The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Weigh In On Brenda Glanville

Gif RealityTVgifs T. Kyle

Gif RealityTVgifs T. Kyle

I usually can’t be bothered to read most of to the Bravo blogs because I am too busy writing my own. But for obvious reasons this week’s RHOBH has me dying to hear EVERYONE’S  explanations.  So please indulge me a few extra blogs on the topic.  I was concerned before the season aired because I did not want to choose between Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda as I knew we all would.  I was terribly disappointed in the behavior of all three during this trip.  Lisa was rude and dismissive to Kim and clearly from The Richards Sisters Publicity Tour 2013 their situation doesn’t improve.  Ms. Vanderpump shows how a lady smoothes ruffled fan feathers in her blog. Yolanda explains why she supports Brandi, in a way that reflects well on her. And Joyce ever so kindly points out Yolanda’s  shortcomings as a guest at someone’s vacation rental.

One of these is an actual llama, the other is a drama llama

One of these is an actual llama, the other is a drama llama

Lisa Vanderpump’ Comments:

Oh dear! That is all I want to say really! Could we just leave it at that? How can I even begin to analyze  or summarize this complicated web we are weaving?

We start with the degrading scene, talking about the various sexual antics these women get up to. I am not particularly interested in the two finger maneuver that will be explained in her book. After 31 years of marriage I probably have a few maneuvers of my own I could share.

Thank you, exactly why I chose not to blog about that scene.

It’s hard to understand this constant need to shock. Her admission of indulging in cocaine, nudity, of being choked? Calling yourself a whore? What message does that send?

One must remember that what we see will forever be documented. Provocative statements. Like you, I am witnessing for the first time, as obviously we have no knowledge of what has been shot. But with all that I have seen since, being called a bully by paparazzi in front of my children would rate pretty low on the totem pole.

I understood when Carlton and Kyle went shopping that Carlton wanted to clear up a few points. It was done in a logical passive way. I believe Kyle wanted to be friends with Carlton at that time, but it turns out to be a clash of personalities that never really progresses — in fact, it probably deteriorates. I have found Carlton to be a little eccentric but a kind,sweet girl with a love for spirituality. . .

When we arrived, it was well over 100 degrees, so when we collapsed onto the tiny bed after carrying heavy luggage, it was good enough. I knew from previous experience that I would be in the cupboard. It went without saying.

When Brandi made an idiotic remark at the pool, I was incredulous and embarrassed for her. Remarks like that are irresponsible. I do know she is not a racist, but I hope she cringes when she views it and learns to  have a modicum of sense and sensitivity to other people’s feelings. I tried to laugh it off, knowing a remark that was so provocative was downright rude to our hostess. It’s particularly poignant this week, as we lay  the iconic Nelson Mandela to rest — somebody who paved the way to eradicate ignorance like this.

About her own behavior Lisa says:

I believe I was wrong in not standing up to Brandi and her drunken rants against Joyce. Most of Brandi’s barbs were, quite frankly, ridiculous. I don’t think Joyce for one minute needs to worry about resembling “a big fat pig!” It was a tenuous situation as I said, with Yolanda and Kyle once again disagreeing over whether she had spoken negatively behind my back — which you can decide as the viewer as we delve deeper into the relationships.

Joyce at that point was not somebody I was  particularly fond of. I felt she had endeavored to create a problem over HairGate but as I explained in an earlier blog, what she was doing was trying to enlighten me that my friends were less than loyal. . .I chose to ignore her which was ultimately my downfall. Had I listened, I would’ve been more prepared for what was about to ensue in the upcoming weeks. I have since apologized to her, for sitting there and not coming to her defense.

Hey Brandi! This is what winning looks like!

Hey Brandi! This is what winning looks like!

From Joyce’s blog:

Before dinner we all had cocktails outside, and I thought things were better. Brandi was talking about very private things that I won’t mention here because you should hear them from her the first time. Since she was being so open with such private matters, I thought we could move forward and have a beautiful dinner until Brandi decided to start calling me Jacqueline again, and it all went downhill from there. She was simply disrespectful!

