Shahs of Sunset Recap: Reza’s Self-Loathing Finally Surfaces


Winner of the 2013 Most Photo Shopped Picture Award

I know I said I was done with this shit show last week, and I meant it. But I am amused by this “special time” for this episode. You see, Shahs as not been pulling in the ratings this season. As the former number one fan of this show in season one, I became disillusioned by season two. As you saw last week, I vowed to abandon the show entirely, and hell I still watch Vanderpump Rules!  That ridiculous Thicker Than Water show usually has the 9 pm Sunday night slot. It’s a coveted spot because of the RHOA lead in.  Thicker than Water has been beating the pants of in the ratings so Bravo decided to give the slot to  Shahs of Sunset to see if that would help.  Frankly, we all have so many Sunday night shows to choose from I don’t understand how Bravo gets any viewers on Sunday nights anymore. My point is, when a show is moved out of it’s time slot, it means Bravo is nervous about ratings and is ultimately trying to flush the season as quickly as possible. Shahs second airing did not happen until 1 am, after RHOA had three airings.

That said, let the shit show begin. We begin with Mike wondering WTF is wrong with Reza. Mike realizes Reza’s behavior is embarrassing everyone. Mike is uncomfortable with Reza being on the gay pride float for the gay bar that he insulted and embarrassed everyone in the night before.  Mike calls Reza and tells him he doesn’t think it is a good idea for Reza to be on the float. Reza is a smartass (shocker) and says “You’ve become the ambassador for the float, I’m very happy for you.”  Reza says who are you to call and uninvited me to a disgusting float that is an embarrassment to the gay community. WAIT WHAT? This as yet unseen float is the embarrassment to the gay community and not the dude as big as a gay pride float all by himself whose hobbies include smelling armpits, using the word faggot to out people who clearly are comfortable in the closet, and generally insulting all of his “friends” on national TV ? Good GOD Reza is delusional. Mike is pissed.

Asa-Music-Video-Gold-1-900-600Asa is trying to get her mother to be more healthy. She is going to start at a very bad place. Green juice. She really needs to go through some gateway veggies before she gets to the whole juicing thing. She also tells her mom to drink more water. Her mom says she hates water. Which is hysterical since diamond water is Asa’s whole life right now.  As Asa is juicing, her mother suggests adding some ice cream. The juice looks horrid. It is not green but somehow more of a shit color. Mom says it looks like diarrhea and vomiting together. I can’t stop laughing at this scene.

Apparently, Reza is flipping houses now. He seems a bit delusional about his future selling cost though.

Mike meets MJ and her ginormous boobs for lunch. I swear those puppies get bigger every time I see them!  Mike says that MJ should not be supporting Reza’s horrific behavior. I would think of all people MJ should get this point. But she doesn’t. God I hate stiletto nails. But cotton candy pink stiletto nails? I’m having flashbacks to Phaedra’s funky pink eyeshadow.  MJ finally gets it when Mike tells her that Sasha’s brother cried because of Reza’s hateful attack.  Mike asks MJ not to come to the float either.

Ugh. Lilly.  This entire scene is such bull shit it is not even worth repeating.  Just know that it took place on planet Lilly.

Mike, his girlfriend, Asa and GG head to gay pride. I’ve never seen Mike dressed in such a gay way. It’s like he is dying to be hit on. GG is in love with all the hot gay guys. Their float is for Club Nur, I imagine this is likely the same parade that the Pump Rules people are in agan this year for SUR.  Lilly shows up and jumps on the boat. It’s all peace, love and harmony with the Shahs without Reza and MJ.

After the parade the gang gets some street food, and who walks up but Sasha. he’s wearing nothing but skin tight white  lycra pants with and interesting feature that accentuates his butt cleavage. It’s king of a keyhole thing.

Asa and invites Resa over to talk to him about the situation. I love Asa’s house.  Reza tells Asa a very whitewashed version of what happened. Then he does a talking head where he cries about being a young Persian gay kid as if that has never happened to anyone else on the planet. Like oh I dunno, Sasha? Whatever, Reza.


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21 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: Reza’s Self-Loathing Finally Surfaces

  1. OMG TT! You are so right! Love the caption, “Winner of the 2013 Most Photo shopped Picture Award” — MJ had half of her body mass removed!!

    • Seriously....

      Lol, I missed the caption, but that picture is so off in so many ways to me. It looks like each photo was taken individually then copied and pasted and photoshopped to death. I mean how are Lilly’s boobs bigger than MJ? I cannot with this. There’s a tiny explosion in my brain whenever I see this hot mess

  2. Undine

    I could not make head or tails out what Reza was talking about to Asa. He was foul and gay bashed some young queens but he’s the victim? His story didn’t even make any sense. Like MJ saying she was helping GG out by telling GG’s boyfriend about her kissing antics. Um okay. No wonder Reza and MJ are so close, they’re both delusional.

