American Horror Story: Coven Recap The Witches’ Council Is Not Seeing Anyone At The Moment

Cordelia-faceBy: Urethra Franklin

Oh.My.Gawd.Laugh.Out.Loud.Unbreak.My.Heart.   How can an episode with so much brutal carnage be the funniest & most poignant one yet?  We can thank Kathy Bates & Frances Conroy because both really ‘brought it’ in this episode. Myrtle served up some bad-ass revenge, and Hell hath no fury like a woman “scorched.”  Being burned at the stake has enlightened Myrtle with some unknown advantage, “There are secrets in the flames, and I came back with more than a few.”  Weeks ago I’ve bestowed both Jessica Lange & Angela Bassett with my own award for best scene by a witch, but this week it goes to Frances Conroy. She displayed motherly tenderness to Cordelia in one scene, and then next she’s poisoning, mutilating, & chopping up her witch council colleagues in a darkly comedic series of scenes with her unique sense of style and pompous delivery. She had me giggling with horror as I will never look at a melon baller the same way again. #Bravo

And what about the sight gags with Delphine-Head? Yes she is two-part character now; the other being Delphine-Body. It was oddly funny as I expected it to be. Her severed sentient head was just as bitchy & cunty as when it was on her body as she steadily spit out racist comments like a lawn sprinkler. And the sight of her bloody headless body swatting the buzzing flies’ away while in her cage cracked me up. That was a good comedic touch by the writers. #LOL.  But the comedy was balanced out with a serious ending and a ‘possible’ Aha! Oprah moment for Delphine-Head.

The show starts off with a Hank flashback to 1991. He’s on a witch hunting trip with his father.  He wants to please his dad and live up to his standards, but he’s a bit of a wussy boy. He lacked the confidence to shoot an easy target of a witch on her knees begging for her life. Instead the father takes matters into his own hands to kill her himself, but not before the witch unleashes a stream of fire at them and burns the father’s arm.  A traumatized Hank is hugged by his dad, “No mercy. Never forget what they are.”  ….This scene sets up the story that Hank is an inept witch hunter with daddy issues. Now the story is attempting some balance that both sexes of parents can equally fuck up a kid.

AHS Coven HeadFiona shows up to Cornrow City and plops down Delphine-Head-in-a-box to give back to Marie. Neither of them wants her talking head, but Marie calls out Fiona for digging her up and trying to use her as a bargaining chip.  Delphine-Head-in-the-box butts into the conversation, and Fiona hits the box, “You shut up!”  Fiona tells Marie they got bigger problems and propositions her that both tribes need to join together to fight a common enemy, the witch hunters. Delphine-Head interjects “Are you insane?” at the notion of an alliance. Marie laughingly stomps “Ah, what the head said!” #ROFLMAO.  Delphine-Head continues her rant against the idea of making a deal with a “darkie” as a fed up Fiona crams a wad of newspaper in her mouth.  Perched on her throne, Marie is cackling with laughter and not concerned. She senses her cancer and sarcastically compliments Fiona’s wig, and then scoffs at her with a long syllabled “shiiiit” for needing her help now since she is weak & under a threat.  Fiona warns Marie that her tribe is in danger too. A dismissive Marie then orders Queenie to take Delphine-Head outside and burn it.  Delphine-Head cries out “Sweet release. At long last”….  I should add that Marie sipping a lowball glass of dark liquor the entire scene was a delicious way to show her indifference to Fiona’s “white women” problems.

Poor Cordelia. She can’t even cook without making a mess as Myrtle watches her struggle. Myrtle becomes emotional about her motherly love for Cordelia and tells her to use her gift of ‘sight’ to see the truth that she did not blind her.  Cordelia does not need to use her magic and assures Myrtle that she knows that she was not responsible for her attack and that Fiona set her up. Cordelia is concerned because she’s blind, and her new power is useless against witch hunters. Myrtle wishes she could pluck her own eyes out and give them to Cordelia…. I guess Cordelia has learned how to control when to use and when NOT to use her power.