Thank God I had a nice and sane girl next to me that defended me. This was the moment when I really thought Kyle was a good friend to me because that’s what friends do; they stand up for you and have your back when everyone else is trying to push you down, which is exactly why I tried to interfere when Brandi and Yolanda were ganging up on her. Kyle was almost crying, and Yolanda would NOT let go! Come on! If you are a “girl’s girl,” learn to agree to disagree. You DON’T need to beat someone until you make her cry! And FYI, it is BAD ETIQUETTE to tell your host to shut up.

I’d just like to toss in a little racist comment of my own here. Brandi better be damn glad she is getting Pageant Joyce rather that Puerto Rican Joyce.  Because, I’m just guessing, but I bet Puerto Rican Joyce could give Brandi’s narrow behind a beat down like she cannot imagine.

From Yolanda:

The interaction between all seven of us at the dinner table was an absolute insult to the intelligence of women. Seeing a two-hour dinner condensed down to five minutes just makes things even worse. In my own defense, even if it did not look like it, I will and have always been supportive of celebrating women and their success. I definitely showed interest in Joyce’s new show Siberia and even tweeted about it.

[much snipped]

Joyce is a gorgeous, smart, and bubbly beauty queen, but we have not had the opportunity to get to know each other. Prior to this trip, we met for a total of ten minutes, and I’ve never had an in-depth one-on-one conversation with her, so I was quite surprised to see her already so influenced by Kyle. I know we are living in Hollywood where relationships are built overnight, but it takes me personally more than ten minutes to get to know someone and trust their opinion. I might be old-fashioned (and according to Joyce an “old lady”) but in my heart, friendships and respect are earned over time.

But you had no problem after knowing someone for ten minutes telling them to shut up when your are, at least pretending to be, her guest.

When I first joined this group of women, I soon realized that her [Brandi's] sometimes painfully honest truth was a characteristic quite rare here, so I gravitated towards her, because I am a creature that needs clarity. I would rather hear the truth than people playing nice to my face and then turning around and trash talking me like some of the usual suspects. Probably also an explanation of why Lisa and Brandi had been best friends for so long; a different but inseparable friendship I often admired.

During the first year of my battle with Lyme disease, Brandi was the ONLY person in this group that consistently and genuinely checked up on me, which says a lot about who she is as a person. For that, I love her and will always be grateful. With that said, I cannot control what comes out of Brandi’s mouth and I absolutely in no way, shape or form, condone Brandi’s behavior even though as a woman, I do have empathy for the heartbroken person that she is and feel it is my responsibility as a human being to stay engaged with her and to be a source of support. If I can only give her a glimmer of hope while she is going through her darkness, then that is enough for me. I might be ridiculed for being a friend to Brandi, but I honestly don’t care about fan votes or hate regarding this particular subject on social media. I ONLY care about going to sleep at night knowing I have done good and that I made a difference in someone’s life. 

I broke my back giving birth to my son Anwar, lost my husband to infidelities, and battled severe depression all at the same time in 1999, so I know what it is like to be broken and down in a deep, dark hole while trying to keep it together to be a mother and raise children. Life did not give me that experience to now look down on Brandi and judge her for falling in a hole that I was once in.

Ah, I feel better about my love for Yolanda again after reading this. 







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43 responses to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Weigh In On Brenda Glanville

  1. JrLeaguer

    I usually like Yolanda, but her behavior at the table when Joyce was sharing the news about her series was very mean-girlesque. I remember how she and David went nuts when she had a dinner party at their home and a couple of the “ladies” were giggling when he was performing…what she did to Joyce was equally disrespectful. #stillwantherfridge :)

  2. Xanadude

    I actually think Yolanda did not act all that badly – Yolanda seems to be the least fake person there, and, it seemed to me, on camera she refuses to pay along with the script that these “get togethers” are anything other than producer driven venom factories. Joyce is no more a host of this get together than Kim came up with the idea to go the Cirque de Soleil thing.
    I’d feel differently if it was actually at Joyce’s house. It wasn’t. It wasn’t even a place she chose.
    Again, I don’t understand why the RIchards Sisters are continually given a pass for behavior they condemn in others, especially when they are much worse than the alledged behavior they condemn (specifically with Lisa).

