Todd does just fine for himself.  LOL Mama Joyce is ranting about Todd being little and  short with a big head. Kandi is short, she got a big head, you don’t put two short big-headed people together! Hello! You don’t introduce two short people with big heads!  This is hysterical!  Phaedra seems at a loss for words herself and that never happens.  Mama Joyce says, “You didn’t get no little short man with a big head! ”  #dead

Mama Joyce says she would not come to the wedding. And if my source is right, she didn’t.  Mama Joyce says Todd is an opportunist. I don’t believe for a minute Mama Joyce even knew what that word meant until she heard it on the Wendy Williams show.  Phaedra says that Kandi thinks Todd is the one, and she thinks he’s the one too! And then Mama Joyce says, ” You know that’s why I could choke you right now.”  And the weird tone in which she said it was very believable.

Brandon is now “Kenya’s best friend.” This conversation about going to Savannah makes me want to slap the taste right out of Kenya’s mouth. She’s a fool.  Speaking of fools, I think they may have used a fake house for her move in scene.  Nothing much was moved in and this closet room she is in now looks like an apartment to me. I’m just saying. Batshit crazy Kenya has a firearm.

Porsha is looking at seven thousand dollar gladiator sandals. I am not a shoe person, but I must say that I love them. I hope she tries to buy them on Kordell’s card and the charges go through!  LOL at her stylist saying the $3,500 dollar golden booties are “a little more practical.” I personally hate them.  I have two words for these bitches going to Savannah: Cobblestone Streets. Let’s all take the train out of crazy town and back to sanity now, shall we?  You will probably go to a drag show, and a cemetery tour.  Wait, those shoes might be perfect for the drag show.  If  the Lady Chablis was in town for their visit and they got to see her, I’m going to be hella jealous.  They are not worthy.

Kandi and Mama Joyce meet for a talk. Kandi says that she feels like for the past year she has been very negative about her relationship and everything around her.  Mama Joyce feels like Kandi did not take her side in her fight with Carmon. Um, is Mama Joyce on crack? HER SIDE is that there will be no wedding and Todd is an opportunist who is fucking Kandi’s BFF.  How exactly would Kandi take that side? Kandi says that some of the stuff she was saying was really hurtful to Carmon (not to mention her and Todd). Mama Joyce says they were joking.  WTF? Mama Joyce says Kandi chose Carmon over her. Mama Joyce is lying and playing the victim. Mama says she is she is going to do her best to stay out of the relationship. She is washing her hands of the entire thing. If Todd makes her happy she is happy.  More horseshit I do not believe for a second and neither should you Kandi. I hope Mama Joyce watches this show and realizes what a horses ass she looks like for the way she treats her daughter.

Nene invites the ladies to the Country Club in the neighborhood where she rents and is therefore not eligible to be a member of.  As I get ready to hit play again I am paused on the back of Nene’s head. Nene seems completely oblivious to the fact that she has hair on the back of her head and how atrocious it looks. WHO IN THE HOLY HELL DOES HER HAIR? I cannot bring myself to believe that Mynique is pronounced Monique as Nene does.  It would seem she would know how to pronounce the name of her very good friend…

RHOAneneandgreggfallonGregg is greeting all the ladies with a rose in his seersucker suit. I love him. Oh  well I stand corrected. She does pronounce her name Monique. Kenya is right about Nene living in the boondocks. #Duluth  Once again, everyone is late to a Nene event and she is pissed.

Porsha’s fainting story changes with every episode. Just saying.

They all finally get on the “bus.” Which is TINY and this trip will be from hell. They seem to think Savannah is a short little road trip. I assure you it is not. Kenya goes off on everyone because she had to wait. I agree that she has a right to be irritated. I do not think commandeering the bus and was a smart move.  Kandi unleashes her anger on Kenya. This is probably healthy for her, and Kenya deserves a little misplaced anger.  Kandi will be a whore down if she has to.  Why does Nene just sit there and pee herself while all this is going on?


