American Horror Story: Coven – Get Ready For Some Good Head!

AHS Good Head

By: Urethra Franklin

Warning: Spoilers by Ryan Murphy the blabber mouth, but I held some back.

Last week’s episode of AHS:Coven had you all talking for days here on TT.  Thank You! Because, to date, it was the episode that had the most comment participation from y’all. It’s nice to know I’m not all by myself here, and that you guys & gals obsess over every detail like I do… and I was fascinated with all of your great ideas about the new Supreme, Ajax Luke & Jesus Joan… Enjoy this wild episode because it’s all we get for the MONTH long holiday hiatus until January.

Are you all ready for some good “HEAD”? …According to Ryan Murphy “We came up with a whole episode which is the winter cliffhanger called ‘Head’ where we follow the travails of Kathy Bates’ head, and things happen to other characters’ literal heads or intellects or brain power. I think what happens in the winter cliffhanger ‘Head’ is beyond hilarious. The funny thing is Fiona certainly doesn’t want her head in the house. Ultimately you’ll see what happens with Gabourey Sidibe but it’s my favorite thing of the year.” [Source: Entertainment Weekly]

AHS Coven HeadI have a vague idea of what we’re going to see happen with Delphine’s head, and I’ve read that her wrath will be one even the witches of the Salem Coven may not be able to handle. They are going to rue the day that Delphine was brought into that house because she will be out for vengeance. But how does a talking head without a body seek out revenge?  Prepare to lose your SHIZZ with the unpredictable craziness of this show.  #OhMyGawd can you imagine the sight gags that can be done with Delphine’s talking head spewing out her racist shit?  Also Queenie is giving a black history lesson to Delphine. WTF? How? Is she talking to headless body?  #DarkComedy and I did not mean that in a racist way either.

Myrtle has changed since being burned alive at the stake, and those that crossed her will regret it. First, she’s busy at the Academy feuding with Fiona, and she is trying to help Cordelia get her sight back.  Then, her reunion with Pembroke & Quentin, her witch council buddies that sent her to the burning stake, doesn’t go well.

We will get to see some backstory on Hank. Do you all care?  First there is a 1991 flashback with his father, and they are hunting when he has a traumatic experience. We also see them in modern day, and Hank’s father is a powerful CEO and is responsible for his son’s dark path in life… Hank also visits Cordelia to beg for forgiveness, but she’s busy teaching Misty Witch 101.

Marie still has Hank’s balls in her voodoo grip, and she has given him an ultimatum so he takes extreme measures to protect himself. Yeah Hank good luck with that… A few weeks ago I speculated that even though Hank is not responsible for Cordelia’s attack, I suspected he was indirectly involved. Well Cordelia’s attacker will be revealed in this episode also… You all know how dead does not mean dead on this show?  Well that is about to change. Misty is busy listening to Stevie so she ain’t got no time to revive nobody.  #RIP to more than one character.

A revived Joan is keeping vigil over Luke who is in a coma, and all you Patti Lupone fans will love hearing her sing a spiritual to him. Jesus Joan has to deal with the fact that she lives next door to witches even though they can help her. Especially clairvoyant Nan who defies Joan’s orders and visits Luke anyway and finds out a disturbing truth about his family’s past….and we will get some back story on Nan too. #Yay more Nan.

We get to see Angela Bassett acting fierce on her fabulous voodoo throne when Fiona visits Cornrow City seeking a new weave and an alliance against the witch hunters, but she does not know that Marie is the one that hired Hank. Remember Fiona “done messed with wrong wittccchhh.” Oh and that witch hunter problem just got BIGGER.

Watch American Horror Story:Coven Episode 9- “Head” on Wed Dec 11 at 10 EST on FX.  Take it ALL in because of the month long hiatus and listen to some Stevie Nicks to prep for her appearance in the next episode #Dreams…. You can stalk me on twitter  @Urethra_F .

What do you think is going to happen to Delphine’s head? Share your crazy ideas below, and please meet me here during or after the show for your post show freak out!


