Mob Wives New Blood Recap– Caught on Tape

mob-wives-new-bloodI really miss the opening music from the old Mob Wives intro.  Renee  goes to Philly to put some of her Mob Candy in Alicia’s  “boutique.”  Let’s just say this is a retail match made in heaven. #LeopardPrintWalls  The two ladies  banter about their tattoos and their men in the pen. You know, perfectly civilized stuff.  Renee says that despite Eddie’s racketeering, conspiracies to commit murder and stuff, Eddie is a good man.  Alicia talks about getting arrested for embezzlement. She has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.  Alicia does several talking heads about how tragic the experience was.  Renee tells Alicia that she “didn’t do nuthin, so she has nuthin to worry about it will be fine.”  Well except for that whole part about pleading guilty and awaiting sentencing.

Drita and Big Ang go for a pedicure. They take the opportunity to talk to about Natalie and how close Renee has gotten to her. Drita is worried about Renee maintaining her sobriety around the constantly drunken Natalie.  It’s actually a serious concern. They are also worried about the pressure of running your own company getting to Renee. Drita says she is having a lot of problems at her store. She has a “stooker” at her store “stooking” the fuck out of her and her employees.  Big Ang says she doesn’t like the sound of that. Lee just got out of prison and sometimes enemies try to take things out on the family.

Renee texts an invitation to lunch to Drita and Big Ang. Natalie is also invited. Big Ang doesn’t want any part of another drunken luncheon with Natalie. Big Ang says she sees nothing but trouble coming out of that.


Natalie is out at night with her boyfriend London. It’s cute that he is named after a British city, because he also has British teeth. She is whining to her boyfriend that Renee’s friends are judging her after only knowing her five minutes.  She probably has no memory of the luncheon from hell where she was totally incoherent. She thinks Drita has no class for talking about her at the Mob Candy launch.  I have two things to say about that, (1) drinking yourself under the table (literally) at lunch with two people you just met is not very classy, and (2) Little Mortuary Girl? You need to shut your martini hole real quick. Drita will beat your ass down.  LOL as soon as I typed that, she said, “I’m not some little girl, I’m a grown-ass woman!”

Drita is out walking the boardwalk with Alicia. They’re talking about how two girls from good families got mixed up with the mob.  Drita says Lee was always home at night. The one night he went out is when he robbed a bank.  Don’t you  hate when that happens? Alicia said she had no idea her husband was leading a double life. Drita still doesn’t trust Lee. Mob Wives bonding is so cute.

Fun facts about Alicia: Her husband got 7 years for extortion. Her sentencing is early next month.  Eddie put everything in her name so that has a lot to do with how she got caught up in “the life.”  Ever since Eddie got locked up, she has been having an affair with a guy in Philly that owns a restaurant. He’s married. His wife doesn’t seem to give a shit.  He has prior felonies so she can’t say she didn’t know what she was walking into this time. She is also in trouble for selling fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton baby clothes. Both companies appear to be coming after her for counterfeiting their products.  She also appears to have violated her bail restrictions by going to Vegas and posting pictures on her social media accounts. This “wise gal” is not very wise.

Drita’s employee is telling her that the “stooker” is still coming in the store. Drita calls Lee and he says to give the employee his number. He can be there in two minutes. Drita is already gathering bail money in advance for whoever beats the dude down first.

Time for lunch with Renee and Natalie and Drita.  Drita has not arrived yet and Renee already appears to be on Natalie’s side. I hope Drita is not coming hot from the “stooker” scene, because this little girl is going to have enough problems without her already being worked up about another issue.  It looks like this was filmed on a different day. Good. Little girl is already saying she was not drunk. Drita says she really doesn’t care if she was or wasn’t.  I love Drita. In her talking head she says, “I am trying to figure out if we are going to fight here, because I really don’t want to hurt the new face of Mob Candy.”  This scene was weirdly short with Drita basically saying there is no point in having the conversation without everyone involved.

Mob Wives

Alicia is listening to her wire taps.  She has copies of all of Eddie’s phone calls for the past five years. I am the type of chick that would listen to every single one. Apparently, so is she. Alicia is super pretty in some scenes and not so much in others.  She doesn’t wear a ton of make-up so I am  not sure what makes the difference.