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105 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Don’t Be Tardy For The Damn Party!

  1. JentheAUfan

    And next week we learn about the big train that porsha left her brain on while traveling the underground railroad. I cant with this woma. And if kandi stops eating like kenya suggests I hope she uses her extra time by taking kebya to a dermatologist.

  2. Mollymom

    I must be the only one but I think Greg is creepy.

    • Vivaladiva

      You’re not the only one! But I do think it’s atrocious how Nene treats him, like her own personal valet. And he seems to respond positively to that…maybe it was one if the terms for her to “take him back”-she can talk to him like he is a little errand boy.

      • lori

        Kenya and those stupid songs of hers. I feel like she’s just throwing anything she can out there hoping something will stick like “gone with the wind fabulous”. And that best friend (cough) of hers acts like they’re all so entertaining just so he can get some tv time. Hard to watch.

        Mama Joyce is really scary. The way her voice gets all creepy when she’s saying those mean things. It’s like she’s possessed. Did anyone else catch that she actually seemed to get pissed at baby Ayden? He’s one smart cookie… he was outta there!

  3. a little birdie

    I wanna know if Mam Joyce 7s on medication cuz she may have forgotten to take it. Kandi tried but her mama was feeding her a loaf of caca about butting out. Also, why would you go to her friend and talk about her like she she stupid. It was kinda sad

    Kandi should have used some of that anger and got her mama right. I don’t think she should have spoken to her that way but she should have spoken in a way that Joyce knew she was serious. Kenya got on every inch of my compressed nerves. I hate to hear her speak. I hate to see her bad makeup. I think she should just go away.

    Baby Ayden stole the show. He can read bs when it’s coming

  4. eastjames

    Mama Joyce is treating Kandi like a paycheck instead of a person. She also seems like she might be dealing with some hormonal issues or maybe some kind of addiction. Its very sad whatever it is. T, did you watch the Jodi Arias Snapped episode tonight? Its a 2 part special.

    • Skeeter

      I’m glad someone else feels the way I do about Mama Joyce & an addiction problem. She is out there! If it’s not that and she is on any type of prescribed meds, I’d get her butt to the doctor because I think the dosage needs adjusting! I also believe this is not scripted and I feel bad for Kandi :(

  5. Mango

    Wow, I felt so sad for Kandi. Momma Joyce doesn’t show one ounce of affection or warmth for her. Her idea of “family” seems to be Kandi complying with whatever Momma J demands. #icecoldbitch

  6. Ellis Scarlett

    If you hate your daughter’s man so much that you no longer even speak to your daughter, do you have the self respect to at least move out of her old house? I am guessing the answer is NO.

  7. pfffttt

    TT — Lady Chablis posted on twitter that she filmed with the RHOA and they all posted pictures with Lady Chablis.

  8. Seriously....

    Lol, Hayden was not having it with Mama Joyce especially after she forgot his name. Kenya’s unnecessary borrowed closet scene… sigh…fast forward…I feel about Kenya the way you feel about Lily from Shah. Just no. The tardiness was beyond ridiculous Benefits took her butt home rightly so but I guess production reminded her it was mandatory. She couldn’t even get stank about it because Kenya was living up to her name and acting up more than needed. She should change her last name to Extra.

  9. Shirley

    This shi*t was boring as hell!! Thera why I love Kenya cuz these damn bitches is B Boring!!! This chick Porsha is so damn childish it’s so damn annoying!! Grow up bitch!!!

  10. Nene is gonna have to start some drama by next season, b/c she is becoming oh so irrelevant.

    I am with Kenya on the late issue. I would have left them. 4 hours?! But as usual, Kenya doesn’t know how to speak to ppl…I just wish she would disappear like the vapors. Her storyline is so weak and she’s clamp ring for any attention she can steal.

  11. misscologirl

    This show wasn’t that interesting…Andy kept saying a while back that this was one of the best seasons. I am STILL waiting to see how he came up with that.

