Shahs of Sunset Recap

shahs-2-600Seriously? I feel like the person who has to report to Burger King on a holiday. How much longer are we going to watch this shit? Can’t we just talk about The Blacklist and AHS:Coven and Scandal and Revenge and ….. just better TV?  But here we go, because Bravo has you all so sucked in that you cannot, will not, venture out.

Mike and Reza go to some hairloss facility to try and keep Mike from going bald.  Because Persians are know the world over for being  practically hairless. Much like Armenians. Clearly this is a moment of crisis. Next the dermatologist comes in to explain Mike has flaky ears. SIGH.  Both are Iranian doctors.  No infomercial here at all.

MJ and her mother Vita attempt an outing to learn how to play golf. MJ is chugging PBR while on the golf cart.  MJ is wearing the wrong bra. Mama Vita is driving. MJ is trying not to spill her PBR. MJ is sort of impressed with MJ’s golf skills

Meanwhile, back at the Diamond Water plant (which if you follow me on twitter, you know is a real thing you can buy online.) Asa says Inshallah  weirdly. At least for Libyan Arabic.  I guess it is the Farsi pronunciation. Makes sense differnent languages pronounce things differently. Reza has lied said the reason he identifies as Persian and not Iranian is because  “most Americans are too stupid to pronounce it correctly.”  Like we don’t say  Meh Hee Co instead of Mexico? Or Paree  rather than Paris?  Shut up Reza. You don’t even CLAIM your homeland but we will have some touching scene about your trying to get back in to Iran soon enough.  I have personally, in the past when we were still tweeting ask Reza about Iranian politics and he has no fucking clue and seemed offended saying his is American. Altrighty then.


Oh Look someone to put Reza in his place. Let’s watch. Adam has brought over an Iranian gay neighbor to his place with Reza. He is already pissed and about to be moreso.  Reza is like, so did you just get here from Iran ( shouldn’t he have said PERSIA? lol)  as if being straight off the boat would be a bad thing. He is living in the same condo you are Reza after five years here. Reza is mocking his English which is actually flawless. Reza asks if his family are Muslim extremists. What fucking shitty thing to ask. And Hot Muslim Iranian says, “That is why you should know a little bit more about your country!”  Reza knows  NOTHING about his country. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING. COULD NOT FIND IT ON A MAP!  I swear to you.  All he knows is he has cufflinks from some actual Shah or the other.  My tweeps know that I RT  political things from time to time about that part of the world. My Tweeps are not all Bravo followers. I have many others that talk with me about real issues. Reza is CLUELESS  about everything. I thought early on I might have a new friend to talk to about the middle east.  He does not even want the RTs. Because  “HE IS AMERICAN NOW.”  Yep and a clueless asshole like most of America.

OMG. Reza now wants to claim Iran his homeland? really? Reza HATES Iran and is likely blacklisted from ever visiting.  So why is he going after this guy  WHOSE FAMILY STAYED AND WENT THROUGH ALL THE DRAMA?  Wait what?  This dude is GAYER than REZA?  I’m not sure Elton John is gayer than Reza. HAS HE SEEN HIMSELF?  Then he calls him FOB? Fresh off the boat? REALLY? Oh Reza just shut up.  You don’t get to claim you are Iranian one minute and then do the American insult of FOB. SHUT YOUR ENORMOUS PIE HOLE!

Adam tries to apologize for Reza. Get used to it. You will be doing it a lot.

I would like to peace out on this recap now. But I will try to move forward. I’m horrified by Reza’s shittery, He needs to be fucking deported to Iran, but they wont take him.  This is SO NOT HOW I WANT IRANIANS PORTRAYED IN THIS COUNTRY.  dammit!

I hate this show and the way they portray Iranians. First, because the hide their culture with the Persian crap. I am so sorry for ever suggesting you watch this. I promise Iranians are not like this and I can’t believe they sold their sole for TV.  I am sorry.