Hank goes to visit his father at his mega-corporation headquarters Delphi Trust which also doubles as a front for The Corporation which is part of a Sacred Order of a centuries-old brotherhood that is “dedicated to stamping out the pestilence that is witchery on the North American continent.”  Daddy witch hunter is not pleased with his adult son for still being such a screw-up. Hank’s assignment is to get inside the Coven and gather intelligence ONLY.  Not to be Marie’s hired hit man or a sloppy inept witch assassin that fucks & kills witches in hotel rooms. Daddy also authorized Cordelia’s blinding acid attack so that she would be dependent on him and then scolds Hank for having feelings for his witch wife, “Have you forgotten what she is, and what you are?” He orders him to get back to the academy and continue his mission, and reminds him that he has to pretend to love his enemy because someday he will have to kill Cordelia.

unnamed (6)

Myrtle is a foodie, and she is preparing a beautiful multi-course meal for her fellow witch council colleagues in another elegant ensemble with a pop of RED. She is marveling at the clever invention of the melon baller as she arranges the honey dew fruit in a crystal bowl to be served as palate cleanser that is laced with monkshood, a fatal poison that paralyzes. Pembroke & Quentin are awkward guests to their host that they sent to be burned at the stake, “We have terrible regrets about the whole misunderstanding.” They’re eating the melon balls as they nervously flatter her rejuvenated skin post-revival and want to know how to get some of that “magic mud” from Misty Day as if she worked at Sephora. Myrtle explains that Misty is a powerful witch that hides out as a hippie swamp rat, and compares herself to Misty as they both rose from the ashes after attempts to destroy them. The poisoned fruit takes effect, and they become paralyzed but still conscious. Myrtle taunts them calmly before she escalates to screaming criticism at them. She confesses that she poisoned them not for revenge, but to help the Coven by helping Cordelia as she scoops out one of Pembroke’s eyes with a melon baller and one eye from Quentin…. Myrtle does some magic to give Cordelia her sight back with the harvested mismatched colored eyes, which was rather self-indulgent of Myrtle because she once had a Turkish Angora cat with a brown & blue eye that she loved….  When I saw that melon baller, I just knew.  And just like Myrtle this scene was a twisted mix of elegant style, sweetness & violence. Is Myrtle’s hair getting bigger & bigger? #RoseanneRoseannadanna

Fiona is back from visiting Marie and walks in on Cordelia talking with the “charcoal briquette”. #giggle.  Fiona immediately notices Cordelia’s new eyes, and is surprised that Myrtle has the power to do something so delicate. Myrtle thanks Fiona for burning her at the stake and boasts that she is a more powerful witch now than before, and she restored Delia’s sight. Of course Fiona bitches that they’re not a matching set, but she does notice that they look familiar. Myrtle replies that the donors wish to remain anonymous as we see her most maniacal scene yet where she is cutting up Pembroke & Quentin into pieces and joyfully clapping their severed feet together before she dumps them in a barrel of acid. Fiona is sticking to her own script and accuses Myrtle of helping Cordelia out of guilt for blinding her in the first place. Myrtle tells Fiona she should burn for killing Madison, but Fiona points out that Madison is not dead (anymore).  She threatens Myrtle, a convicted witch, with banishment to New Jersey; a place with toxic waste and outlet malls. All she has to do is call a meeting with the witch council. Myrtle dares her to call them since “they are not seeing anyone right now.” #WitchyWit. Cordelia sternly interrupts their arguing and reminds Myrtle that Fiona is her Supreme, and should be treated as such; and tells Fiona to stop accusing Myrtle of attacking her, and that the real enemy is outside of the doors of the Coven. The feuding witches smirk an acknowledgment to each other. When Cordelia hugs Myrtle she realizes that she has LOST her power of ‘sight.’


Madison & Zoe go to the hospital to get Nan who is keeping vigil outside Luke’s room because his mother won’t let her see him. They barge into his ICU room and he is in a coma, and Joan is screaming at them to get out, and that they brought darkness into their lives. Nan can hear Luke’s thoughts and tells Joan that Luke said “Calm down and don’t have a fit like you did last summer.” Mama Joan calls her a lying lunatic and Madison says “No bitch she’s clairvoyant.”  Mamma Joan starts reciting scripture thinking that Nan is communicating with demons, but Madison tells her that God works in mysterious ways.  Luke tells Nan about a spiritual song his mother sang to him when he was a child, and Joan is stunned that Nan knows about this.  Joan starts to tearfully sing the song to Luke, and her personality just changed from angry mother to reaching out to hold Nan’s hand while she sang… I was expecting a full on Patti LuPone musical number like the “Name Game” song in AHS: Asylum.  I am so thankful that Ryan Murphy did NOT take this into GLEE territory with a full on gospel choir. It was just a grieving mother singing to her child.