    Kenya’s closet was VERY bare. It had plenty of room but she hardly had anything in there. Everything could have easily fit on one rack but she had them sprinkled between them all. I think she knew that she didn’t have a lot of clothes to fill the closet, so she spread them around. Too funny.

    I notice that Porsha’s stories change A LOT. First we hear how amazing Kordell is and how he treats her like a Princess. Then we hear she had to ask her Mom for grocery money. Tonight both Porsha and her sister said that all she had to do when she went shopping was to call Kordell so he could pay for whatever she picked out. Come on little girl, which is it?

    The scene with Ayden was cute, but telling. Young children are very perceptive and can usually read people well. When my children were young, I payed careful attention when my children obviously felt uncomfortable around someone. Little ones can pick up the vibe that something isn’t quite right about some people….and Ayden certainly got it right with Mama Joyce.

    • misscologirl

      Oh, also meant to ask two things…

      Am I the only one that is surprised at how nice NeNe’s closet is? She clearly had someone come in and design it. All the hangers matched, the boxes were labeled, etc. Nice.

      Is everyone else wondering when Porsha will film an episode without mentioning Kordell? It’s getting old. Matter of a fact, a lot of these storylines are getting old.

      • Urethra Franklin

        NeNe’s closet was made over by professional closet designers. It was featured on a tv show called “The Amanda’s” that aired on the Style network.

        She had a bedroom that had stacks and stacks of boxes, and racks and racks of clothes, and tons of crap on the floor. The whole bedroom was converted into a closet. From what I saw of the rest of her house, it was EMPTY. At that time she must have sat on her boxes of shoes to watch TV.

      • Mina

        You are right about that. I just read the recaps and the comments. I haven’t even watched this season. TT is so thorough, you don’t have to watch! Thank goodness.

  12. Urethra Franklin

    After seeing next week’s promo I’m already SMDH at Ms. Porsha. How can she be the granddaughter of Hosea Williams, a civil rights leader, and NOT understand the concept of the underground railroad? ….Damn that girl is intellectually lazy for sure…. Instead of spending $3500 on shoes, she should spend that on a couple of college classes.

    • Kimster

      Thank you!!!! I saw that preview and immediately shook my head. You’re the grand-daughter of a civil rights leader and don’t understand the concept of the undergroung railroad. SMDH…

    • Hosea Williams is highly overrated by people not from Atlanta.

      • Anna

        What does that mean? He was a trained scientist and worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Regional office. He left his job to become a foot soldier for Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a man of the people and is highly regarded by those in and outside Atlanta of my generation (I am sixty years old). I fail to understand how he is underrated because his history speaks for itself.

  13. Ericzku

    What is with these women showing up 2 and 3 hours late and then acting as if nothing’s wrong? Like they’re entitled to show up whenever they damn well please? And with such lame excuses…the only acceptable thing to say is, “I am terribly sorry”!

    Kandi, you were 3 hours late because you stopped to eat at Chick-Fil-A? Girl, you just lost all of your gay fans…!

    • Tara C.

      Kenya was in her normal bitch mode on WWHL. Her comments about kandi were NOT meant in fun ! And if I hear that bitch say I digress, one more time, I’m gonna use my Phaedra sparxx on her ass!

      • JoJo

        Kenya was her usual delusional, fake, fake, fake self on WWHL. Her cackle and failed attempts at flirtation are unbearable. I forgot the guy (was it Tyler Perry?) – but I sensed he wanted to move his chair to the audience.
        And what’s worse with some of these ‘housewives’ – they just seem clueless that Andy is tearing them to shreds with a smile. I agree with you 100 on ‘digress’ – she picked that up in Motor City’s outskirts?

    • pfffttt

      Chick-Fil-A is EVERYWHERE in the Atlanta area. I’m not kidding, they are EVERYWHERE. Everyone eats there in ATL, even the gays.

