Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Throw Mama From The Crazy Train

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker - 1Carmon who is Kandi’s never before mentioned BFF and personal assistant arrives at Chez Kandi to find Kandi conveniently looking at bridal “books” and thinking about wedding dress shopping. She seems to think her mother is coming around on Kandi and Todd’s marriage.

Kandi has more framed pictures and art on the wall than most museums.  I like it! Todd tries to tell Kandi to stand up to her mother like an adult. No need to be disrespectful to her mother, but she can’t let her mother be disrespectful to Todd.

Nene, Gregg and Brentt go over to Mynique Smith’s house. Mynique is a new “friend of a housewife” this season.  She was brought in to give Nene someone to play with because Nene’s “Hollywood” storyline fell through after The New Normal was cancelled and her role on Glee is rarely recurring anymore.  He husband is a retired NFL player, Chuck Smith. Chuck was a groomsman in Nene’s second marriage. Nene claims she grew up with Chuck in Athens.  Chuck admits to dating Kandi but not Phaedra.  When did he date Kandi?  Nene, who has sworn up and down she did NOT know Phaedra when they were in Athens, not claims that Phaedra had a bad reputation in Athens.  She says  Phaedra was known as a “head doctor.”  Nene is the kind of friend who will bring you on national television with your wife and immediately start an interrogation  on who you have or have not slept with.  Isn’t that lovely?


Phaedra has taken her mortuary exams so she will not have to be cramming for exams anymore. Apollo walks in with his every present backpack on his back. I believe we decided last week that was his “go bag” in case of the Zombie Apocalypse comes, or Phaedra throws him out, he has a go kit on him at all times.  Apollo tries to apologize to Phaedra. He does a bit better than last time, but he still doesn’t seem to understand what he did wrong, and he is still angry at Phaedra, who is the offended party. He’s trying, but he is not there yet.  “I apologize if you feel like….” is not acknowledging that you fucked up and are truly remorseful. But it seems to be enough for Phaedra. Apollo wants his old slutty Phaedra back that he can bend over in the bathroom. That is Kanye West romantic right there, y’all.

I could write and entire blog about these women’s talking head looks. They know damn well that their talking head look will be seen on several episodes. I usually defend Nene’s hair, but honey it’s gotten to the point I can’t anymore.  Can someone style her hair?  And  all I see in Phaedra’s talking head is two huge pink orbs of some Hello Kitty brand eye shadow. How does anyone look in the mirror and think that is okay? Porsha has the same problem but with purple eye shadow. What is it with housewives and purple eye shadow?

Kandi is hosting a Cardio Cabaret party for the girls. Porsha is not there because she is in the hospital. Porsha’s  sister Lauren says that  she fainted walking down the stairs.  Maybe it’s just the stress of the divorce?   Phaedra still seems to have most all of her baby weight three months after giving birth.  Kenya is not letting that go unnoticed.

Nene invites everyone to go on a vacation by Bravo to Savannah. That should be interesting. Phaedra is excited about the cemeteries there. I lived in Savannah for a year or so and there are all kinds of ghost tours and cemetery tours. Phaedra will be in hog heaven.  Why are they talking about taking a bus? They seem to think Savannah is about 3.5 hours away. Um, good luck with that.  Savannah has a great little airport and Delta flies in and out all day. Take the plane.

Porsha’s  explanation to her sister about her fainting spell is hilarious. Porsha says she forgets the name but basically not enough blood was getting to her brain so her brain just shut down.  We have seen that on every episode she has been on.  That is nothing new.  Porsha gets over heated at the drug store where there are two chairs for her and her sister strategically placed.  What do you know, at that exact moment, Nene calls!  What a coinkydink!  After the call the two sisters continue to walk aimlessly up and down the lube aisle until the happen upon a blood pressure machine.  Lauren walks Porsha through the difficult process of getting your blood pressure read, and then attempts to explain her results.  Her blood pressure was slightly high and her heart rate was also high. Porsha blames Kordell.