Queenie is conflicted and did not burn Delphine-Head as instructed.  Instead Delphine-Head is propped up on a tv dinner table upstairs in her room at Cornrow City. #HILARIOUS.  Head wants to eat, but Queenie tells her “Are you gonna chew and shit out of your neck?” Queenie decides Head needs some sensitivity training and forces a black history lesson on her by making her watch “Roots,” “Roots: The Next Generation,” “Mandingo,” “The Color Purple,” and “B.A.P.S.” (I love B.A.P.S. for the hairstyles and the bidet scene.) She tells her “You are not leaving this earth until I educate you about the people you tortured. My people.”  Delphine-Head is acting like a petulant racist and closed her eyes and began to sing “Dixieland” to drown out the ‘jungle music’ from Roots.

Hank is in his hotel room, and we finally see some REAL voodoo doll action by Marie. She is giving him a full on bloody ass whooping all the way from Cornrow City as she is stabbing & twisting her Hank doll when one of her messengers shows up with an ultimatum. He better have those white witches’ heads for Marie by midnight, or she will kill him with a needle through the doll’s heart. Marie is NOT playing.

Cordelia is tutoring Misty in the greenhouse while Stevie Nicks’ “Kind of Woman” is playing in the background. I suspect that they might be future #ScissorSisters. A terrified & drunk Hank walks in to beg for forgiveness, but first he notices that Cordelia has her sight back.  He sees Misty and recognizes her as the witch that he tried to kill at the swamp shack. (I thought it was someone else from her hometown because of the shotgun.) Hank wants to move back in and declares love to his wife. She rejects him; tells him his stuff is packed in the closet, and that she wants a divorce, “Get out.”

Hank encounters Fiona and her new German shepherd guard dog that she named Endora. #Bewitched.  He wants to move in to protect Cordelia, but Fiona laughs at him. She has a new dog for protection. He tells her she got a female attack dog because bitches stick together. With a slight move of her hand she kinetically & hilariously causes the bottom of his box to open with all his belongings dropping to the floor. Then she tells him that she got a female dog because females are more loyal and aggressive when protecting their families… Endora leads Fiona to discover Franken-Kyle in Zoe’s room. While hugging the dog, Kyle snapped the dog’s neck…. I do think it was an affectionate accident, and that he did not realize his own strength. He has been very sweet and docile since he’s been getting laid.


Back at Luke’s hospital room, Joan is very grateful to Nan and calls her a miracle for giving her hope. Nan dials it up to 100 and starts in on Joan by telling her that Luke said that God is judging her for killing his father. Luke tells Nan that his father was preparing to leave Joan for another woman, so Joan locked him in his car which was filled with bees, and he was stung to death.  She is back to being angry Joan again and throws Nan & her witchery tricks out.

The girls return from the hospital to find Kyle & Fiona playing gin in the kitchen. He is in an improved state thanks to Fiona giving him a little tune up, though he is still not all there. And Fiona probably just enchanted him to be her new attack guard dog. I wonder what the command word is going to be… I’ll say it again. Poor Kyle is still being exploited and used by women for their own personal selfishness. #BoyToy

Stubborn old lady Delphine-Head ignored her own atrocities and bragged to Queenie that she kept her eyes shut the whole time and refused to watch “Roots” while calling her a ‘vile negress’.  Queenie gives one last attempt to help Delphine-Head get some redemption by playing Odetta’s “Oh Freedom,” a post-civil war African-American freedom spiritual song.  “If this doesn’t touch your soul, then you don’t have one” Queenie tells her as she hits play on the song with an accompanying video of the civil rights movement & marches.

As all of the following scenes played out, “Oh Freedom” was playing the entire time.


