Khloe Kardashian Files For Divorce, Bruce Jenner Is Getting a Gender Reassignment Surgery

xbruce-jenner-goes-for-a-walk.jpg.pagespeed.ic.pZgNHHrGrOI can’t believe I am about to blog about the two Kardashian related topics, but I seriously want to know what you think. Especially about the second one.  So bear with me just this once?

First of all Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar today. There are half a dozen stories about this on  but it seemed Khloe finally threw in the towel after TMZ posted a video last month of a high/drunk/impaired Lamar rapping about how he cheats on Khloe when she goes out of town.

Khloe saw the video on TMZ or at least heard about it while she was on a long hall flight from Australia to LA.  You can just imagine, as much as she has been trying to keep the “for better or worse” part of he marriage vows, Khloe left Lamar assuming that he was doing better.  He had been photographed around town looking much healthier, they seemed to be talking again. It’s the holidays. Khloe probably thought perhaps they were going to make it.

She was wearing her wedding ring when she left and then according to TMZ sources hid her left hand in her handbag when she left the airport in LA. She was not seen wearing it since that day.  She filed today, citing irreconcilable differences. They at least had an iron clad prenup (Thanks, Kris Jenner) and appear to have kept their money separate for their entire four year marriage so it seems as though the divorce should be fairly cut and dry.

Am I the only one feeling a bit sad about this?  I guess the good news is that Unbreakable, their fragrance line, will probably be on closeout at Wal*Mart soon..

The other thing I wanted to talk to you about is Bruce Jenner. Now we all know Bruce and Kris separated, and that was not sad to me at all. It seemed to me more like Bruce being released from prison.  But things have been a bit weird with Bruce for quite some time. We joke about all the surgeries he has had and how he is looking more and more female looking with each one. Well, there may be a shocking reason for that.

TMZ is reporting and Bruce himself has confirmed to them that he is getting another surgery. This time it is a cosmetic procedure called a tracheal shave.  That is a surgery that shaves down a man’s adam’s apple so that it is no longer visible on the neck. The only time this surgery is ever really done is when gender reassignment surgeries are taking place.  When a male transitions to a female, the adam’s apple is a dead give away unless it is shaved down.  TMZ actually asked Bruce if he was transitioning to a female and he according to TMZ said, “No, I just never liked my trachea.”  Um okay. Are we being punked by TMZ?  If you look at pictures of Bruce, he doesn’t even have a very noticeable adam’s apple to start with.

Also, since leaving the Kardashian prison walls,  Bruce has been growing his hair out again wearing it I a pony tail. What is going on? Is it possible he is deliberately trying to look more feminine? His children are all grown now and he can live the life he has always wanted? Am I crazy for even considering this possibility?

Talk to me.


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90 responses to “Khloe Kardashian Files For Divorce, Bruce Jenner Is Getting a Gender Reassignment Surgery

  1. naa

    He was so hot. What a waste. That is all.

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  3. I just don’t understand why Bruce would want have that surgery now, at his age. He’s had it all his life, might as well keep having it. Unless, like you said he wants to look more feminine…..

  4. Tamara

    I feel bad about Khloe and Lamar too. I think she really wanted this marriage to work and she seems/seemed genuinely in love( at least for awhile). I would agree it would have to be the video where he said he cheated on her. I mean she stuck by his side through all the other “allegations”.

    And the Bruce Jenner story is beyond bizarre. His Adam’s apple isn’t anything way out of the ordinary. Either he still hasn’t told all of his family and that’s why he’s deny any truth to the gender reassignment part or he really hates his trachea! It’s still very very suspicious!!

  5. Urethra Franklin

    The 1970’s Bruce Jenner was so masculine looking and hot.

    Why would a man want to shave down his Adam’s apple? That’s like a penis or testicle reduction. SMH.

  6. Sad about Khloe and Lamar because they seemed like the only “real” couple-but whoops, oh well.
    I’ve been seeing this rumor about Bruce in the supermarket tabloids for awhile. I guess that’s why he and Kris split up. Gotta say, the thought of a tracheal SHAVE sends shivers up my spine! He must really hate his trachea to go thru that!