Kenya says her dog brings out her nurturing side.  Which was best highlighted when she left the dog in the old rental property alone for days according to her evil landlord. Kenya and the dog are with Kenya’s aunt. The topic of conversation is Kenya having a baby. Apparently, she wants to have a baby with her john her African sweetheart. Welcome to the made up storyline by Kenya for this season.  Wait back up did Kenya just say she didn’t want to rush anyone into marriage?  Wasn’t that her entire storyline last season? If Kenya is going to do all of these fake crying close-ups, she really needs to find a dermatologist. I don’t know what is wrong with her skin. I am starting to think she has a hormonal issue and grows a beard she has to shave and has constant five o’clock shadow. I’m serious. Her chin and upper lip are a dozen shades darker than the rest of her face, even when covered with foundation.  If the story about her mother is true, and that is a big if, that explains a lot of Kenya’s issues.

It’s time for MotheroftheBridezilla  to go ham in the wedding dress shop.  She arrives with her two sisters and she is all smiles until she sees Carmon there. I missed who Kandi’s male friend is but he tells Mama Joyce he is surprised to see Kandi, the tomboy, trying on frilly dresses. Mama Joyce says, “She ain’t gonna wear it nowhere.” And here we go. Mama Joyce says she would be excited for the wedding if Kandi would find someone else to marry.  Carmon says that is a terrible thing to say. Mama Joyce says Carmon knows him better than anybody. Mama Joyce and one of her sisters jump up off the sofa and dash over to Carmon who is trying to be respectful and start going in on her.

Kandi comes out in the first wedding dress she has ever tried on to show her mother but she is going in on Carmon and doesn’t even look at her.  Joyce’s sister is crazy too and lies through her teeth to Kandi saying that Carmon jumped up out of her seat.

Someone tries to draw the attention back to Kandi and the gorgeous dress she just spent 20 minutes getting tied into.  The aunts say they don’t like anything about that dress. Poor Kandi. You need to handle your business with your family.  As soon as Kandi leaves to try another dress Joyce jumps up at Carmon AGAIN.  Now Mama Joyce is talking about Carmon haning around Kandi for her “left over hair.”

Kandi comes out in street clothes and she is ready to go. Mama Joyce pulls off a shoe to try to get at Carmon to beat her with it. Carmon moves to the lobby to save herself

Someone convinces Kandi to try on one more dress.  She doesn’t want to but once again she does it to try to restore peace.  Then both aunts and her mother tell her they do not want her getting married.  What a bunch of bitches.  Why come to the dress shopping if your sole intent is to sabotage it?

I’m going to cut this a bit short I’m feeling a bit lightheaded.











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81 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Throw Mama From The Crazy Train

  1. Seriously, as young adults we’ve all had to put up boundaries with our Mom’s. Mine was more on my side than hers but it was there.
    Momma Joyces attitude is Kandi’s fault for not setting boundaries years ago.

  2. Katrina

    I agree about Kandi and Joyce. There has not been a boundry in 35 years and I don’t expect it to change anytime soon! It is Kandi’s mother and they will work through it.

  3. TamarAngela

    The Portia scene had me cracking up. Her sister seems to be a bit of an airhead, too. “Death, Wedding, Funeral” LOLOL GOOD TV, though.

    Mama Joyce… ugh! Kandi needs to give her boundaries..yes But Mama is a way past grown woman. Her child shouldn’t have to teach her how to behave like an adult.

  4. Katrina

    Just because you live in a small town and go to the same high school does not mean that you friends with everyone in the entire school. Chuck was class of 88′ and Phaedra possibly 89′ or 90′. Chuck said he didn’t date her.

    • Athens is not a small town. It has many high schools public and private and they are all LARGE.

      On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 1:30 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • Katrina

        Thanks for letting me know. I always thought it was a very rual, small town. I grew up in a small town with 1 high school.

      • They still have a “cute downtown” like a small town, but all the stores are (are were) hipster stores, or high end boutiques and really good restaurants. When I lived there it was not uncommon for the stores and restaurants to play musical leases and change places. That was weird. It was considered cool to take care of all your shopping needs downtown. If one ever ventured to “the mall” or ate at chain food restaurants you were shunned. But yes the Athens-Clarke county area is the size of a metro suburb.

        On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 2:27 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • pfffttt

        Phaedra and Nene make it sound like Athens is some small town. Phaedra said it only has two high schools. I laugh at their description. It’s not as big as Atlanta, but it isn’t a small town. UGA is there. Has a great bar scene.

      • Shellbelle

        Oconee county would be considered an extension of Athens and is quite large itself. Athens doesn’t have a skyscrapers that Atlanta has, but it’s not a Podunk town either. Go Dawgs!