Hank is in Rambo mode with his arsenal of weapons on his way to kill some witches, but not the ones at Miss Robichaux’s Academy. He kicks in the door to the Cornrow City Salon and starts shooting up the place & the employees, and then he SHOOTS Queenie in the stomach…. At probably the same moment, it seems that Delphine-Head finally has her racist breakthrough, and she begins to cry. Or is she crying because of the gunfire downstairs? ….And we finally see Marie in a moment of fear as Hank shoots her in the arm. She is eyeballing him face to face. Then before he can shoot Marie again, a wounded Queenie reaches for one of Hanks guns from the floor and shoots herself in the mouth blowing out Hank’s brains using her transference powers….  Luke wakes from his coma, and his first sentence is “You murdered Dad.” Joan soothes her son back to sleep, and then she puts a pillow over his face to smother him….. Hank’s father is grieving over the photos of his dead son…. There is a late night knock on the door at the Academy. Fiona opens the door to find a wounded Marie Laveau, and she lets her in as she gives a cunty Fiona grin… THE END

Was it in bad taste to use “Oh Freedom” while shooting up half the black people in the 9th ward?

I don’t know but I wouldn’t be so sure that Delphine-Head is redeemed by watching a vintage video montage on civil rights….

What happened to Delphine-Head and Delphine-Body?

What is going to happen to Delphine-Head because I’m certain we haven’t seen the last of it?

Marie is immortal and cannot die right? Even with silver bullets? Is that only effective on Salem witches?

Does the wound have to be fatal with a silver bullet in order to kill any witch?

Is Queenie dead from Hank’s silver-bullet gun? Or did she die from her self-inflicted gun-shot to the head? Maybe that is a caveat to her powers? Leave the brain alone!

How did Hank’s father get pictures of the carnage? Did he have surveillance cameras there? Or was Hank followed by someone from The Corporation and took the pictures?

Is Luke dead? Why kill him now? For what purpose? Will he die and cause Nan to go to the dark side in grief? Will grief & rage bring out more of her powers?

Is Joan a witch? Did she use witchery to kill her husband with those bees?

The Coven is getting stronger with an improved Myrtle, Misty, and attack dog Kyle, and now Marie. And Fiona seems a little better these days too. Don’t forget about ghostly Spalding and the Axeman too.

Do you all know who Diana Vreeland is? She is the inspiration for Myrtle’s character, voice, and style. Google her.

Who doesn’t love Myrtle? If you don’t, go eat some melon balls.

Folks we have to wait until January 8 to see what happens…and the next episode will have a special guest star, the legendary & iconic Stevie Nicks. #Dreams.  You can stalk me on twitter @Urethra_F .  Happy Holidays to you all.


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  1. Oh Ms. Franklin…how I DO LOVE your sense of humor!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Thank you.
      Then you will get a bigger laugh when I tell you I’m a Mr. Franklin….

      • JoJo

        I knew it, I knew it and I knew it (no I didn’t but didn’t want to ask:))

        Funny last night on WWHL I think it was, Tyler Perry mentioned or it was a flash of one of his shows, and he’s talking about “URETHRA” – besides you, I haven’t heard the damn word since health/human interaction class in Catholic school as a Junior!

      • Urethra Franklin

        Men have urethra’s too.
        I have a twisted sense of humor.
        I never expected UF to become the accidental recapper.
        I have that WWHL with Perry on my dvr.. will watch later.

  2. Manny Petty

    Nan will absorb Luke’s Spirit or she will take him to Misty. Was he astral projecting? Hmmmm

    Totally dug the melon-baller comment to open the show. Myrt is the toats magoats.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Astral projection? That’s an interesting concept and certainly possible.

      I think the purpose of showing us viewers that Luke was speaking directly into Nan’s ear was to just to let us know that Nan was not intruding on his thoughts, but rather he was volunteering the information to her to bust his mother

  3. Beth

    “What the head said” still laughing.

    • TamarAngela

      Oh YESSS!! The way she said that was HI-larious!

    • JoJo

      That, and the way she drawled out that shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt! Besides “she dun messed wit da wrooooong wiiiittcchhh” – my favs! Now that she’s in the Coven House for good, I say we’re in for a treat of more of the inimitable Angela MARIE Bassett!

      • Urethra Franklin

        I always write it out like that too, wiittccchhh. It gives me goosebumps when Angela says it.

