Bravo Makes a Bonehead Casting Move: Below Deck Season Two

BD-FinaleI was worried about Adrienne Gang getting a second season at the WWHL Below Deck Reunion.  At that horrific reunion Andy kept suggesting that the fans loved Sam (are you fucking kidding me?) and not Adrienne.  It was like opposite day on WWHL.  So color me not surprised at all that Adrienne is NOT being asked back.

And that’s not all, David Bradberry was not asked back either. You’ll recall David was the cute responsible guy who, if I recall correctly, got engaged to his boyfriend on the last episode.

God forbid we have a couple of normal decent people on the show. So far it sounds like the asshole brigade will be back, assuming CJ is not in jail somewhere.  And of course they are just now letting people know if they are returning or not so in the middle of high season they now have to scramble for other jobs.  I am sure Adrienne already has one and Dave has a lot of acting and modeling stuff going on.

Filming begins next month in the British Virgin Islands. As far as I know Captain Lee has not said he is NOT coming back.  He better be.  Even with Captain Lee, I am not sure I can stand another season of Sam and Kat and KJ and the weird looking Aleks all of whom will probably be back for season two.




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29 responses to “Bravo Makes a Bonehead Casting Move: Below Deck Season Two

  1. Manny Petty

    She prolly wanted more money than they were willing to cough up.

  2. jeffP

    Maybe it’s b/c they were the two cast members most likely to violate the confidentiality clause in their contracts? This article could certainly be considered ‘exhibit A’

    • You didn’t GIVE them contracts. Which was a big mistake. Huge.

      • JoJo

        Oh my isn’t this little gem of a post interesting……tell ’em Pretty TT Woman! (I expect to eventually see you in print in Variety, Deadline, NY Mag etc. – what fool thinks this is some obscure, little read blog? Huge mistake:)

    • WHAT????? rotten thing to say. frankly, if sam’s on i’m not watching either.
      i’ve followed adrienne and the others’ press since the show and think she and the captain and ben were class acts and did a lot to promote the show. the final shows had adrienne appear more interesting with more potentially good storylines to come. sami was a pig on and off camera. totally disgusted with this decision. i’m down to watching only one bravo show and this won’t be it.

  3. Colt

    Adrienne took the lead working hard in promoting the show…totally unfair! I’m so disappointed!

  4. This just continues to show viewers the type of melodrama crap fighting bs that Bravo wants to show. I thought that kinda content was for Oxygen network. Guess not. I’m pretty much done with Bravo, except for RHOA.

    • I, too, am tired of the fighting. Was Andy responsible for this or is his replacement signing up for more of it? I got so I taped Below Deck and forwarded through anything with Sam and CJ. Even Gypsy Sisters on TLC has fist fights this season.

  5. Gingersnap

    I especially don’t want to watch CJ and Sam. That might be a deal breaker for me. They both ick me out.

    • Joan

      Ditto! Especially dislike Sam’s justifications of her behavior. Guessing she’ll her continual sense of self entitlement forever. Bravo – listen to us, don’t put CJ & Sam back on!

  6. Becky White

    Oh good Lord, I must have Captain Lee to even entertain watching this again if Adrienne will not be back. If I recall it was her first time as head stew so I looked forward to how she dealt with her second season and what she learned – she was a hard worker and a class act – and not a brat. I liked Kat – she worked hard – just had some issues. I liked Dave and Eddie and the Chef – but NOT Sam and NOT CJ – I cannot take them again – ALex did not bother me one way or the other – I think he thought he should be Captain but he is no Captain Lee – he is a Captain but not in Lee’s same league.

  7. Denise

    Very disappointed that Adrienne is not returning. Wtf were they thinking?Guess they wernt.

  8. Filming has not started yet. You can make them change their minds! WE WANT ADRIENNE AND DAVE start a twitter trend.

  9. love2hatebravo

    That is pretty lousy considering it was my understanding that Adrienne actually helped conceive the show and should have probably been given at least a consulting producer credit or something.

