American Horror Story: Coven Recap– Supreme Suicides and a Severed Head

By: Urethra Franklin

Well was this worth the 2 week wait? There were brief exciting moments, but there was a slow pace to Fiona’s drawn out depressing inner monologues about life vs. death. Even though beautifully written, they were dragging out like her maybe imminent death. My main complaint about the season is that the writers slow down scenes at the expense of all the weird moments that we live for… Like that Ajax enema. WTF was that? Is that possible without DYING? Joan (Patti Lupone) is giving me shades of the zealot mom (Piper Laurie) from the original “Carrie” movie…. Ryan Murphy must have had a fucked up relationship with his mother because all the moms are twisted in the realm of AHS:Coven.

There are so many moving parts to this story, and things are starting to come together–sort of. But obvious tension is building up to cause chaos in the war between the tribes: the different motives for vengeance by Fiona, Cordelia, Myrtle, Marie & Madison; Nan’s resentment for not being considered Supreme worthy; Hank and his killing mission; the life vs. death battle between Fiona & everyone; Madison’s jealousy over a rehabbed Kyle; a victimized Luke & his zealot mother; Misty reviving every one… and then throw in an overprotective Spalding ghost to keep things unpredictable while the rest of Coven waits to ascend to be the new Supreme.
Episode 8 starts off with Queenie who is in search for a dark heart that she needs to rip out of some evil doer’s chest. Madison & Zoe must have used some witch GPS to find her at a homeless camp under the freeway interchanges, and they are trying to convince her to come back to their Coven…but Queenie has chosen the Voodoo tribe. She killed a serial child rapist who intended to rape & kill her. She then cut him open and grabbed his beating heart out of his chest with her bare hands to give to Marie because she needs it for a special potion to give Queenie more powers… Queenie tells her former Coven sisters that the town is not big enough for both tribes and gives a warning, “War is coming. And you’re gonna lose.” I wonder if Queenie is getting played by Marie.
After another sex romp with her ghost dick, Fiona is defiant that cancer won’t kill her just yet, and that love is the best medicine. We learn she has spinal cancer. (I expected it to be lung cancer) She calls it Satan’s diet pill because it makes her vomit frequently. She is not afraid to die, but doesn’t want to live like this; yet doesn’t want to give others the satisfaction of killing herself. She is in constant pain & accepts her declining appearance by referencing ‘Bewitched’, “I’m starting to look less Samantha and more Endora every day.” She thinks the cancer is rapidly killing her because one of the girls is growing into the being the next Supreme. “Which pecker-head is it?” she asks. #LOL… Fiona tells Cordelia that she has terminal cancer, and a non-emotional & cold Cordelia tells her to die before Thanksgiving because her stuffing recipe sucks.

We finally see Luke & his mother in their bathroom. She is tending to his wound from the zombie attack, and she is pissed that girls harmed her son. When she calls the girls devil worshippers with dark powers Luke defends them for saving him. Then she slaps the Holy Spirit out of him by telling him only Jesus can save him. But first he has to repent and cleanse himself of the impurities from the inside out. She starts to quote scripture while reaching for scouring powder cleanser and an enema bag with a long tube. #YesMaam #OhLawd #HelpMeYeezus. It seems that he has been through this punishment before. She instructs him to drop his pants and gives him a God fearing look while he cleanses his “soul” while sitting in the bathtub next to a stained glass window with a huge cross on it… Really? Scouring powder? Wouldn’t holy water have been a better alternative? That would have been weird in itself, but the writers cranked up the level on this one, and I THANK them for it. I want more of this crazy shit, pardon my pun.

Cordelia rallies Zoe, Madison, & Nan in a stern meeting to tell them that Queenie is dead to her for betraying the Coven and about the battle plan to kill Fiona; but Nan is distracted because she is upset that she can hear that Luke and his ass are in distress next door… Madison wants to do it by slitting Fiona’s throat but Cordelia insists that she remain hidden from Fiona as part of the plot. She warns the girls that failure is not option when trying to kill Fiona, because otherwise it will be a suicide mission.

Crepe Myrtle has bloomed back to life. She tells Misty her mound was disturbed by an assassin in the woods that is stalking the cabin. Myrtle is looking half-baked with singed off hair, and her voice is gravelly & raspier than ever. I think she needs more watering. The witches hide just as the unidentified hooded killer opens fire… Somehow a panicked barefoot Misty arrives at the Academy seeking safety from the killer. Is she teleporting or something? Cordelia touches her and realizes that she is Misty Day. She promises the Coven will protect her, and that the Academy is her house now. Misty wants to know if her friend can stay too and leads Cordelia & the girls to Myrtle in the greenhouse. Myrtle’s red flaming hair is back but her skin still looks affected after her burning & resurgence. Cordelia hugs Myrtle… and why didn’t she see anything we she touched her??? …Nan asks her how her hair grew back so quick, and as one of the funnier lines of the night Myrtle croaks out “I’ve been buying in bulk from North Korea for yeeeaarrrs.” Cordelia tells Myrtle that the Coven has fallen on hard times. Myrtle says it may be the best of times because Misty Day’s power of resurrection is more difficult than any of the tests of the Seven Wonders, and that she is the next Supreme. Misty is like huh what you talking about Willis?

Upstairs in the bedroom Zoe is teaching Kyle how to use the ‘speak and spell’ app on the laptop, but he’d rather make out with her but she is not putting out. Madison walks in on them and starts tongue-kissing him while Zoe looks uncomfortable. Madison wants some of his Franken-dick now, but Zoe says he needs to learn so that he can rejoin society. Madison assures him they will have some freaky fun later as she leaves the room.


With Myrtle’s help and now knowing that Fiona is dying, Cordelia uses that in her plot with the girls against her mother to trick her into killing herself as part of a ritual called the Sacred Taking which allows the sacred act of witch suicide for the betterment of the Coven with the ascension of a new Supreme. The girls aren’t sure that Misty is really the Supreme, but Myrtle tells them Misty has exceeded Jesus Christ’s quota of resurrection. The girls bicker over which one of them is most likely the Supreme, but Madison rudely dismisses Nan who thinks she could be it also. Cordelia says being the Supreme is not something to wish for. It is a burden and not a gift, and the past Supremes probably did not have a happy life with the heavy responsibility attached to the title. Except for Fiona, who used her title & power selfishly while abandoning her duties to the Coven.

