Big Brother Meets Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville celebrates her birthday at Flemings restauran

I have been  getting all of these weird emails about racist Amanda Zuckerman meeting alleged racist Brandi Glanville.  I keep trying to like Brandi despite the fact I don’t anymore.  She is the ex lover that fucked me over and I still want to love.

Apparently, Amanda Zuckerman of BB15: The KKK Season  ran across Brandi Glanville recently.  She tried to make it seem on her twitter line that she was friends with or invited by  Brandi.   Brandi says she just happened by her table, and she had no idea who she was. I believe that because  Brandi does not seem like the type to watch  Big Brother.

When Brandi started to get backlash for hanging out with a known racist just after being  called a racist on her own show, she said she did not know Amanda, and he  just came up to her table to say hello.



Apparently,  Amanda deleted  her posts where she pretended to be hanging out at friends with Brandi.  Does it seem odd to anyone that Amanda chose someone who is in the midst of a racial scandal to pretend to be BFFs with?



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  1. It would have been better if she was meeting Aaryn gries or ginamarie! Can you imagine the conversation!

  2. She should have met Aaryn Gries and Ginamarie! Can you imagine that conversation?

  3. I think she just saw a “celeb” and ran with it. I don’t think the race thing had anything to do with it.

  4. ZenJen53

    I doubt Brandi knew Amanda. Amandas the type of person who recognized Brandi and initiated an introduction. In Amandas mind she’s now a reality “star”. She didn’t get the public didnt/doesn’t like her. It seems Jennifer Gimenez was with Brandi and I do like her from Celebrity Rehab show.

  5. lori

    She’s such a wanna be looser. On a separate note, when I was watching the amazing race I was thinking that I would love to see McCranda on there. She would be ripping his head off constantly. It looks like Branchel may be coming back for all-stars in February.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    Amanda is getting a bit shady about Brandi after kissing up to her on twitter.

    Amanda Zuckerman ‏@AMANDAZUCKERMAN 28m
    @BrandiGlanville really? This is sad. I’ve only said nice things about you. Thanks for letting me “stop by.” Lol. Enjoy the headband.

    Melinda ‏@Makeup_Freak 22m
    @AMANDAZUCKERMAN you might want to reconsider who you consider a “sweetheart”. I think u just got “thrown under the bus.”

    Amanda Zuckerman ‏@AMANDAZUCKERMAN 19m
    @Makeup_Freak oh I did lol. I was just trying to be nice since she’s getting a lot of flack for her racist comments.


    Amanda Zuckerman ‏@AMANDAZUCKERMAN 14m
    @Makeup_Freak I didn’t want to say she was so drunk her tit fell out of her dress, squeezed mine and made out with some random guy. Night!


    Amanda Zuckerman ‏@AMANDAZUCKERMAN 37m
    @BrandiGlanville @laints26 @RealityObssesed @JenniferGimenez You don’t have to make excuses to these haters. But do what you gotta do.

    There really has been a lot of Amanda twitter drama. She LIVES for twitter. She has started an online business selling OVERPRICED crap that other tweeters have shown you can buy for less on other sites. There was one sweater she was selling for $80, and another website was selling the same sweater for $14.50. I will NOT promote name of her site.

    She is trying to famewhore her website, by giving a free headband to Brandi, then tossing shade to her about it when things got sour. And things got sour quick. Less than 24 hours after “hanging” out with her. But really all the blame/credit goes to Amanda’s haters that hounded Brandi all day about the controversial Amanda.

    Brandi’s often seen HW friend Jennifer G, was also pissed that Amanda implied that she was having drinks with them since Jennifer is a recovering alcoholic, and a sober coach, author, etc.

    Amanda is a messy and thirsty.

    • I did see the post from Peter inviting Amanda out to meet Brandi so why didn’t you post his comments as well. This is an unfair and unbalanced story, you should get the facts straight before you write anything else.

      • Hi, cuntbag, welcome to my blog. We are always open to both sides here, if you have a post from “Peter” why not just add it to the conversation rather than coming at me sideways in my own house?

    • JoJo

      UF, although I’ve never heard of this Amanda chick after this blog, I checked Brandi’s twitter since she doesn’t let a hangnail go unmentioned. I guess “Amanda Who” accomplished what seems to have been her mission – now I’ve heard of her).
      Brandi can’t (to be fair, of her own free messy will) catch a break. She should have listened to someone before the shit hit the fan this season to be careful with that mouth – the tides of social media turn at breakneck speed and love turns into the worse hate.
      Although she’s attracting a shitload of commenters from this, I noticed she’s trying to change her tone and lose the STFUs and just straight up answer the negativity. She’s so far down the rabbit hole lately, if any publicity is good publicity, she’s conquered that one. I don’t know why, but I still root for her to pull her head out of her ass and come out on the good side of all this crap in the end?

