Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap


We begin with Brandi Glanville talking with a group of friends  in order to research for her next book, which apparently is about her vagina. I’m gonna pass on this discussion.

Joyce is  such a happy person.  She’s packing for Palm Springs. Kim is shopping for Palm Springs. Kyle and Carlton are also shopping for new clothes. Well Kyle is shopping and Carlton is sucking the life out of the experience. Carlton has a list of grievances she airs on the shopping trip. Kyle says there is a Mexican expression for Carlton’s list of grievances. She says “she is looking for tits on an ant.”  I like this expression. Kim has packed everything but the kitchen sink, including her own juicer. This trip is “planned by Joyce.”

There is the usual bickering about who gets what room.  Which I will never understand. And  Yolanda is disappointed that the sheets are not ironed. What? She did not bring her personal assistant in charge of sheet ironing? How will she survive 2 whole nights at a beautiful resort with unironed  sheets? The horror!  And apparently, the ladies had no idea Palm Springs is hot.

Brandi keeps calling Joyce, “Jacqueline.” Around the pool everyone pretends to be shy of their anorexia.  Carlton has sever Wiccan tattoos. Kim’s talking heads are adorbs. Brandi brings up kissing Carlton AGAIN. And these grown woman behave like 10 year olds. Now everyone is pressuring Joyce to get in the pool. Why? It seems they think that because she is hosting the pool party she MUST get in the pool first.  Is this a Dutch thing because Yolanda is the ring leader of this one. Yo says that Joyce can’t swim. Joyce says you are right, I can’t swim and Brandi says….wait for it…..

Brandi Glanville celebrates her birthday at Flemings restauran

“You’re a black person.”

When Lisa asks her if she really said that, Brandi quickly plays the “all my black friends would think that was a funny joke”  card. Joyce puts her cover up back on. In her talking head she says, “Yes I am black. Puerto Ricans are Black, Indian and Spanish.”Oh god. This is going to get ugly.

Later, at dinner Brandi is already drunk and calling Joyce the wrong name. Joyce very politely asks her to stop and talks about being bullied about her name in high school. Lisa Vanderpump, who is apparently going to be a blow bite and blow kind of gal this season ,rather than just keeping her spotted dick hole shut jumps in to try to support Brandi’s assholery. Then Yo sinks to as to for unseen levels as well. I fear I am going to loathe this season as I am quite fond of Joyce and do not with to see her dogpiled  by drunks and holier than though foreigners and the wiccan witch of the west.  No bueno.  Lisa also belittles Kim all before the entree arrives.

Joyce tries to tell the ladies about her new TV show Siberia (which I watched and loved but it sadly went the way of  Malibu Country) telling them she is the lead (a slight stretch but she did have a very significant role in the ensemble cast) and she is very excited and hopes they will watch it. Carlton says “isn’t there an expression about sending people to Siberia” because remember she had to use a calculator to do her third graders home work for her, and drunk boots Brandi asks Yolanda to help her take her weave out at the dinner table which the oh so elegant Yo seems to think is a perfectly normal thing to do a the dining table of a lovely catered meal as the hostess is speaking.  Kyle asks very sweetly for Joyce to tell her more about the show. Lisa is a bitch in her talking heads. It’s all very gauche and pedestrian. I am appalled.

Brandi again calls Joyce by the wrong name and says she keeps getting confused because Joyce sounds like a big fat pig. Poor Joyce unfortunately showed her underbelly to the cunts and now they are going in for the kill while only the Richards sisters sit in abject horror on the sideline. Brandi out of no where tells Joyce to go fuck herself.

Somehow, the catfight changes to Yolanda and Kyle. Yolanda tells Joyce she is not allowed to speak at her own dinner party. Lisa is jumping in to defend Brandi and Yolanda and just when you think it can’t get anymore ridiculous, Brandi Glanville,  who is drunk off her ass, has been insulting the hostess since the moment she arrived and moments ago told Joyce to go fuck herself says to Kyle, “It’s hard because you seem so sweet and then you become this crazy asshole.”

Next week, Brandi learns a little bit about Karma.

