Scandal Recap: Hashtag YOLO


Ever have something in your DVR that is so good that you have to wait until everything lines up perfectly before you can watch it? That is the case with this episode of Scandal.

“Normally I’d start with a drill or a scalpel, peeling off the skin can be beautiful, or removing fingers, toes, I like the feeling of a toe being separated, from a foot.  But with you, because we’re friends, because we’re family, I won’t do any of that.  Consider it the friends and family discount. I’m disappointed in you Quinn, you’ve been a bad girl. And I need to know exactly what you’ve been up to. ”

And so it begins. Quinn is duct taped from head to toe and is quivering in fear as Huck begins his interrogation process.

“I just want to say I’m sorry. I’m so sorry because I am going to enjoy this, I’m going to love it and I don’t want to ..  I won’t kill you, I promise!” 

-scandal---22-jaw-dr (13)

Oh.My.God.  This is so creepy. Huck says he is going to start by ripping her teeth out one by one with some pliers. Just as he yanks the first one, Olivia calls. She has found out that her mother is not dead. She is alive and in her apartment.  Look, Shonda Rhimes, you are throwing too much at me at once. Can’t we just take it a bit slower! Huck says to hang up her cell and take out the battery, get her mother and take her with her to the safe house as fast as she can. He will meet her there later.  Huck says if she is alive then Command is coming for her. He tells Quinn she is just going to have to wait because Liv needs him. Then he mocks all the YOLO idiots and says what the hell and yanks another tooth.  This all happened before the title segment rolled and I need a drink.

Meanwhile, in a slightly saner part of DC, Vice President Langston is meeting with a campaign manager who wants her to run for president against Fitz.  He says he can give her the presidency but she will have to ride on the backs of the tea party and then, later in the campaign change her policy to Pro-Choice.  If she refuses the deal is off because he says she will not get the female vote. He tells her she must abandon her religion if she wants to be president. She agrees.

Cyrus and James are in bed. James is furiously typing on his laptop. James is still wired from his interview with the Vice President’s husband, Daniel  Douglas.  He tells Cyrus that he got him “to go deep.”  Cyrus knows Daniel is gay and arranged the interview to tempt Daniel with his man. Cyrus is worried. James  asks Cyrus if there is something he wants to ask him. Cyrus responds with, “Is there something you want to tell me?”  And the conversation is dropped. #DontAskDontTell

-scandal---22-jaw-dr (3)

Abby is freaking out at the safehouse with all the gladiators because “dead momma Pope” is alive and right in front of them. Mama Pope says that she figured out she married a monster and she was flying to London with some proof and then she was going to take Olivia and run but Eli caught her and locked her up in a prison. She escaped while in transit to a new location. Huck and Jake both realize that no one escapes Command  and quickly and without anesthesia removes a tracking chip from her and everyone hightails it out of there just before the bad guys arrive. Why isn’t anyone wondering where Quinn is?

Eli is PISSED. His team is covering all airports, trains, traffic cams, EVERYTHING.  Facial recognition devices are in place. He has all assets in play. Meanwhile, the gladiators are looking for a place to stick Mama. They decide on Hong Kong.  Someone finally asks where Quinn is. Huck says she is learning what she needs to do. He asks if he should go check on her and Olivia says she wants him with her tonight.  Abby and Harrison go to headquarters to discover it has been ransacked. A friend of Harrison’s stops by to pick up package of info for her to work up. She casually mentions someone named Salif is back. Harrison seems distressed by that information.

Olivia brings her mother breakfast and she insists that Olivia join her. Her mother made up lots of stories about Olivia and her happy life. Her mother seems disappointed that she has more Eli in her and less of her mother.  Olivia seems offended by her mother’s  suggestion she is not happy and that she is like her father. Huck and Jake talk about what to do. They can’t run forever. They need to try and kill Eli. The two are plotting this in broad daylight on a cheap motel stairwell.

-scandal---22-jaw-dr (4)Jake goes to Fitz to try and get him in on the plot to kill Eli. It doesn’t go well. Both chests puff out like puffer fish and blame the other.

Poor Quinn is still in a world of hurt. She is trying to escape. So far, nothing is going her way.