  7. eastjames

    I feel bad for kloe! She seems like the only genuine one in the family. As far as Bruce and the gender reassignment…. well, I wouldn’t put anything past these people so I’m not surprised.

  8. steve

    i wonder if part of the separation was Kris couldnt keep him out of her clothes closet?

  9. I agree on both things. From the little that I’ve seen of the family, Khloe and Lamar seemed to be the most down to earth/normal. Also the moment I read about the surgery my head screamed gender surgery! As long as the man is happy with the end results, GRS or not, then good for him. If he is having GRS I would hope he comes to terms with it becoming public and just be ok with himself.

  10. Mango

    Khloe is the only Kardashian I like at all, and I was pulling for her and Lamar to work it out. Too bad.

    Now, Bruce — I can totally see him getting sex reassignment and if he does, good for him I’d be happy for him. And it would certainly explain a lot.

  11. Remember that time that Gene Simmons and his common law wife pretended to break up for the ratings of their reality show and then made a bid deal of getting back together and marrying?

    The TMZ thing really makes me sad. Harvey levin tweeted some joyous blood sucking thing about having proof that she filed. He sounded fairly giddy about it. I hate the K people. I think that are all human garbage that should be eradicated. That said, for a moment, I hated him more.

  12. avery

    Apparently, there have been rumors about Bruce Jenner for years

  13. I might have to start watching KUWTK for a season to see his transition from male to female. And as NeNe says, “If he likes it, I love it!”

    • Urethra Franklin

      It’s so just confusing. I don’t mean to assign gender interests, but on the KUWTK show all he wants to do is play with toy helicopters, race cars, play golf, and watch sports. He has the mentality of a guy. Unless he wants to butch lesbian? I’ve seen stories of men who become transgendered lesbians. But I still call bull shit on the bruce story all the way around.

      • I think that was just because he felt so emasculated that he had to prove that he’s still a man. Though the scenes I saw about him and the helicopter were quite sad since Kris could buy/get/do whatever she wanted and he couldn’t even have a space to properly keep the helicopter.

  14. Who is old enough to remember Renee Richards?

  15. Smidge

    Given how openly homophobic he is, I very much doubt he’s trans (I know it’s not the same thing, but still).

  16. Manny Petty

    Are you sure the Bruce Jenner thing is for real?? That just seems like an early April 1 thing.

    • hearMeOut

      I think the whole Bruce transgender thing is a smoke screen conjured up by Kris and possibly co-signed by Bruce. A few seasons ago, Bruce couldn’t get it up so Kris secretly placed Viagra in his pot of coffee. Unfortunately, Rob drank the coffee and couldn’t get it down. While at the hospital, Kris admitted to being the culprit. Kris is a bit horny and wants a young buck who can keep up. Kris is the type who would do anything to divert the the negative attention. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was all scripted. The show’s ratings are on a free-fall. They’ll attempt to pull anything out of their magic bags to save it. Sacrificing Bruce and his manhood certainly wouldn’t be beneath them.

      • I totally agree with you on this!

        I haven’t watched them for years, until I was sick and caught a marathon this year.

        No way for Bruce, he was too convincing when he had that conversation with his son. And you’re right about all the big boy toys he plays with.

        And I can’t blame Bruce for needing a Viagra to deal with Kris. She totally emasculates him at every level and opportunity.

        Kris is totally desperate and will stop at nothing to remain relevant.

  17. JoJo

    I’m not sure I believe this crap at all. What normal functioning human in their right mind at 60+ would risk going under the knife for something so trite and not even that noticeable if it’s nothing other than a longtime bother for him?
    And if there’s a shred of truth to this being the first step toward GRS, why wouldn’t ‘he’ go to Norway where he’d eventually be forgotten after awhile and come back as Betty and let everyone look for him and then wonder if Kris killed him? That’d be the better plan and the spotlight would never die on these people.
    As far as Khloe, that is sad. She is the only one of this K group that is tolerable to me (but I don’t watch any of them). From what I read, I do think she gave that marriage about 3 chances more than he deserved. Although I know it won’t happen, I do wish the paps would ease up on her. I guess now TMZ has Khloe and Bruce which will be a relief to Paul Walker’s girlfriend and family and friends. God bloodsuckers.

