Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: A Whole Lotta Mama Drama


Sorry for the delay, TAR running behind got me behind and I decided to just wait and recap RHOA today.

Oh Phaedra and Appollo are not speaking. Phaedra is headed to Alabama to study and take her funeral director test. With the baby. Is Apollo in school somewhere? He always seems to have a backpack with him. What’s up with that?

Cynthia is working at her agency and Apollo walks in to see Peter for advice. This fake sitch with Kenya is played out. TMZ did a story just this week just to explain that nothing happened between Kenya and Apollo. Who does that? It was a non-story story. Fake or not, Peter seems surprisingly good with the marital advice

The Kandi Factory Premieres; Kim Zolciak Snubs It

Kandi is getting ready for Todd to return from a business trip and she is talking with her “best friend” who we have never heard of, Karmon, about what Todd likes. Girl, I know that your mama thinks Karmon and Todd have a thing, and I don’t even believe that, but you don’t need to give some chick a roadmap to your man either way. Anyway, Kandi says she has not even tried on dresses yet because she wants her mom to go with her. So sad. They bring up the whole suggestion that Karmon is sleeping with Todd thing. Karmon says Kandi needs to write some things off with her mother. If she doesn’t support her, she needs to go. Kandi says that is not happening. But, SOMEONE got married at the beach when all the housewives were there. Just saying.  My source said they were there for a wedding…and Mama Joyce and Kandi’s  kid were not there. Maybe this is why?

Oh look. Bravo rented Kenya a house. It was a blessing that fell into her hands. lol. Next.

Cynthia and Nene go grocery shopping. And Cynthia still looks preggers bless her heart. Nene pretends like she is still going to be filming a lot with Glee. Her part is not even in the season except for maybe two pity episodes. Honey, please. I am not sure where they are even shopping. Cynthia is talking to Nene about Noelle having a boyfriend.  Where the hell are they? Cynthia says it’s a farmers market.  Nene is looking at hot pockets and frozen pizzas? I love the huge Dinero sign. I think Cynthia and Nene might me shopping in my hood at the place on Concord. It’s… interesting. Like a third world grocer with tons of fresh fish and international stuff.  Tell me Atlantans! Where are they?  Nene says a different age every time she talks about being pregnant with Bryson.

Todd is working for BET now. I guess being on Bravo was a conflict of interest. Kandi tells Todd that that her mother hates him. Todd says he has given up jobs for his relationship. I like Todd.  I don’t think he is an opportunist. But again, I am a poor judge of character, clearly.  Todd seems truly upset about Mama Joyce.  Todd gets Kandi to set up a time for them all to sit down and talk things out.

Porsha is immature. Moving on…

Noelle brings her boyfriend Peter and his mother over to meet Cynthia and Peter. Peter is playing scary step-dad and Arthur looks like he is about to crap his pants.

Porsha pretends she can afford nearly 5K in rent, but gosh darn it those closets are not big enough.

I love the scene with Phaedra’s study group. It seems kind of… oh I don’t know…real! And interesting.

RHOAKandiandMamaJoyceMeanwhile, back in crazy Mama Joyce land… it’s time for the throw down dinner. Mama Joyce doesn’t even sit down before commenting that there are no pictures of her and all kinds of pictures of Kandi and Todd hanging on the walls. Mama Joyce starts right in with the Karmon comments. She says that Karmon is there everyday like she is the lady of the house! Kandi sort of shuts that down so Mama Joyce starts ranting that there are no pictures of her in her own daughters house. Kandi says she is having them framed and they will be up. Not good enough for Mama Joyce. She should have gone up on the walls FIRST.  Then she insults Kandi’s ring, AGAIN.  She says Kandi stepped it down to be in his price range. Is she on crack? I mean really. Who says things like that? I honestly think she is drunk.

Next week, Mama Joyce continues her quest for more airtime and Porsha goes to the hospital.


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32 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: A Whole Lotta Mama Drama

  1. Maybe Phaedra and Apollo will make up, and renew their vows at the end of the season. This show has gotten so obviously scripted that it’s hard to ignore. They are all really bad actors.

  2. I saw the TMZ article on Kenya/Apollo yesterday and wondered why it was there.

    • I know it was very weird. TMZ has been doing some strange HW posts lately. I know blogging stories are low during the holidays, but really? A story on TMZ that basically says that Apollo and Kenya never sexted? um Why?

      On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 2:57 PM, Tamara Tattles

  3. Katrina

    I read somewhere that Kenya released the text messages to one of the magazines. So I thought TMZ was going over the story again, because Kenya says nothing happened and Apollo is a liar. Also, the scene between Cynthia an Nene was way back in the summer, so how would Nene have known her final scripts.

  4. Undine

    I am on fence about Todd. He seems like a good guy but Kandi has really poor taste in men. She really has no credibility when discussing her choices. And Riley doesn’t really like him much, but is tolerating for her mom’s sake. So I see why Mama Joyce is so amped. But the whole “where are my pictures?!” makes her look crazy as hell. Ultimately, I hope Kandi gets married but has an ironclad pre nup.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I think Kandi probably does have bad taste in men, but Todd seems like a pretty cool dude. the fact that he didn’t let Mama Joyce get to him makes him likeable in my book. Kandi needs to grow up, regarding this she is acting like a 15yr old with her first boyfriend. All the giggling is not helping!!! I believe he has turned down jobs to be with Kandi and help her reality persona. I think producing is probably like a freelance kind of gig.