      • JoJo

        I’ve got to say, EVERY line that Angela has spoken in this show, to date, has given me goosebumps. And I don’t even remember seeing her in anything since What’s Love Got to Do With It! I am now a freakin’ superfan and we’re blessed she’s in Season 4 of AHS!!

      • Smidge

        God, she is so incredible. And hot. And fierce. And hot. Also? She’s hot. How is that magnificent woman 55 years old? COME ON!.

      • Smidge

        I’m a fan of The Wire, so I thought of Clay Davis! Youtube him if you haven’t seen it- he’s known for saying “shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt” just like that.

      • JoJo

        Angela Bassett obviously has just stopped aging, how apropos for a show about human blood polstice as a rejuvenation trick!
        Seriously she obviously has incredible genes and takes care of herself beautifully. I don’t notice a tinge of plastic surgery (or she’s only had minor, subtle tweaking). After all, she still has those amazing GUNS from years ago when she played Tina Turner. The kind of thing you don’t implant!
        And we’re the lucky ones that she’ll be in the next season AND a year older…….biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttcchhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  4. RahRah

    I could hardly wait for your recap–thank you.

    I finally watched about 15 minutes it wasn’t so bad after all and I was able to go to sleep afterwards.

    Oh, I am throwing my melon baller in the trash and only eating square cut melon.

  5. steve

    its gonna seem like forever waiting for jan.8 and Stevie getting to town. I thought Cordelia and Misty were gonna kiss..but no such luck. Remember when Fiona had Madison make the guy walk into traffic? I think thats what she did to Kyle..or do they need new lightbulbs upstairs now? I think they will sew Delphine back together when the hunters come. If for nothing else a distraction for them to get thru. Nan is going to save Luke from his mom..she heard the ajax episode so she will rescue him.

  6. JoJo

    I’ll be back in a minute. I refreshed TT page yesterday every 15 minutes waiting for this. Today, I waited until dark to open blog, IT’S HERE:)))

    • Urethra Franklin

      Sorry to make you wait. It’s been a weird couple of days.

      • JoJo

        I’m sorry UF if I sounded ungrateful and sorry about you’re complicated “3D” issues, I really was just trying to convey my super excitement for what you provide on this show, seriously. l NEVER refresh any web page waiting so eagerly for ANYTHING!

      • For me too. It was NOT just UF’s fault it was delayed, I had my own obstacles. Please FB this recap?

      • JoJo

        FFS, now it’s me, what’s FB this page? (I can only think it’s facebook, and if so, I’m hiding so no one asks how I am until I have an answer:))))

  7. Urethra Franklin

    I still can’t decide if Delphine was crying for her breakthrough or whether she was crying because everyone was getting shot downstairs.

    • TamarAngela

      There is no way I believe Dephine had a breakthough that quick. I think she was crying because she knew everyone downstairs was getting killed and no one knew she was upstairs. The lonliness and helplessness of not being able to just die.

    • JoJo

      My opinion is Delphine was crying for 1 of 3 reasons: 1)after 12+ hours of sensitivity audibles, she just couldn’t take another minute of this “new fresh hell” being thrust upon her and cracked hoping to be eternally put out of her misery; 2) she heard the rampage downstairs and for some odd reason was crying scared; or 3) Queenie’s last attempt with the music/documentary finally moved her. I’m inclined towards #1 (kind of)

      • Urethra Franklin

        I’m glad others saw the ambiguity.
        I think the writers were manipulating us to think otherwise because of “Oh Freedom”.

      • JoJo

        UF, other recappers have blasted the montage as a failed, desperate attempt. Specifically is was disappointing to read the hate generated by the AV Club (the commenters were worse and thousands of them). Fuckem. I thought for everything this episode provided it was a more than adequate ending montage but, yes, I saw the ambiguity. God some people are such assholes about a TV show, disguised as Emmy-winning screenwriter but is only a nobody recapping acting like one:) And when it’s one of my favorite shows, it ALMOST makes me want to go to the trouble of signing up to defend…..ALMOST not enough:))

      • Urethra Franklin

        What is AV club?

      • um… showing my age,,,, audio visual club. See we used to set up all the technology for the teacher and um… oh nevermind.

      • JoJo

        UF, avclub dot f’ing com

      • What did I miss about AV club?