    • No kidding about the Paul Walker coverage….The paps followed them as they went to choose a burial plot, for fucksake.

      • JoJo

        I don’t read or watch TMZ all that much, in fact only watch those online “Live TMZ” – BUT I never ever ever remember them beating a story to death as much as Paul’s. Even their commenters were in a frenzy about too much after the second week!!

  18. Daily Mail UK has Chrystie Jenner, basically saying BS, she still speaks with him and she does not seem fond of Kris Kardashian, She says it is being said to hurt him and she thinks being apart from Kris is very healthy. “he is a man’s man”. She seems pretty disgusted. I think the big mystery is why he stayed with Kris for as long as he did.I I do believe Khloe was sincere about Lamar and perhaps she had walked away from the family business, that might have made it.

    • I agree that this is an utterly unbelievable ridiculous story. HOWEVER, TMZ ran a story with a QUOTE from Bruce. They can be sued for that and Harvey is a smart guy and does not make up quotes from people who have plenty of time and money to sue. If they embellish a story it done by saying, ” sources close to ….say…” That is what made me consider there may be some truth to the story despite the quite ridiculous nature.

      • GNG

        can’t you see Bruce maybe covering up for Kris and this whole story though (by giving Harvey the quote)? Maybe Kris has agreed to keep the whole thing secret for the “brand” and as soon as it got out he had to save face.
        Whatever goes on I do think the man will one day spill the secrets.

      • love2hatebravo

        I was going to say the same as GNG. I just read a blind item yesterday from a pretty reliable site, that Bruce was planning GRS for next year. I want to believe it’s a stunt, but I don’t fully.

  19. It just occurred to me that In part of her emasculating process, Kris made Bruce self-conscious about his looks enough to cause him to get a face lift to begin with.

    When I saw how much control she had over every aspect of each of her family member’s lives, that’s when I quit watching because it was too disgusting!

    • Katrina

      Bruce had something done to his face before met Kris. The plastic surgeon did a bad job and he has been trying to fix it.

      • No way. He still looked like himself when they met 20+ years ago and even more recently still looked like himself.

      • i’m one of those awful people who watch kuwtk. if i remember correctly he had terrible plastic surgery during the marriage, then had it fixed.
        i saw the same story about the adam’s apple shaving and then a later story saying he’d decided against it for now.

  20. Katrina

    I feel bad for Khloe, I was hoping she could work things out with Lamar.
    When Bruce was younger, he always had a pretty face. I think that bothered him and he had some work done. The plastic surgeon botched the surgery. I don’t think Bruce wants to be a women , he wants to look more manly, but I don’t think he will ever acheive that. Now, I just think that Bruce is tring to recapture his youth!

  21. mella

    The idea f Jenner shaving down his adams apple to be a passable woman is beyond ridiculous. If he really does transition he will need something much more involved to convince anyone that he is a woman…like the witness protection program.

  22. Ashley

    Does anyone have the video of Lamar that you were talking about above?

  23. JrLeaguer

    It just goes to show the lengths that men will go to so they can escape from the clutches of this family…except for Scott…then again, he does not exactly set the bar very high for self esteem…or being a decent human, so that is why he fits so beautifully with this waste of space family. One becomes a crack head and the other is just one more appointment away from a boob job…I figure that Kris already cut off his manhood after the second daughter was born. Hey, both KUWTK and Dr.90210 are/were both E shows, so I guess that Kris has probably already inked a deal for Bruce to collect a check (minus her 10% cut) for the filming rights to his final transformation. The theme song from “Tootsie” by Stephan Bishop is now playing through my head…thanks a lot, Bruce!

    • lori

      I haven’t been a KUWTK watcher for years, but I have seen a few episodes here and there of either that or the khloe and lamar show (not sure which), and this friend of his is just gross. This video is disgusting. Why are they half naked?