We get a little history lesson in a flashback about the rarely performed Sacred Taken ritual which had only been used three times. The most important one was done during the Salem witch trials when the witches fled persecution by going to the South. The Supreme knew she was too weak to survive the trip, so she took her own life, bestowing her power to the next Supreme so that she could lead them to safety. This is the most sacred sacrifice that a Supreme could make.

So how do you get a narcissistic selfish with bitch Supreme to kill herself? Fiona does not know that Madison is back. Part of the plan is to mind fuck a hopelessly dying Fiona into thinking that Madison resurrected herself & Myrtle because she is the Supreme. In a hazy dreamlike scene Madison is dressed devilishly in red just like Fiona was when she killed Madison. She is dancing in Fiona’s room to the 1966 psychedelic rock song “Season of the Witch” by Donovan. (I love the music choices in this show). Madison is taunting Fiona by calling her an old half-dead bitch. Either way she is going to die and gives her the option to get burned at the stake or just swallow pills. Fiona couldn’t even open the door fully with her powers as she tells her to get out. She starts to pack a suitcase because she’d rather run away with the Axeman to spend what short time she has left.


Myrtle appears as a double resurrection whammy to Fiona, “Is everyone back from the dead?” Myrtle convinces Fiona that her lover will get tired with the burden of her declining health, and that swallowing the pills is the best option… Myrtle is helping Fiona prepare her own corpse as she dresses up like Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard with a head scarf and fur coat while reminiscing about the time they went to Woodstock, and then lamenting her poor selfish choices in life. For her last requests Fiona tells Myrtle to take care of Cordelia and that her failure as mother will haunt her for eternity…and reminds her to comply with her preferred location of her Supreme portrait. She swallows a handful of pills and lies down in the bed wearing her high heels and fur coat to gracefully die while Myrtle ungracefully & hilariously steals Fiona’s jewelry from her dresser.

Madison hurts Nan’s feelings by again telling her she is not worthy to be the Supreme. She runs out of the Academy and past Hank who is sitting outside in his car. Nan unlocked & opened the front door to Luke’s house telekinetically, something we have not seen her do before. She finds Luke tied and gagged in the upstairs closet and frees him… This reminded me of season 1 when Adelaide was locked in the closet for punishment also; a full circle moment for actress Jamie Brewer.

As Fiona lay dying Spalding’s ghost appears to give her some ipecac to induce vomiting to purge the pills she just swallowed. She is confused because he can speak. He tells her the girls murdered him, and he has a voice in the spirit world. He tells her to get up and fight because she has been tricked to kill herself and that the swamp witch is the one doing all the resurrecting, not Madison. He is protecting her in death just as he did in life. She vomits the pills, and then Fiona vows to avenge his murder as well her own attempted murder.

Queenie brings Delphine a cheeseburger and she starts to devour it. Why is she so hungry? She is immortal. She lived in a fricking box for 180 years without eating. #PlotHole…but this is just an easy way to show that Queenie still feels some sympathy for Delphine. Marie has been bleeding Delphine for her facial poultice. Delphine tugs at Queenies heart strings to help her get freed. Marie is angry at Queenie for feeding the “animals”. Delphine starts acting like her own racist bitch self again by provoking Marie by calling her Negress and giving her orders like a slave. Delphine’s brazen arrogance is rooted in her belief that she cannot die. She has seen the modern world, but doesn’t what to be in it if a “darkie” can be in the White House, so she’d rather just be put back in her box and hope to come out again a hundred years later after the natural order would be restored. An enraged Marie brutally & swiftly cuts of her hand, “We’ve only just begun” as she tosses her hand on the floor like a piece of trash.

Nan & Bible Boy are running down the stairs to escape from his mother, but not before Nan sneaks in a kiss with Luke. His mother is on the phone with the police reporting Nan as an intruder in her house. She is raging at Nan, and Luke pushes her away and tells her he’s leaving and she can’t stop them. Then we see the red dots from a laser scope gun on Joan’s nightgown and she is shot twice in the abdomen. Luke throws himself over Nan to protect her and he is shot also. Nan is sobbing over him, “Don’t leave me. I’m your Supreme.”

Myrtle is playing Schubert’s ‘Last Sonata’ on the piano for the witches while waiting for Fiona to die and for the new Supreme to emerge. The girls are waiting for some feeling to know if that they are the Supreme. Again Myrtle with a memorable line says, “It starts as a tingle in the cooch.” #ROFLMAO… Fiona appears bitching about Myrtle’s piano playing style, and wants to know where the swamp witch is. Misty’s senses start tingling and she slips away to go next door, and the police’s arrival next redirects the Coven’s attention. Fiona confronts Misty at Joan’s house while Joan’s dead body is still on the floor. Fiona is interfering with the police by using her mind control powers to keep them away. She tests Misty’s skills by asking her to resurrect Joan and she doe, and then passes out while Fiona rolls her eyes at Misty for the dramatic display. Outside Cordelia senses the stray silver bullet in the bushes and retrieves it and realizes that is what witch hunters use.


After all the commotion Zoe goes to check on Kyle who has learned to say, “This road goes two ways” and “I love you.” Madison is off the side and over hears this & is visibly hurt. Well at least she is feeling some pain & jealousy. Isn’t that what she wanted? This is not going to end well.

The next morning Cordelia is expecting some wrath from her mother for plotting to kill her. Far from it. Fiona is impressed that the Coven worked together to take her on. Fiona tenderly touches her and tells her she really is proud of her, and that she really is her daughter. Cordelia joked that she wishes she had tried to kill her years ago if that is what it took get some respect… Cordelia tells her mother about another enemy of the Coven; the witch hunters that use silver bullets.

The doorbell rings, and Fiona finds an unsealed package with the flaps loosely tucked into each other. She opens it to find Madam Delphine LaLauries’s severed head and then her eyes open wide and she wheezes out the word “HELP.” …..The End.