The Vice President meets with her husband to tell him she is resigning and running for President.  Cyrus is in his office looking at stills of James and the Vice President’s husband in compromising positions when James walks in. I think James knew he was set up, so he is relishing stopping in on his way to meet with Daniel Douglas.  James  seems to enjoy turning the knife just a little.  The gay innuendo continues to permeate the conversation. James leaves by telling Cyrus that Daniel is coming over to their place tonight to have a private place to finish up. James says too bad Cyrus has a donor dinner, it could have been a threesome.

-scandal---22-jaw-dr (5)James runs into Daniel in the hallway. It seems the article is complete and there were no follow-ups. That was just James toying with Cyrus. Daniel wants to preview the article. James says that is not allowed. Daniel freaks out and grabs James and says that he is not gay and he had never done anything like that before.  Daniel says he cannot publish anything about that.  Daniel insults gays, swears he is not gay, and begs James not to embarrass him and his family.

Olivia remembers that her mother called the reporter before she left. Olivia wants to contact the report her so he can verify her story. Olivia’s mother refuses the idea of putting the reporter’s life in danger. As long as Eli is alive, she will be on the run.

Jake has hired a group of assassins to kill Eli. Sadly, it was a trap and Eli blew up the assassins and escaped.  Eli wants Quinn.  His goon can’t find her. That is because she is still a bit tied up at the moment. She has finally managed to break a glass. This is her chance to escape! But then Huck arrives and the tooth extractions continue.

Olivia has finalized plans for the safe house in Hong Kong. However, someone has put Olivia’s mom on the FBI’s most wanted list under a fake name with fake charges. There is no way to move  her.  Really? Why not get a couple FBI guys to transport her out? Where is Red Reddingtion (From The Blacklist) and his private jet?  Abby goes to David Rosen and begs for him to take her off the list. He refuses.

The Vice President goes to Fitz and resigns. It’s a brilliant scene.

-scandal---22-jaw-dr (7)James is home alone working on his laptop. Cyrus, who just had a heart attack ran up the stairs to get there before the sexcapade could begin. He’s sweaty, out of breath and rattled. James is cool as a cucumber. Cyrus asks James where Daniel is.  James says Sally needed him at home so they just rushed through the rest “down and dirty.”  This is hysterical. OMG. Cyrus goes on James. And is PISSED that he brought him in to their house with their daughter sleeping in the next room!  Cyrus is flipping out. James says, “I’m confused. I thought you wanted me to have sex with him.”  James is finally letting a little anger out. He says that next time he is supposed to play the role of rentboy in one of his productions he might want to go over the script with him.  James says he can’t understand why Cyrus  would choose to pimp out his own husband rather than just hiring a hooker. These are all valid points.

James says that Cyrus has ruined them.  Not to mention that he used his own husband to shame another gay man for being in the closet. James wants a divorce. He is taking their baby and they are leaving him.  Best scene ever. Best divorce strategy ever. This was everything.

And then, Cyrus say, ” Ask for full custody while you are at it I’m sure the judge won’t mind the photos.”   James had no idea about them. Cyrus says James is not going anywhere. DAYUM.

The phone rings and it is Fitz. Cyrus is summoned to the oval.  He is greeted by Fitz and Mellie with the news that Sally has left the party to run against him. He is all kinds of distracted by the divorce argument and now Fitz is going to ream him a new asshole. I swear Cyrus is going to have a literal heart attack. Then Fitz storms off and Mellie asks where the hell they are on Daniel Douglas and what happened with James.  Cyrus breaks into the ugly cry and has a full on meltdown. Mellie  tells Cyrus that it hurts until it doesn’t.  You think what he did will break you, but it won’t. Mellie says that Sally Langston is a weed in their garden. See it through. Which I assume means release the photos.

-scandal---22-jaw-dr (8)Eli’s sidekick who got Quinn to flip to their side discovers Quinn, still in bad shape . Where is she exactly that that is possible?

Olivia sneaks away to call Fitz. She tells him he can’t do anything about her mother or it will backfire on him. She just wanted to hear his voice and talk about  jam, and Vermont, and kids . Fitz says he is taking care of her mother. It’s done. Olivia argues. Then says thank you. Fitz says he loves her and tells her to hang up, he has things to do. Fitz calls the pentagon.