      • Katrina

        Queenie said if the footage did not move Delphine, then she was hopeless. Delphine is in another type of hell and she wish she could be free for immortality. Delphine does like Queenie and she is black. One can only hope.

    • please she was totally having a breakthrough. I don’t get why this is even a talking point. I suppose I could be wrong but it doesn’t happen often! 😉

  8. JoJo

    First, with all that went on this episode, I just have to give this one to Myrtle, she ‘killed’ it! Our newly cool from the ashes, confident Myrtle: The Witch Bitch in Balenciaga, the Psycho In Prada, the Avenger in Azzedine Alaia, basically the Campy cunt in couture, love her. (As UF stated, I read her character is a mix between Dianna Vreeland and Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour’s right-hand woman who has that mad red hair.)
    For all she’s suffered and now inflicted, I loved the look on her face when faced with only the prospect of banishment to Paramus, NJ – toxic waste and outlet malls. And her monologue to the rather stiff council: “Pemby, you’re weak-willed, boring, and your fashion faux pas give me nightmares” after chastising Quentin, the fatuous little drunk. And, never being able to stand up verbally to Fiona, still stuttered out “I hear the council isn’t seeing anyone right now” when daring Fiona to go ahead, call them. If only Nan had been in that kitchen then!
    But I do want to know who the hell was Myrtle referring to when Fiona walked in seeing that Delia’s regained her unmatched eyes and Myrtle says “it’s not him, it was ALL ME”??? Who was him? I didn’t see anyone else there?
    So poor Hank seemed to be a victim of daddy abuse too and possibly really loved Delia. Wonder after daddy belittled him and his performance, seemingly awestruck that daddy ordered the acid thrown on “his wife” went into robot mode to recite the Trust’s mission to daddy. Is that what prompted him to Rambo the Voodoos instead of the Coven since he wasn’t just ready to behead his beloved? Or was it just Marie’s threat to stick him in the heart in 24 hours the impetus? Also I read a comment that the Delphi Corp. and it’s logo (which I didn’t see and don’t have a DVR) resembles the same logo of the corp. that Fiona visited in 1st episode to get her vitality serum – a company she inherited from her first husband? Anyone remember that?
    Ok, have to re-read recap and jot my other ideas down:))

    • Urethra Franklin

      When Fiona saw Cordelia with her new eyes she said “sweet Jesus”. Myrtle said “He get’s no credit. It was I who did it.”

      Hank shot up Cornrow City because he did not want to kill Cordelia for Marie. He was trying to save both their asses.

      I did not see any logo for that medical lab to make a comparison.

      And I’m STEALING Campy Cunt in Couture.for an appropriate time. Hopefull to use it within the next 4 LAST episodes. Insert sad face here. The series is almost over.

      • JoJo

        Ah ha!!! A response to “Sweet Jesus” ….. no wonder I didn’t see him (although to be fair I haven’t ‘seen’ him after my 12th year of Catholic school btw:)
        And it may be inferred from all RM’s interviews (I see he’s spread his wings from just EW), that you’re likely able to use the Campy Cunt in last 4 episodes: He’s said that Myrtle is one of 2 things that evolved different from the script (not in presence or storyline): after seeing her in all her glory in couture, having nailed the New England feigned accent, that her pages of dialogue were padded because of their pricelessness!!!!!
        BTW the other ‘change’ was someone brought back from dead not originally intended. Now if it’s just up until this episode, it could only be Madison I speculate, due to his Myrtle comments. BUT it could be one of those killed this episode…mmmmmmmmmm???

  9. JoJo

    Comment devoted to the “What Do You Do With a Problem like Queenie”? (ok my Sound of Musical nod). Suffered a shot to the gut, notwithstanding analyzing that silver bullet stuff and it’s affect on a Voodoo vs a Witch etc.. That may or may not have been fatal, but her self-infliction of the bullet through the head that she intended to do and which is her power, which killed Hank, I thiink the “Head” wound should be survivable for her.
    Now trying to read between a lot of RM lines and Queenie’s (Gabourey) interview (she says no one told her not to show up anymore – also said that she wasn’t fond of the original tape the script wanted her to show Madame, and talked them into the Roots stuff), am I allowed to mention what else RM said and interpret it as to my opinion if we’ll see her anymore? (I ask in an abundance of caution to avoid…..well you know:))

    • Urethra Franklin

      Your choice if you want to spoil or not, but at the very least TELL me where these interviews are. I can use them for research for future blogs.