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107 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

  1. therealdeb

    i love brandi, yolanda and lisa, jsut had to say that. can’t stand kyle, don’t really care for joyce and kim is still a bit nutty but in a good way. brandi was out of line, yes and very drunk, but her calling joyce jackline cracked me up because i think joyce is far to pretty to have that name. it is an older lady name. like when you hear a certain name and get a picture in your brain, joyce is old to me. carlton, i just love her, you don’t like her and that is cool but i do agree she gets a little over sensitive with kyle. i think we have a group of people who are placed together who would never be friends in real life and they try and pretend to be friends.

    • Eisusc1500

      So agree with you therealdeb. Kyle can’t swim with the hot chicks this year because reality has shot her in the ass. It comes off her in waves. Kim is just sad. Tries too, too hard to be smart, witty and pretty and comes up short. I just don’t think she should have been included this season. Sadly, now I feel as mean as they are…oh well…I do like Brandi. Drunk or sober, what you see is what you get. Carlton is fascinating and a great addition to the group. Thankfully for all she’s a white witch…for now… And, Lisa, I just have a tremendous amount of respect for her and how she does so much and keeps it all together so well. Yolanda is pretty interesting and I love the way she doesn’t back down when she knows she’s right. Joyce is beautiful and I admire her patience with Brandi. She’ll need more than patience to make it with this crowd tho.

    • The name Deb sounds uneducated and body oderish to me.

      How does that grab you?

      • therealdeb

        just great, opinions are like assholes and everyone has one. if you were hoping for me to run to the corner and cry, no such luck.

      • Kaylee

        Deb sounds like a smelly twat!

      • Deb, it doesn’t matter how someone’s name sounds in your opinion. Bringing up such is a moot point. If someone asks you to call them by their name…guess what? The normal thing to do is to call them by their name.

      • Not trying to make you run anywhere. Just showing you how it feels. Based on your reaction, it doesn’t feel good. Compound that by the fact that Brandi said in a talking head that at leAst half the time, she does it intentionally.

      • You know who is having THE BEST DAY EVER? Leann Rimes. Who would have thunk that anyone could look worse to the media that Leann Rimes? Brandi only made it worse by calling in to WWHL with the non-apology. ” Um sorry if I offended anyone, this is just how I act with my friends, I am just being authentic, should I censor myself?” No please, Brandi, do you.

        And FUCK YOU TEECEE for calling this from Brandi’s first season.

      • Vivaladiva

        Ok that one really made me L O L!

      • Vivaladiva

        And that was in response of the uneducated and body oderish. I don’t know how or if I can edit comments I’ve posted from my phone.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      I agree with you Deb!

    • Vivaladiva

      She called her Jacqueline. Or maybe even Jaclyn. But no one was calling her “jackline”.

    • Cami

      I feel the same way. Although Brandi was waaaaaayyyy out of line I still enjoy all the shenanigans.

    • “You love Brandi” Your a very disturbed woman for sure……and we all hope not left alone with small children, sharp objects or firearms.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Love how Brandi haters are so quick to hate. Carl, step away from the keyboard, take a deep breath, and put your judgment away. There, isn’t that the classy, upstanding manner in which you would like others to behave (including Brandi)?

      • Look, ‘rica. If Brandi were 22 with no kids on spring break that would be one thing, She has a lot of custody issues with her kids and is certainly in the news a lot (in the show’s off season) being drunk and naked in public. She is 41 years old and acts like a 16 year old in their parents liquor cabinet. Once you are a parent on a TV that your kids are old enough to hear about at school, it’s time to grow the fuck up and act like a role model for your children.

        I on the other hand have not children and can get drunk and fall down all I want. But I would not do it on national TV.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Okay judge the sin but why hate the sinner (or hate the ones who still like or love the sinner)? Isn’t that the exact opposite of the rules that Carlgod (oops I mean Carlton; oops I mean Carl) is trying to impose on others? By God, Carlgod says, you can’t “live Brandi” or you are a mentally deranged person unfit to be around guns, knives or small humans? #hypocritesanonymousmaybe??

      • I don’t hate you or anyone else for still liking Brandi. I just think you are stupid. :)

      • puravidacostarica2

        Yeah stupidity has gotten me far in life. :-)

      • Whatever. You are still wrong. I may live in squalor, but I am RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT! So there.

