American Singer Comes in Third on Arabs Got Talent

American Jennifer Grout, who speaks very little Arabic competed in Arabs Got Talent in Lebanon and the judges loved her. She made it all the way to third place despite some negative public opinion from the locals who questioned why an American was allowed to compete in the first place.

Jennifer is from Cambridge, Mass., describes her background as English, Scottish and Native American.


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6 responses to “American Singer Comes in Third on Arabs Got Talent

  1. this is pretty amazing! :) thanks for sharing tamara!

  2. Thanks sunshine! It’s my sneaky way of trying to encourage world peace. We are all the same. I think a lot of people would be surpised to know the Lebanese gather around their TVs to watch the same shows we do.

    Based on the lack of comments. It’s clearly not working. But I will keep trying.

  3. 312

    I loved this. Thanks for sharing, and even one person here could share with countless others. You never know!

  4. Wow, that was an interesting clip. I traveled around the world as a kid, so I get your point. We are alike more than we are different. Maybe the cold and football games had everyone preoccupied tonight.

  5. wow she has an amazing voice. Arabic certainly is not an easy language to learn. Trust me I tried. LOL and to sing in arabic wow so beautiful. Thank you for sharing TT.

  6. jarlath

    She’s no Dalida

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