      • JoJo

        I’m not sure how this works, but I think TT is paying attention and I responded to you and I’m hoping you get the contact info I gave you via TT I guess (it’s in moderation).
        I want to give you info and let you use it as you see fit. You do a helluva job and I’m gratefull.

      • Urethra Franklin

        thanks jojo I’ll wait for TT to pass it along.

  10. steve

    lets just hope that Stevie Nicks doesnt show up as a witch HUNTER!! So far other than the headshot nothing Queenie has done was immediately fatal. Even the cut throat at the zombie. Fiona must have made Joan forget she died. Maybe thats why she is being judged for her husband. So many ways to twist and turn this years story.

    • JoJo

      Stevie has been described as coming on and being ‘dark’ – now in this show, dark can have a lot of meanings. She will be in the title of next episode and of course sing a little ditty with Misty for which was originally planned. Now as you know since it’s been amply discussed here, she’s got a full on acting part and it’s the finale – after she pointed out to RM since she read all the script being a fan of the show, that she had written a song that’s the title of the finale. Well what could that be other than Seven Wonders, and of course that’s the name of the finale when they test all the potentials. IF she’s the witch-hunting DARKie in that episode, it would be actually epic, not only since there’s sure to be certain dead dead dead people, but also since she’s always been trying to shake the White Witch salvo she got stuck with in the 80’s. No?
      I say Queenie coming back in some way, shape and form – ghost, revived, or on someone’s torso!!!

    • JoJo

      On second thought, I don’t think it would be epic at all if they have Stevie Nicks be a witch hunter, the enemy. I hope she is one badass, singing witch who gets a juicy role helping the gals at the academy, since I want to root for her. Considering I’ve seen ZERO of Stevie as an actress, I want her appearances in this show as something I’m going to remember fondly, like I do her singing!

  11. JoJo

    What I want is for the love of everything that’s sacred in this twisted world, and before Misty get’s sidetracked or out-bewitched, get her ass upstairs and bring back Endora, stat! I don’t care how many people get slaughtered in this show (or any for that matter any show), but I can’t take even the pretend-kill of a damn pup:(
    I’m also sure I got it all sorts of wrong on Joan being in the academy with Fiona, obviously she’s just a religious nut full of ajax, fire and brimstone. BUT, if you think the showrunners are being true to possibilities, how in the hell would a LAYPERSON, gather a hive of bees, get them in the car without putting them in some type of container that would have to be left in the car of the husband she killed and leave what they call a CLUE. I don’t know why, but that’s been bugging me.
    As far as Luke being smothered I don’t think he’s gone yet. I thought originally that Nan would hear his pleas but forgot she was with the Zoe and Madison back at the academy when introduced to the tweaked Kanine Kyle, the new guard dog. So I’m hoping she does revisit the hospital, if not in time to save him, at least able to confront Joansy and summon Misty for the elventhbillionth revival.
    (My God now I’m singing in my head another Sound of Music ditty “when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad” – this show’s messing with my Head, badly:)

    What was Marie wearing at the end that looked like an orangish, one shoulder thing? And I read that she was wearing a hat? Did anyone see Marie wearing a hat at the end? If so, I missed it, and that would be something that would stand out regarding Marie and her glorious braided beauty to me.
    And, did anyone else notice that Hank’s daddy in the 1991 flashback had a pretty ornate tattoo on his hand running up his forearm? In present day they kept focusing on his hand, which looked scarred. Was that the original witch burn or a tattoo removal (since he’s all GOP corporate killer now)?

    • Urethra Franklin

      Right before Hank stormed in Marie was wearing a burgandy 70’s style hat.

      When she showed up at the Academy door, her left bicep was wounded and wrapped. It looked like she was wearing a red leather jacket, but only slung over her right shoulder.

      Hanks dad did not have any tats that I could see. The only marks I saw on him were his charred skin on hands and arms.