When I saw that I box I knew what was in it. Remember when Fiona cut off the Minotaurs head and sent it to Marie? His eyes were blinking too when she opened the box. Since both Delphine & the Minotaur were giving immortality by Marie, I wonder if they are still alive in sense, just without a body…. I expect a lot of speculation from you all about Joan & Luke. OK at first I thought Nan was the initial target. But those red lasers were clearly on Joan, unless Hank has a shitty aim but I doubt that. Is Joan on the hit list too? What is her history? Could she possibly be a born again Christian-witch? Did she attend the Academy as a young girl? Maybe Joan set her own drapes on fire in an uncontrollable rage? I don’t know if a male can be Supreme, but I’m just throwing it out there AGAIN. Why are the women and especially mothers so nutty on this show. Is Nan the Supreme? She clearly had another power she kept on the down low. Is she hiding other powers? Maybe she did set those drapes on fire too to set up Madison to get her killed so she could be Supreme…. I loved see Myrtle back with her nuanced delivery of HILARITY… Spalding is going to be the unseen force to do all the unexpected stuff in that house to protect & help Fiona… And sex seems to be doing wonders for Kyle… If Marie wanted to Delphine so bad why did she cut off her head? I don’t think Delphine is dead yet in the conventional sense. Something is up. Doesn’t Marie still want/need to user her blood on her face?

Please share your smart & wild observations below. A winter storm is coming, and I hope to be housebound & want to be engaged with all of your comments… You can stalk me on twitter @Urethra_F . Also, you can share this on Facebook using the button below and stick it on your twitter line by clicking the twitter button.


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125 responses to “American Horror Story: Coven Recap– Supreme Suicides and a Severed Head

  1. steve

    Everybody Cordelia has touched so far, before Myrtle, she really wasnt happy to see. But Myrtles coming back was joyfull and maybe that blocked a vision..overwhelming emotion. A laser sight on a weapon only projects ONE dot, where the bullet goes, so maybe more than one shooter, and how did the bullet land outside by the sidewalk if it went thru her they would be in the wall. Why havent any older coven witches brought back to life in the past? Zoe is the only one in the school thats cracked a book and studied some. Another great recap UF.. Thanx

    • Urethra Franklin

      I’m not really sure if there were 2 red lasers dots on her at once. I thought they were in succession of each other.

      I think I counted 4 shots in all:
      2 hit Joan
      1 missed one when Luke knocked Nan out of the way
      1 that hit Luke

      I don’t know how that stray ended up outside or from whose gun it came from…. But I do believe there are more witch hunters out there besides Hank.

  2. Urethra Franklin

    Though I do love this show, it can be a nonsensical mess sometimes. I just have to let go and take it at face value.

    • James

      As far as delphine being hungry, if she can experience pain why not hunger? Plus the fact that she loves cheeseburgers. Also I doubt Marie NEEDS delphine’s blood, I think she was just doing it to make a point.

      Otherwise your recaps this and next week are giving me life since I just moved and won’t be able to have my cable installed till next friday!!!!

      • Urethra Franklin

        No cable? No AHS:Coven? No Jessica Lange? No Angela Bassett? How on earth are you going to live?

        If you are on twitter, hit me up because sometimes on the eve of the show’s airing I see links for live streaming of the show passed around on twitter. You don’t want to miss next weeks cliffhanger. @ Urethra_F

        And good point about hunger/pain comparison. I can be such a dummy sometimes. Yes she does not need food to live, but her hunger/pain sensors still are intact.

      • Wasn’t the first thing Delphine wanted to do when she got out of the box was go get something to eat/drink?

        On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Tamara Tattles

  3. horserenoir

    Wouldn’t it be wild and funny if Luke’s mother is the supreme??? So many curveballs recently in this show that it would not surprise me. I do believe that Queenie is a double agent for the Salem tribe and can come back to them when she figures out that Marie is playing her. I believe that she is (marie playing queenie). Still weirded out by Fiona’s fondness for ghost penis but nonetheless it gives me a tickle. I also want to state that I want to die with Myrtle’s hair and that maybe, just maybe Nan maybe a dark horse candidate for the Supreme.

    Also forgot to note (if I am not mistaken) that Cordelia’s sight returns next week and that witch husband hunter of hers will be tortured by Marie. I can’t wait to see this part. He will be found out as well soon enough

    I am still waiting for Stevie Nicks….lol

  4. TamarAngela

    I can’t even guess anymore who is suppose to be the new supreme. All I can do is eliminate some… Zoe and Madison.

  5. steve

    what knocks Zoe out of the running? I think it will be Cordelia. Her powers have grown since Fionas been back

  6. Mrs Muffins

    Myrtle was wearing gloves when Cordelia touched her, there was no skin to skin contact so I think that is why there were no visions. How did Hank know about the swamp witch (can’t remember her name)? I thought it was weird that he half-assed tried to kill her first of all the Salem witches- didn’t realize she was on the radar at all. And what kind of assassin just shoots a couple bullets and then leaves? This is my first American Horror season so I’m not sure what to expect- I hope all these loose ends get tied.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Mrs Muffins, we don’t know who it was trying to kill Misty at her swamp shack… It’s a good assumption it was Hank, or maybe even other witch hunters…. No basis for my idea, but i think it may be someone from her hometown church.

      • Ryano

        I was also thinking it was somebody from her church but you just made me think about more witch hunters. Hmm

      • Urethra Franklin

        Ryano I have 2 or 3 or 4 answers for everything about this show. I always have questions with little definitive answers.

  7. Urethra Franklin

    This comment was written by someone else & posted in the AHSPreview post. I am copying it here because it is good and I don’t want it to get overlooked.

    Writen by:
    December 5, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    OK let me school you all. FIrst of all a man cannot be a Supreme. However every coven needs one male among them. I am guessing Spalding has served as the male energy in that coven. He did say his family has served that coven for many years. Or maybe the little queen on the council.

    Fiona is not the Supreme. She stole it by killing the previous Supreme. Therefore, who in that class was the real supreme? In flashbacks we see a red headed girl and a dark haired girl in Fiona’s class. So could Myrtle be the true Supreme? Or is it bible woman next door? Maybe a reason she is so over zealous in her religion? She is a witch and knew the supremacy was stolen from her? So she denounces her witchery and goes full force to Jesus? Would make sense.
    It would certainly explain why someone was out to kill her. Hank, a bad aim? Maybe not. Maybe he knows you have to take out the Supreme first. Why else would Fiona want Misty to bring her back to life? Remember when Fiona and bible woman first spoke, Fiona told her Madison had to “work on her aim” because she missed her. But Fiona has Misty bring her back to life? Why? Fiona knows the coven is under attack…and she knows it needs it’s true Supreme. Maybe Fiona’s attempt to redeem herself for stealing the Supremacy?