This shit is unbearable tonight. Worst show ever!  I will no longer recap this disgrace to my country. NOT YOUR COUNTRY.

Reza. When I travel, I try to respect the culture.  For example, in  France you say Bonjour Madame/Monsieur when entering a boutique.  His complete disrespect of culture annoys the fuck out of me.  HE IS NOT IN HIS COUNTRY.  He  is a guest here.  His constant comments about “white people” is offensive as shit. Strange he does not say it about our other majority “black people”  or he would be  in bigger trouble.

There was some scene with Lilly but I peed and let the dog out. And in, And still  fast forwarded it. Sorry. It appears we are at some gay Iranian party.  It is  not meeting Reza’s expectations.  They ask the asshole be on a Gay Iranian Float during Gay Pride.  Mike says he will do it.  Reza seems above it.  Sasha the gaybor to Reza is there. Oh yay, go in on him again.

I am IRATE with MJ and REZA for calling someone FOB for one thing.  I am just done. YOU ARE ALL FOB to us. Immigrants!  That is sort of what this country is about you fucktards.  Be happy we let your happy asses in and stop mocking others who do the same!’

Um there was more here. But it got lost. Just know that the cast off Shahs doesn’t represent the Iranian people.   Iranians are not like this. I apologize for ever following this show.


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57 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap

  1. Urethra Franklin

    I guarantee Reza’s first mental reaction to Sasha was jealously about his fit physique being flaunted in front of Adam who clearly has a type.

    Reza’s 2nd mental reaction was rage due to jealously that Sasha is out loud and proud. Something Reza could not do when he was younger.

    The rest of Reza’s reaction was him just being himself, a hypocritical enema bag.

  2. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    You know who came off really well in this episode though? Mike. His talking heads were great, and his attempted intervention with Sasha was awesome. I hope he stops apologizing for Reza soon though. I just spent the last four years of my life constantly apologizing for my best friend’s poor behavior – those people aren’t worth it. I now regret ever being the buffer between my (no-longer) friend and the world, and Mike is going to regret this too. When you hang out with trash, don’t be surprised when people think you stink too.

  3. Jarenov

    I’ve never really liked Reza from the get go but now he’s just getting to be insufferable.

    Maybe he needs an enema with Asa’s Diamond Water!

  4. Thank you for this post. I completely agree.

  5. reza and mj are off the rails. they are the nastiest mean assholes ever. mike is probably the best person on the show, asa kind of is wacky, but in an ok way but she is at least real.

    • Real??? Pretending a factory is hers and that water that’s been near a diamond has some special benefit is real???

      She’s so pretentious it’s amazing. The photos of her life story. Her claims of being extraordinary? The whole machine gun thing?? Bullshit. At least the others seem to be ego driven only. Lily and Asa want to bilk you out of your money too.

      • therealdeb

        ok, so what i meant by real is you can totally see what ans who she is… she doesn’t pretend to be a fine upstanding persian.

  6. layla

    I wouldn’t buy diamond water if you paid me to. Asa is so full of BS with this water. I also agree about hating the white people vs brown people comments. I think Reza would be in hiding if he ever commented about African American people the way he does about white people. If you don’t like this country, then go back to where you came from. I used to like this show until if got so fake!

  7. Frederick Uncut

    One thing I’ll say is that the feet on the furniture thing would be a bigger deal for Iranians than Americans, in the Middle East you remove your shoes as soon as you enter the house and when you sit you don’t aim the soles of your feet in the direction of a person, it’s considered rude. Other than that, wow, Reza… I don’t even have the energy to list all the ways you were offensive tonight. FOB? Muslim extremist? f*gg*ts? trying to out the brother out of spite? on, and on, and on.
    Are we witnessing some midseason cast changes? No appearance by GG at all but her vastly more emotionally stable sister Leila has a scene. Lilly (who looks unbelievably awful with bangs) makes a pointless brief appearance but she clearly has nothing further to add. And now spunky Sasha seems to be on the way in.