Drita and Big Ang  meet up with Renee to discuss the Natalie situation. Renee really seems to like Natalie a lot. Renee says she will have a little chat with Natalie and calm her ass down. Renee went to Philly to have the talk with Natalie.  This seemed to just rile Natalie up more. Renee reminds her that she is still her boss and is the face of her company and she needs to straighten up and fly right or there will be a problem. That seemed to sink in just a little bit more.

Alicia goes to see Natalie at the funeral home. She is furious with Carla, a friend of Renee’s who works as a designer for Mob Candy. Carla used to date Eddie.  Apparently, Carla and Eddie continued to go out after he married Alicia.  It’s unclear whether it was platonic or not but Eddie had agreed to drop his friendship with Carla once they were married. It appears he didn’t really do that. Alicia is pissed that Renee knew.  And Natalie in her talking heads is going in on women who sleep with married men. Which is funny because that is exactly what Alicia is doing (allegedly) and it is not a secret in Philly.

YAY! Drita has finally, sort of, learned how to say stalker so I can quit fighting with spell check for the rest of this post.  Drita is putting in a security system.  But it may not be necessary anyone. The stalker showed up while she was there and she put the fear of God into him.

Alicia goes to confront Renee about the Carla situation.  Renee tells us in the talking heads, “Rule number one, don’t listen to the fucking wire taps!”  Alicia grills Renee about the Carla situation, but she is not giving up anything. Renee says as far as she knows Eddie’s friendship with Carla was just a friendship. Alicia says it really doesn’t matter. He lied to her about not being able to come home for dinner and went out with other women instead of coming home to his wife who was 8 months pregnant at the time. I agree. I’d be castrating someone in that situation. Allegedly.

Next week Big Ang and Drita teach the little new girl a lesson.


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10 responses to “Mob Wives New Blood Recap– Caught on Tape

  1. Urethra Franklin

    This show is sooooo much better without Karen &Carla. I did like Carla she was boring, so VH1 set her up to get jumped by that buffon last season so I don’t blame her for not coming back.

    I’m liking the season thus far with Alicia, and she’s giving me a Teresa Giudice vibe too in looks, personality, and life style. Maybe they might be cell mates by summer.

    That new girl Natalie is so cliche with that don’t talk about me crap. That argument is so stupid . Everybody TAWKS about everybody, and that bitch was for sure a foolish drunk at that luncheon….and her gorilla boyfriend was wearing a hot pink belt with hot pink shoes. I can’t with that.

    I miss The Big Bang song too.

    • Twilly

      She doesn’t want anyone tawking about her without knowing her (puh-lease with that bs) yet she called that woman Carla a frumpy, mob whore. Does she know her so well? I don’t like idiotic hypocrites. Natalie is super immature and a moron. I do like Alicia, though I don’t like hearing this new tea about her.

  2. Shellbelle

    Can we petition to bring back the Big Bang song?? I’m liking mob wives more than any of the RH franchises right now.

    • Mob Wives is way more real than and RH show. Which is odd because these people are actual criminals. They’ve all been in the news. I can’t believe some of them are not swimming with the fishes for their comments on the show.

      I loved how Drita’s scary “stooker” was just some fat little tard with T-rex arms. LOL.

  3. Tamara

    Yes to the big Big Bang coming back as the theme song. I definitely enjoy this show. Drita’s my favorite!! She ain’t scared of ” no motherfucking body!” And I believe her :)
    I find it humorous that Bog Ang doesn’t care for the drunk new girl. Not that I blame her but normally she’s so nice and easy going. Guess that girl really just rubs her the wrong way. and I’m glad she’s honest and doesn’t pretend to like her.

  4. donna

    I loved The Big Bang. Yeah, & Natalie was drunker than 10, count em, 10 Skunks!

  5. donna

    Yall aint gonna worry me with these arm titles! Drita with the “ALLIGATOR ARMS” Now, here come “T-Rex Arms!” Lol

  6. Lulu

    They are all so phony. Drita is always saying she’s going to fight someone and she runs at first sight. They are a bunch of overgrown children who have not grown out of their pre-teen years.

  7. kathi

    THE BIG BIG BANG!!! Can wait until Drita puts hands on that nat

  8. enufffsaid

    THE BIG BIG BANG!!! Can’t wait until Drita shows that nat the floor

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