  2. Michelle

    In short. Lisa came off as a pompus bitch, Yolanda a condescending asshole, and Brandi an ignorant ass. If anyone says after this episode they like the mean girl click of Yo, Brandi and Lisa they need their heads examined. I think all three drank the kool-aide of popularity and felt they could do no wrong. They were picking up where the last season left off and tried to manipulate the season by trying to paint Kyle as the villain this season, but little do they know its not the case. I don’t think Kyle did anything wrong in this episode. Carlton has a major stick up her ass. You can tell she is a team Lisa follower and will continue to find anything wrong with Kyle she can find. These ladies with the exception of Kyle, Kim and Joyce disgusted me this episode. Also who is Brandi to tell someone what a “good” name for them should be SMH.

    • Ness

      Totally agree 100 % I’m so not a fan of the mean girls click. These so called adult women should ashamed of theirselves. Was I the only one hoping Joyce would have punch Brandi in the mouth last night? I’m Latina (I guess black) and there’s no way in hell I would have been so nice to that white trash after being so damn rude at my very own dinner party. & no wonder Brandi’s husband left her. Personally I think Brandi is just jealous she is no longer the younger pretty girl on the show.

    • Curls & Tips

      *Clap clap clap* i agree with you 100%. Brandi has issues, she is a mess. I didnt care for that remark, it took a minute to pick my jaw off the floor. Lisa’s little click is proving to be vile. Whether the name joyce is old or not it doesnt affect brandi’s life. At their age the name joyce is just fine. Then again thats just my opinion.

  3. Tango

    Carlton is nuts and she gives off a rough trashy vibe to me.

  4. Joan

    This whole season seems off to me. Anyone else? Can’t seem to figure out Joyce yet. On the picture you have above, the shoes are the ugliest ones I’ve seen in some time – like the clunkers of the 70′s. In any case, can’t stand Brandi, she’s too crass + she has that mean-girl type of personality that I can’t stand in adult women. Carlton lost me when she claimed to be a good witch. Yeah, right. I still like Kyle for some reason. Kim is a bit of fluff thrown in to make things interesting. Now that she’s sober Bravo may not keep her, sorry to say….ugly comment, but I do think Bravo does that.

  5. pfffttt

    I love Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda, and Carlton! Brandi was so f*ing funny in this episode! I loved it.

  6. Shirley

    Sorry TT Joyce is annoying!!! She’s trying to be little Mrs.. Perfect, I suspect she’s fake! Hell they all are lol!

    • puravidacostarica2

      Query: if Joyce gets her hair cut, will her IQ increase? Like Samson in reverse but involving brain cell re growth? (A joke people intended to poke TT who is a Joycelover and not a Brandilover!)

      • How on earth do you arrive at her being of low IQ? Just because she is gorgeous and doesn’t talk about her vagina and get shitfaced and makeout with whoever is handy.

        You are a smart girl, you will figure out how poorly you are assessing this situation later.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Hey I never said Brandi has a high IQ. I apologize. I have a high IQ standard. Hers must be — what 110? That’s uh…impressive. LOL

      • ONE TEN? Are you on crack? I’d say 100 on a GOOOOOOD day. And it has not been supplemented with any sort of education.

      • puravidacostarica2

        No, she just talks about the tightness of her vagina and the size of her husband’s dick. Again, impressive!

      • YOUR GIRL BROUGHT IT UP! Brandi said hers was worn slap out and she had to have hers reconstructed! MY GIRL simply said replied she had no need for that!

        AGAIN Point Joyce! :P

      • puravidacostarica2

        And Yoyce is not a “trashy pig” in your and Teecee’s eyes. Guess she has to end up drunk and half naked in a photo published on Radar Onlibe to earn that status? Okay, I guess I can share now that my chains is really tight and my 16-year-younger-husbsnd’s dick us ENORMOUS!! No, not a trashy pig here. :-)

      • You’ve told me that eleventy billion times already. Muchlike Brandi you like to kick a girl when she is down….


      • puravidacostarica2

        Damn auto correct! Won’t even let me try to be trashy. Carry on.

      • How did I get pulled in? I’ve never said a thing about Joyce one way or the other. I’d have to probably fall on the “she’s a moron” side. But ANYONE who would join a housewives franchise after the first season is a moron.