  5. Br

    The guy at the wedding shop is Kandi’s stylist Kwame, who was also featured on her Kandi Factory spin off series.

  6. SnookumsLynn

    I was like mad with this episode about 10 minutes in. Kandi needs to man up if she wants to have and keep a man, her mama is way out of pocket, of course Todd is on the wall…he forking lives there! this is his house. Joyce is so on the nerves and so is Kandi with her passive ass attitude…Nene, how you gonna go to your new pretend friends house and ask her man about his past relationships? Who does that???? and Apollo just seems like a man that’s DONE! he just wants the freak, or nothing at all….

  7. Katrina

    Carmen seems to have a lot to say about how Kandi should talk to her mother and seem to imply that Kandi needs to make a choice between Mama Joyce and Carmen. I think Carmen is instigating some of that stuff too. Todd was saying that he and Carmen agreed that Kandi should stand up to her mom.

    • Jaclyn

      She said Kandi would have to make the choice to stand up for her relationships or her mother would forever run her life and I agree. I do not believe that she was instigating either, She was saying what everyone watching the show thinks.

    • DeeDee

      I agree, Katrina. Carmon has the right to her opinion, but I believe strongly that she should opt out of the situation with Kandi and Momma Joyce.

  8. otherpeoplesproblems

    Holy shit, momma joyce is insane. I agree with somebody in the last post who said she seems senile or on pills. She has never seemed so crazy before! Joyce is being an awful person this season. Imagine what a disaster her wedding will be if her mom doesn’t calm down. Cynthia’s problems seemed like nothing compared to this.

    I feel so bad for Kandi.

    • willlynn

      Did you watch the social version of last week’s episode last night? The twitter comments had me seriously laughing out loud. someone mentioned Mama joyce need to be shipped off to Shady Pines

    • hearMeOut

      It’s sad, but watching Momma Joyce’s behavior makes me think Kandi got a lot of beatings when she was a child. I wonder how many shoes she was hit with. Her mom hasn’t learned at her old age, that hitting is not the way to solve problems or perceived problems. I actually think Kandi is really afraid of her mom and is still attached to her in an unhealthy way. Kandi may have never had a normal relationship. She said herself, her momma has a problem with anyone who tries to get close to her.

  9. Katrina

    I don’t know how old Mama Joyce is. I am starting to wonder if Mama Joyce is going through something harmonal or if something happened in the family. I belive something is wrong. She is not acting. She really does not like Carmen or Todd! She really looked sad.

  10. I feel bad for Kandi for the most part. For some reason since the moment this season began, I’ve felt like Momma Joyce was over acting, not over-reacting. Is it wrong that I think she’s brought it upon herself to boost Kandi’s storyline on the show more than a real dislike of Todd? Seriously, I just had to scroll up to read/remind me his name! I’ve watched faithfully, but it’s my least favorite franchise and one of the nicest things I can say about it is the almost insulting “Kandi is too nice/regular” to be on it. Since she also hated AJ (IIRC), she may well hate him and all her men, but she’s over playing her hand intentionally.

    • hearMeOut

      @barbinga I originally believed the same, Momma wanted to play up her part on the show. But, after watching last night, I actually believe she’s crazy. Many people seem sane until you mess with their money.

    • Joan

      MaMa Joyce reminds me of Jim Jones’ Mom in that reality show – think it’s called Hip Hop Love (?) on VH1. At least I think it’s VH1….. The woman constantly stirs the pot with Jim’s live in love, Chrissie. MaMa Jones. Now, Kandi’s Mom is not quite as uneducated or crass as MaMa Jones is. Yet she has a mean mouth – and she didn’t like Kandi’s last fiance’ – the one who was killed in a club a while back. Kandi has ended that relationship – and I bet MaMA Joyce probably had a hand in that. I could understand if there was something really bad, or obvious, about Todd (is that his name?)…. but seems like it’s just MaMa Joyce stirring things up and making up some trash. If Kandi lets her Mother gain more power, Kandi is going to regret it the rest of her life.

  11. Katrina

    I thought Mama Joyce was acting at first. It keeps escalating. It’s true that Kandi would’t have a storyline without Mama Joyce. She never interfered with the wedding plans. She even turned her sisters against Todd.