  8. bendy

    There are assholes in every culture. It’s a typical Bravo move to cast the assholes for ratings. I hope nobody is dumb enough to think they represent Iran…or America.

    I’m sorry this show didn’t turn out how you had hoped.

  9. Cindy

    I agree with you, Tamara. My husband and I have very close Persian friends and have been close for 30 years. They prefer Persian over Iranian but they are nothing like this group of people, and are ashamed of them. We know their family and friends and all are so polite to anyone they meet. It’s like the SOS are living in a different world than our friends, and part of our friends family live in Ca.

    I want people to know that all Persians are not like what is being portrayed on Bravo…in my experience, I have never met an Irainian that has “asshole” stamped on their forehead like some of the Bravo cast (Reza)…

  10. Shirley

    What a disaster! Reza tonight was sure acting like a self centered a-hole. I agree he felt uber jealousy whn he saw Sasha! He’s mad Sasha is gay, Persian with a hot skinny body! And yes his English was great! hater!! I don’t understand why this man has to diss his own country and culture it makes no sense I was born in New York both my parents are from the Dominican Republic, and whn I am asked what I am I always say Domminican because that’s who my parents are and it’s my culture I Represent always, I’m don’t understand why that is so hard? What’s wrong with that douche bag!!! I always tell my daughter your Domincan and Cuban your Latino that’s your culture! You must speak Spanish! Like it’s only right! I’m so disappointed! hello only reason ur on this show is because of who your are !! Wtf now I’m confused!! Rep my brother rep!

    • Mizz Bea

      No Shirley ,you are an American of Cuban and Dominican disent and your daughter and any other children are 100 percent American . Teach them English as well as Spanish and always include their Latino culture ,but they are American first.

  11. Ariell

    I will quote one of my favorite Jem & The Holograms songs to respond to his Reza fiasco: Doesn’t it hurt? JEALOUSY BABY. Doesn’t it hurt? oh Jealousy baby…doesn’t it remove your soul, JEALOUSYYYYYYYYY!!!

    Reza is JEALOUS!

  12. Remember when Caroline Manzo so called the guidices off the boat? That was just as offensive.

    Lily May be a good haggler. But I sure would not buy her swimsuits if she’s buying $5 a yard fabric for them off the roll without so much as a wash test. Shits gonna fall apart.

    Really though. Reza calling a guy too gay and a faggot and then jumping his fat ass on a flair for gay PRIDE? What a hippo-crit.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I understand business is business and you have to be a good negotiator with good prices, but I think it is wrong to haggle down mom-n-pop type businesses over 50 cents when you go to Hermes and buy a $20,000 purse.

      A horse’s ass somewhere was missing a tail, because Lily snatched it and stuck it to the back of her bobble head last night on WWHL.

  13. Xanadude

    As a gay man, I am appalled by Reza. Each week he just sinks to a new narcisstic low. It was cute at first, now it’s enraging. UF – you nailed Reza perfectly. I also think he has “special snowflake syndrome” or “only gay in the Village” issues – his gayness makes him special amongst his friends and any other Iranian gay man will detract from his spotlight as being unique. “Look at me! Look how hard it is for ME!” – any person who detracts from that immediately incurs his wrath. And was it just me, or does Adam look afraid of Reza in mostof the scenes. Adam – RUN! We need a FREE ADAM rally as soon as possible.

  14. Urethra Franklin

    It was hypocritically rude & judgmental how Reza judged Sasha for “swishing” around. Wasn’t it Reza that was swishing around clubs sniffing armpits of twinks on camera?

    I am shocked that Reza’s racist homophobia against his own race…and I’m annoyed with MJ for going on that “you are an fresh off boat” tangent as well. They are all products of FOB refugees themselves. It just so elitist.