  7. Vivaladiva

    I don’t care how annoying or whatever you find someone, to see women, especially women as old as they are, basically become mean girls-is disturbing. They picked on Joyce. Wtf was Yolanda’s weird tangent about Joyce having to get into the pool because she’s the party hostess? Right now I am liking Kyle, the first time since season one.

  8. Brandi is a trashy pig. Seriously, it would be funny if her twat closed up. She’s have nothing to shove in people’s faces anymore. The whole trying so desperately to be edgy that she does, now with Carlton as her sidekick, is just sad and pathetic.

    Yolanda is a nasty bitch. That whole nice thing last season was such a fake job. Her sheets aren’t irioned. The hostess has to swim. The whole looking over at Brandi and rolling her eyes at the others. Complaining that there was nothing to do. Go fuck yourself cold, dry Swedish fish. Ole baccala.

    Just like last season when Brandi was sent to do Lisa’s bidding by driving off Adrienne, now Yolanda is having Brandi do HER bidding. It’s going to be funny when Lisa, Yolanda and Carlton fight over who gets to hold Brandi’s leash. And they will.

    Yeah, that last line of the blog? I couldn’t believe she said that. Kyle did not do or say a thing. Except she won’t back down from them. I hope she doesn’t.

  9. Dolores Slater

    There is also an expression about sending people to Coventry.

  10. Snookums Lynn

    Joyce (I know no boundaries and get mad if u don’t want me in your space) is freaking annoying. I think it was funny that Brandi did say that she wasn’t bullied, she was being picked on like other kids. That’s so the truth, but Brandi was being an uber bitch, because she was calling her by the wrong name on purpose more than half the time.
    I wouldn’t like that place either, Lisa doesn’t make her own tea anywhere but at her own home and f-it, if I’m Pinky fabulous I’m not either. It was an annoying place for them, it was available cause everyone knows not to book that in the hot! It’s not a place to chill on 7 acres, walking from house to house to see each other.
    Carlton is super weird too….
    Yolanda and Kyle… I think Yo probably said something of the sort but was pissed at how Kyle relayed it… But something was said, their both liars and both telling the truth…
    Brandi was drunk and bored, Joyce let it be known she didn’t like the way Brandi was acting so Brandi went for it… Bored and drunk, like regular Brandi.

  11. Rosalie

    Lisa and Yolanda have shown their true colors by condoning Brandi’s disgusting behavior. Kyle, Kim and Joyce are definitely the ladies this season. It goes to show that you can only pretend to be classy for only so long. Quite frankly, Carlton and Brandi are making the show a little uncomfortable for me. There are other channels for that kind of behavior, if one is interested. Unfortunately, this season is not doing it for me. It seems like the saga of the four bitches…….Brandi the foul-mouthed slut, Carlton the bitch of a witch, Lisa the revengeful hypocrite, and Yolanda the manipulative liar. All four are classless and disappointing. Kyle should be happy not to have friends like them!!

  12. Sarah

    I think most of the women dont like Joyce because she comes off as so happy, positive, and uplifting. Literally, I watched her and there was nothing negative about her attititude, unless it was in self defense. Yolanda was trying to call her out on perhaps not wanting to get her hair and makeup ruined….. but seriously… whats wrong w that… they are on natl tv and dont want to look less than their best… this is the real hw of Bev Hills not Real HW of new guinea … Joyce is way too sweet to be around these folks except kyle and co.

  13. Brandy really pissed me off this episode I’m black and u know how to swim and all black people don’t wear weave and she must have forgot her first season when she hat that terrible weave and her tracks were showing and these are the skinniest group of grown women I’ve ever seen

    • MynameisPeaches!

      I’m with you there. What Brandi said was racist. The myth that black people can’t swim is a racist stereotype. As for all black women wearing weaves another damn racist stereotype. And I’m just sick and tired of white folk using their black friend to deflect any criticism of their racist behaviour. We black folk are not a monolith and your one black friend does not speak for everyone within our race.

  14. veronica

    Does anyone know what was said to Brandi on the phone that made her so upset? They showed it during the previews for next week. Thanks!

  15. Kaylee

    Brandi, Yolanda, Carleton & lisa were so disgusting with their behavior. what a bunch of catty miserable bitches! I’d love to run into Bradi in a dark alley. I felt sorry for yo cause her disease, but it’s clear that karma is calling her name. She’s a mean manipulative cunt! Her husband will dump herbforvsomeone younger, more genuine & smarter. I may ave to dump this show if they don’t get rid of these scumbags.