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88 responses to “American Horror Story: Coven – Get Ready For Some Good Head!

  1. I just want to say that I am totally pumped for the episode tomorrow….I mean, yas…YAS!

  2. steve

    sounds like it will be a much needed HOT episode for a very chilly night!!

  3. JoJo

    I can’t wait. I just re-read the previous blog and really can’t wait to catch the opening credits where Smidge uncovered a possible horned female head!!

    • Urethra Franklin

      JoJo you can find the AHSCoven opening credits on you tube. But I KNOW you will be watching on Wed too.

      • FYI you can find all of UF’s post when you click is by line. And if you are the super stalkery type, you can follow him on twitter at the link at the end. But I will be watching you. I’ve notices a LOT of gnats on him lately. I”M HIS DADDY when in comes to online stuff.

      • JoJo

        I found it. The image also appears after Emma Robert’s credit and is better lit and whatever is on the girl’s head, what looks like horns are pointed down. But now I can’t remember if Marie’s minotaur man’s horns were up or down?

  4. TamarAngela

    One of those RIP witches better not be Nan!

  5. steve

    who made Bastien into the minotaur? Delphine put the bulls head on him but did Marie turn him?

    • Urethra Franklin

      That was such a vague development.
      Delphine tortured Bastien while he was wearing the bull’s head. I’m not sure if she killed him. I don’t think he was dead. Then after Marie gave Delphine that potion that first knocked her out, she found Bastien in the death chamber in the attic, and we saw Marie cry when she found him. Then next thing we see Bastien in modern day chained up at Marie’s place with eternal life as a minotaur.

  6. Katrina

    I hope nothing bad happens to Queenie. If Cordelia gains her sight again, I hope she retains her power to see into people’s soul.

  7. steve

    maybe they will put Delphines head on Bastiens body..we never found where that went. Poor Bastien..a bulls head on a womans body at Maries!!

    • Urethra Franklin

      I know right. Where is his torso? I had the same crazy idea last week. I wrote it in the comments thinking what a crazy ass crazy idea. But what if? Do u think? I don’t know what’s happening. But something crazy will happen for sure.

      • Smidge

        I think that’s inspired. What could be a greater punishment for such a hideous racist to have her head put on a black body and there is nothing she can do about it?

  8. steve

    UF up there in the start of this blog did you mean Ryan Murphy is using viewer ideas?

    • Urethra Franklin

      Huh? Where?
      But No I didn’t mean to imply anything like that at all.

      I wish he would listen to some of our ideas… like kill Franken-Kyle would be top of my list.

      • medicated fan

        Completely agree. Frankenkyle needs to go!

      • Smidge

        I must respectfully disagree. Kyle’s storyline is a tad blah, BUT if I’m deprived of EP’s pretty face (and hopefully at least one more ass shot) for four episodes I will cut a bitch.

      • Smidge

        I also think some spell is done to fully restore Kyle’s cognition. In the released promo pics, he is shown playing poker with Fiona. I find it hard to believe his development is that rapid without some intervention. Two episodes ago he was calling himself stupid and throwing bowls of oatmeal.

      • Smidge

        I now think you’re both right. I don’t like this new Kyle. Not one bit! And in the kitchen, I think whatever Fiona did to him made him not Kyle at all. He didn’t acknowledge that he even knew Zoe and last week he was virtually obsessed with her. He also smiled docilely when Fiona said “he’s not all there”. I think she’s essentially just turned him into a big puppet who answers only to her.

        That poor guy sure gets exploited by women a lot.

        Way to kill a ladyboner with five minutes of character development, Ryan Murphy. THANKS A LOT.

  9. steve

    UF I had just taken my dog out in the subzero temps and my last two braincells froze..after i sent that i realized i misread Ryans statement. But we do come up with some cool ideas. In our attemts to fill in the holes they left. Does someone give Misty a CD player for her to play some Stevie? I want to hear some supersistion by another Stevie too

  10. medicated fan

    Have been in such anticipation since Monday for all this! I now look forward to this blog as much as the show! You guys all have the greatest imaginations. The show is such fun. Boo hoo to a month with no AHS. I am desolate. Thank you for your efforts IF! Love it!

