Britney Hanyes Godwin’s Daughter Tilly Story Was a Hoax


It is with a heavy heart  that I must report that the story previously posted here was hoax. That is all I have to say for now because I am so stunned that someone would set up a story like  this that I am physically ill.  I apologize to Britney and her family as well as to all of you  for not thoroughly investigating the story. I did go to the Facebook page provided by the blogger, which has since been taken down.  Both the Facebook page and the blog I cited as the source were written by the same person.   Apparently, it was a bogus Facebook page used to set up an exclusive.

I am so sorry for spreading the story, and horrified to have had anything to do with anyone who would do such a thing, apparently to bring attention to their blog.  My God, at the evil in this world.



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12 responses to “Britney Hanyes Godwin’s Daughter Tilly Story Was a Hoax

  1. Shellbelle

    Answered prayers for The Godwin family! So happy for them!

  2. Wow! Is that even possible. That sounds like great news.

  3. NolaNurse

    I’d wondered and assumed it was neuroblastoma. If the chemo works, the tumor shrinks and no surgery is necessary. In a perfect world all of my patients would get this good news. I love Christmas miracles.

  4. fpf1

    Wow, what a sick f*ck.

  5. It’s not your fault Tamara, It happens all the time.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    Tweets from BB14 Shane, Britney, and some random

    Shane Meaney @shanemeany 12 Dec
    Answered prayers for @britney_haynes and her family! Surgery wasn’t required for Tilly and the doctors believe the cancer is all gone!

    • Shane GOT the info from the same place I did, “brianne” Brianne posted the info to a facebook page. Shane tweeted it after the fact. Now Brianne has edited and put up the facebook page again. Shane was duped just like I was. This “Brianne” person has a history of this sort of behavior and apparently just wants attention on her blog.

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