Eli’s sidekick rescues Quinn and gives her some vodka. Quinn takes it and starts to cry. I think the sidekick’s name is Charlie, but I could be wrong. I am going to call him that anyway.  Charlie tells Quinn to suck it up.  If she wants to run with the big dogs she is going to get bit. Huck did her a favor, she still has all of her fingers and toes, no drill holes anywhere..

Quinn says, “Huck was the only person I had. And he hurt me…he hurt me.. he hurt me?” Now I am going to cry. Then we take a left into bizarre land and Charlie says to Quinn “You have me.” And suddenly they are fucking.  Talk about taking advantage of a fragile female…

Cyrus pays a little visit to Sally.  He shows her the pictures. She tells Cyrus to take a leap. She tells him they both know that he will never release the pictures. It would destroy his marriage! Chile, please. In case you haven’t heard he once took a hit out on James to keep him from testifying in a court case!  Sure he changed his mind at the last minute, but still. I think you may be overestimating Cyrus’s ability to feel human emotion or concern for others here. It’s a bad bet, Sally.

Cyrus leaves and calls James. He says he is so very sorry for what he has done. He promises he will not show Sally or anyone the pictures. He begs forgiveness. Oh Cyrus, you lying sack of shit…

Quinn is back on the streets with Charlie helping him track Olivia and her mom. She knows their burner phone numbers. She can triangulate the signals and hunt them door to door. Charlie says she is the best girlfriend he has ever had.

Fitz sends a military plane for Olivia’s Mom. um, duh. They gave her a cellphone and a gun. Olivia asks Jake if he showed her how to use the gun. Jake says she was actually more worried about the cellphone.  They say goodbye without hugging. Abby screams at Olivia to go hug her damn mother.  Olivia does. Touching moment ensues.  Olivia remembers getting a call from a man asking for her mother, “Marie”.  Olivia calls Huck and asks the fake name of her mother on the FBI most wanted list.   It was Marie.  Olivia realizes that Eli has been protecting her this whole time.  Her father is not the monster. Her mother is.

Huck says, “I think we’ve got a problem.”  Huck flashes back to his truth extracting session with Quinn.  It appears she is going to work with them and report everything back to Huck. Quinn is with Eli and demands the tape of her killing the security guard before she agrees to work them. No wait! She has a needle and is going to kill Eli!  OH FUCK.

Sally calls Cyrus and says, “Cyrus, I’ve committed a sin.”  There is a dead, bleeding body in the background that I assume is her husband.  OH DOUBLE FUCK.

-scandal---22-jaw-dr (12)

I swear I have spent five hours on this post. Every ten seconds there was a jaw dropping moment. I want to watch it again. It was that good.  Is anyone watching? Do you think that Sally killed Donald? Or maybe Donald killed himself when confronted with the photos?


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32 responses to “Scandal Recap: Hashtag YOLO

  1. BTCM

    I watched it and i loved it! Called mama Pope not being as innocent as she put off. Can’t wait till next week.

  2. Love this show and it just keeps on being a big surprise!

  3. TamarAngela

    Mama Pope may now be revealed to be a monster but Daddy Pope ain’t no saint. He still seems like a monster.

    So, I gather that Mama had a bomb on the plane? Was she gonna blow herself up too? Confused!

  4. Valley Girl

    You’re right Tamara. His name is Charlie

  5. Yes, yes so good. I could barely breath. It was so good I could not yell at the TV, good TV!
    I hope it’s on Comcasts play back schedule.
    One update I heard yesterday,
    the network ordered 18 new shows instead of the 22 shows that was originally planned.

  6. hearMeOut

    The photos were scattered over Sally’s desk so I assume she had some sort of discussion with freaky Donald . He was pretty freaked out while talking to Cyrus’ wifey at the white house. It could have gone either way, Sally wanted him out of the way so she killed him or Donald bailed out on his own to avoid the embarrassment. Who knows. the show is filled with suspense and I love it.
    TT may have mentioned it, but the network is cutting 4 or 5 episodes to give Kerry a bit of down time for the pregnancy and new baby.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I think Sally took him out and the reason she called Cyrus was so that he could corroborate the pics and try to keep her out of jail…but maybe not, she’s pretty calculating her darn self! this show just won’t quit with the twists

  7. Ellis Scarlett

    You forgot the best scene when Cyrus is still trying to play the innocent game while James is typing on his computer and it turns out he has been typing “I WANT A DIVORCE” over and over the whole time. Awesome episode.

