Mob Wives New Blood Recap: Mob Candy and Mob Hits


Okay last season there were less than a dozen people who cared about this show. But I kind of like it because all of these women are in the news for mobster crimes when the show is on hiatus and their mob ties are real. So I’m going to give it the good ole college try again this season.

Renee’s father and rat of an ex-husband are still in jail. Mob Candy has gone from just a shoe line to a complete fashion line. Because apparently anyone at all can just start a fashion line.  AJ’s job in Miami did not work out so he is back home with Renee which is exactly where she wants him.  Renee sells both fuck me pumps and fuck you pumps, literally.

Big Ang opened a bar in Miami called the Miami Monkey but she is back in Staten Island. Last I heard her daughter was running the bar down there. She has Drunken Monkey in Staten Island. MobWivesDritaDrita is back and sassy as ever. Everyone is going to a 1920s themed party to meet the “new blood.”  The party is in Philadelphia.  Our first new mob wife is Alicia DiMichele Garofalo whose husband Eddie “Tall Guy” Garofalo is in federal custody for a bunch of things from racketeering to murder conspiracy. He is  alleged to be part of the Columbo crime family.  Eddie is very close friends with Renee and Big Ang.  You may need to pause reading to start a friends chart because you will be needing one later.  Karen Gravano (who is not expected to appear this season) is an arch enemy of Alicia and their family do not like each other.  Ramona Rizzo and  Carla Facciolo are also not expected to return this season. There was a big financial dispute with the cast from last season which is why we will have “new blood” this season.

Drita  has never met Alicia so we can expect these two to end up at each other’s throats after the producers work their behind the scenes magic.  Alicia’s husband is “away” at the same place as Renee’s husband.  Alicia pled guilty to embezzling charges and made The New York Post headlines under the nickname, “Wise Gal.”  Alicia is also awaiting sentencing. But until then she is going to love, love, love or something.  Alicia and Teresa would make for great cellmates!  Big Ang says the Feds are sinking to a new low and now they are going after wives! Years ago that was unheard of!  Ang rants.  Alicia is concerned about her kids having both parents in prison.  There seems to be a lot of that going around.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Mob Wives is constantly reminding me of the  mob wives names. Big Ang wants to have a baby because her husband Neil, who is 40 wants a son. I think she is looking to go the surrogacy route. Renee and Drita think she is insane.

Renee is looking for the face of her brand for her launch party for her Mob Candy line.  Basically, she wants a mini her. Alicia says she knows someone in Philly. Her name is Natalie. I would not take on that responsibility right now, new blood. Tread carefully.

Drita’s daughter is being bullied in school and she has to tell Lee. Lee wants her to beat the shit out of the kid or he will take care of it himself.  Drita is worried Lee will violate his parole if he has to deal with it.

Alicia says her husband was leading a double life.  She had no idea about his illegal activities. Ang asks Alicia how Eddie is doing and she says he has been down since it is the anniversary of Eddies father’s death.  Eddie’s father was killed in a mob incident by “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, Karen’s father.  Alicia says she knows that they (Drita and Big Ang) are close with Karen, but her father was responsible for 19 murders.

tumblr_m1ne69m3NS1ql5yr7o1_400It’s time for Renee’s photo shoot. It appears that Natalie Guercio, Alicia’s friend from Philly will be the other new blood as well as the face of Mob Candy. She allegedly has some family ties to the mob in Philly and they run a funeral home.  Renee wanted Big Ang and Drita to meet Natalie so they meet for lunch.  It seems like Renee got too busy preparing for her launch so she backed out of the lunch.  Natalie begins by ordering two drinks at a time and she had already been waiting awhile. The girl is hammered. FINALLY, the food comes and girl takes her fork and helps herself to Big Ang’s  food. Oh.yes.she.did.

Time for the launch party and I kind of like Renee’s green leopard print Mob Candy dress. What? I look good in that army green color! At the launch Alicia sees Renee’s designer, Carla. Carla used to date Alicia’s husband Eddie. Alicia is not amused.  The fashion show is… unusual… but interesting in a good way.  Natalie manages to fall off the runway at the very end.  Ooopsy.

Check out this post about Renee’s Mob Candy name. It appears that she got the idea from a magazine she did a cover shoot for a few weeks before. She claims she just thought it up. Click and read this and tell me what you think.

After the show, Drita and Big Ang tell Alicia about the weird behavior from Natalie at their lunch.  Natalie overhears. Next week it looks like Eddie turns and is a rat, probably to try and keep Alicia out of prison.  Alicia blames Renee for the story making it into the tabloids. Renee threatens to bury Alicia in the desert. Meanwhile, Natalie comes for Drita when Drita did not send for her and Drita is setting up bail in advance of her retaliation. Looks goooood!


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29 responses to “Mob Wives New Blood Recap: Mob Candy and Mob Hits

  1. Twilly

    I like Drita and Ang. Oddly, I liked Carla too. I’m not sure why I did but I kinda did. I can’t deal with Renee’s hysterics. I’m glad Karen and Ramona are gone. I’ll try to catch it when I can or check it out On Demand. Thanks for the recap TT!