    • puravidacostarica

      I agree, but I will share a personal story. When it was suggested to my mom (who is the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants) that she go out on a date with my dad (who was born in Norway), her first reaction was “hell, no, I don’t want to date a greenback!” My mom was born in Brooklyn. She’s 82. This January they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. This “FOB” stuff dates back a long time. It’s not right and I’m not excusing it. Just saying. Even my Latino hubby jokes about some of his acquaintances having successfully participated in the Mexican Olympics….

      • Urethra Franklin

        My parents were immigrants too. Within our family the FOB can be light hearted in context, but NOT the way Reza & MJ were using it. FOB was used as a weapon to demean.

      • JrLeaguer

        I get what you are saying, Puravidacostarica. When explaining some things with my dad’s side of the family, I refer to myself as only “second generation off the boat” because it is true and in that context it is not a slur. I am as proud of my dad’s parents for risking it all and coming here, raising a good family, and becoming citizens as I am of my mom’s side who have been here since the early 1700’s. Mazel tov to your parents….that is quite a story and quite an accomplishment to reach 60 years!!! :)

  15. Mechelle

    It’s getting more difficult for me to watch this show as the season progresses. It seems like Reza gets the most attention on the show and his personality is absolutely horrible. He comes across so terribly that its not even entertaining. Reza and MJ are both toxic and they deserve each other.

    I think Reza’s reaction to Sasha reflected his conflicted feelings towards Iran and his own sexuality. When Reza asked Sasha if he comes from a family of Muslim extremists, I didn’t know if Reza was really that ignorant about his own country or was purposely trying to get under Sasha’s skin. I was shocked that he made the derogatory comment about Sasha being “fresh off the boat” and making fun of the way Sasha spoke.

    Last time I heard, Reza came from Iran as well. Reza has a superiority complex just because he came to America before Sasha? Really??!! His behavior was mean-spirited and absurd. But I shouldn’t have expected anything different.

    When Reza saw how comfortable Sasha was with being homosexual, it triggered all of Reza’s unresolved gay shame issues. It seemed like he was upset and even thought it was unfair that Sasha is able to be effeminate and openly gay at such a young age. Rather than being a mature adult and going into self-reflection mode, Reza decided to be rude and lash out. Then he proceeded to humiliate himself further by using a gay slur while they were in the club! That was totally uncalled for.

  16. Agreed! For immigrants to treat each other this way and get paid for it — it’s utterly ridiculous! I run into reza at golds gym in Hollywood. He never works out. Just checks out boys and yaps on his cell. Then there’s GG. I saw her in the bathroom at a Lakers Game with her snooty posse. I attempted to say hello but she seemed too occupied tucking her shirt into her pants and checking herself out. There are talented starving actors out there who deserve a chance!

  17. I’ve seen Reza at my gym in Hollywood. He’s a stuck up bitch who doesn’t work out–just checks out men while walking on the treadmill.

    GG was at a lakers game in the restroom occupied with her posse of snobs and tucking in her shirt.

    Why are talented aspiring actors sitting on the sidelines when these talentless hack ungrateful brats have 15 minutes of fame? Not one of them seems remotely redeemable!

  18. Reza can dish it but he can’t take it. Sasha remained dignified and classy the entire time Reza was belittling him. Sasha smiling as he called him fat and Reza not being able to handle that one insult… I can watch that clip time and time again.

  19. lori

    *sigh… where to begin with disgusting Reza? He disrespects Iranians, and says he’s American, and then he makes fun of white people, and claims he is Persian. I am so disgusted by him asking that guy if his family are extremists. Doesn’t he know that this is the biggest battle for Iranians coming into this country? That attitude and presumption??? Same goes for him calling that guy a fa**ot. SMH He is atrocious. I was surprised that you kept telling us that they are not a good representation of Iranian people. Did anyone EVER think that that were? That would shock me. Maybe I overestimate people? IDK Don’t blog this show for “us” Tamara. All bravo shows are basically a bad habit for me at this point. Kind of how drug addicts continue to use drugs after the point that using them is fun anymore, only I wouldn’t even have withdrawals if they all went off the air tomorrow at this point. Back in time I may have, but that was a looong time ago. They’re all garbage. The only good thing that came out of this show was Mike. Until tonight I always found him extremely boring and not very intelligent, but I fell in love with him tonight. Finally someone speaks up against someone behaving badly. I feel bad for Mike that he chose to have Reza’s big ugly head next to him on that bus. Reza is no friend. All he does is make fun of Mike, and has done nothing to help him in business as he said he would… as a real friend would do. Reza is jealous of Mike too. I think he’s jealous of everyone.