  12. JrLeaguer

    Still think that Mama Joyce is hiding a flask in her cleavage. Why people take a pack of she wolves with them to choose a wedding gown is beyond me. It took me about 15 minutes on my lunch hour to choose my gown 28 years ago.
    Porsha thinks that her brain has shut down…bless her heart.
    It was nice to for Nene to let Gregg out of the basement for some sunshine and a fieldtrip. Her money comment to Kandi was tacky and screamed jealousy. I am thinking that she left Gregg a list of chores to be completed by the time she returned home.
    Kenya needs to accept that menopause is knock, knock, knocking at her door and that Phaedra has Apollo and Apollo’s babies. Even Kenya’s Rent A Dude, Walter would not tap it.
    Speaking of Apollo…Son, get thee to a jewelry store! You are not a wordsmith, so let a little something sparkly do your apologizing for you.
    Cynthia…Still trying to figure out why channeling Diana Ross in all of her sequined glory is a good choice for working out, but even more puzzling is that you chose Peter over Leon? Damn….just damn.

    • SnookumsLynn

      OMG! I died at your description of Cynthia’s workout attire….she be too fa real with the dressing up, but that outfit? AWFUL!

    • I thought that the sequins stuff was just Cynthia being overly playful with her wardrobe. I fully expected all the sequence to be taken off to uncover a plan black tank and her lululemons. By the time I realized she was not taking it off, my blogging brain was elsewhere. :)

      On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 6:53 AM, Tamara Tattles

    • hearMeOut

      My feelings exactly regarding Peter vs. Leon. What was Cynthia thinking.
      Apollo didn’t take advantage of the English classes while in prison. And he doesn’t want to talk about Kenya because his story changes a little each time he tells it. Why does he flip the script and get angry when Phaedra asks about it. Kenya tells a totally different story, ergo, something happened between them. We just don’t know what. I like NeNe, but, what is up with the hair. Is her stylist upset with her. It’s been “toa” up for a while now. If she is in fact a rich bitch, why not channel some of that money to get a new look. She’s not even dressing well these days.

      • misscologirl

        Maybe Leon cheated on her all the time..he seems like a playa

      • I’m sorry but Leon sets off my gaydar. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but I think Cynthia prefers her husbands straight, thus she went for a more macho Caribbean type the next time.

        On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Shellbelle

        I agree about NeNe’s wardrobe… If I see those cut off blue jeans shorts one more time!

      • Snookums Lynn

        I agree Tamara. Leon’s probably a little too metro sexual for her. I like my men a little more manly too, so I get it

    • LaToya

      OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGG!!! YOU ARE FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!! I lost it about Greg being let out the basement for a fieldtrip!!! I look forward to more from you Jr!!! loved it!!!

  13. Katrina

    Kandi has made a choice. People just don’t like the choice she made. I don’t know the man she was talking to, but Carmen was filling him in on all the details of the situation. Carmen is Kandi’s employee and some things should not be explained to everyone.

    • She’s not just her employee though and that changes things.

      • Snookums Lynn

        And I think because they do have a professional and personal relationship, Carmen needs to back off some. They have a lot invested and she doesn’t have to be in everything! Know when to walk away

      • JrLeaguer

        I think that I remember her saying at some point that Mama Joyce had always treated her like a daughter when she and Kandi were young. Remember the sunshine and lollipops that Mama J. was spewing last year to get Kim and Nene to be civil? Boy has she done a 180.


    OMG YOUR MY BFF IN MY HEAD! everything so on point! Love it hunny!

  15. Bren

    I haven’t caught the show yet but is there a possibility that Mama Joyce and family are worried that they are going to lose their cash cow? Sounds rude but it isn’t beyond reason.

  16. Mina

    ” If Kenya is going to do all of these fake crying close-ups, she really needs to find a dermatologist.” Hilarious!!!!

  17. Dolores Slater

    My mom was a shoe thrower and you were never to old to get one thrown at you.

    • hearMeOut

      Carmen should have let the shoe hit her and fallen out on the floor or something. That would have settled moma’s but down a bit.

  18. I can’t find much that isn’t scripted and badly acted.

    Except hair and makeup. Dear god, nene’s hair. Especially when it’s brushed straight back. And Cynthia’s purple eyeshadow up to her hairline? The 80s looked bad then. Let alone now.

    Did you catch wwhl? Kandi got pissed at the world and was crying that everyone is in her budniss. Um…you show your ass on reality TV, people are going to be in your budniss. Tough titties.