    Big hint. When the new Supreme comes into her power, the old one begins to lose her’s.. They lead you to think Fiona is losing it because of that. Wrong. Fiona was going to lose it anyway because she is not the Supreme.
    New Supreme…. Myrtle said insurgency is a sign of the Supreme. Misty has only brought back one bird, herself, couple alligators…..and maybe Myrtle. (If Myrtle is the true Supreme, she brought herself back.)
    Zoe brought Kyle back with a kiss. Misty only put mud on his scars. Then Misty had Zoe put her hands on Madison….therefore Zoe brought Madison back….not Misty.

    So there you go…now you see.

  8. Don’t come for Fiona unless she sends for you. #GoneWithTheWind

  9. steve

    Fiona Goode killed her supreme yes, but the council did test her to become the supreme. We all guessed at the big 5? things they had to do. So Fiona is the real supreme right now. UF you ought to move JoJos over to this one from the precap side. That one had ideas about Lukes mom. Cordelia actually finally taught a lesson last night to the students about the taking.

    • JoJo

      steve, right on, I actually took note also of Delia finally acting in charge. A lesson FINALLY!

    • For once I agree with Steve about something! :) Of course Fiona is the Supreme. Sure she killed the outgoing supreme early, but she was the next in line, which is why she did it. Had there been another Supreme at the time the old one died she would have arisen.

      I know of no basis for the assertion that a male witch cannot be a supreme. Spaulding is NOT a male witch he is a watcher. That said, the idea that every coven must have a male is also wrong. There is no gender affirmative action rule for covens, there can be witches form either gender in a coven or all single gender covens.

      On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 8:38 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • lori

        I’m starting to think that Fiona may not be supreme too… that maybe it was ghost man in the background making it appear that way. Of course, with this show, one’s mind goes in a million different directions.

      • Or perhaps her ghostly lover was running interference. He said he had been watching and lusting for her since she was eight. Spaulding has been aiding and abetting her even from beyond the grave. it is possible she doubted herself and others belief in her. The incident with the milk and falling cabinet. Fiona knew it was not her but she accepted the credit.

  10. Urethra Franklin

    I copied this post in the preview blog written by JOJO and moved it here because it is interesting:

    Written by:
    December 5, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Re the theories of Fiona being a Supreme or not, I’m pretty sure she is the real deal. And when she was so weak when Madison was doing the red dress dance she could barely close that door, then swallows pills, throws up, perks up, ends up next door and with just a flick of her wrist, doors close, cops answer her questions and leave the premises? She’s got her mojo back. She’s definitely the Supreme for now. And I really think she had Misty revive Mrs. Luke for a reason other than testing her: Mama Luke is likely a witch from the same school as Fiona, and renounced her power for Jesus, but she’s needed now. There’s a war coming and whatever the problems among the witches, they need to band together to fight off the Voodoos. Just my humble opinion but it’s Ryan Murphy’s crazy world and we know he’s making this shit up as he goes, it’s not all been filmed yet!

  11. SaraK

    Here are my thoughts….Luke’s mom getting shot was no accident. She is a witch, and here I am getting creative, who was raised in a strictly religious family (think snake healers) who saw her powers as the work of the devil. What she is doing to Luke is what was done to her in an attempt to drive out Satan. Hank is not a lone wolf as a witch hunter. I am voting for Nan as the supreme. We know she is clairvoyant (sp), we saw her use telekinitcs to open the door last night to get into Luke’s house, and we don’t know that it was Madison who set the drapes on fire….I am offering that it was really Nan because mom got in her way of flirting with Luke.

    Now some questions for those of us in UF’s Coven class…
    -Is Queenie really that stupid to believe Marie is on her side? She didn’t fall for Fiona’s lies, why should she fall for Marie’s? Could she be a double agent?
    -If the Minator and Kathy Bates (mind fart on her name) were both immortal, what did it take to kill him when severing her head didn’t kill our resident racist?
    -Myrtle, Madison, Joan, and FrankenKyle have all been brought back to life…how long does that last? Do they age? Can they be re-killed? (I am assuming Zoe used her “killer pussy” during the three-way and both Madison and FrankenKyle are still walking so that does affect them)

    I am going down the “don’t ask for logical explanations..this is a fairy story, just enjoy the ride” path. Makes things so much easier on me when I do!

    • Also is casting love spells is one of the 7 wonders, Nan has that gift too.

      On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 9:03 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • lori

      With minator dying I’m thinking maybe since Marie put the curse on him, she could take it off? Then again, if she could do it for him she could do it with Delphine too, and that hasn’t come up in their conversations when they discussed her not being able to kill her, so maybe scratch that. Lol

      As far as the killer pussy goes, Madison made a point of saying that since he’s already dead, Zoe can can her groove on with no worries.

  12. steve

    Fiona was the youngest supreme ever for the coven so its probably not one of the students..where are last years witches? When the axeman flashbacked to watching Fiona there were witches of many ages. Fiona was 8-18ish when she was being watched. UF you said you have a winter storm your way? at my place the temp is 3 degrees and wind chill is -10 below with snow maybe tomorrow.

  13. JoJo

    Like UF said or intimated in earlier post, I’m not interested anymore in who the NEW supreme is, I’m now more along for the wild ride of the rest of the storytelling. However, that’s a good as any guess that perhaps Fiona is pretender to the throne. Then again would that minimize the 7 Wonders that apparently are required to be crowned to begin with? But then again maybe Fiona outwitted everyone through the testing, and possessed of such guile and confidence, scared the holy shit out of Joan who perhaps had the ultimate powers, but not the mental mettle, to go up against Fiona, as didn’t Myrtle, but Joan went over the edge and found Jesus?
    Since we have no concrete rules that we can extrapolate our guesses from, personally, I’m going with the Supreme needs to be alive just once. If we buy that Joan is a witch and was the true Supreme, maybe Fiona was behind her demise since she still posed a threat.
    Fiona has shown bouts of power loss as shown when Madison tried to convince her to off herself, she couldn’t close that door – for that matter, her weakness is agreeing at all to Myrtle and Madison’s persuasions showed weakness.
    But, after she ralphed everything up, she sure composed herself nicely to power her way through Joan’s house, the police, even convincing Misty to revive her. That power surge seems to coincide with Joan being whacked? Or? maybe the cancer drugs were zapping her power and by throwing them up, she was back to her badass self?
    I’m just theorizing, but if this ‘you only live once as a Supreme’ rule exists, that would rule out Joan now that she’s been whacked and revived; and if we hold on to that one, fleeting remark long ago that a Supreme needs to be the essence of health, we’re left with only Zoe, should she live through to season’s end. Nan, Queenie, and Cordelia are ‘imperfect’ healthwise (although Delia will see again, she’s damaged), and Misty, Madison, Myrtle have all died once. Then again, Misty is the only once-dead witch who still has shown to have powers.
    Hell, the more I try to figure the possibilities out, the more questions I have, so WTF do I know?