  24. Now TMZ is saying Bruce has cancelled the surgery.
    Bruce Jenner called his Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Friday and cancelled his scheduled surgery to flatten his Adam’s Apple … TMZ has learned.

    Sources connected with Jenner say he was upset information about the procedure leaked out and blamed people in the doctor’s office. We’re told Bruce informed them he was taking his business elsewhere.

    Read more:

  25. fpf1

    Doesn’t he have a cameo as a lipstick wearing tranny in the “hangover games” movie?

  26. The Daily Mail has weighed in with comment from a former wife of Bruce’s and for some reason, Robert Kardashian’s ex wife.

    One says he has always been a crossdresser the other says no way.

    They both seem to agree Kris Jenner is behind this story.

  27. AbbyMarie

    Longtime lurker – first time poster. Tamara – love your site. You always have such an interesting perspective on the crazy world that is celebrity! I just turn my sound down, click on your ads when I first get on, and then read your posts while they’re running.

  28. love2hatebravo

    Khloe is young, rich, no kids of her own, and is going to come out of this with a much better image than what she had pre-marriage. Lamar is a mess and can’t be helped by anyone but himself.

    When I finally got cable and saw the episode with Rob drinking the “herbal Viagra”, I realized this whole show was a poorly written, poorly scripted, poorly acted, pathetic mess, and I couldn’t understand how people were swallowing it. The rumors about Bruce are apparently longstanding. It was REALLY weird that he confirmed the veracityof this to TMZ, then cancelled the procedure. I believe it is possible that he is transgendered and is now postponing surgery to protect tge family brand. AND I also believe it is possible that he is participating in his own exploitation of a FALSE rumor, to drum up ratings. Either way, it’s not my business and it doesn’t matter, but it was a bit of an attention-grabber for him to admit to the consultation. His double diamond earrings, hair and affect have always struck me as different, so I wouldnt be surprised either way.

    • That first paragraph is über depressing. This is her life. Her husband. Hopefully how she looks when it’s over is not at the top of her list right now. I thought she, if any if them, seems to have a shred of humanity that the others, their spouses and parents all lack.

      • love2hatebravo

        She was way too young to be in that marriage, but she seemed to grow and mature a lot through it. A little bit of pain that she might not have otherwise had the opportunity to grow from. I realize that’s horrific sentence structure. Anyway, nicer girls than Khloe go through ordeals like this every day. Girls with a lot less resources with which to rebuild. My sympathies are with them, not with Khloe. Especially not since she is still being actively controlled by her vile puppeteer mother.

  29. SB

    Be free Bruce, BE FREE!!!!!!!!!

  30. I bet some rabid bigfoot hunters would love that bag that sasquatch now she’s free.

  31. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I appreciate that a lot of people here are saddend by Khloe and Lamar’s split and maybe I’m a complete bitch, but did anyone really think that marriage would work. They knew each other for lilke 2 months, got married and put everything out there on television. This is not the formula for a successful marriage.

  32. lori

    I’m sorry I somehow missed this whole post, and I just commented about it on your general comments section. I was thinking “I know Tamara doesn’t really cover the Kardashians, but I’m surprised she didn’t want to discuss this!” Of course you did! I say go for it Bruce (if it’s true of course). I Ann glad that Khloe is finally filing for divorce. Lord knows she gave it her all, and I feel very bad for her, but she deserves so much better, and some peace in her life!

  33. ThunderMonk

    Based on some TV I have seen and reading I have done, it isn’t uncommon for people to transition later in life. It might take years to come to terms with your gender, and it makes sense that after children are raised and marriages have (almost) ended, you might feel like you can finally live for yourself and be who you want to be.

    Having said that, I have no idea if Bruce Jenner is transitioning. A tracheal shave is not a very common cosmetic procedure for men who are NOT transitioning. It leaves a scar (albeit small) in the middle of your neck and many, many men would probably rank “fixing” love handles, noses, and chins well above a pointy adam’s apple.