  3. Krissy

    How can you tell when a person on one of these Bravo shows is actually an A-hole, or just getting a “bad edit”? You seem to have a pretty good perception on this, but I am generally happy drinking the Bravo kool aid. Then out of no where, I’m blindsided with someones (true) character. :/
    I will read your blog, and think to myself. No way! They seemed so legit, then BAM! – TT was right, again. 😉

  4. I was a huge fan of Bravo since the gay guys show a few years back. Not so much anymore.
    Reeza and MJ have no redeeming qualities. The few realtors that Ive known have always given clients to another if they brought the realtor into the office. Is MJ supported in part by her Mother?
    Only an enemy would talk to a friends boyfriend like MJ did with GG. I hated seeing a woman do that to another woman. Lowlife behavior.
    I’m becoming disgusted with Bravos programming.
    In that photoshopped of the group, Mike is the only one who looks normal. MJ never looked that good. Has anyone seen the photo of her roller skating in a yellow bikini?

  5. lori

    When Reza was saying that he felt like his only choices were pretending to be someone he is not or suicide, I actually yelled at my tv screen. That feeling is not saved just for Iranians you big dummy. Unfortunately many gay people from all countries (even dorky/nerdy white people Reza!) can feel this way before (and even after) they come out, and sadly some do end their lives. We hear stories all the time about such suicides. If he would think about those people, even for one second, maybe he would see that others feel just as much pain as he does, and some obviously even more. He doesn’t have the market cornered. All Reza sees is himself and his own pain. He makes the excuse for his treatment of Sasha’s brother that no one knows the pain he goes through. Ummmm…hello… There are none so blind as those who will not see. Instead of recognizing and understanding the fear and pain that Sasha’s brother is going through and trying to help, he did one of the ugliest things I have ever seen on reality tv (and that’s saying a lot). It’s all me me me with Reza. I think he’s jealous that Sasha seems to be more comfortable with himself and being gay than he does, and being the bully (yes bully) that he is, he turned that to try and make someone who feels less comfortable than he does feel terrible. Reza is such a self centered prick… a head to toe buffoon. I can’t stand him.

    • Jarenov

      The Nur float was on Vanderpump Rules tonight for a couple seconds. It wasn’t hard to miss all that gold. You can easily see GG in the front shooting string confetti at the crowd.

  6. My gut tells me that Sasha is totally out for fame. However, logically speaking, how that be so when he’s no where to be found on social media?! I’d totally love him joining the cast and becoming besties with Lilly.

  7. JrLeaguer

    Loved Asa’s mom. Yes, ice cream would totally have made that sludge better.
    Poor MJ…her boobs arrive 30 minutes before she does.
    Reza saying that a float is an embarrassment to the gay community? No, it is Reza’s shaming of a person still dealing with their sexual identity that is an embarrassment. My heart broke for that young man. I am guessing that he signed the Bravo release forms before Reza went batsh!t crazy.
    I found Asa’s comment about Sasha’s pants or lack of to be interesting. I guess that she forgets that she herself walked down the street bare azzed when they all went to Mexico last season.
    Nice to see GiGi enjoy herself without cutlery being involved.
    Lily continues to bore me.
    Mike….put a ring on it already!!!!

  8. Xanadude

    Oh Reza. You lose your ability to say that you dislike someone because they are perpetuation a stereotype when your entire raison d’etre is to perpetuate a stereotype. EVERY TIME you excuse bad behavior of yourself or people in your group by saying “It’s a Persian thing” you are doing the same thing.

    Just horrible horrible people.

  9. soccermop59

    One thing is certain, these guys sure know how to play the blame it on somebody but me blame game.

    • lori

      Ohhhhh yeah. Big time. The only one I even like anymore is Mike. GG is “okay” so far this season, but she has showed that she is a seasoned expert in the blame game all last season. Speaking of GG, it looks like she may be up to her old crazy drunk chick tricks in the next episode. I cannot stomach Reza, MJ, or Asa. Lily makes no impression on me at all. It’s like she may as well not even be on the show.

  10. Please tell me Thicker Than Water is doing poorly. I want that show gone!!!!

  11. This is one show bravo should get rid of. How come bravo never does a show on poor working everyday people that the majority of the public can identify with? Everybody has money or Andy puts them in a good place to make money. That would be good an ordinary hard working family black or white, but I prefer a black or interracial family.

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