  11. Urethra Franklin

    OM MY LAWD the carnage tonight !!!!!!!

  12. Urethra Franklin

    When I saw those melon balls, I knew what was next. Why didn’t she get a matching set? SMDH

  13. Urethra Franklin

    Is Kyle enchanted as a dog now?
    What happened with him and the dog off camera?

    • mygirlsmom

      He broke the dogs neck, I think.

    • I’m thinking it’s somewhat of a mixture. I don’t know my witch-lore but is there spells about enchanting humans with animal-like qualities? Or does this tie in with the idea of familiars somehow? It looks like Kyle killed harmed the dog in some way.

      • Smidge

        Kyle broke the dog’s neck. I’m hoping it was an affectionate accident and he just didn’t know his own strength, and that the reason he wasn’t upset later was because of Fiona’s spell and not because he came back a sociopath. But in the classic novel, Frankenstein’s monster was sweet for a time, with growing skills, then went bad, so who knows? This had certainly changed my empathy for the character, though. :(

      • Urethra Franklin

        But keep in mind people that Kyle’s internal struggle after revival is because he is made up of body parts from the morgue that consisted of murderers & rapists. He has that residual energy in him now.

        But thanks to Smidge, I do think it was an affectionate accident. He has been so sweet since he’s been getting laid.

      • UF brings up some subtle social commentary that I never realized. It sort of makes me more tolerant of his story line. It references the idiom: “[literally,] you are the company you keep.” Kyle might have been viewed as a nice person, but his brothers were awful human beings and people he should have not associated with.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Thanks JD, but I do think he is made up of other body parts beside his frat brothers. That’s why I think his life post revival was a lot harder than Madison’s or Myrtle.

      • Smidge

        I’m wondering (hoping) that the reason Fiona took Kyle on was not because she saw someone vicious and violent, but because what she saw showed her he was sweet and clumsy but with brute strength she could exploit. I just really, really want what he did to be an accident, and it fits with Fiona’s character to exploit a vulnerable simpleton who doesn’t know his own strength.

  14. mygirlsmom

    I hope Queenie lives!

    • TamarAngela

      I’m pretty sure she’s a goner.

      • mygirlsmom

        You think? The stomach wound isn’t necessarily fatal and she shot herself through the brain which killed Hank but shouldn’t affect her. I’m holding out hope.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Yeah I’m not sure either. There are no rules on AHSCoven. The stomach wound was not self inflicted so I expect that to be traumatic, but dang she blew out her brains too. That is different than a self inflicted slash of a knife on her wrist or neck.

    • Smidge

      Meh, I’m over Queenie. If they bring anyone back, I hope it’s Luke. Poor guy. :(

  15. steve

    they racked up a body count tonight. I liked Myrtle telling Fiona that she didnt even think the council was seeing anyone right now. Thats cuz she took their eyes and made a stew of them it looked like. Maybe she knew the stewmaker from blacklist!

  16. So many things to comment on. I’ll list them:
    1) Myrtle’s scene of exacting revenge on her council members was perfect. I’m loving her character and the way they’re utilizing her! I will miss the wackiness of the council members as a whole though.
    2) With Hank not being able to kill the witch as a boy, I thought for sure he was going to kill Cordelia by the end of the episode. What happened instead made me have sympathy for an intended complex neutral character that I had honestly hated all this time. Good job AHS.
    3) I literally screamed at Luke’s death. Just when I think there’s a glimmer of hope for me not detesting Joan…what happens next?
    4) What happened to Kyle? Did he eat the dog?! lol
    5) Is Queenie dead? If she isn’t, don’t you think she would have also shown up with Marie?

    I’m missing a bunch of stuff, but I’m sure the thread will remind me once I read through!

    • Urethra Franklin

      Good point about Queenie. I couldn’t decide if she was dead or not, but you are right.

      Kyle broke the dogs neck. I think he didn’t realize his own strength in hugging that dog. Either that, or his monster side kicked in… But for sure his monster side dog attack mode will come out later this season.