  16. Ellis Scarlett

    I downloaded Brandi’s podcast and deleted it halfway through. She was interviewing some random wife of a BH plastic surgeon. The wife was talking about how a person’s life isn’t legitimized until they own a Birkin bag. And she doesn’t want kids because her vagina won’t be tight anymore. Brandi kept talking about what a great person she is and that she wants to be her friend. Yuck.

  17. First off, as a black person, I wasn’t offended by Brandi. More importantly, I understand why it’s an ignorant thing to say and how it could offend many others. Secondly, Brandi was horrible to Joyce just like the Richards sisters were to her in her premiere season. This appears to be a lot worse considering that if you compare Joyce and Brandi on paper, Joyce SHOULD have a better first impression. I’m not team Brandi, but I also don’t hate her. She’s never pretended to be anything she wasn’t. She’s held tight to her victim card since her debut. The irony of her being on crutches for most of season 2 isn’t lost on me…

    Lisa has been unbearably nasty in her confessionals since day 1. The first few seasons was just humorous, but I can see the difference this season. Her nasty is coming out… Still, she is the smartest housewife in this cast. She’s been carefully crafting her blogs to set herself up as a huge victim by the end of the season. Expect her to play the “My best friend, Kyle, was right about Brandi all along…” card once she finds herself ally-less.

    • MynameisPeaches!

      Racist behaviour is racist even when black folk don’t find it racist. If you are making a generalisation based on someone’s race then it’s racist. Black people can’t swim is a racist stereotype.
      Signed Black British Woman.

      • It’s not racist just because you say it’s racist and you get to decide because you claim to be black. It’s more offensive than racist. I wouldn’t want to be called black anymore than you’d like to be called white. Further, any adult who is not a total moron knows that even if you are not a racist and even if you don’t mean it a certain way, you can’t get away with saying that because all the morons are going to jump up and down screaming. Like you are. Brandi is like a child. She’s been pushing boundaries since the beginning waiting to see when she’s going to get punished. I think she just found out.

      • James


        Aaahhh…so you’re one of those “it’s not racist because I didn’t MEAN it THAT way” assholes.

      • True, but on every reality show where people compete in physical competitions, the black contestant male or female ALWAYS dislikes the water challenges and states they are their weakness.

        Thanks why I don’t think that ONE comment was the problem.

      • Again to reiterate, the comment didn’t offend me. I understand why it offends others though. It was a very non-PC thing to say. Brandi isn’t racist, but the comment was racist? Maybe? I don’t know but I honestly don’t care either. My grandmother always told me that “stereotype” was just a bad word for “statistical correlation”. LOL

        The bigger issue was Brandi’s need to belittle and disenfranchise someone based on superficial reasons and with the intent of maliciousness.

      • Brillke

        Label me if you want but PBS had a show that explained the blacks-can’t-swim stereotype. It was something along the lines of blacks being harassed and/or killed in ponds or lakes in rural areas so they avoided them. When a black person tried to swim at a public pool, they were harassed and/or abused.

        Because they didn’t learn to swim, they couldn’t teach their children to swim and so on. Add fear to the equation and you’ve got generations of people not knowing how to swim.

        It’s a bit simplistic but that can explain why some people don’t know how to swim.

      • I saw a program that explained that black people from Africa or here, or anywhere have stronger denser bones and often very little fat. It’s a buoyancy thing. Like I said, the black comment was not nearly as big a deal as the drunkend stupidity in general and the repeated rudeness to the hostess. While it was not a smart thing for her to say, that is the least of her worries.

      • Tango

        It’s also a fact that black people have more muscle. Their bodies have naturally more muscle mass which causes them to be faster runners and higher jumpers. Not that whites can’t compete, (white men can’t jump? Lol), but blacks often have a easier time building muscle mass. And muscle doesn’t float like fat. Not that it matters much, I’m fat n white and I can’t swim… But there are things that are attributed to certain races. Blacks and sickle cell anemia, Asians and suicide, Hispanics and lactose intolerance. It’s not racist to say we aren’t all wired the same. But I doubt Brandi was thinking that scientifically..