    • James

      Perhaps the axeman “helped” fiona during the 7 wonders test? I’m thinking along the lines there was another NATURAL supreme but Fiona stole the title (along with the acknowledged Supreme’s power when she killed her)

      • Urethra Franklin

        I don’t know…Fiona was pretty powerful in the first few episodes to be worthy of being Supreme. I think she was the rightful heir but…..?

      • JoJo

        James that’s a perfectly logical explanation – IF we’re to buy that Fiona is the pretender. I’m not sold on Fiona not being the true Supreme either, but I can easily play devil’s advocate to justify the theory that she’s not: you adding the Axeman’s possible assistance (heck Spalding could have been involved in the assist too) substantiates the theory further. Although she had no idea he was not only ghost-stalking her, but also responsible for ghost-tricking for her, that could make it look like she was performing those wonders.
        But when you mention “natural” – that also might explain that Fiona may not have been the true successor – but she had all sorts of wily, scheming, murderous confidence/belief & absolutely no moral conscience or attachment to ‘truth” – coupled with the belief that she was exactly who should be the Supreme to lead the weak pack of sheep into the future (granted, she bailed on the leadership part:))
        So, the testing process was maybe just one more formality she was able to manipulate, with known and unknown help, to convince weaker minds she was the IT GIRL!
        Take Zoe & Nan as examples of teenage school witches, with pretty impressive powers, but neither of them have shown the personality and that uber confidence that might just be an 8th Wonder more powerful than all the 7 by themselves?

    • lori

      I somehow missed your comment, and I had written the same thing as far as Joan being killed and Fiona’s powers getting stronger at the same time. Thinking along those lines, maybe that’s why Fiona wanted Misty to revive Joan… so she could test it out and see if her powers start weakening again, because maybe she’s thinking the same thing we are.

      • JoJo

        lori, who are you responding to? My ‘puter’ doesn’t seem to be showing the indents on whom is responding to whom:( I was curious what you mean by Fiona’s powers getting stronger at the same time???

      • Urethra Franklin

        Jojo I think what Lori means is that if Joan is a Supreme worthy witch, when she died, her powers died…and allowed Fiona to get stronger.

        This one wild forum this week. I love all you obsessed AHS people.

      • JoJo

        Ah ha, thanks UF. Guess the ‘new’ Joan will be a tad dependent on her ‘dark-sided’ neighbor(s) for her son’s sake. Someone else mentioned and I wonder too, if a revived witch (or human) can be killed again? Apparently Zoe’s killer cooch didn’t kill Kyle, but if Joan comes back and she is all sorts of powerful witch, is Fiona stuck with her? mmmm

  14. Urethra Franklin

    Thankfully not that cold here. But chance of some frozen rain, the bad slippery stuff. I have to wrap the pipes this weekend because forecast is colder for next week. I kinda freak out when it temps hit the 20’s.

    • Manny Petty

      You spanked it UF- I’m not convinced though that the Supe cannot be Male. Spaulding is NOT a witch either or he could have resisted Myrt’s Truth Spell because of his age. One of the Neighbors are the Supes. Patty Lupone is probably the One True Savior. Maybe she knows about the hunters hence the fanatic act..but the White Tornado up the Poop Chute- That shit’s wrong….

  15. steve

    JOJO – for me the real fun is the guessing and seeing what others think too. This show is good for dangling stuff to contemplate about. I think Cordelias eye wound wouldnt be bad enuf to take her out of the running, when blinded she became able to really see, her words. And was done to her not a disease or birth defect. All these witches are salem offspring so there are moms and aunts we havent seen yet that are witches. TT finally got a school lesson she wondered about and now she is absent from the comments. :)

    • JoJo

      Yes, steve, you’re right. Upon further reflection (ah ha pun) I agree about Cordelia’s eyesight not actually being a health defect in that not only does she recover her sight, she gained a special power (whether she keeps that one is up for speculation) & her overall ‘essence of health’ isn’t affected. And when voting time comes, hell, she does have coven cred – inherited legally or illegally!
      (I’m confused about TT? She’s absent because a school lesson? I’m slow I don’t get it:(

      • Ignore Steve, lol. I believe that Cordelia’s sight returning is only temporary. Perhaps for a short term amount of time as the result of a spell or something…

      • Manny Petty

        I think that Fiona was too Narcissistic to give a shit about other witches being killed or she would have had this investigated . Also they should have an active record of the Salem descendants, especially with modern technology and Fiona was too self-absorbed to order this be done. I would think Myrtle would be aware of the dwindling bloodline. (Plothole?)

    • Urethra Franklin

      In the first episode when Fiona came back to the Academy she was worried about the witches because Misty Day was killed. She was lecturing Cordelia to teach the girls to be careful for self preservation…But then again Fiona is hazardous to the witch population….She will kill a witch bitch like that.