      • Marie fled the crime scene asap and left Queenie there? That is definitely a possibility. If Queenie survived, it would have just been easier to show the next scene of her with Marie at the house orrrrrrrr a month later the episode will open up with her in a hospital bed. It’s more suspenseful that way. HA!

      • TamarAngela

        That’s why I think Queenie’s dead. She would have been at the Coven’s door with Marie.

    • TamarAngela

      Hank confuses me now even more. If he’s so “scared” of killing witches, why was it so easy for him to kill the witch at the hotel?

      • Urethra Franklin

        That man has some “disappointing” Daddy issues. He still carries that traumatic childhood incident with him for each kill I guess.

        Plus that hotel kill job he did on Kaylee was such a wimp ass job. He shot that witch after he fucked her, and then shot her when she wasn’t even looking at him. Unlike that fire witch in the woods being a moving target that shoots out FIYAH.

  17. TamarAngela

    So are we sure that Joan is a witch too since she put the bees inside her husband’s car? If she’s not a witch, she SOMETHING with powers.

    • The flashback of her NOT using powers to kill her husband definitely supports the position of her not being a witch. I still have my doubts about that position though. Hank is a professional witch hunter.

      • TamarAngela

        I thought she DID use some kind of powers. Otherwise, where did the horde of bees come from as she looked on? Maybe she didn’t realize her powers?

        But then again, she killed her son because she now knows that he knows what she she must know she was guilty? This is crazy!

      • Interesting. It was dark when she killed her husband. Bees aren’t active at night time right? She could have put them in there earlier, but that was sort of awkward with her waiting outside watching him in the car. I’d LIKE to believe she’s a witch, but we’ll see.

      • Katrina

        Joan is either a witch or pure evil and religious fanatic.

    • Smidge

      I still think there’s more to the Luke and Joan story, otherwise their whole arc has been kind of pointless. Unless Nan goes seriously dark and badass on finding out about Luke’s death. That would be interesting to see.

  18. Tamara

    Nan is NOT going to be happy about Luke’s death. I’m assuming Kyle is now some sort of gaurd dog for the coven. I think he hugged the dog so hard it’s neck accidentally snapped.
    I think Queenie is a goner. However, what happened to Delphine’s head??
    This was one of my favorite episodes. It’s going to be a long month with no AHS!!

    • TamarAngela

      I was also thinking about Delphine’s head. She must be some kind of lonely now… especially if that tape is on replay! OMG what will the police think when they get there? lol

  19. steve

    Marie was carrying Queenies sweatshirt when she showed up at Fionas so i think she is dead. She fell flat on her face when she shot and didnt move. Hanks dad gonna be pissed now. No more ajax enemas for Luke but Joan couldnt let him go around saying she killed his dad.

    • TamarAngela

      I wonder why the shot for Hank killed her. I can see if she died from the stomach wound but the head shot she wasn’t suppose to feel. But it looked like she died quick right after she fired.

    • Joan killing her son was really dramatic. Did she do it simply because she couldn’t live with him knowing the truth? Because I want her to be a witch, I’m inclined to believe that maybe her killing Luke has more to do with her hiding the fact that she’s a witch. Bringing up the dad’s death reminds her of her ungodly powers (thanks TamarAngela for the spec). But yes, no more enemas for our poor Luke. :/

      I’m expecting Hank’s dad to go all out on the witches now even though his death in direct defiance of his father’s wishes.

      • Beth

        I’m not sure he is dead, all we saw was Joan placing the pillow over his face and starting to lean down. This implies that she killed him, but there are so many things that could happen resulting in him living. Who knows Nan may have been close by and Luke reached out to her telling her what his mom was trying to do and Nan comes to his rescue. That would be awesome, a battle between Nan and Joan. Well it is what I would like to see.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I’m not sure Marie was carrying Queenie’s red sweat shirt. Instead it look like red leather to me instead of a cotton hoodie.

  20. TamarAngela

    I’m wondering does Joan realize that she was dead and brought back. She doesn’t act like she knows it, so far.