  3. Belinda



      I love you Belinda, but I thought Kim was for a change the sane one at the table. But still….LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • e2

      Sweet Baby Jesus. I have *FOUND* my people, finally. Kim is just pathetic. Come *ON*, people. Either the years of drug abuse have scrambled her brains, or she is still on drugs. Either way, I, too, would like to abuse her. But I believe it is evil to abuse such a compromised woman, so I instead want to poke myself in the eyes when I see her.

      Promise me – ALL of you – PROMISE me that you will come to my house and lock me in a cage if I ever lose possession of my basic communication skills (as Kim has) but STILL think it is wise to go on a reality t.v. show. Doesn’t Kim have any shame? Doesn’t Kyle have any shame?

      For the love of all things good and holy.
      Now I am all wound up….. Damn Kim Richards.

      • She made a big deal about grapefruit juice. There are certain medications that interact with grapefruit in an interesting way. The juice makes the medicine not get sucked into your liver. So the drug stays in your blood stream longer.

      • lori

        I didn’t even think about that! Although I have been thinking that Kim seems sober to me, that is a very good point. I am obviously in the minority, but I like Kim. I think she is the most real one on the show, good or bad. With the exception of the whole crutchgate incident where she was bombed out of her mind, I don’t remember her ever being as caddy (sp?) or mean spirited as many of the others. She is definitely a dingbat, but that’s okay.

    • Anjannette

      In my not so humble opinion, Kim should keep her mouth shut. I personally don’t care how lucid she thinks she is or how any one else may think that she’s so the mouth-piece to listen to.

      Until she’s clean and sober for at least a year, she pretty much has no credibility. And even then, she might want to walk on egg shells for a while still. I would bet that she hasn’t been clean and sober yet, for more than a month (at best). Whenever this “actor” started abusing the drugs and/or alcohol that she polluted her mind and body with, is pretty much the emotional age she is coming from and that is what everybody gets to deal with.

      That she keeps making McJudgement calls on others in order to try to rehab her previous screw ups, doesn’t fly with me. I think that she’s spouting off because she now somehow has an audience, but it’s not nearly as positive as she thinks her audience is.

      She’s not a very graceful whiner and somehow that’s the impressive acting display I remember most about this woman.

      I can’t stomach looking at her or hearing her voice and it’s not much better for her sister either!

      • Change the channel? I mean…she has to say something. They sell have to answer the questions asked of them in confessionals.

      • Um, that might be the most sanctimonious comment I’ve ever read on TT! Congrats!

      • lori

        Oh, is that the rule? If someone is struggling with substance abuse they shouldn’t speak until they are at least a year sober, and that makes them exempt from being able to have opinions or feelings and talk about them? Hmmmmm… I didn’t get that memo. I know many people who have struggled for many years (some now sober, others still struggling), but that doesn’t make them or what they are feeling any less important to me. I think Kim is brave. I like her.

  4. Belinda

    Carlton is HIDEOUS !

  5. Shirley

    Awww TT I love Yo also :) that’s a real friend!!

  6. Well how about Kyle’s cheezy JEEP commercial? It would have been a great commercial if instead of Mauricio she had Kim riding with her. Off into the sunset. Never to be seen or heard from again.

    • Shirley

      Lmfao rotf!!!

    • Sandybo, my love. It’s a commercial, They do what they are told. Hate them all you want but they got PAID for that shit show,

      Don’t drink the koolaid has sort a weird effect since I know where you are. ;) I WILL come to visit you as soon as I am a bit saner. We are on the path to finding my issues, It seems I may not be “mental” just “hormonal” which is a distinction of nothing at all except for the fixing part xoxo

      • Smile! I have my very own driver now so we can go whenever or wherever we want when you come on down! Plus he doubles as a body guard so we are safe. We can be like Driving Miss Daisy! Just kidding. I always like to sit right up in front so I don’t miss a thing. It’s wild here.