    • Tricia

      Ang, Carla and Drita are the best and should take the show over! So glad Karen, Love and Ramona are gone! What did Carla ever do to anybody anyway except look beautiful, mind her own business and was one of the nicest girls on the show! Renee makes me want to stop watching! What a vile woman! Please somebody buy the rights to the show and dump her tacky, whiny, obnoxious, ugly, mean ass!

  2. Tamara

    Did you catch how Renee said to Alicia that ” my father had the best servant in jail” about Eddie. I had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure that’s what I heard and I’m pretty certain that’s what she said. Lmao!!

    I like this show. And I’m sure Drita could kill someone if she wanted. I love her and am afraid of her at the same time. :)

  3. Ellis Scarlett

    So what happened to Karen? Does VH1 has a Bravo Andy-type person who fires the wives, or did she quit?

    • Renee’s sister is the producer of the show so Renee has a lot of say in who comes back. There were financial demands on the part of the three not asked back that were deemed unreasonable. Also some personality clashes. All three bitched at Renee about it on twitter at the time.

      On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 9:13 PM, Tamara Tattles

  4. Love was a fucking nutbar and regardless of money, I’m pretty sure they could not have her back because they would be liable if she really hurt someone.

    I like Alicia it think. Don’t care for natalie of course. I had no idea that Karen and Ramona and Carla were not coming back. I’ll miss Carla. Karen was a good villain to hate. Ramona was just a hunk of crap.

    I wish people would stop with the bullying shit. Chances are that the kid is in a fight with her friends and she did the exact same thing to one of the other girls last week. It’s how girls are. Pecking order changes almost daily and no one stays on top all the time.

  5. Tasha

    Natalie hit a woman over the head with a bottle at the season premiere party but the victim isn’t cooperating. Also Alicia husband Eddie got 7 years in the feds for murder conspiracy, extortion, and witness tampering…I’m just gonna say thats a mighty short time. Alicia hasn’t been sentenced as of yet for embezzlement.

    • Nicole veloz

      Surprising because natalie is a qanna be gangster and an alcholic drug addict fraud.Im so glad shes gone she added nothing to the show except an example of what you dont wanna be ,which is her!!

    • Nicole veloz

      I think she should be sentenced as well cause she knew exactly whqt was going on shes fake just like her friend natalie fake phony wanna be gansta liar!

  6. AP1

    Actually Karens sister is the producer, not Renee’s

  7. Wish they had kept the original theme song, “Big, Big Bang.”

  8. lori

    Well, you know I’m thrilled that you are blogging mob wives. Please don’t stop. I also had no idea that Karen wasn’t coming back. I’m bummed right now because I was all excited when Renee (or maybe it was Big Ang) was saying “Thank God Karen’s not here tonight. These two can never be in the same room”, meaning Karen and Alicia. I was ready for some serious drama! And I mean REAL. I don’t know why it didn’t click for me when they showed scenes from next week that she wasn’t in it. As someone else here said, Karen was a great “love to hate” person. I will miss her smugness and her monotone self. I was cracking up at Ang’s talking head when they were at the bar with drunken Natalie. Seems like Natalie is gonna bring the show this season. I find mob wives way more entertaining than any of the Housewives shows these days.

    • hearMeOut

      Has it been confirmed that Karen isn’t returning. It seems like it’s up in the air since a statement was made that she was in Phoenix. I don’t think anyone mentioned Love, Carla or Ramona. There is no love loss for those three.

  9. otherpeoplesproblems

    Natalie’s photoshoot was hilariously terrible. Her poses were the most unsexy thing I’ve ever seen. Her hair looked awful, the whole thing was a mess.

    I like Alicia so far, and I thought Renee’s speech to her about how the wives have to deal with the aftermath and not the husbands was surprisingly insightful for a woman wearing purple eyeshadow. Can they all stop with the purple eyeshadow?

    • hearMeOut

      Ramona is too busy to be on the show. Just last month i read that she was allegedly linked to sending her people to kidnap, beat-up and rob some guy who allegedly beat her out of $10K. Wow!

    • Nicole veloz

      Natalie is so fake if she were next a flame she would melt shes so plastic.They dont even say say who shes related too in the mob i think shes a fraud and an addict and alcoholic.

  10. Elena

    Looks like the only good thing coming out of the Mob Candy line is its name…Love Renee, but c’mon those shoes are freaking hideous.

  11. kisha

    I’m watching it right now. Lorrrrrd, Natalie is so sloppy! I hope that scene at the restaurant was scripted, because if that’s how you make a first impression….no bueno.

  12. Oh i am so glad you are blogging Mob Wives I am going to get back into it I adore Drita!

  13. kizzy gordwin

    I luv the original cast of mob wives…they the shit…the new comers r ok too…but drita is my bitch (no disrespect) I fuckin luv her cuz she is bout her bizness….physically and mentally….I luv big ang, and renee too. I cant walk in high heels cuz I am a tom boy but them fuck u shoes from renee’s mob candy line I absolutely luv….no 1 and I mean no 1 in Houston have them and im dying to advertise them literally….lol…I am and will always b you alls fan…if my cable get shut off im goin to where there is cable just to watch my show….mob wives and mob wives new blood…..I would luv to get the link and price of the fuck you shoes so I can start stacking up my chips to order them….thkx so much……………………………………

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