      • Thank you. If only the gays would boycott, we could get to that chicken faster. It is a religious family owned company. The Bible is pretty clear on the gay issue. If they don’t support gay charities (whatever those are) with their $ that is THEIR religious choice and belief. It doesn’t make it mine just because I eat a spicy chicken club and waffle fries there on occasion.

      • James

        Just NO to Chik-fil-a. The money you all spend there is actively used to take away gay rights. It’s one thing to simply not agree with gay rights and quite another to actively spend money and campaign to take/keep them away. First the comments about the portrayal of black women on RHOA and now this flippant attitude about Chik-fil-a. I seriously need to reConsider my blog choices. As it is, Urethra Franklin is theonly “pro” I see left for visiting this site.

      • Perhaps you should interview the bloggers at your net blog about their opinions and where they spend their money. I’ll help you out.

        1) Who do you vote for and what political party best represents your beliefs? 2) What is your religion? Does it hold an opinion on homosexuality? If so what it the doctrine cited by your religious leaders? 3) Have you ever eaten at Chik-Fil-A? Or Dominos? Or any establishment that donates to charities? 4) Please list everywhere you spend money so that can run a check of each business and their financial contributions. 5) Have you ever said, or associated with anyone who has ever said anything about black women and their hair?

        That should get you started, I am sure you have many,many ISSUES that you feel strongly about. I suggest you apply the same rigorous standards, not just to bloggers, but to anyone you do business with, or are friends with.

        Best of Luck to you in your sanctimonious journey through the world.

      • puravidacostarica2

        James: eat me.

      • He won’t eat you darling, he’s a fag of the worst order.

      • Monihew

        There is not a better spicy chicken sandwich on the planet! I love my gays, but cannot give up the sandwich. Besides, the bible is pretty clear on pork and I eat that too! : )

    • eastjames

      I definitely thought it was not smart for them to make a statement about being anti-gay. A “no comment” would’ve done just fine. However, I am glad to say that I stopped going to Chik-fil-a long before that because that chicken is suspect (nothing tastes that good) and that “My pleasure” shit is creepy!

      • I confess to stopping going there when they got a healthier menu. Everything tasted funny after that. Even when you dumped the package of dressing full of poison and pesticides, it was the bread they ruined.

        My gay principal LOVED Chick Fil A and would buy us all chicken and biscuits from there for every morning meeting. Atlanta gays are not boycotting the place. Instead they wear rainbow attire, and Queer Nation tshirts and eat in the dining room. :)

    • Mango

      I wouldn’t put it past the producers to give each of the ladies a different arrival time —

      • SnookumsLynn

        that’s really what I think is happening…either they are trying to play that Kandi is normal, but she’s the most self centered, diva in the world or that she’s just so stressed to care and keep it together to get on a bus to go out of town..I follow her on Instagram and she’s EVERYWHERE…planes, trains and automobiles, she seems to make those flights just fine…this seems like crazy BS, but then again, why teh excuse about the chicken? like was she just saying i’m only a little bit late??? IDK, I wish this stuff was more transparent

  14. Ericzku

    Joyce is the opportunist in the family, not Todd. She is so afraid of losing her meal ticket that she is willing to sabotage her own child’s friendships and love relationships. Disgusting.

    A loving mother would want her child to be happy. Yes, go into your marriage with both eyes open, but after that let the chips fall where they may.

    Joyce can’t do that though. It is as if she wants anyone who can talk sense to Kandi to stay far away from her.

    Kandi should cut Joyce off…and when Joyce inevitably protests, ask, “Who is the opportunist now, Mother?”

  15. Because I’m black, I can call out “CP time!” hehe

    • Seriously....

      Nope, 1hr late is Cp time. 4 hrs with no phone call and strolling in like whatever is beyond rude. This wasn’t a party. Perhaps the bus could have been rented for four hours and now that time is up. Perhaps Nene (Bravo) had non refundable massages booked their arrival. If I was the bus driver, I would cut off the AC. Waste my damn time, I’ll make you sweat out your weave.