  8. JrLeaguer

    I love this show and have watched from day one. If anyone misses the episode(s) go to ABC’s website, you can usually see them there the next day. They have a few really short commercials ( but nothing like the regular broadcasts). Also, if you want really good laughs and info, follow the cast on Twitter…They are a tightknit cast and spend time together off camera and they all gather to watch the episodes on Thursdays and they all live Tweet throughout the show.
    looks like #daddypope might have a soul after all. #mamapope has got some splainin’ to do. #Vermont #jam #babies

  9. SnookumsLynn

    we watched twice as well! this episode was EXTREMELY intense….so if her mama is a spy and her daddy is some internaitonal irrational prison warden…I mean, dang, of course this girl has some convoluted values and sleeps with the president!! but I still can’t see how the mom is worse than the dad..I mean, what he did to Huck & Jake…C’mon son…those are some pretty bad offenses….oh and the whole having the plane shot out of the sky thing….geeze…daddy is a bad dude!!!

  10. JrLeaguer

    Here is a bit of trivia for everyone….Kate Burton who beautifully plays Vice President Sally Langston comes by those great acting chops genetically….she is the daughter of the late, great, Richard Burton.

  11. JrLeaguer

    Too funny.This is copied from Josh Malina’s Twitter feed…..
    from JoshJoshua Malina ‏@JoshMalina 5m
    To make up for #Scandal’s shortened season, any gladiators who choose to may live with me during the month when eps. 19-22 would have aired.

  12. i got a client of mine hooked on this show ans she was so upset about the torture of quinn that she has vowed not to watch again… stupid! i loved it, there are so many twists and turns. danile said about mellie telling him that cyrus and james had an open marriage, not sure if anyone remembered that. mama pope is good at pretending. i always thought eli was hiding more than just her mother, turns out he isn’t all bad. fuck me, this show was intense.

  13. naa

    Awesome recrap, thanks. This show is my favorite hot mess. It’s sort of all of the great Soap Operas of the 1980s rolled up in a much smarter package – I mean short of evil twins, prolonged comas and freeze rays.

    The Quinn/Huck scene where he licks her face was just gorgeously over the top. And kind of a shock. Shondra has been pitching us the kinder, gentler Huck character working on his demons with a few notable setbacks like making the dude look like he committed suicide. I really thought at the end of the previous epi that the torture stuff was just for show. But the monster Huck came out in full force. (It is Charlie, btw.) I missed this, though – “It appears she is going to work with them and report everything back to Huck.” I will have to re-watch.

    Quinn with the poison syringe was great. My prediction is Charlie saves Eli and Quinn ends up in one of the holes where they put Huck and Jake. Eventually to be rescued by Huck. Either that or she is this season’s shrapnel. The thing about Huck is he seems to be able to move past things. Remember the fucked up relationship Huck had with the would-be assassin last season? Maybe that’ll be Huck and Quinn going forward.

    I loved the James/Cyrus scenes. I missed the custody threat from Cyrus. I am going to have to re-watch that. It adds a new level of creepy to his character since he never wanted the kid anyway. Talk about a need to control. And I agree, the “rentboy” comment was perfect. Really, why not just get an actual hooker? The Veep’s hubby wasn’t exactly hard to get and that’s what they were going to do the previous episode?

    You CANNOT watch this show focussing on the glaring plot holes expecting logic to prevail. You really just have to roll with it.

    Speaking of which, I mentioned in the previous thread that there was something about a dirty bomb and London. I think that was what Marie/Maya was alleged to have been planning. But someone is going to have to explain why the plane needed to be shot down. If they knew the bomb was on the plane, they could have just removed it when they removed her/Omar, right? Why the plane with 300 innocent people on it was blown up is something Shondra is eventually going to have to explain since Operation Remington is sort of at the heart of this series at this point. Did Eli blow it up to cover his own ass since the head of B16 being married to an uber-terrorist probably wouldn’t go down well? Fucked up reason. Did he blow it up because the terrorists had to believe that Marie was dead or couldn’t know that their group was compromised? Maybe plausible but still totally fucked up. Did he blow it up just so he wouldn’t have to explain to Olivia where mommy was? In Shondra-world, this probably makes the most sense. :)

    Sharif has something to do with why Harrison was arrested, but we don’t know yet what the deal is there. He’s about due for an interesting plot one though.