  16. JoJo

    Just a couple random thoughts: was that an actual silver bullet Cordelia recovered or a bullet shell? Bullets don’t just fall out of guns you know?
    It’s been said that the newly found love between Fiona and Delia will be tested when Delia finds out something heinous her mommy has done. Considering all that Fiona has done that Delia does know, I’m wondering if maybe that just might be that it was Fiona who orchestrated OR actually herself threw that acid in her face in order to frame Myrtle and have her burned out of the coven? After all, who would guess a mother would do that to her own daughter? But Myrtle was always on to Fiona and that was a threat.
    Did anyone else notice the racist switch turned on when LaLaurie was talking to Marie, as opposed to genuine contriteness and hurt when talking with Queenie? I have a feeling we’ll find Madame wasn’t born evil, there will be a backstory explaining what may have created this Madame Monster and that Marie Leveau is involved from the very beginning. Now that she’ll be nothing more than Madame Head, this will be interesting!
    I also hope they explain backstory on the deep-seeded hate between Fiona and Marie….I bet it’s a man for some reason (besides Minotaur man, since Fiona wasn’t around for that era and the hate has to be around the 60’s-70’s. A man is usually to bane of powerful women, no?
    Queenie is weak and gullible. She’s been used by both leaders, each Tribe. I think she’ll be persuaded to go even darker than her heart-plucking antics by Marie, but also be pulled into swinging for the Coven, given they tell her the right thing. Not a double-agent so much as a very conflicted, self-conscious, seeking some kinda’ true love thing she never had.
    I found it odd that Misty didn’t seem to know that Myrtle was part of the coven? When she was begging for refuge at the Coven, she asked if she could bring a ‘friend’? Hell, she’s been around for centuries, and even if she was ignorant of anything but the swamp, why wouldn’t Myrtle tell her who she was? Also, Misty is so very naïve, childlike, guileless, unless someone really shits on Stevie coming up, I can’t see her being the leader/Supreme at all – although it would be kind of cool to see her absolutely go batshit Power Ranger on someone:)
    That’s all, thanks to Urethra Friggin’ Franklin for my obsession if I said too much!

    • Urethra Franklin

      When Delphine turned on the racist switch with Marie, I got the feeling that she was trying to provoke & piss her off so that she would kill her and put her out of her immortal misery. I don’t think Delphine is dead either even though she is decapitated.

      The same theory would have to apply to the Minotaur. Weeks ago I wondered how Fiona severed his head. Well Zoe did find that chainsaw in the green house, so I suspect maybe Fiona used that on the Minotaur.

      • Delphine is immortal. She can’t be killed. That is why she can blink the eyes on her decapitated head. She will still be alive when the eventually sew her parts back on and Misty rubs mud on her.

      • Well the season ends with the crowing of the supreme. So we still have plenty of time to guess.

      • JoJo

        I absolutely agree that Madame was trying to provoke and piss her off, but it seemed above and beyond that, said out of specific hatred for Marie on a deep, personal level, saying things that she had even learned in her short time in the 21st century, were wrong and evil given her time with Queenie.
        However, it makes sense that when she said ‘what are ya’ going to do? kill me? I can’t die’ she couldn’t fathom something being worse than already being dead but immortal – like being chopped up like roses and special delivered! She was probably hoping for a quick voodoo hex undo.
        And you’re right, where is the live minotaur head? I suppose it’s alive too since it’s eyes were blinking too when delivered?
        Hell I know most likely these aren’t going to be the type of questions that we’re going to get answers to. Murphy is so uncharacteristically chatty Cathy this season, he should do a Q&A on what he left us all wondering about, a charitable act I say, indeed!

      • Joan could be another hunter… we know there are more….

    • JoJo, in my mentalpausal memory it was a silver bullet not a casing. but it looked like it was either fired or incomplete in some way. It did not look the the casing that ejects from the side of the gun when the bullet is fired.

      I saw a nonspoilery very short interview with Stevie today. She said she has a full on acting part (when asked if she was just there to sing) and that the scene “got very dark.”

      • JoJo

        Well good thing it looked like it’d been fired (or misfired), giving a plausible reason for a damn bullet on the sidewalk. They have enough room to stretch reality, I was hoping they wouldn’t do something so stupidly reckless that a rank amateur like me knows that fully formed, unfired bullets don’t just fall out of guns on sidewalks !!!
        (I read about Stevie’s second appearance too, not the interview. Said she had to point out to Murphy that she had written a song (long ago) about something In the script and then agreed to do an actual acting part regarding it. Maybe this episode will have Misty go batshit crazy in war!)

      • oh I totally agree with you about the bullet. And BTW, my opinions in comments are no more or less correct or important than yours. I may WILDLY disagree with whoever. But I am on your side on this one. I thought the same thing.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I read that too. I want to know what song she was talking about.

      • JoJo

        UF: How can it NOT be “Seven Wonders”? They’ve already played the other likely bits Rhiannon, Leather and Lace, etc. And one of these bitches has to be tested for the 7 Wonders, it’s halfway + before season end!
        (Speaking of music, I HAD TO CHANGE CHANNEL ON SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE and I was so looking forward to it, the original is one of my all time favs, oh sad, sad face:(

      • Urethra Franklin

        JoJo I did not know about that song, and I’m not familiar with that album, but I am listening to that song right now on you tube.

      • JoJo

        Urethra awaiting your verdict, “Seven Wonders”

      • Urethra Franklin

        I know this is blashphemous, but it was alright musically. I love everything Fleetwood Mac did before the 90’s. The lyrics were interesting and I can see it how will work into the show.

      • JoJo

        UF… your review was NOT blasphemous at all. I, too, am a pre-90’s Fleetwood fan (mostly)….it’s just like you said, the title and lyrics can work but I had to go look it up too when I vaguely remembered a song about seven wonders. I have my top 5, this isn’t on it. But now we’re dealing with witches who have to perform 7 wonders and Stevie sings a song titled that, so there you have it:))

      • Manny Petty

        It was clearly a “slug” or the projectile.

      • What was the point of Fiona checking out the box using her powers before taking it the house, IF A LIVING SEVERED HEAD somehow makes this list of things that pass muster?

        On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 9:06 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • lori

      I can’t see Misty bring Supreme at all. Plus, there’s no way Ryan Murphy would give it up that easy and non dramatically.

  17. Ncfinedime

    Not to sound horrible. Doesn’t the Supreme have to have perfect health? So Nan wouldnt be a candidate?

    • JoJo

      No that’s not horrible, it’s just sad, but it’s already been said. And it leaves out some other would-be candidates at one time: it was said that Madison had a heart murmur, and Queenie being obese. Now that is for a new Supreme I guess, considering Fiona has cancer, but still fighting tooth and nail to hold on to her title until overthrown or dies. But the way this show plays out, who knows if what we’ve been told by the characters is truth, or just ploys to throw us all off:)

    • I am not sure of this assumption of “perfect health” I think that was said because someone (Madison) has some sort of issue. So maybe. But the one supreme who suicide did so because she was not well enough to lead the coven through a long treacherous journey to safety of some sort.