    • Urethra Franklin

      The revived people kill ………
      Kyle: momma
      Myrtle: Quentin & Pembroke
      Joan: Luke
      Madison: She tried it on Fiona
      Misty: ????????

  21. medicated fan

    But do we know that Misty actually died? If so, who revived her? Can witches revive themselves?

    • Urethra Franklin

      Good question.
      She was able to revive animals before she herself was burned at the stake. I don’t know how her self revival works, but her claim of self revival sure has caught the attention of Myrtle & Fiona.

  22. steve

    Misty was burned at the begining of the first episode..wasnt it? Thats what brought Fiona back to school witches were dying. There has to be some reason other witches wernt brought back as they died. Its been done so much with these witches so many times now why not others in the past?

  23. Katrina

    I think Queenie is dead. I have 2 thoughts 1) She shot herself in the head to save Marie, but the wound to her stomach eventually killed her. 2) The gun she was using was from a witch hunter and it contained one of those special witch killing bullets. 3) Marie brought Queenie back.
    I don’t think Kyle killed the dog on accident. I also think Fiona is using some mind control on him.

    • Smidge

      I think Queenie is dead, too. It was interesting seeing Marie show up at the house. I’m not sure I trust her. But then I don’t really trust anyone on this show!

      I agree about the mind control. Whoever was playing cards, that was not Kyle. He acted like he didn’t even recognise Zoe. And he wasn’t like the Kyle who was alive, either. The Kyle at the kitchen table was talking but his eyes were blank. No spark. Creepy.

      LOVING Misty and Cordelia bonding. I hope we see a love story between the two of them. That would be sweet.

  24. Smidge

    Honestly, this episode had the opposite effect than what I was expecting. I’m kind of deflated after it and am less interested in what happens next, whereas I thought being a big cliffhanger I’d be pumped for the next time.

    Maybe because it was so very dark and depressing. RM took these characters, for the most part, in directions I didn’t want to see them go. I will stick it out, of course, but I’m not optimistic. I think I kind of felt this way a little bit towards the end of Asylum, as well.

  25. Nancy Vise

    Love this show, it entertains on so many levels. I too have been wondering about Delphine and Queenies fate. Since Queenie’s brains were blown out, I was wondering if they would put Delphine’s head on Queenie’s body.

  26. Urethra Franklin

    Hey everybody.
    I will have a recap/blog posted here later this evening. I can’t wait to talk more with you guys about #AHSCoven episode 9.

  27. Beth

    Sorry for the spelling error.

  28. Okay, I finally got time to see the episode. It ended before I saw the upcoming previews so maybe you guys all saw something I didn’t but why is everyone so sure Luke died? He’s in a hospital hooked up to monitors and his mama put a pillow over his face. Big deal?

    Also, I dunno what Marie was carrying when she came in that was orange, but I guarantee you it had the head in it. She would never have left the head. LOL.

    I thought it odd that so much was made of a melon baller, but was not smart enough to see what was coming. That completely freaked me out.

    I loved this episode!

    • JoJo

      Since there’s a small delay, I’ll respond here. I agree TT that all we saw was the laying of the pillow over Luke’s head, not a true death per se, and next episode, we may likely see Nan rush in after hearing his thoughts “Mama Don’t Kill Me”!
      I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the hell Marie was wearing entering the Academy, but it was definitely a orangish/reddish one shoulder number. So, the head in maybe a knapsack? That makes sense.

    • Katrina

      Marie told Queenie to get rid of Delphine’s head, but Queenie took it home instead. Fiona gave the head to Marie because she didn’t want it. I thought it was strange that right after Fiona confronted Marie and suggested they work together and if not, Marie might be hunted. Then, the hunters showed up.

  29. JoJo

    URETHRA….unless you’re in New Orleans trying to track down Queenie at Cornrow City, where is my blog?!!!!!!

  30. Urethra Franklin

    I’m working it on now JoJo. I had a lot of 3D people obligations today. It will be finished in the next hour or so. Thanks for you enthusiasm.

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