    • misscologirl

      DITTO re: Kandi!

    • hearMeOut

      Kandi will never get it. Moma Joyce has brainwashed her to no end. She even brought her little brainwashed clonies to sit in her amen corner at the bridal shop. Did anyone notice what they all said to Kandi. Instead of saying “we don’t want you to marry Todd”, they said, “we don’t want you to marry.”
      They don’t want their golden goose to marry anyone.

  19. charles watkins

    Kandi enjoys all this attention,altho it makes her looks like a victim.She could`nt expect for her man and her best friend to accept this treatment from her mother,and she`s not the sweet innocent person she pretends to be,notice how she is always instigating the drama between Kenya,and Phaedra,and how she`s always got messages to carry even back to the days of Marlo,how she always throws a brick a hides her hand.Kandi loves all this crazy attention from the three wicked witches,andCarmen,and Todd are the victims.

  20. Kandi probably feels responsible for Joyce’s happiness. She’s divorced and lost her son (Kandi’s brother) in a car accident when Kandi was a teen. She feels a valid sense of loyalty to her mom even in all her foolishness. That being said, she will end up single if she does not get out a crayon and start drawing boundaries.

  21. DeeDee

    Family dynamics are often not understood by outsiders and, whatever we believe based on what we see, Kandi owes no explanation for her approach with her mother. Respect, I believe, is of the utmost importance when it comes to Kandi and Momma Joyce. Yes, Kandi got po’d on WWHL with the questions and tweets, etc., but was brought to tears when she explained that momma took care of me and as long as I’m able, I’m taking care of momma. I would too and lawd I have issues with my mom as well (who advised me not to get married …. I’m divorced now and probably should have listened). I just pray that it works out – for years my immediate family have been putting up with my brother-in-law; all we can do is accept the choices that have been made and deal with it the best way we can. And, Kandi’s friend, Carmon, needs to take a back seat to the family dynamic and stay out of it!

  22. TT, the part about Porsha at the drug store… I can’t… I’m crying….

  23. Excellent recap! I only read 2 blogs everyday…and you are one of them! All the best! Thank you for the last year of pure entertainment! God Bless You and yours, Tamara!

  24. Maggie

    Kandi and Momma Joyce, classic case of a abusive relationship if there ever was one. Kandi being all passive and hoping this will all go away, which it won’t because she will not handle this in public or preferably in private. I decided not to watch this show anymore, I don’t need this kind of imagery in my head.

  25. Wow, thanks for the compliments you guys! I was not feeling well when I wrote it and felt like I just petered out at the end and did not have sense to edit it at all. One of my meds is messing with my heart rate and I am coming off it and it’s temporarily making my heart all fluttery and my brain full of cotton. So I am surprised to hear it is one you like. Thanks!

  26. bunniecarrot

    Kandi will be alone. 3 Generations of single moms grandmother, momma Joyce and next Kandi. Period, point,blank. And Land I allows it so she DESERVES EVERY BIT OF IT!!! I feel sorry for Todd.

    • Jesus Christ. You’re crazy. And hateful.

      • puravidacostarica2

        I still feel kind of sorry for Todd. If either of my parents treated my husband this way in our years together, I would be “do you want a daughter in your life or not?” There is no excuse for Mama Joyce’s behavior even if she turns out to be right. But that does not mean I wish eternal singledom on Kandi. But girl’s got to choose…

      • bunniecarrot

        Your comment has to be a joke tee. I see your hateful and rude comments on a regular on this blog. You’re always attacking someone else’s opinion. Stfu. I’m not the least bit crazy or hateful. Kandi allows her mother to run off everyone that gets close to her. KANDI’S words not mine. Knowing is half the battle and Kandi is well aware but allows it to continue. Her mother is crazy and hateful . Why the hell would she come to the store to rain on her daughter’s parade. She doesn’t approve of the groom? OK fine you said it plenty of times and could’ve stayed your ass home ms Joyce. Situations like this are common. It’s not a coincidence that both kandi’s mother and grandmother are both single bitter old women. Joyce didn’t give a phuck about Kandi’s feelings and it showed tonight. I’ve been calling it from the moment the promo aired Joyce is just counting kandi’s pockets. I don’t believe that you are forever in debt to your parents. You should respect and honor them yes of course. But typically a man and women choose to have sex. And said woman may become pregnant. If she chooses to give birth and not place said child up for adoption I’m not going to glorify the woman for doing her phucking JOB! In the world of Kim K’s & Real housewives we start clapping for mediocre shit or doing the right thing. Kandi is allowing her mom to wreck her relationships so I feel no remorse for her. Just like I don’t feel any remorse for myself staying up so late knowing I’ve got to be up at 5:30 for work and to pack my children’s snacks.