      • JoJo

        I know you have DVR, so you have to be right. Makes perfect sense a jacket hanging off one shoulder. (ok, re Queenie et al., go to vulture dot com AHS – RM, Gabourey and others have been interviewed – but on post-mortem, EW, see last question asked of RM about the last 4 episodes. Tell me what you think – my email I sent doesn’t seem to work?)))
        PS, I just this minute see there’s TT’s recent blog posts, unrelated to AHS and I missed Bruce Jenner might slowly becoming a woman! Goddamn I need to macro-focus, I’ve been in micro-focus all day waiting for YOU LOL!

  12. Urethra Franklin

    I really thought there would some bad feelings about “Oh Freedom” being played while shooting up black people….

  13. ZenJen53

    U_F due to illness I unfortunately missed this episode so accept my thanks for the recap so I’m not behind. JoJo appreciated ur comments. Steve u too. Glad TT is going to let u break away from her radiator!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Feel better Zen. Sorry u missed show, but according to my DVR guide this episode will re-air again next week. Check your guide.

    • JoJo

      Hey there ZenJen, just saw your comment and thank you for the appreciation!
      I have only to assume that this episode was so chock-full of action or didn’t leave a lot to discuss that UF didn’t cover, or there’s so much else going on in the real world, as the reason this epi didn’t generate as many comments as last episode. (Well except for me, and now I KNOW I’m just a full-fledged, get me to rehab, Coven JUNKIE!)

  14. SaraK

    Late to the posting party! Have a few thoughts to share..did anyone else pick up on the fact that while the white coven and the black tribe have spent all their time fighting each other, the MAN, has been destroying witches? Luke’s mom is totally a witch, bees don’t buzz at night, and they don’t multiple like they did in the dad’s car. I still want Nan for Supreme!

    • comments and views are down across the board for the holidays. I appreciate the die hards sticking around! :)

    • JoJo

      Hi SaraK! Yes, I had thought I figured Joan all out in the past as being a ‘renounced’ witch born-again, abusive Jesus freak who may have actually gone to witch school with Fiona. Also I think I even mentioned how in the heck someone without any powers finagled the bee attack above, and without leaving any clue for the police.
      But thought I was the only one!
      And with the twists and turns and so many other obvious choices for Supreme, and probably a little misinformation we’ve been given by a character about the “vision of health” – Nan would be a great Supreme Spoiler!

  15. JoJo

    Since there’s almost a month until our next episode and UF didn’t mention it in this recap and I forgot to and thought it really interesting:
    Murphy on post-mortem interview shared that he and Kathy Bates had a blast working out her character being a “Head.”

    She begged to get that sweaty wig off she wears as Madame at some point in her reincarnation in the 21st century. It was 100+ degrees + humidity shooting in New Orleans. He told her well, maybe, but it’d have to be after she was decapitated and after they resolved her character’s fate after the slaughter in Cornrow City. After the resolution, she ended up sending him a ‘selfie’ (inferred to be her character’s transformation) flipping him off. Now that’s going to be fun seeing what Kathy Bates character and head become – with or without a wig? A Mohawk? An Afro?!

    Also, after staging Madame’s head on the TV tray being force-fed Black American History through movies and documentaries, Queenie leaves the room and Kathy Bates just squeezed her eyes shut and ad-libs “Dixieland” – wasn’t in the script, but apparently too hysterical not to leave in the final cut!

    And January 8, 2014, you can’t come soon enough! Meantime Happy Holidays to ALL TT AHSCoven fans and TT and UF readers/writers!

  16. JoJo

    Sad face :( It’s Wed. night and no AHS. I’ll be thinking of you and miss you while pretending there was a recap Urethra Freakin’ Franklin! Merry Freakin’ Christmas & Happy Bloody New Year~!

  17. Urethra Franklin

    My Wed nights are not the same without my AHS buddies, and I never thought I would miss being chained to a radiator.

  18. JoJo

    I’m right there along with you.

    This Holiday season, everyone in their right mind needs to thank their lucky stars for you’re addiction to our cultish joy and TT’s recognition and invitation for you to entertain us. At least I’m thrilled to death (not quite, bad choice of words:)
    (ps, out of 365 days in the year, the networks had to schedule this timeframe to end oh, AHS, Sons of Anarchy, Blacklist,, Scandal, etc. I’m stuck right now and PIIIIIIISSSSSED (in Marie’s “shhiiiiiiiiitttt” voice!

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