      • Katrina

        Black people on Cp time think the event does not start until they get there. It is so rude, but what normally happens is the event does not start until they get there. It is such a problem and it is very irritating to people who are timely.

    • JustSaying

      Please excuse me, but could you explain what “CP time” is? Thank you.

    • SSS

      don’t you find that term offensive?

      • Mina

        My older generations in my family used to say it, tongue in cheek, and never explained it to anyone that asked. If you didn’t know, you weren’t in it, back then. I don’t know that I would say it now, or particularly like anyone else that wasn’t black saying it, other than how we are doing here, in context. Don’t hear it much anymore, in my age group.

      • Shellbelle

        I didn’t know what CP meant either until a black friend of my husbands used it after he was late meeting us for dinner. He and his entire family use the term and they don’t seem to mind anyone else using it either.

  16. spk

    Chick-Fil-A – seriously? I agree, she just lost gay fans. But I did want to hug her when she was at Cynthia’s. That crap Joyce pulled of saying “we was just kidding” was a LIE. Joyce’s sisters were pulling up skirts and practically chest-bumping the friend. She is one cold mom and Kandi should be less passive w/ her. She guilt trips her daughter so bad it was nauseating to watch.

    Love the Lady Chablis reference TT !!! I didn’t know she was still around.

    • loverbynature

      I agree, Mama Joyce continues to put Khandi in emotional prison and this is probably deeper than we think. She continues to make her daughter out to be a fool on tv, and it is sickening. She lied to Khandi and wants to play the victim and this is probably what she has been doing all of Khandi’s life. “I raised you and I was a single mother, I sacrificed for you and I need you on my side even if I am wrong at all times” It is sad because she continues to play on Khandi’s love for her and makes their relationship unhealthy. Emotional jail. So sad.

  17. spk

    ….I can just see it – years ago, before Todd, Mama Joyce was probably being territorial and grumbling to her sisters, about “that friend, who’s around all the time, wearing Kandi’s old clothes, getting her cast-offs”. Then in rolls Todd, taking Kandi’s time. Here goes Mama Joyce to her sisters “I don’t like him, no worries, he’ll be a cast-off and whats-her-name will take him on”. And poof, just like that, her stories become truth in her head.

  18. loverbynature

    Tamara, you always manage to hit the nail on the head. I absolutely love your blogs. BTW….how many times can you get credit for an ad? If I click and let it play more than once do you get credit?
    I was appalled at Mama Joyce and her visit with Phaedra. I listened closely to some of the things she said to Phaedra and realized that she is broken and she is projecting this on Khandi and her relationship. Khandi mentioned to her mother that Mama Joyce was allowed to make her mistakes with three husbands and that her mother did not interfere, perhaps this is why she is trying to “save” Khandi. She seems to see something that we are not seeing and the statement she made about “If something happens to Khandi, seems like she was really concerning herself with if my daughter marries Todd and she dies then will I be left with nothing. I think it is truly sad that she does not trust her daughter to make any life decisions and worries much about how she needs to live and not worrying about the true happiness of her daughter. Her statements were so off key to Phaedra, it felt a little eerie to me. When she mentioned to Phaedra about introducing her to a lawyer and became upset with Phaedra because she introduced her to Todd, it was then that I knew that only if Khandi would marry what Mama Joyce considered “marrying up” then maybe she would accept that relationship. Perhaps Mama Joyce married for “love” three times and is thinking oh no you don’t Khandi mine did not work out and yours won’t. She called Todd “The Help” While the rest of the normal world calls him a working man. Sorry Tamara for making it so long but I felt the need to share its been so long since I responded to your blog. Thanks again.

