Kim Biermann Has Lost The Baby Weight!



People seem to be buying the “good genes” explanation. I say she had work done on the delivery table the past two pregnancies.


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39 responses to “Kim Biermann Has Lost The Baby Weight!

  1. Katrina

    You don’t think Kim has good genes? Her belly was huge, but she didn’t appear to gain too much weight. Kim’s mom is super thin too.

  2. Her stretch marks must look like Google Maps.

    • She doesn’t have any!

      On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 9:20 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • I"m the Genius Here

        She doesn’t have any that you can see! I’m sure she has a great airbrush artist for these “informal” pics! However I’m quite offended that Stephen said something about it. I hate insensitive men. I guess his mother and wife carried him and his kids in damn knapsacks.

  3. Tango

    Imo she didn’t gain enough weight to begin with for carrying twins. You don’t want to get obese, but to have healthier kids you gotta gain more than just the belly. It’s too bad today moms feel the need to post selfies a week after birth and “show off”.

    • Witchy

      A Dr. Would not perform a tummy tuck after birth.
      Look at the picture, she is wearing all black and still has a bump.
      Kim still looks great.

  4. Shola

    Kim has lead a healthy lifestyle with a complete diet of wine, cigarettes, and sperm. Let’s all stop being so critical! Lmao! No really, she certainly got work done and has a wonderful pair of spanks too. Idk why people won’t just own it. You did it so what!! It’s your money. Just don’t cry over it when you file for bankruptcy. *cough* Heidi and spencer *cough*

    • That is her perfect diet. I am quite certain she has the best photoshopping app available. I seriously doubts that she breast feeds and I wish I could have had a tuck right on the table. She is a size 4 …….in her mind. She looks great but she is not small boned and she is not a size 4,

    • jarlath

      Seriously LOL!

  5. Bombero129

    Kim is looking rough in that last picture

  6. misscologirl

    I bet she’s also nursing the babies, it actually helps with weight loss.

    • KWM

      Or not! I lost 25 pounds giving birth (god that was awesome) but breast feeding made me so ravenous that I gained it all back. The day we weened at 14 months with in 5 weeks it was all gone. Without doing anything but stopping breast feeding. After talking to other moms, we found this great weight loss of breast feeding is great for some, not for others.

      She looks good, but she is also doing the tricks to make one look smaller.

      • love2hatebravo

        Exactly. Breastfeeding only helps with weight loss when you cut down your calorie intake. Which is hard to do when you’re starving and sleep deprived all the time.

    • Joan

      I have heard Kim say she breast feeds. She believes that breast milk is better for the baby – and – supposedly, breast feeding helps the muscles in your tummy shrink. I’m not kidding, several friends of mine have told me that it does help. I haven’t given birth, so not sure about all that. Now, I do know for sure that some women have had tummy tucks on the table right after giving birth. Perhaps most doctors won’t do it – but this is the world of fame, money and image. I bet docs make a small fortune in tummy tucks alone.

  7. Katrina

    Do you think they were full term babies? I wonder what her secret is regarding stretch marks? She is double pumping.

  8. She’s been pregnant so often that her skin is used to this. Plus with creams early enough really helps.
    I really hate those wigs. So ugly.

    • love2hatebravo

      Nobody’s skin gets used to that much stretching, but tanning and self tanning will camouflage the marks.

      My money’s on a combination of surgery, smoking, ADD meds, thermage, breastfeeding, and spanx/girdles.

      • I highly doubt she’s taking any ADD meds while breastfeeding.

      • love2hatebravo

        We all saw the pics of her smoking while pregnant, which is much more dangerous than breastfeeding on ADD meds. I agree with the person who said she barely gained any weight in the first place, considering she had twins. I’m not denying a genetic component here, but we all know she smoke and doesnt work ou and loves surgery. And that’s just what she willingly puts out to the public.

      • love2hatebravo

        And Im not “hating”, but I’d really love to know who is sewing those size 4 tags into her size 8 clothes, because cone on, folks. We are smarter than that.

  9. Melissa Oaks

    I agree with you Tamara. There is no way in hell. :-)

    You doing okay?

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  10. LOL, people bounce back in different ways. I have 2 friends that had babies within a week of each other and trust me neither could afford any “work”. One looked like her pre-preggo self within 2 weeks, the other well lets just say she is working on it. No need to hate, it’s not fair but it just is.

  11. Bren

    Love Kim but I gotta crack up about the messy, hair thrown up in a clippy wig.

    • I"m the Genius Here

      My point exactly about these “informal” pics! If you are really just chilling at home why not take the wig off and put your real hair up in a clippy so you can be comfy. She was clearly going for a “look” here.

  12. Didn’t she say on RHOA while pregnant with first baby by Kroy that as soon as baby is out she’s getting surgery? I could have sworn she said that but then again all of these reality shows start blurring into one after awhile.

  13. Mango

    Kim may have good genes, but after 6 babbies, I totally believe had a tummy tuck same day as her caesarian.

  14. Instead of Kim taking pics of herself. Let’s see pic of the twins. I’m wondering if the babies are small. Kim smoked while pregnant.

  15. She has said she uses a girdle for the first few days to get everything tightened back up. If you look at the video on E! she still has quite a bulge from the side. That is her own hair clipped up in the pictures. Kroy had some positive comments about Kim and being a dad in his interview as one of the top 50 athletes of U of Montana. There must of been some behind the scenes concern because he said this in the interview about the twins, “I was prepared mentally for the worst of the worst. ” Kim posted the link to the interview on her twitter account.

  16. Pre1

    I don’t understand why people are talking bad about Kim’s mom. Two of my friends who happen to be sister both bounced back rather quickly after giving birth. One was a size 4 before and after birth. The other a 6. Their mom is a twin and she and her twin are both small in size. They’ve also mentioned how they didn’t gain a lot of weight during their pregnancies either. Kim takes really good care of herself so I don’t see the big deal. A woman carried & delivered 2 healthy babies, shouldn’t people be focused on that. Kudos to Kroy, 4 kids of his own plus 2, he’s the new Mr. Brady. I actually like Kroy. I think he gives Kim balance and she seems blessed & happy!

    • Katherine

      “Kim takes really good care of herself” — have you ever even watched a single episode of RHOA? Kim smoked cigarettes, drank wine, ate nothing but junk food & wasted someone else’s money to have procedures done to unnaturally lose inches or weight while never even trying to maintain. Kim Zolciak thoroughly entertained me in the early days with her friendship with NeNe & all her theatrics, but that’s because she didn’t take herself seriously. Now she acts holier than thou & as though she deserves some kind of respect reserved for royalty.

  17. Beth

    I wish she would care more about her health than her size! Being too skinny is not healthy and may cause serious health issues later in life. The human body needs food, not an overdose of wine, cigs, Botox, fillers and surgery. I don’t care what size a woman is, I would rather have people be curvy than look like a starvin Marvin any day.

  18. gagirl

    She lives near me and I saw her at Walmart about two days before she gave birth. She was riding a scooter and her belly was big, but she looked good. She didn’t look all swollen and bloated anywhere but her belly. Her face/arms looked pretty good.

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