  7. Vivaladiva

    Sorry but Brandi’s “heartbreaking” past does not excuse asshole behavior. She does not get a free pass to bully – yes bully – people bc her husband left her, or whatever bullshit she uses to “apologize” for her bad behavior.

    • pfffttt

      I don’t think she was bullying anyone. I hate when adults, especially those on reality tv shows, go around using that word. We need to stop being pussies.

      She called her the wrong name. It isn’t bullying. She was being STUPID and DRUNK AND IGNORANT.. but not a bully.

      This is nothing compared to the way Kim and Kyle treated Brandi. Hiding her crutches, whispering about her, refusing to include her the game, talking about her children. Acting as if they are better than her because their sister helped spawn one of the biggest whores in Hollywood…

      I’m still on Team Brandi on this. When I’m on vacation, all of my friends act just like Brandi. We get drunk, say stupid things, and then wake up the next afternoon and laugh about it while nursing hangovers. It isn’t that big of deal.

      Everyone acts as if Brandi is snorting cocaine, and physically assaulting people.

      Just because someone gets drunk doesn’t mean they get rehab. Just because someone calls someone the wrong name doesn’t mean they are engaging in bullying.

      Toughen up people…

      • Good point. Also, if I recall correctly Kim continuously called Dana – Pam beginning with that same episode you referred to – where they hid Brandi’s crutches.

        Did Dana get offended? No, she laughingly went along with it.

      • Good point. And then Kim went to rehab because she was acting like an ass….

      • lori

        Joyce want saying that Brandi was bullying her, she was saying that she doesn’t like her name pronounced like that (Yoyce) because it reminds her of when she was bullied in school, but none of the women would even let her finish that sentence. Not that I’m a fan of Joyce. I guess time will tell on that one.

      • Anjannette

        Well said!

        And BINGO. . . .

    • Vivaladiva

      Brandi goes into every situation looking for the weakest link to unleash on. To me, that is a bully. She gets pleasure out of it. It doesn’t make someone a pussy to call someone a bully, that is what she is. It makes you a pussy if you let a pathetic bully like Brandi get the best of you. Joyce handled herself well.

      • Anjannette

        I don’t agree with you Viva. I certainly could be wrong, but I think that Brandi is reacting to the happening of the moment with some pretty poignant remarks. It’s not so much pre-meditated. It’s just that Brandi, Lisa V, Yolanda and certainly Carlton, listen, well.

        Joyce set herself up. In one instance she admits she’s a b*tch when she’s on her “period”. Brandi didn’t bully Joyce. She capitalized on Joyce’s revelation of herself. That’s not bullying.

        Brandi also seems to apply her previous realized/learned information to a current situation. Hence the albeit poorly worded but again a reactionary comment based on a previous situation that Brandi has experienced. And she said as much.

        Now, Joyce took the comment personally and that was based on her own insecurities (in the inserted video she told of the combination of ethnic backgrounds that comprise her chosen ethnic designation). Joyce’s reaction was repugnant, rude and selfish. It was tantamount to “If you don’t play like I want you to, I will take my ball and go back home.” It was done with a sneer and her “girls” followed her out of the scene.

        I had no idea that her ethnic background comprises what she said it did. In fact, I see Joyce’s reaction as far more negatively charged. That’s because she obviously recoiled and took offense to being referred to,in some part, being “black”. That, was really rude on it’s face!

        If Joyce wants to not get Brandi’s reactionary bite of reality then maybe she should be less revealing of her own foibles/little tidbits of info about herself.

        I see that Lisa V, Carlton and Yolanda are also quick enough to catch those self revelations that others personally say about themselves. It’s unfortunate, but these whining women generally get bent out of shape when someone else points out the obvious.

        Oh well, that’s how the lemon squirts.

  8. terry macon

    Yuk to the BV housewives and the snoop sisters,everyone knows brandi prob.have more black friends. Let’s watch Ken,Lisa,brandi,yolanda and her family who seem to be what you see is what you get. Honesty!

    TT when will we see Ramona? And Sonja.

  9. Bren

    Andy should do a montage of all of the moments, over the various HW shows, during which people have gotten hung up on the word “bully”.