    If Bruce is transitioning, more power to him: it is a tough row to hoe and isn’t something anyone takes lightly.

    • I saw a bit of TMZ on TV this morning (rerun) Harvey Levin actually spoke to Bruce himself and Bruce does not deny the surgery. He does deny he is planning to transition. Then, Bruce interviewed a transsexual from LA who says there is no other reason for the surgery. It is part of facial feminization. He says usually the several small surgeries are done together, but Bruce seems to be doing them piecemeal for some reason. He also said that Bruce’s sexual identity has been well known in his circles for quite some time. He urged Bruce to admit his true identity and that he will be much happier.

      • Mango

        Hm. I’m clueless about his sexual orientation but if Bruce doesn’t intend to transition, does that mean he’s a transvestite?

      • I really believe he is transitioning. It is much more likely than him being the only straight man in the history of the world to get this surgery “because he doesn’t like having an adam’s apple.” #OccamsRazor

      • ThunderMonk

        Wow, thanks for the update. Like I said, if he is doing it, more power to him. It really doesn’t seem like an easy process, even for someone with the financial means to pay for as much cosmetic work as they’d like.

      • Smidge

        Sexual orientation and gender identity are two separate things. A person also doesn’t need to have gender reassignment to identify as transgender. “Transvestite” is a word not really used much now (and is indeed seen as a slur by many). Trans or transgender are more appropriate as they focus less on whether a person has had gender reassignment surgery or not.

  34. lori

    Looks like he finally went through with having the surgery done. I just caught a little bit of a recent kardashian episode, and he looks like he had had other things done around the time of filming because he looks sooooo much more like a woman than he ever did before. I mean I never thought he really looked like a woman before… just someone with bad/too much plastic surgery. I guess Kris finally did it… She emasculated him so much she actually turned him into a woman! Leave it to her.

    • The transgender community in LA has apparently known about this for years and has been encouraging to be straightforward about it. I am kind of surprised personally, just because he used to be such a man’s man. I do think that people would stop talking about it if he would just admit it. To each his…or her….own.

      On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 6:55 PM, Tamara Tattles

  35. Smidge

    Ok, so I’m going to be the killjoy voice of no-fun for a second here, but I have to say (as someone heavily involved in LGBTQI rights) some of the comments and innuendo I’m reading here are really disappointing. Not only do many of you not seem to understand a trans person’s experience, while I give no fucks about Bruce Jenner as a celebrity and think he’s an arseclown, if he *is* trans and read some of this stuff (or anyone else who’s trans, frankly) it wouldn’t help what is already often a traumatic and distressing experience. Due in large part to social ostracism, ridicule and misunderstanding, 41% of trans people attempt suicide in their lifetimes. Making jokes about emasculation, “passing” as a woman, speculating about genitalia- not ok. I have a pretty good sense of humour in general but I couldn’t not say something about this.

    • Wow, you are SUPER easy to offend. Carlton, is that you?

      • Smidge

        I’m not really, in general. I’ve just had too many conversations with (also usually easygoing and not easy to offend) trans friends to see jokes and innuendo about transitioning as harmless. I’m just asking people to think about what they’re saying. Dismissing that with “you are super easy to offend” is basically saying, “that’s not my experience and is therefore not valid”.

        I’m not going to push this, TT, as I respect you and this site. You will notice from my time commenting here that this is the only time I’ve said something serious/objected. Anyway. I’ll leave it with the repeated request that people consider the language they use on this topic, and perhaps also seek out some reading material on trans people and the trans experience.

      • I assumed as much. It is always the people offended on BEHALF of a group they do not belong to that are so over the top offended. To me that makes it look like the offended party needs rescuing from the world by the great savior for XYZ group.

        I feel like as bitchy as I am lately I have to say things like I do not mean this to come across as me being all attacky. :) Just sharing my point of view just like you are.

        Carry on.

        On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 7:42 PM, Tamara Tattles

  36. tm mutter

    Im not sure what to think about his sexuality But I do think he is looking more and more like Steven Tyler

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