      • Those last two words were kind of redundant. :)

      • Um, are we done arguing about vaginas now, because I have to go to the head shrinker today and as of this moment my answer to the question, “How did you spend your morning?” will be something like, ” Oh you know, arguing with my imaginary internet friends about the vaginas of middle aged women of TV….” and I don’t want to get 5150ed….

  18. LoriNYC

    I must say that as a Puerto Rican woman, I am not offended by Brandi’s comments because I don’t think she meant it as a racial slur to Puerto Ricans. It was about a weave……not a race. The majority of the Puerto Rican people are of European and Taino Indian descent. I would think that a former Miss Puerto Rico would know that.

    • puravidacostarica2

      I am willing to bet that very few Puerto Rican women identify as “black”. Went on a cruise with a 90% black attendee list and can tell you that the black women who had been to Puerto Rico on multiple occasions did not feel welcomed by the folks there. Hey, I am white with a Latino husband and didn’t exactly feel welcome. But live Puerto Rico and have chalked it up to one bad experience. But I agree with TT — would get my ass kicked in a faceoff with a PR woman.

    • So..Lori…you’re saying that Joyce does not know her own genetic makeup and you do? And that ALL pr’s have the same racial/genetic makeup?? Wow.

    • bunniecarrot

      Um sweetie that is a lie. You are def one of those misguided Latinas. Or plain misguided. P.r is a country. Black is a race . Hispanic is an ethnicity. There are many many many many BLACK P.R some as dark as night they’re just too ignorant and arrogant and stupid to acknowledge the fact they are black. Tainos Indians and euro Caucasian exist in EVERY CARIBBEAN/ GREATER ANTILES AND LOWER ANTILIES COUNTRY.

  19. Vivaladiva

    Listen, anyone who thinks Brandi is in the right here f

  20. Vivaladiva

    Listen, anyone who thinks Brandi is in the right here and that her behavior is acceptable in these settings either needs to grow the f*** up or must be 13 years old. Yolanda and Brandi and especially Carlton, you are doing a spectacular job of looking like assholes. The worst part to me is Brandi and Carlton have young children-what a classy example you are setting. They must be so proud of you! And Yolanda, Miss mother, who was so worried about Kim in Paris (and who makes fun of Kim for praying by a trash can next week)-congrats on making yourself look like a petty bitch. I’m actually looking forward to what Kyle will do to you.

  21. Vivaladiva

    One more thing-did anyone else notice how very uncomfortable Etirsa looked when Brandi said she enjoys being choked (sometimes near the point of no return) during sex? Once again, the poor children of this trash box. To quote Nene “trashy hooka.”

  22. I can’t stand Joyce. I don’t even know why. She’s just so…awful.

    • I don’t like her either. She seems to be trying so hard to get attention and be relevant. She seems fake and forced with her pageant big smile and talks like she is a teenager and not a thirty something woman. She annoys the hell out of me.

  23. ughbravo

    brandi vs joyce is basically tamara vs gretchen part 2: former young and new housewife intimidated and angry that a new young and new housewife is on the show.

  24. JrLeaguer

    Just now watching the episode. It looks like Carlton is getting a jump on the celebration of Festivus by proclaiming the traditional “Airing of Grievances.” I expect her to demonstrate her “Feats of Strength” by shoving the Festivus Pole firmly up Kyle’s azz.

  25. Ame

    I am over Brandi andCarlton is a hypocrite! It is so rude to make fun of someone”s name. That is the name that their patents chose for them. Also, I love how Carlton backs Brandibeing mean about Joyce’s name but watch out if you even question the pronunciation of her childrens’ names.

  26. Ness

    I am sorry but am I the only one who wishes that someone would just punch Brandi in her mouth?! I can’t believe the crap that comes out of mouth sometimes. It’s no wonder her husband left her! & I’m so not a fan of the “mean girls” this season (Yolanda, Brandi, Carlton, & Lisa). I’m team Joyce (not Jacqueline btw) & Kyle. The rest of the so called women of this group should be ashamed of theirselves!