  7. I’m going to be devil’s advocate. I believe they hung out and partied and then Brandi didn’t want to admit it. I buy that Brandi’s tit fell out if her dress. I believe she squeezed Amanda’s boob and made out with a stranger.

    We were talking last week about how weird Genifer Jiminez is. Brandi is a sloppy lush. And seems kinda winked out on something even when not drinking. Didn’t she medicate for a flight on the show? Anyway GJ is supposed to be in recovery and to be a coach, etc. but her BFF is like the WORST case study/portfolio ever. Is being on TV THAT important to her?? She really tried to make Celeb Rehab halfway house show about her. She’s a flat out leech.

    And lol at reality hamsters having castes. Crazy stupid.

  8. Urethra Franklin

    Brandi Glanville ‏@BrandiGlanville 20m
    I had a great time in Florida but sadly I didnt make out with any1 although I am single and I could have- or get drunk -liars can fuck off

  9. Wtf does “messy ” mean? I was recently called messy and I’m clueless as to whether to be insulted or proud.

    • Urethra Franklin

      TC it depends on context. And messy is not always negative. At least it my circle of messy folk.

      But in Amanda’s case, she is messy bad.

      • I know what messy means, I just don’t know who to explain it. Messy = problematic in a social sense. Muchlike good crazy and bad crazy…it canhave two different meanings.

    • Seriously....

      A messy person is someone who starts shit or someone who handles themselves or a situation in an inappropriate manner. It has a negative connotation but how messy is in the eye of the beholder.
      Ex: A friend telling your secret crush you like him and getting him to hook up with you without asking= messy for telling your business but you get your dream Guy so it’s cool
      A friend telling your secret crush you have stds and slept with his roommate also messy for telling your business and in need of a serious beatdown.

  10. Amanda is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination. Any half wit could see that Amanda was joking. Amanda is just one of those people who likes to shock people, such as Chelsea Handler or Sarah Siilverman. Amanda even made jokes about Jews, and she is Jewish. As for Brandi, I don’t believe her to be racist either. She made a joke about Black people not wanting to get their hair wet, so they don’t go swimming. Anyone that knows any Black women also knows, you never mess with their hair. Ask Chris Rock, he made a whole movie about Black women and their hair.

    • I think the point might be that they both knew what they were saying on camera. And either they were raised by wolves and didn’t know the shitstorm they were in for, or they thought they could get away with it under the guise of being cute and edgy. Now…that’s well and good…if you’re actually funny. Neither of them is. You can’t really say sarah silverman’s name in the same sentence as their names. Just saying random things about being black and expecting that to be humorous is retarded. In the long run, I guess it’s good. Whatever takes power away from words is healthy.

      It’s funny. I think probably very few people actually felt hurt or offended by what they said. It’s more like when a football player’s toe goes over the line and a flag gets thrown.

      • I found Amanda to be quite humorous/ The real problem was that they both continued to explain themselves over and over. They should have just ignored the haters and move on.
        BTW no more football analogys, I’m gay.

  11. Amanda has made her twitter private. Another Brandi Glanville Victory!

    • Maybe. Or maybe she ends up with way more twitter followers because in order to read her tl, you have to follow her. Getting inside of the mind of a mediawhore is scary.

  12. Reality LuLu

    FYI Amanda hasn’t deleted any of her tweets and she only made her account private for 24 hours. It is unlocked now.

  13. Urethra Franklin

    Amanda did a skype interview with the brown nosers at Reality Recaps and this is an overview:

    Amanda was upset cause both Brandi and Jennifer blocked her on Twitter

    Brandi refused to take a picture with Amanda and she thinks its because people think Amanda is racist.

    Jennifer Gimenez made her feel like she was unwanted.

    Amanda seems genuinely hurt by the whole Brandi situation.

    She’s crying. The hatred is taking a toll on Amanda. Being shunned by other “celebrities” and being called a racist is really affecting her.

    Amanda says Elissa has been the smartest when it comes to Twitter because she never responds to the hate, therefore it looks like she doesn’t get any hate……She says she wishes she had the self control Elissa has to just ignore it.

    She plugged and promoted the hell out of her “fashion blog & online store” which shall remain nameless. #Target is better.

    • lori

      Kind of like when they were in the house and Amanda was abusive and taunting the shit out of Elissa and Elissa did her best to ignore her? Like that?

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