  19. TiffoTiffers

    It seems as though Nene likes to plan shit just so she can feel entitled to bitch and complain about everything and everyone. Far from an angel she is! When will Bravo realize it’s often times more entertaining to see the ladies have a fun time and just get chocolate wasted and be. Porsha is unnecessary like Lilly of Shahs and Kenya seems unable to have relationships with woman or at least a decent one. She lacks anything relatable and is so artificial she latches on to anything that can cause her attention even if be It negative. And Kandi, I feel for her but she’s a smart beautiful woman so in the end it will all work itself out and she’ll have a beautiful marriage. Also Tt I’m curious how to maximize your profits on the ads. Can you reclick them or do you have to reenter each blog each time for you to get credit? Thanks, have a Happy Holiday and never stop writing/blogging!

    • I am not entirely sure about the ads, I think as long as you see them I get credit whether you click or not. So as long as you scroll from the top of the post to the bottom where the youtube ad is, your are being counted. Thanks! So basicially the best way to help is to read all the blogs! :)

  20. I am sick of Nene and her fake friends – she is now bringing in another fake friend. Why did Nene sit there and let crazy Kenya rant and rave about being late.
    If a child does not like you then there is something wrong with you. Mama Joyce and Ayden. Love Ayden he is so cute and speaks so well.
    Kenya has no reason to be on the show and should be gone with the wind.

    • Katrina

      What other fake friend did Nene bring in? When Nene speaks up, people say she is over talking people. When she is silent, people are still complaining. If Nene had said something to Kenya and Kandi, then the whole fight scene would have escalated. I think most people just want to see a fight. When, Nene has enough of Kenya, we will all know it. It’s amazing that Kandi can attack anyone else, but her mother. I hope Mama Joyce leaves tham alone!

  21. Asia

    Kenya may have had a fake boyfriend but she speaks the truth sometimes and I feel her 100% about waiting 2 hours for adult women. Being late is a sign of disrespect and they all should of just accepted that the person on time should have a lil time to get her agitation off her chest so since they like have power luncheons on the content of what a text did or didn’t mean! Also, Nene lies, lies, lies, and I hate that she has to throw dirt to feel powerful. Nene wants to find dirty on Kandi because Kandi won’t kiss her butt!

  22. jarlath

    Does Greg have a job besides being Slade to Nene?

  23. JoJo

    Feel for Kandi but not because of what’s happening now with out-of-control Mama towards her marrying Todd. Kandi’s more than capable of shutting that down if she wanted without and still not disrespecting her mama. Clearly, mama doesn’t respect Kandi and has shown utter contempt towards her and Todd. What I feel bad for is her growing up with a selfish, thrice-married, probably many times off the rails mama. I feel sorry that she has a mama at this age willing to show her ass on TV and take her shoes off to beat someone’s ass. Kandi should’ve left her mama off-screen. Since she didn’t, maybe it’s all calculated = screen time?

    Sad, the granddaughter of someone supposedly pivotal in the Civil Rights Movement (although I’ve never heard of him before this show), who is showing herself completely ignorant of any such movement. No matter, a 30-something year old black woman from the South not knowing the basic struggles and major events of the movement, pathetic.
    Sorry but the prettiest gal on this show is just a spoiled, little dimwitted girl who had ONE chance to rehab her persona after the big bad Kordel dumped her on Twitter. But since she’s pitifully one-dimensional, she missed that chance.
    Porsha has 2 looks on camera: dumbstruck (mouth hanging open) not knowing what’s going on around her or what the others mean when she’s with the other women; or faux fiery, spewing a rehearsed speech that she invariably misuses words, and/or has NOTHING to do with what is going on in the convo.
    One scene I remember that illustrates how selfish, rehearsed, shallow and clueless she can be: “I’m going through a goddamned divorce! I should be somewhere else, trying to get my COIN together”!
    It must have taken weeks to rehearse that, and she pops up with that when the girls are quizzing Kenya about texting Apollo.

    • Yikes, I had the exact same thought about Mama Joyce.

