Kim Richards on Bethenny

Kim+Richards+Bethenny+Frankel+Films+Talk+Show+BkToatDBXcdlAs you may or may not have heard, the ratings for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has started off poorly.  So Brandi hypes her upcoming misbehavior on Youtube, Kyle goes on Wendy Williams to talk about Lisa and Brandi, and now Kim is on Bethenny.  They are trying to get the word out about the three episode Palm Springs trip starting tonight.  I have a feeling it is working.  Also, Bethenny is tanking in the ratings hard and has been trying to counter this by dragging on any housewife or Bravolebrity  who is willing to show up. It’s a match made in PR heaven I suppose.

Kim’s segment begins with a flashback to the reunion where Kim called Lisa out on talking about her behind her back when arguing with Yolanda.  Yolanda was offended that Kim would “lie” about Yolanda saying Lisa was not her friend.  You know what I mean, forgive me I’m a bit off today due to some minor medical issues that have me foggy headed.  ANYWAY, Kim looks great and is all energetic.

Bethenny actually has ties to the Richards sisters from way back. She met Kyle when she was hostessing at a restaurant in California and Kyle hooked Bethenny up with a job with Kathy Hilton where she basically drove Kathy’s kids to school and ran errands. Nice work if you can get it.

Bethenny asks how this season went, does she find it stressful. Kim says she does not find it stressful, she just sort of rolls with it. Kim says she actually did not watch the first two seasons when she was fighting with her sister but she is in a better place with Kyle now.  Bethenny says that she remembers early on that Lisa and Kyle came onto the show as friends. Bethenny says there seems to be a shift and that Lisa does not seem to be in everyone’s hearts the way she was in the beginning.  Kim says that she doesn’t think the audience has seen some of the things that Lisa has done to them.  That is almost word for word what Kyle just said on Wendy Williams.  Kim has had some good pre-interview coaching. Lisa has a way where she comes off very sweet and kind on camera to Kim.  But off camera she never called to check on her. Kim realizes as she is becoming more well that Lisa was never there.  Kim says more and more of that will unfold over the season and you will see more of the little snide things that Lisa does and the audience perception will change. Kim says Lisa’s true colors will show.

Bethenny asks about her sobriety and Brandi drinking like a fish. How does that work? Kim says that she loves Brandi.  Kim says she is having fun on the show. Kim talks about Kingsley, the new man in her life.  Kim’s sobriety seems to be sticking.  She is doing great.













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11 responses to “Kim Richards on Bethenny

  1. I looove that they are surprised every year when the “fans” just don’t get it.

  2. Mollymom

    Ewwww watching Wendy kiss Kyles ass today made me sick. I will never watch either of those phoneys again.

  3. lori

    I have come to really like Kim. Kingsley really sealed the deal for me. I wish I knew she was going to be on Bethany. (Does anyone here watch Bethany? Has it gotten any better?) I have Wendy recorded, but I’m sure as mollymom said above, her kissing Kyle’s ass is going to make it hard to watch. I was really happy to finally see previews for RHONY last night.

  4. Shirley

    Nice thanxs tt

  5. Yeah I said Brandi’s vid was a bs attempt to get more viewers. Sad that I might have been right. I think all the RH franchises need to end though.

    • Susan

      Amen to that!!!!!!!!! It’s the same ole same ole and BORING. But as long as the money keeps coming in they will milk it for all it’s worth

    • Joan

      Agreed. Brandi needs to go – it’s the same old stick every season – booze, insults, drunken brawls in bars, sexual behavior/comments to shock folks. It’s boring…move on BRAVO. However, it was good to see Kim so healthy today on Bethenny. I recorded it to view this evening. I only watched the Kim segment since Bethenny is just too boring to watch all the way through. I know the ratings have slipped. I wanted to see her succeed, but for some reason her show is not what I thought it would be. Kinda cheesy, no real meat….does that make sense?

  6. bunniecarrot

    The most fascinating part of this post is news Bethany is tanking. I lost respect for B after her mess with Omarossa.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks Lisa is getting a bad rap? I have read other blogs and she is getting vilified by the commenters… While I think Lisa has, from time to time, stuck her foot in her mouth, I think they ALL have done it. I just don’t think it is fair.

    That being said, Kim is turning into my new favorite. I think she is authentic. I dont’ think she is acting in front of the cameras. Clearly the rest of them are.

  8. For me Lisa works at several business’s, surely keeps tabs on her home and has a family. Sounds like a busy woman.
    With that said I’m still watching but not into the show anymore. Those bitching small minded women are so ungrateful.
    Thanks for letting me rant.

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