Kyle Richards on Wendy Williams

This is an old photo, not from today's episode.

This is an old photo, not from today’s episode.

First of all, Kyle has added extensions to make her hair longer than Joyce’s. I find this hysterical.  She does look fantastic, but it is so transparent.  Wendy starts by asking about Baron Hilton getting his face bashed in while at the same party Lindsey Lohan attended.  Kyle says that she was not there so she can’t say but she implies that her family has told her Lindsey was behind it.

Moving on to Brandi’s alleged alcoholism. Brandi has made some public statements lately that when the boys go to Eddie’s house, it’s still very hard for her and that is why she drinks. Or the show makes or drink. Or whatever the excuse of the day is.  I have my own list of excuses.  Yours may vary. Kyle is skirting around that issue too.

Wendy says that Lisa Vanderpump is meaner than ever this season. Kyle says it has been rough. These are things she has seen before but the audience hasn’t. Everything gets softened with an English accent.


Wendy asks about the family as a round a bout way of asking how things are with her marriage. She gives the everything is great answer.  Wendy brings up Lisa’s comment in front of Portia about Mauricio being seen with a younger women. Kyle says she still has not forgiven her. Wendy asks Kyle if it is worth it to be on reality TV and have all of these horrible rumors in the tabloids when you have children who will see it.  Kyle says at the time she thought she was going to quit the show, now she says she is no longer bothered by it.  She said at the time she could not just laugh it off because it was not funny to have rumors about her husband out there.

Wendy says she would have quit as soon as they  cast a witch on the show. Wendy seems particularly paranoid of Carlton. It will be interesting to see if Carlton is ever on Wendy’s show. Kyle says she thinks some of the girls were being extra nice so she would not cast a spell on them. Kyle said she asked the producers if they were crazy casting a witch to be on the show as if they didn’t have enough problems.

Moving on to hair wars,  Wendy wants to know if Joyce’s hair is all real. Kyle says she thinks it really is. Kyle in her newfound extensions says that people thought they would not get along because of the hair wars.  Kyle pretends like it is not a real issue saying, “What are we in fourth grade? ” No, not fourth grade, it’s very much middle school.

Okay, after going a back to add in the pictures, perhaps Kyles hair is not really that much longer. She has lightened it up and it seems longer but maybe not enough for me to have made such a big deal about.

Next up: Kim Richards on Bethenny!


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7 responses to “Kyle Richards on Wendy Williams

  1. I saw this and couldn’t figure out who was kissing who’s ass more. Kyle makes my blood boil, but Wendy clearly likes the ones I don’t care for. So in keeping with this years New Years resolution that I just remembered again…ummm…everyone needs support, right? Glad they have each other.

    • lori

      I know. As far as the Housewives go, everything Wendy says is like opposite world. Wendy is such a flip flopper hypocrite anyway.

      • Beth

        I liked Wendy when she was on the radio, she would shoot straight from the hip and stick to what she said. I guess to keep the TV money rolling in she had to change.

  2. krie

    I never watch Wendy I cant stand her and I do not like Kyle either. Thanks for the update

  3. Katrina

    I like the highlights in Kyle’s hair, it softens her face. I think the front part of her hair is now even with the long part. Her overall hair did not appear to be longer.

  4. Shirley

    Lmfao only reason you’ll be sacred of a witch is cuz you got ghost in your closet!! Lmfao

  5. Tango

    Kyle’s hair will never compare. It isn’t even a competition, her hair is too flat.

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