      • JoJo

        I really do think now, that the one-time mention early in the season of the ‘essence of health’ was just a ruse. It was mentioned specifically about Madison when I think Cordelia was refuting something about Fiona. But everyone, recappers, commenters, grabbed onto that one sentence to narrow the new Supreme field. I think Murphy just let that ride since the new Supreme candidates is a very small group of people (unless, of course, he starts bringing in a bunch of lost witches:))
        Also TT, I caught that hand sweep of Fiona’s hand over the box too (I told the TV to tell her go get a long pole for Christ sake) . All I could think of is her hand is like a dog nose or electronic device that can detect drugs or bombs….just not living tissue?????

    • Manny Petty

      Nan is not downs.

  18. Smidge

    Can’t post a link, but did anyone think of the the delightful God Warrior from Wife Swap (youtube her) when Joan called Nan “dark-sided”?


    • OMG! I missed the Christian Warrior reference! Did she really say dark-sided! lol. Wife Swap lady should have played Luke’s mom. Only she would REALLY have given him the enema.

      • Smidge

        She did. She said something like, “she’s dark-sided. That whole coven is dark-sided.” I lol-ed. Poor Luke. And I’m not buying the Luke and Nan thing- my gaydar goes off the charts whenever that lovely boy is on screen. If he likes vageen, I’m Elvis Presley.

      • Urethra Franklin

        yeah smidge the chemistry between them is lacking…. but I think they are both on the same level emotionally.

      • mygirlsmom

        It always sounded to me like she said “dork-sided”. It became a running joke in me and my daughters after watching that show.

    • sweettea

      OMG I watched God Warrior’s meltdown TWICE…I feel for her daughter Brooke, such a beautiful dancer and just like me at that age with a crazy stage Mom. Lawdy lawdy. Don’t you know SELFISHNESS and worshiping yourself is a sin?

      UF Loved the recap, preview and the real show. I wish I knew more about Nan!!! And Luke…I’m very intrigued. I hope Ryan Murphy lives for 100 more years to keep creating original storylines I can’t get enough of.

      • Kaleesi

        Sweettea; my son and I still say, “I don’t WONT it, it’s DORK THIDED!!
        She’s not a CHRIS-CHUUUNNNN!!”
        Still laughing on that one. Poor lady.
        Also, I read somewhere that the oldest daughter was killed in a car accident. Don’t know if it’s true; hope not.

      • Smidge

        Hehe, “dork thided”.

        That’s terrible about the daughter if it’s true. I think I remember also reading that the lady admitted to having a mental illness after that show aired. If that’s the case, and the producers knew, that’s pretty exploitative.

        Imagine if she caught her family watching AHS.

    • Manny Petty

      Nice catch.

  19. steve

    the voodoo truce was made right before Fiona killed the supreme, i think she would have let it stay until she sensed witches dying and her powers fading. Thats what brought Fiona back to school. Marie is definately playing Queenie for the fool, Queenie disobeyed Marie about feeding the animals so she was told before. If you disobey Marie i dont think she is just going to tell you move along unless she has a reason for being nice. Queenie couldnt help but fall for Maries game, Queenie ate the gumbo there..I bet Marie spit in it Fiona style to trick Queenie into her plans

  20. Urethra Franklin

    Shouldn’t it be time for someone to start screaming that Stevie Nicks is the Supreme? LOL

  21. Katherine

    If Joan went to the academy, she would have know what she was moving next door to…. So either there’s an ulterior motive to her move or she genuinely had no idea.

    • lori

      Yeah, she is up to something for sure. Why else would they even be written into the show? I think there has to be something deeper than her just being the Jesus crazy neighbor.

    • JoJo

      Agree. It’d be like allowing us to believe a non-fired, whole bullet fell out on the sidewalk for Cordelia to find. Joan moving next door by happenchance, all too stupid reckless for a show of this caliber. That sniper laser on her perfectly, Fiona ordering her revival -way more to Joan and Ajax Luke! (If not, it’d be a damn sin!)

    • JoJo

      UF, you can’t ‘steal’ from a fellow witch, it’s yours, we are Covenmates after all (or some would say obsessed fools, which is fine with me!)
      PS tell me you’ve heard “Sorcerer” – I didn’t even hear it until Stevie was a mentor on American Idol, I’m embarrassed to say.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I have that cd, but i only listened to it once or twice years ago.

      • JoJo

        I completely forgot about this song until last night. To me, sounds like a bit of actual dialog from Misty, I swear, besides the music is vintage Stevie!
        “I’m tired, I’m thirsty, I’m wild-eyed in my misery…sorcerer who is the master?”
        Now I can’t get it out of my mind (and all after I was firmly behind Seven Wonders…..sigh.

  22. Katrina

    So most people think that Queenie is under Marie’s spell. She is also learning some of Marie’s voodo tricks. I wonder with Delphine’s head severed, can she still feel things that happen to her body. I think Marie sent the head to Fiona to let her know she will not get away with what she did. Also, Marie was tired of Delphine’s mouth.

    • JoJo

      Since the show hasn’t given much (at least to me) to sympathize with the Voodoo gals (although I love Angela and her acting), I’m hoping Queenie is doing just that – learning their tricks, then being sincerely wooed back to the Coven and using her knew knowledge to help them.
      Re Delphine, I’m still wondering why in the hell Marie thinks Fiona gives a damn one way or another about her. She was literally dug up on a whim just to piss Marie off, but was of no real use or real worth to the Coven. Hell only Queenie showed her any kindness or disdain and Queenie’s with the Voodoos!

      • Urethra Franklin

        Well yes she was dug by random circumstance, but I thought Fiona was desperate to use Delphine to get the secret for immortality, and Fiona wanted to trade Delphine for Marie’s secret. Marie wouldn’t cooperate and then Fiona got distracted by Cordelia’s attack and then her ghost lover….and while Fiona was neglecting the Coven, Marie got her Delphine back anyway…. But maybe Queenie is working double agent for Fiona against Marie…

      • lori

        I will be shocked if Queenie doesn’t come back to the witches, but I don’t know if she’ll live through trying to. I think maybe she will somehow die trying to do some thing to help Daphine. Queenie is a softie at heart. She is just lost and lonely. You can tell that she feels bad about what’s going on with Daphine, and that she’s been second guessing her decision to leave the coven. She has a lot of pride, so she had to act tough in front of the other witches under the bridge.