    • Live and Learn

      Yeah, I would ball up my fist like my momma taught me and pound her straight in the center of her big forehead. Brandi might not be racist but she made a disparaging remark about an entire group of people — what else do you call that? Ass-hole? Ignorant? Jerk? She’s a liar, she does not have any black friends. Her drunkenness is no excuse and she better not ask for pity and try to use it later if she ever comes to reality. I am very uncomfortable watching the “mean team” Brandi/Yolanda/Lisa/Carlton and feel as disgusted as I did during the RHOC episodes when Tamra picked on Alexis. I had to turn the channel too many times, so I stopped watching that show and this one is likely next.

  27. Urethra Franklin

    I’m not gonna judge Carlton & Brandi for making out because Carlton is clearly open about her sexuality.. and after seeing the size of her bed I know her husband is down for whatever goes down on their bed.

  28. Brillke

    I cannot stand Carlton!

    I really like Lisa and Yolanda but I’m very disappointed in both of them. How could either defend Brandi at that table?

    I feel sorry for Joyce. Yes, she’s a little too happy for me but she did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment.

    Brandi is white trash. I feel bad for her boys.

  29. Vanessa

    Watched the Palm Springs episode, and I gotta say, going on vacation for Bravo equals housewives gone wild! Across all favors, as soon as they step out of town, these ladies forget limits, norms, and that they’re on camera.
    Reading the comments, & watching the episode, I totally get the no-nos that Brandi committed. However, I feel she’s really reaching for material at times, so that she can continue to stay on the show.
    If we look across Housewives franchises, the ladies who stay on the longest, are the ones that are the most controversial, ie, Teresa, Ramona, Nene, Tamra, Brandi.
    It’s common knowledge that she’s supporting herself for the most part, and she now has Eddie & Leann’s reality show to deal with as well. I think she’s upping the ante, without realizing how she’s going to be perceived in the long run, as well as the effect it’ll have on her boys. Also, Brandi is Brandi. Bravo hired her to join the show cuz she’s unfiltered and non pc. Having her on with the other ladies, gets a rise and reaction from them, which wouldn’t be captured on camera, unless they were thrown into these situations.
    Regarding Joyce, I don’t like her. I find that she’s trying super hard, like Camille did in season 1. All her Miss America stuff, designer gowns, and talk about her husband’s big wackadoodle, has come across as a desperate, look at me ploy. In comparison, Carlton, looks more “normal”. Lol.
    Looking forward to seeing the ladies getting into each others business in the next episode.

  30. Xanadude

    So, the weekly Xanadude’s Award for Worse Person on Bravo This Week is obviously Brandi. Which says something, since it’s usually Reza or Stassi. Reza was nipping at her heels this week, though, since he had a double chance to make an ass of himself, but Brandi just dug the hole a little deeper than Reza. Congrats Brandi!

  31. lori

    Damn you Bravo! Can’t you just give at least ONE person the good edit consistently. I’m so tired of having to change who I like/dislike.

  32. lori

    I found it amusing when Kyle used the saying “looking for tits on an ant” because in the first episode with the whole killing if the bee fiasco Carlton said you shouldn’t kill any of God’s creatures except for ants because she doesn’t like ants. *hypocrite much? Tonight she added cockroaches as another exception as per “Carlton’s Laws of God’s creatures”.

  33. DeeDee

    I suppose the description of Brandi as that of a child is most appropriate. She’s naïve to the point of annoyance, even sober. The reference to “black people” and swimming is not the first verbal upchuck from a housewife; it immediately reminded me of the time that Kim Zolciak made the remark about “black people” needing to have a pool indoors rather than outside. Having dealt with racism head-on, even in a fairly liberal state as California, I wouldn’t accuse either of these ladies of having that kind of hatred. Am I offended, yes – I take holidays in the tropics and “sun” and will dive in a pool on a hot day. Even if Brandi, or Kim, believed it was ok to say such a thing, maturity should have stopped them from saying such a thing.

    I have to say that I don’t like Joyce either – seems like it’s all an act. I don’t know that I like this season of Beverly Hills … it’s like Bravo is reaching and turning a lot of us off in the process. Maybe I’m just over all of it…..I dunno

  34. shameonutamra

    Shame on you Tamra for saying Brandi get karma concerning her dog. Women fight – who cares! To bring an innocent dog whim is a part of her family, who goes missing – and yousay its karma????? I hope karma brings you just as much grief for your nasty comment!

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