      • Snookums Lynn

        I don’t think that’s a crazy or hateful statement. I think it’s the truth. If kandi doesn’t grow up and take charge her mother will always be in her relationship. Todd may take it for a while. But if kandi doesn’t get her future husband some family respect it cannot be well. Joyce and her sisters sitting up there looking like bitter Betty’s either because of greed or just pure bitchassness. I can’t tell which, but that’s generations single women sitting there being hella mean

      • bunniecarrot

        Thank you snookums. Someone who is logical. Tee likes to jump out of the wood work and attack com enters personally for their opinions. In this case I’m stating facts. Someone else pointed out Kandi’s aunt said “we don’t want you to marry” that’s it people they don’t want her to marry. Maybe if Todd was a multi millionaire they’d be more open to the idea because his millions would be merging with Kandi’s millions which would result in some more millions for them in the end.

      • Woodwork? Wtf are you talking about?

        Saying someone deserves to be alone for life is hateful. Thinking you are part of their lives is crazy. Thinking you are a genius for “calling it” when all you did was let Bravo lead you by the snout is crazy and stupid.

      • bunniecarrot

        “Snout” ? Tee you are the most pigheaded commenter on this blog. You are extremely hateful and attack commenters on a blog for their opinion. To behave that way let’s me know you ain’t shit and will never be shit. Sit down like the combative internet thug you are in the corner until you learn a new trick. And if you know the stove is hot and continue to touch it you deserve to be burned. Kandi knows her mother hates to see her get close to anyone and is therefore asking to be hurt and be burned. NOW I’m done addressing your miserable ass.

      • She’s my bestest buddy. But do carry on. She love to chat with people.

      • Um…tell me again how you’re not hateful and wacked out?

      • And you’re right. I ain’t shit. I’m guessing you are.

        Stop addressing my ass. Or at least use a felt tip. Dint forget the zip code!!

    • Katrina

      Joyce has been married at least once, if not twice. I think Joyce is still married. I thought she said it on the show. I think her sisters are married too or widowers.

  27. Katrina

    If Todd cannot find peace and happiness with Kandi, eventhough her mother hates him, then they should not get married because it will not last. Kandi will always have to deal with her mother because she wants to. Otherwise, she would just cut her off like Kim Z. did. The fact is Kandi and Todd are not on the same page.

  28. What is up with Mama Joyce, what is her background? Todd and his mother seem to be close and I can not imagine that she does not loath Mama Joyce at this point and has lost respect for Kandi. If Todd’s mother were to judge Kandi and her past……much less accuse her of running around, , would Kandi and her crusty mother stick around. Thank God Riley seems to be the voice of reason in that family. Is Mama Joyce embarrassed after seeing herself?

    • Katrina

      If Todd’s mother knew about Kandi’s past, she would probably steer her son away. People always trying to bring up someones past, when they do something we don’t like.

  29. Beth

    Not sure if this was mentioned, but Joyce seems to be faking all of it, it is as if she has taken a page from Vicki G. from the RHOC. Joyce now claims she “is a work in progress…” That is exactly what Vicki says to justify her bad behavior. Just sad that Bravo is now recycling tag lines. The “acting” leaves a lot to be desired. Wish these females would realize that they can be good role models for young girls… But hey then they would not be getting paid if they were to respectable ladies…

    • No one wants to see that. That’s why oprahs network is in the shitter. Negative behaviour is interesting. Positive is boring. We want a freak show, not the Walton’s.

      • Beth

        I agree 100%, but it is kinda sad to see a grandmother behave so silly. But if I’m honest my mom had her moments, arguments before my wedding and at the reception. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  30. Nic

    I agree with previous responses that it is rather unfortunate that the Housewives franchise is far more successful than other shows emitting positive behavior and concepts. However, the viewers drive the direction of media, so I suppose that is the Housewives are the chosen winner.

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