    • JoJo

      Lori, I agree with you about Queenie 100%. She’s deep down a big-hearted gal who wants a friend and to be loved. Even took the time to allow Madame to explain herself and her actions and they both seem to have bonded with the other. Now that there’s only a Madame Torso over at Marie’s ‘shithole’ …. maybe that will be the motivator to get Queenie back to the coven. (Maybe she kidnaps the torso back to the coven and there is something she learned to sew the head back on – before Fiona plucks Madame’s head on the Minotaur man as been suggested:))

  23. Smidge

    Also, I have Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake in my head going, “One: cut a hole in a box. Two: put a head in that box. Three: make her open the box. And that’s the way you dooooo it!”

  24. Urethra Franklin

    Any nurses or doctors around here to tell us whether or not an Ajax enema would be fatal? That’s just like injecting into your bloodstream right?

  25. lori

    As someone said above, Fiona seemed to really get her Mojo back at the end. Is it a coincidence that it seemed to get very strong at the same time that Luke’s Mom died? Just a thought.

    Loved the recap UF. Had me literally laughing out loud throughout. I was thinking the same thing during the scouring enema… What on earth did Ryan Murphy’s Mom do to him?!? (That part of your blog was my favorite by the way). All of these mothers seem to be very comfortable with their son’s private parts. And last season Bloody Face had MAJOR mommy issues, which were also very intertwined with sex. Is Murphy’s mother still alive I wonder? If so, she must be getting strange looks from the neighbors right about now.

    Even with the plot holes, I am still really enjoying this season. I’m proud of myself for letting them roll off my back. I tend to get wrapped up in that sort of thing and it has ruined many a movie for me. However, I do hope he does a better job of wrapping this one up than he did with “whatever” that was that they were feeding behind the asylum last season. That was a huge let down.


  26. Katrina

    Do you think Delphine is the key to immortality? I know Marie made her immortal due to the potion she gave her, but Delphine was practicing a blood ritual with young black children. She was smearing her face with blood, just like Marie. Why does Fiona keep trying to cure her condition through human medicine and not through witchcraft or spirital intervention.

  27. Beth

    Luke seems to be in perfect health. He survived his mom’s punishment…
    Also Fiona’s powers came back… Luke got shot and in is a coma…. And the witch hunter (but maybe this was NOT a witch hunter but a witch hunting a witch hunter…. who is a witch, Luke’s mom) did not seem to care about the one witch that was at his house who has a crush on him. And if Luke’s mom is a witch then the blood line is in his blood too…

  28. Beth

    Thanks 😉

    what are your thoughts on this: If Joan was the supreme rising Fiona’s powers would have declined when Misty brought her back to life, which did not happen. Luke is a coma and Fiona’s powers are back… (A man is also a witch and part of covens). I think Fiona’s powers started to fail when Joan and Luke moved next door.

  29. Urethra Franklin

    I still think that if Delphine’s head is alive without her body, the same can happen to the Minotaur’s head. What did Fiona do with his decapitated body? I don’t think we have seen the last of the Minotaur’s head.

    And a completely batshit crazy storyline would be if Fiona took Delphine’s head and put on the Minotaur’s body with the help of of Misty’s magic swamp mud.

    • Katrina

      You took the thought right out of my head. Marie would go ballistic!

    • Manny Petty

      Fucking genius

    • Beth

      Oh wow, that is crazy smart! Can you imagine Marie’s face if she saw Delphine’s head on the Minotaur’s body.

    • JoJo

      LOVE IT!
      Also thinking still about what song Stevie Nicks reminded Murphy about and then agreeing to film an acting part: A much better song than Seven Wonders is a more recent one “Sorcerer” she recorded with Sheryl Crow. Sorcerer (male) – wouldn’t it be heaven if she sang that song while we find out about Luke’s real identity?

    • Smidge

      Ryan Murphy said there were clues to the show in the credits. In the shot with the woman’s silhouette who is opening her skirt to the sides, look at the ceiling. There’s a reflection of what looks like her head with horns. A horned woman. LaLaurie minotaur clue?

      • Urethra Franklin

        Smidge—HUH what? Where is this scene?

        I was only do some crazy wishful thinking about a Delphine minotaur? Really OMG this is gonna be crazy…..

      • Smidge

        Urethra, can’t post a link, but in the opening credits the scene between “Sarah Paulson” and “Taissa Farmiga” shows a woman walking toward the camera opening her skirt to the sides. If you look at the ceiling, her reflection outline shows she has horns. :)

      • Urethra Franklin

        ty smidge….
        and OMFG. I never connected that image as a feminized minotaur, but there it is in the opening credits.

        There are always clues every season in the opening credits, and I hope that Delphine gets stiched up to that Minotaurs body. I will lose my shizz.
        Good eye Smidge.

  30. ZenJen53

    TT we r all blessed that u bribe U_F for the guest blogs. The comments are the best, I’m thinking one way but a comment will make me rethink. PERFECT. Makes since the SN song wld b 7 wonders. I’m still rooting for Queenie.

  31. Hannah King

    I wonder if Joan is a witch and for whatever undisclosed reason she was either forced or chose to live her life the polar opposite of her true nature. Maybe her pregnancy was a result of backsliding. When Luke was a child, he may have exhibited some kind of power which resulted in Joan’s abuse and punishments to cleanse (Ajax pun intended) his soul. When they moved next door to the coven whether Joan intended it or even was unaware the coven was there, Luke was drawn to the witches. He risked his mother’s wrath repeatedly. Nan especially is drawn to Luke and with her powers, she may know more than she is willing to admit. She is also unafraid to go up against Luke’s mother to try to safe him.

  32. Hannah King

    I hate hitting the post button too soon lol. Anyway, I think Joan through years of abuse, training and punishments has managed to control Luke. Being so near his own ‘kind’ is going to open the flood gates of his power and I wonder if he will turn on Joan like Franken-Kyle and Cordelia did with their mothets.

  33. Urethra Franklin

    I just watched this episode again, and I don’t think it was witch hunters that showed up to Misty’s cabin because the gunman used a shotgun. I don’t think professional witch hunters would use a shotgun. That is a “country” weapon. I think it was someone from her hometown for sure.

  34. john

    Isn’t this in lynn

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