    I do think the root of the Brandi/Joyce feud is that Brandi is threatened by the younger and more attractive Joyce (and it doesn’t help that Joyce is unwilling to back down, though several of her talking heads have made me cringe). As others have said, this is a common technique used by Bravo to create drama and there is something really fascinating about watching it play out on television because I think most of us have seen some version of that in real life.

    Also, what’s fascinating is that Brandi has somehow been designated the most attractive one on BH but it is more her attitude than anything. I mean, my lord, look at Yolanda. That woman is stunning.

    Speaking of Yolanda… girl, don’t make me not like you! I’ve always respected Yolanda because she strikes me as someone who knows herself and isn’t afraid to be herself but that dinner party was not her finest. And, come on, we all know you talked shit about Lisa. Even Lisa knows you talked shit about Lisa, she’s just picking her battles. So she should have just taken up Kyle’s offer to agree to disagree. I do respect Yo for sticking by Brandi. I suspect Brandi has some issues and she’s truly trying to present her best self on camera but her best self just isn’t that great at the moment.

  10. Xanadude

    And just on a side note of bitch, Vanderpump Rules Kristen is looking more and more like Drag Race’s Alyssa Edwards with each episode. When they did the burlesque thing I had to look twice because she REALLY looked liked Alyssa. Which is what GayTom might be attracted to her for.
    Moving on…..

    • hearMeOut

      Side note 1a. I was wondering if anybody’s gaydar went off when Tom performed Scheana’s dance routine, step by step before the gay parade. I never thought he was gay until then. Couple that with his ability to cry on cue. Oh my.

  11. lori

    By the way, I like the title… “Brenda” Glanville.

    • hearMeOut

      I can’t agree. I never cared for Brandi. She’s like a tall weasel, who lurks in the corner, listening for one’s inner most secret. Then spits out ugliness with the sole purpose of hurting someone or gaining attention. She’s a user and a bit trampy.

      • Anjannette

        It’s Hollywood/Beverly Hills!

        I can see how people don’t appreciate or like or care for Brandi. She reacts and says stuff that people don’t want to hear, without thinking about it before it spews from her mouth. Her design may actually be (unbeknownst to her) to “reveal” the person to themselves. Which she generally does.

        But, most people just don’t get it that they did the set-up revelation scripting on themselves. Somebody else just caught and made it more obvious to others by reacting out loud so others could hear it. Then the “victim” get’s p.o.’d and then gets indignant and subsequently uses the accepted descriptive word to label THAT person a “bully”, who revealed them.

        Nice try, but the “victim” get’s their own catch22 reaction.

  12. I’m only commenting on Brandi. I learned both Brandi and her husband were cheating with other people for much of their marriage. Brandi spoke about her cheating last season. Brandi confronted one of her husbands girlfriends at Lisa’s restaurant, a server there.
    What Ive always disliked about Brandi is her blaming her marriage breakup on Leann Rymes. Brandi’s marriage was broken years before Leann came into the picture. Leann just happened to stick.
    I see Brandi as a woman that seldom takes true responsibility for her mistakes. She will apologize but it it’s always with a but. Often with a laugh.
    I also think she was attentive to Yolanda because Lisa was getting tired of her. Brandi wanted another rich powerful woman as a friend.
    Brandi can be down to earth and honest but her motives I question.

    • Anjannette

      I see your points. I don’t know about the “cheating” scenarios and really it’s kind of not that interesting to me. But, playing with fire usually leads to burning and/or more fire. Brandi, in terms of her ex and those that “played” is playing with the fire that the producers probably want, for keeping interest in this “show”.

      If Brandi takes even momentary responsibility, that’s better than not taking any responsibility. A laugh or chuckle at the end doesn’t mean the comment didn’t hit the mark. I would bet that most people think more on that responsibility than they lead one to know/realize. I would propose that it’s that “thinking” that makes more of a difference.

      The learning leaves its mark when the same mistakes are not continually made.

      Rich and powerful doesn’t make somebody a person with good character.

  13. enufffsaid

    I despise Yolanda I believe she said those things to Kyle about Lisa, and her holier than thou “IRONING SHEETS” Bitch be gone!!!

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