    I would watch Lee, Eddie and the Chef again. They were genuinely funny to me. The rest of them gross me out. I also fast-forwarded through Sam, CJ and Kat because they were fake and disgusting. Adrienne and Dave seem like perfectly nice people, but too normal for a contrived hot mess like this show.

    Adrienne, you are better off not being involved with this crapfest. There is no way you are ever going to get the “good edit” with this crew.

  10. DJ

    Hi T,
    I can’t believe BD is even getting a second season. ITA with you on Aleks. He looks so arrogant as well. I feel like I want to knock him off his high horse!

  11. Susan

    I was going to agree with one or two of the posts, but it seems I agree with all of them. I don’t know what Bravo is thinking but they need to rethink their shows. I liked BD with captain Lee and Adrienne, the chef and Dave, but I think I have made the decision not to watch. Bravo is getting just too crappy for me and a lot of other people too. The only show I care to watch anymore is HWOB and even that one is getting funky. I like Lisa V. but some of her stuff is getting strange anymore. I hate Vanderpump Rules. Like I said Lisa is great but that staff at SUR – I would fire everyone of them. They all remind me of overgrown brats. The rule needs to be do not date people you work with. If you do – you better keep it a BIG secret. What in the world do the guests think when they see some of the drama going on, and you know they have to see at least some of it. If it is scripted even better not to watch. I can’t imagine Lisa and Ken need the money from Bravo for this show do they? Hope not. I used to love watching Bravo and most of the time that is all I watched. Not anymore it is just a mess. Watch what happens live was good too, but what is with all these guests, some of which I have never heard of. I thought is was good when they had the people in the shows on and that was it most of the time. I can’t believe some of the BIG stares that have been on that show. I guess any publicity is good publicity. Oh well., keep writing TT I love to read you. Tata for now.

  12. Xanadude

    So basically anyone Capt Lee said he would work with again won’t be back. and neither will I. The fun in the shaw is watching the grown ups actually do their excellent jobs while faced with the obstacles of the ignunt bunch. Take awy the grown ups, you take away the conflict and people to actually to root for. Instead you just have the ignunts metaphorically flinging monkey poo at each other.

    • elena

      I wish I had found this blog a year ago…I felt exactly the same way about the WWHL reunion it was like the Twilight Zone on that reunion the way they trashed Adrienne and did not even give her her closeup at the end and instead panned to the one who shall not be named’s face twice, that was the first hint something was up and production was beginning to skew this show in the wrong direction like they do every time when they get a hit. Bravo so desperately wants the not named one’s demographic and from the looks so far of season two that is what they are focusing on, making the bunks coed. I think they have their heads up their behinds because most of that demographic has to work for a living and put up with a lot of bs from customers and that was the relatable part of the show. Now we have a chief stew who wants to be a Housewife and way too much sexual tension in the co-ed bunks which is uncomfortable because every single one of these people is in a relationship so it is like watching a trainwreck, wondering which of these people will hurt someone first.

  13. Katrina

    As a business owner, you cannot tell people who to date! The stuff that happens on VR is typical for those types of establishments. Now when I go to a restaurant, I think about the behind the scene drama!

    • I worked in a lot of restaurants when I was in college. In everyone single one, everyone was fucking everyone. It was literally musical beds. With all the behind the scenes drama you could imagine.

      On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 4:51 PM, Tamara Tattles

  14. I still remember Kat getting sexually harassed and the higher ups giving her a hard time. THAT was shameful.

  15. I will never forget watching Kat get sexually harassed to the HILT, and then getting slammed for not performing correctly. Shameful. The powers that be are lucky there wasn’t a lawsuit on that. Employers have GOT to start doing the RIGHT THING. THAT was painful to see.

  16. Vivaladiva

    Yes more EDDIE!!

  17. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Sam was a vile bitch. I wanted to reach through my television and punch her in her entitled face. I can’t believe they are bringing her back and getting rid of Adrienne. CJ is a creep through and through. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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