      Kandi seems to be a little too accommodating to her mother’s out-of-control attitude. So are they doing this to get face-time for Joyce? Kinda like becoming the “Mama Elsa” of Atlanta? Except “Mama Joyce” has gone overboard.

      Though I do have to say that last season when Mama Joyce brought up to Kandi about living at the 2nd house, she did NOT like Kandi’s quick negative reaction. Then they showed Kandi saying something to Todd about it and he reacted almost a strongly. Right then and there I knew there were going to be problems with Mama Joyce after she saw that!

      • lori

        I wonder if Andy would be brave enough (LOL) to have mama Joyce on WWHL?

      • Katrina

        @Lori Mama Joyce has been on WWHL many times with Kandi. I was very surprised that she was not there. I am sure it is not Andy that has the problem!

  24. Asia

    Nene lied about Kandi dating the new friend Moniques husband.

  25. JoJo

    I just read above a little controversy about “Chick-Fil-A” – I’m out West, we don’t have them here that I’m aware (and I’m in a city of about 2.5 million!).
    BUT we have “In and Out Burger” – I think I was told, or read, their corporate structure is a right-leaning, Bible-based outfit too – and a secret menu to boot. I’m sure I would have heard if there was a boycott if they said something, but I guess I’m wondering if In-And-Out would be our Chick Fil A?

    • SnookumsLynn

      Chick-Fil-A, is moving to Cali…we just got one in Northern Cali…but I do hear what you’re saying about IN-and-Out…I think I’ve read that before too…

      • JustSaying

        In and Out doesn’t take part in anti-gay movements. They are family owned and operated, and the “right-leaning, Bible-based” part of their operation is reflected in the corporate pride in delivering a quality product for a reasonable price. I’ve been to several, and see people of all ages and ethnicities in the kitchen and in the serving area. All employees are clean, in white uniforms and the kitchen and dining areas are usually very clean. The youth they hire are getting good job skills, and most of them seem to be happy, at least when I’ve been there. I’m in favor of good food, courteous, clean employees and clean dining areas. The secret menu is not-so-secret. You can order extra meat patties, extra slices of cheese, burgers without the bun (for protein diets), etc. Nothing anti-anyone about that.

      • JoJo

        So In-And-Out Burger IS NOT comparable to the bigotry of Chick-Fil-A is what you’re saying? I know they’re a family-owned, religious org. from what I’ve read, but nice to hear they’re shoving nothing down our throats other than their yummy burgers, fries and shakes. And to me, that’s great to hear since I LOVE In-And Out burgers and fries!!! Whew.

      • JustSaying

        JoJo – yes, ma’am, that’s what I meant. :) I love their burgers and shakes, too. If you’re in the area, you might also try Smashburger (new chain, I think, in Northern Cal). Their sweet potato fries with rosemary and garlic are delicious!

      • JoJo

        Thanks for the tip! I’m a West Coast state over from Calif…..but I’m googling Smashburger now!

  26. Pre1

    Porsha needs a pink slip!

    Phaedra & Apollo, I believe Apollo with that whole Kenya mess. I doubt he can reveal where he works to not bring attention to the company.

    Cynthia, I like her. More of Leon would be nice. J/K

    Mama Joyce, I love her defense but she doesn’t see how she is hurting Kandi. I like Kandi, she’s nice. The whole Todd being an opportunist is lame, but that’s thanks to WW. Carmon shouldn’t be a regular or in scenes anymore.

    Kenya and her antics. That’s all.

    I love Greg. I can never understand why people give him a hard time. And the man does work, he owns a couple businesses. Nene needs some more humble pie!

    I can see why this show has millions of views. Everybody has their favorite “HW” I guess.

    Sheree & Kim were more entertaining. Oh yeah, Marlo too.

  27. Watching now since Survivor took first spot last night.

    Nene’s friend Monique looks WAY TOO much like Sheree.