  20. Gingersnap

    I think I hate Reza more than Faye Resnick, and that is a TERRIBLE thing to say.

  21. Victoria

    Yeah let’s quit this show. Who’s with me? Done with them.

    • Gingersnap

      I’ll quit the show with ya. It’s become offensive enough to kick it to the curb. I wish that Bravo would get a lot of backlash for this portrayal of Iranian culture. I feel they are perpetuating sterotypes that won’t help anybody in this world. This is not entertainment to me, it’s propaganda.

  22. OMG! I just watched this on the dvr…. all I can say is Reza is a low life scumbag dickhead!! I had to rewind it 4 times to make sure I heard that self centered asshole correctly! I was like oh hell no he didn’t just call him a faggot… really? oh why do we have to be subjected to people like him? I swear the only normal one is Mike… MJ is a wanna be drunk skinny chick…honey word of advice you are not a size 2 please dress accordingly tyvm… Asa… someone please tell me wtf is that stupid ass thing is she wears across her nose during her ttc.. smh.. dumb! Lily? heh hookers have more class than she does…annoying is being nice…GG… that girl is crazy and I like her! …oh yeah…Adam… as far as you can from Reza… you can do sooooo much better than that POS!! OK I am done..

  23. Scottgriffith

    Reeza is the worst example of a gay man. U want tolerance. Try seeing your own self you uneducated fat ugly pig! You think you are high end? You are trash and would never survive out of LA. Pretty is as pretty does. Keep hanging out with your pill popping Mercedes. She’s classy. Tell her to walk a little and u both might loose weight. Your moms right about everything Mercedes! You both are emotionally crippled! NW Indiana coalition of gay men!

  24. lori

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Reza has been trending on Twitter following this week’s episode?

  25. Mango

    I don’t believe the first time Reza met Sasha was in their apartment, that seems like bull. Reza came into the apartment sniping at Sasha, so I feel like there’s a history there, off camera. Then again, Reza seemed offended in his TH that Adam would have the temerity to think Reza might have common ground with another gay and Iranian male. Or maybe he’s just a jealous idiot.

    Re: the white people don’t do this or that statements — I take it that Reza identifies more with African-Americans than with american whites. either that or he’s been listening to old comedy routines going back to richard pryor/eddie murphy/red foxx — that’s an old line, is what I’m saying.

    Not that any of the above matters, because this show, and Bravo’s lineup generally, is just too negative to enjoy anymore. Toxic bitchery, addictions, and petty infighting — if I wanted that I’d go to the office Christmas party.

  26. JoJo

    Ironic how last season I hoped MJ and Reza would make up since they were a hell of a lot more fun/interesting to watch than Reza with Lily or even Asa. Now that they are seemingly friends, I’ve seen nothing but the worst in each of them. They both are the most delusional fuckups topping the Bravo reality delusional fuckup charts.
    (TT: this is the most raging blog I think I’ve ever read from you, but great points you made, especially “This shit is unbearable tonight. Worst show ever! I will no longer recap this disgrace to my country. NOT YOUR COUNTRY”!)

  27. MJ and Reza deserve each other, they are both delusional and hateful. Just disgusting people. Although she came off horrible the first two seasons, I have really grown to appreciate GG for being who she is. I understand her anger issues as I face them everyday myself and I love her honesty. She can be much but I appreciate her. Asa is just a narcissist hiding behind being positive. I don’t care for her anymore. Mike came off really well in the episode and I really think he is like that out of the show although I hated when he tried to make an excuse for Reza. I think he is starting to see Reza’s true colors. I love your recaps!