    One the Veep ending. Wow. No clue. Maybe she just snapped. Renouncing your pro-Life position, resigning as VP and getting pics of your gay hubby having sex with the Chief of Staff’s husband can’t be day brighteners. Looks like she shot him in the back, too. Not normally your best position to defend. Just saying. (Mellie as acting VP anyone? Wouldn’t happen in the real world, but in Shondra’s world it has to be a possibility.)

    For as big a crap-fest as this show is (and there is no doubting that it is), the acting is really good. Great trivia on the Veep’s acting pedigree.

    I think the Kerry Washington pregnancy may have necessitated a few “extra” plot twists. I still think that she is going to discover she is pregnant from the one-night stand in VT at the very end of the season. Mellie and Cyrus will probably know before Fitz does. Otherwise, I just can’t explain the sudden disappearance of Lisa Kudrow’s character, which was a pretty major plot line.. Seemed like it was just gathering some steam and was responsible for the best line of the season, Abbey’s Chinatown-inspired: “My sister/my daughter/my sister/my daughter…..” Only reason I could come up with is that Shondra wants/needs Olivia to run Fitz’ reelection campaign next season. But again, who knows.

    • I was watching this bit by bit and stopping every ten seconds to blog. So when I wrote, ““It appears she is going to work with them and report everything back to Huck.” It was clear to me at that moment that she had flipped by to Huck’s side. I thought she was going to be Huck’s informant. But it was much more than that, Huck sent her in to kill Daddy Pope.

      When Mellie and Cyrus hired the female hooker that was of no interest to Daniel, they noticed Daniel’s attraction to James. So they decided to use him as bait. Cyrus seems to have believed that James would not go forward with Daniel’s overtures. James was on to Cyrus and fucked Daniel to try to hurt Cyrus (I am not sure that is an attainable goal,)

      I have no idea why the plane had to be blown up other than MamaPope was listed as a passenger so they wanted proof of her death but for some reason kept her alive. We really do need to clear all that up.

      Thanks for the awesome comment!

      • naa

        No, thank you for the awesome recap. That was a whole lot of work!

        I remember how smug Cyrus was about James and how Mellie tried to warn him. One of my favorite moments in the last episode was when the lightbulb went on in James’ head and he realized he was being pimped out by his own husband. And so he behaved like a hooker. Pure awesomeness. Still, if you google “rentboy” and Washington DC, you’ll see that it wouldn’t have been particularly hard to find bait for the Veep’s husband. Maybe getting that bait in the door was trickier although they go the actual hooker to him pretty easily. (I know, I know, just sit back and enjoy the Shondra plot-rape.)

        I am going to re-watch the Huck/Quinn scenes – (a) because they were that good and (b) because I want to see what you saw. Poor Quinn. I’ve known people who had to go through dental implant surgery. She’s better off in the hole. :)

      • naa

        “got” the hooker to him pretty easily.

      • therealdeb

        i think in some way eli still loves her, knowing what she is he still does love her. she is the mother of his child and that can be a terrific bond, i also think the reason he keeps olivia at arms length is because of who and what her mother is. does that make sense? i guess about as much as some of the stuff on this show, lol.

  14. Urethra Franklin

    I have never watched Scandal, and I did not want to start now without watching it from the beginning. I got an early Xmas present , a NetFlix subscription so Scandalosa here I come.

  15. naa

    um, also, isn’t Olivia supposed to call up Fitz and do her best Emily Latella impersonation?

  16. I originally commented at the wrong post. Network did cut back to ordering 18 episodes instead if the original 22 episodes ordered. Curious as to why?

    This episode took my breath away. Yes I heard Momma Pope had something to do with the dirty bomb. Guessing it was on the plane and the plane could not be allowed to land in London. Over the ocean, no trace.

  17. naa

    oh, and if there was a dirty bomb on the plane, why not just take it off the plane when he took her off the plane? Still makes no sense.

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