Revenge Recap: Surrender

Revenge Surrender

I am so far behind on my DVRed shows. I blame Christmas movie marathons. I am a huge fan of the holidays and holiday movies in particular. I am going to try to recap last weeks Revenge, but I am sort of blanking out on what is going on. I need LESS SHOWS on Sunday night and more spread out over the week!

I had forgotten that Daniel was interested in his old girlfriend so Victoria had to play the pregnancy card.  I love how she starts off the show saying, “When facing your enemy, no amount of training can trump nature.  It separates the strong from the weak, and sometimes it tells us that surrender is the strongest move of all.” She is a regular Sun Tzu that Emily.

Lots of fluffy wedding related scenes with a reluctant groom and a scheming bride begin this episode. Daniel is in love with his ex and Emily is pretending to be pregnant. And Victoria is trying to insure the entire wedding does not happen. And then Lydia from season one turns up. If I recall correctly, Victoria allowed Lydia to live with the caveat she never return to the Hamptons. But not only is she back, she is somehow in the Grayson Mansion tossing designer dresses out the window.

All of this occurs before the title footage. Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


I HATE  Jack with Margaux!

Back at the Grayson Manor,  Lydia pushes Emily to the floor and Daniel tells his mother that Emily is pregnant. I really like this show. But watching it after Scandal really shines a light on the fact this is still a Dynasty caliber show. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Victoria tells Conrad that Emily is faking a pregnancy. He dismisses the theory immediately. Why would she try to fake a pregnancy a day or two before her wedding?  Emily tells Aiden that Lydia Davis was her father’s secretary who betrayed him for a  life in the Hamptons. Lydia is in town to get revenge on Emily. She may also know she is Amanda.

Emily gets the paps to show up after leaking her pregnancy to the press. Oh look, Daniel, the only person we told was your mother? Victoria and Daniel have a huge blow out.

Conrad and Lydia hook up. Is Lydia very, very tall? Or is Conrad short? She was taping him for Margaux, so they did not hookup yet. But they will, I mean really, you know she wants him. Margaux is PISSED that Lydia has been all over town. Aiden made sure she knew.

Emily and Aiden go target shooting. Emily is setting up Victoria for her “death” after the wedding. She needs to get gun shoot residue (GSR) on her bracelet.

God  I love Nolan Ross… twinkish little slip that he is… He goes to see Margaux, to “give her a lead.”  I have no idea what that means.

Lydia goes back to Conrad after  Margaux sends her packing and they do hook up. I am starting to remember why I do not recap this show.  The editing is so back and forth, it’s hard to recap unless you just transcribe everything and I am not interested I doing that.

Daniel and Sarah meet up.  She said she did not know Emily was preggers. She gets it now. They love each other but they do not want Daniel’s kid to  be from a broken home. They breakup and she gives him back the necklace, when she leaves he drops it in the water,

Cute scene with Emily and Aiden. She is in a meditation pose on the floor in front of the fireplace. Um, where exactly is this happening with her getting married within 24 hours? And pours her a shot of sake and says, “It’s a tradition for a warrior to have a bit of sake before going into battle.”   She knocks it back and he says she is coming to the end of her journey.  It’s important to look back and see who you have lost, and who you have gained. Emily is focused, meditating. Aiden proposes. NO NO NO NO!  I want Amanda with Jack! She says yes, so maybe she is over Jack. And maybe the two assassins belong together at this stage in their lives.  Jack was young love, but they are different people now. Sigh.

Emily and Aiden are post-coital talking about their future aliases and how their lives will be. I guess they are at wherever Aiden is staying? Daniel calls and  Emily must get going.  Aiden exchanges the wedding rings and says it’s only one night and then they will never have to spend another apart.

Margaux is  back talking to Jack. She says that Nolan told him to come to him to find out the real story,  Jack tells here that Conrad killed his wife and his brother. And the secrets she is trying to unearth are the reasons why. He’s a bad man , Margaux.  She says she has known him forever and he can’t be bad.  Margaux decides to drop the story lest she lose Jack.  Did I mention I HATE THESE TWO TOGETHER?

Daniel and Emily are parting for their wedding night. He ask her why she is not bringing IT up. He says his mother told him that she told Emily about Sarah. He swears he is over her and all he wants is her.’

Conrad and Lydia are basking in the afterglow in silk robes, Then Lydia finds a duplicate  picture of Emily in Conrad’s stuff as a server named Amanda…

Emily calls  Nolan and they share goodbyes,  And then  Victoria arrives and she comes to RSVP to the wedding in person. She is not coming. That is certainly a problem. As she is the guest of honor that Emily plans on framing for her murder….
























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3 responses to “Revenge Recap: Surrender

  1. SaraK

    I know this is not the BEST show on TV right now, AHS holds that place in my heart currently, yet I have to admit….I do like me some Revenge. I live for Nolan and his snark. TT…love you but you are wrong. Watching Jack is like watching a cardboard cutout. He and Margeaux are fine together…he and a bar stool would be good together. I like who Emily is when she is with Adian. Someone shoots Emily tonight…no where as exciting as who shot JR. Even so, I will keep this show in the DVR record section.

    • I am willing to consider I am wrong about Jack. It was the dog that initially attracted me. With the dog dead, and his weird dating choices…. I confess, I may be over estimating him.

  2. bendy

    I somehow missed this week’s Revenge.

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