  28. BrandonM

    I am thrilled to see the majority of these comments share my same level of offense at Reza’s commentary and actions.

    To me the absolute worst thing he did was level the F-bomb at a closeted, shamed gay man. Who was in refuge from this behavior, no less. Imagine all the countless nights spent in a closeted or otherwise ashamed gay childhood, crying. Wishing being different didn’t have to hurt. Hoping that maybe someone would accept them for who they are, and not their sexual identity. Seeing the two brothers holding each other in tears really got to me. How would any of us react in the same scenario?

    All of us in the LGBTQ community can identify with feeling different. What we should all know (well!) is that shaming someone for an immutable characteristic of their makeup is just hateful and wrong.

    Perhaps the worst thing a survivor of any oppression can do is turn that same ghastly firehose onto another human being. Especially one who’s just like you. It should behoove you to help him, not denigrate him. Reza’s hateful use of anti-gay epithets and rhetoric just begets and legitimizes the same cycle he surely sought to escape at one point in his life. Sad.

    From the spectrum comment, “you’re gayer than me” to his intentional outing of Sasha’s brother, this self-important bully has not just emotional problems, but a self-loathing and abject cruelty to which good men and women shouldn’t be subjected.

    He highlights the absolute worst of humanity. It makes me glad to know that legions of others were astonished at his behavior. Let his hatred and persecution of his own kind serve as a lesson to anyone watching. Especially those viewers and Bravo execs who happen to find themselves in the LGBTQ community.

  29. luis rivrodz

    Omg! How cute is that new iranian”FOB”??? And how touching the way he stood up for him and his brother. Reza is obviously envious of this new guy (I’m sorry, I don’t know his name) but he represents everything Reza won’t be, young, handsome and selfloving. I hope Adam runs away with a the new guy, or some other loving and respecful guy.

    luis rivrodz

  30. Lili

    As an Iranian, I have been outraged at the misrepresentation of many Iranians by this crappy show. There are so many fallacies to be addressed. I agree that Reza is a disgusting and loathsome beast and his idea of Iran is completely delusional and misinformed. He claims he lived in the time of the Persian Empire! laughable! As you stated, he does not know anything about his country of origin. The uneducated cast members refer to themselves as “Persian” and use a few Persian words which by the way have never made sense in the context (if you are a native speaker of this language, you know). This is a miserable mockery of themselves, yet I worry about the propagation of certain stereotypes, mainly “LA Iranians”. We are not all about gold and riches, many of us are very hard-working and cultured. I think out of all the Iranians depicted in this show, Sasha is the most authentic. I hope he and his brother have a good and safe life here.

  31. Xanadude

    What Reza said and did was horrible. WHERE he said makes it one hundred times worse. To violate a safe place where someone who may be closeted goes to feel protected is so wrong on so many levels. And, no Reza, we can’t just sweep it aside due to your issues. You now have demonstrated a pattern of behavior towards people that you feel aren’t in your calss or status tand that CANNOT be swept aside.

  32. Go back if you hate Americans so much!

    I like Reza. He came home to a stranger in his living room, clearly flirting with his fiance. Said stranger then called Reza, the home owner, “ignorant” and “fat.” Reza called him FOB after the guy called him “ignorant,” if I recall correctly. But the guy was still not being very nice to Reza in his own home.

    I think Reza was equally upset with his man for not sticking up for him and for inviting the random guy up to begin with. But Reza couldn’t or wouldn’t express that, so the guy got the brunt of it.

    The guy also not leaving when asked to leave was another indication he had no manners. And the foot in the chair. Yuck.
    BTW “Ignorant asshole like most Americans?” Thanks for that (not)…no wonder you identify with this rude guy who attacked Reza.

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