  28. JoJo

    Is it common, old knowledge that Nene had a one-hour E! special?? I don’t remember reading or hearing a word about it. I caught a snippet by accident just now while flipping channels during RHOBH commercial breaks. Damn, E! devoted an hour to Nene and her life? I’ll probably never see the special itself since obviously it’s a re-run …. I think?

    • JoJo

      Oh hell nevermind, the TV guide says “New”! Still, I’m a tad surprised that Nene was worth an hour of an E! special. Her head will never get through her front door now.

    • post Is up.Its WORSE than you imagine. and yes that is possible.

    • post is up.worse than you can imagine.

      • JoJo

        Thank you. I just finished the BH and VP Rules shows and now can read your recaps of them. This “Nene” thing flabbergasts me, I’ll put that on my breakfast menu tomorrow, looks long and interesting! (I CANNOT shake a bug and I think I’ve read everything you’ve every written last couple days or so;) Thank God for you and the ‘go to’ stuff!

      • Readingthebeads

        You are exactly right. Even Phaedra knew the real truth. Phaedra’s response to her was plenty transparent. “Now you know Kandi gonna always take care of her mama, mama Joyce”.

        Kandi’s comments in Savannah that she and Todd weren’t on track and their Facetime conversation was transparent too. He’s about to cut and run and I don’t blame him. When Kandi asks “why can’t I find a man?”, someone should tell her it’s her own fault for allowing her mother to control her life. She does find them, can’t keep them.

        LAWD…..somebody get Kandi Buruss a stylist. She is one hot mess.

  29. ThunderMonk

    Tamara! The “f word”? I was surprised to see that here.

  30. JrLeaguer

    I do not give a flying flip about Kenya’s weekly twerking sessions…but I am deeply distressed that she is deemed mentally fit enough to pass a weapons background check!
    After seeing the previews for next week, I am afraid that poor Porsha will be asking if the slaves had to travel coach or were they able to upgrade to first class on the Underground Railroad…..Lord have mercy…Hosea must be spinning in his grave. She keeps bringing the clueless #265daysayear

    • We don’t need no stinking background checks in Georgia! Where you from? There are gun shows every weekend you can buy a gun out of a trunk before you even get inside!

      • JrLeaguer

        Originally from Atlanta! I still live in the South, so I know all about the gun shows. I was thinking that Bravo’s legal eagles would have insisted on her having a legit permit for them to show it on camera. You are correct about he gun shows…you cannot swing a stick in this region without hitting one. Hope Banjo is enjoying this nice weather. :)

      • JrLeaguer

        Tamara~ Was that your winning ticket that they drew last night????

      • Nope it was at a small convenience store in some fancy pants office building. Might have been a pool. I didn’t leave the house to buy a ticket yesterday…

      • JrLeaguer

        I saw on the news this morning that it was sold at a new stand in a Buckhead (where I spent my birth to teen years.) office building. Hopefully, it is someone who will do a lot of good with their good fortune. I also saw where the owner of the news stand will be receiving 1 million dollars for selling one of the winning tickets….not a bad deal for the stand owner. I did buy one ticket…won two bucks….whoo who!!

      • JoJo

        TT, ironic that it’s so common to have guns in Georgia (or the South for that matter), and although I would be uncomfortable sitting next to nutty Kenya knowing she has a gun, what’s nuttier is I haven’t read of ONE school or mass shooting in Georgia that I’m recalling.

        But Colorado? the bastion of rocky mountain cool, laid back Coors? I don’t even squint now, unfortunately, when I read of a mass shooting in Colorado. Something’s rotten in Colorado.

      • We tend not to shoot up public places. Mostly just take care of private business and defend our castles. :)

      • JoJo

        As it should be, guns I think they say are to PROTECT yourself:)) And for the last year, I can see why bloggers may need protecting now. I was going to say everyone’s fine in Georgia, just stay away from Kenya if she’s packing – but I think that woman is just a damn lonely famewhore who’s a bad actress:))

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