      • It is sorta. I think Todd LOST money/jobs with RHOA because he is now in front of the camera. So he works for BET more again now which takes him away from ATL a lot.

        On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 7:13 PM, Tamara Tattles

  5. jarlath

    Why is Porsha still on this show. She’s so … dull.

  6. It’s funny that there is a preconception that if a woman makes more than a man, the relationship is doomed and he must be after her money. That’s certainly not always the case. He’s a TV producer. Not…whatever Gregg is….or a club owner whose gone under at least once…or an Excon who remodels the house. Face it. He’s the most well employed of any of the househusbands in that franchise. This is all made up crap.

  7. lwickedgirl

    Just how little furniture does Kenya have? That truck looked small as hell. What is with these HW’s looking at expensive places to live they clearly can not afford? It just make them look even more pretentious.
    I am sorry but I still can’t get over Kenya living in that tacky hotel suite that looked like it had roaches and then acting like she was so grand.

    • misscologirl

      Kenya’s last house was very empty (this one will be too). They only showed her walking to the door and into the kitchen but it was obvious that the other rooms were completely empty. I have no idea why Kenya would need over 5000 sq. ft. of empty rooms…..

    • So…she’s wrong for getting a place that was too nice…and wrong for having a place that was not nice enough? She’s going to be wrong no matter what, right?

  8. Katrina

    If Kenya owns any furniture, it’s in storage in California. I guess Kenya likes to live in a big home with no furniture.

  9. Ajacks61

    TT that wasn’t the Farmers Market on Concord. I too live in your neck of the woods but it’s not hood over on my side of the fence! :) lol. I think they are in one of those “hood markets” that wasn’t a farmers market. Kenya & Porsha’s storyline is exhausting & boring.

  10. JrLeaguer

    Mama Joyce must have had a flask hidden under the table because as the meal went on, she became more and more belligerent. The busted up grocery store scene was odd…as was Cynthia’s declaration to spend every waking moment with Nene before she twirls on back to Hollywood. I felt sorry for Noelle having to endure the humiliating “Boyfriend by Bravo” moment. For me it rated right up there with NJ Danielle taking her daughter to the gyno. and NJ Teresa taking Gia bra shopping on camera. Still trying to figure out how Nene was pregnant with Bryson at 21 and a had him at 23. I either did not hear her correctly or her gestational calculations are as off as Phaedras were. The poor real estate guy going around with Porsha looked like he wanted to jump out of the window. Maybe Porsha can move in with Kenya…that would be a lot more interesting show than this snooze fest season. I guess that Klassy Kenya will be hitting up the nearest Rent a Center to trick out her Bravo rented Casa de Crazy.

    • Katrina

      It is possible that Nene said it wrong or the 23 statement was cut off. Nene was pregnant with her first son around the age of 21. She was a single mother about 23 years ago because Bryson is 23.

  11. JrLeaguer

    With the baby. Is Apollo in school somewhere? He always seems to have a backpack with him. What’s up with that?

    Maybe he has it in case he needs to make a break for it. Phaedra did threaten to cut out his tongue last week.

  12. BethFLA

    JrLeaguer–LOVE the RentACenter comment! According to some of the net-worth websites, Kenya is worth about 1 million. Trust me, I am not scoffing @ that, I wish I was half-way to a million. But that is not “wealthy”. I don’t know where she gets her delusions of grandeur. Must be doing the Booty Boot Camp makes her light-headed. She makes about $600,000 doing RH, and could buy a house for 1/2 of that, that most of us would be very happy in. When she tells Nene on the phone that she moved in to her new house, I thought to myself, if I say “my new house”, that means that you own it, you are not renting. I think Kenya needs to move in to the land of delusion at Chateau Sheree

    • ROFLMAO. How is it that you think “net worth websites” arrive at their figures? Chile please. Don’t be quoting that nonsense up in here.

      On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 9:31 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • Katrina

      Kenya may not be planning on staying in Atlanta long, so why would she buy a house. There are a lot of people that rent and have the financial means to buy a home. They do not want the responsibility!

  13. Pre1

    I just want them to cut Porsha, or ask Kordell to come on for a reconciliation or something. This storyline sucks! And I read somewhere that divorce was at a standstill. I actually like Kordell even though he’s hated by many.

    Kenya needs to be gone with the wind!

    Cynthia: I like her & her family, but I feel she’s another DeShawn Snow.
    But Peter!

    Phaedra & Apollo…um…nonsense to me. Where’s the chemistry!? Love? Affection?

    Kandi is cool. I think Todd really loves her NOT for the reasons Mama Joyce think. He left a producer’s job at one of the highly rated TV “reality” shows to support Kandi. I think Mama J needs to trust that she’s raised Kandi to
    know what’s best for Kandi & Riley.

    Nene! I keep wondering if this is her last season. She’s a great personality. I think she would have been great for that new show airing next fall (The Real). I like Greg, he’s a constant reminder of my dad & how funny he can be at times.

    • Oracle5

      Porsha, tell Kordell to “Hit the road Jack!” Kenya, get your good sense back, stop having fake boyfriends. Leave Phaedra’s husband alone. Peter, stop using profanity in the presence of your wife. Phaedra and Apollo sleep in separate bedrooms. Raise your sons together, come together again, reconcile and renew your wedding VOWS. Kandi, continue to be in charge of your finances. Todd is in LOVE with Kandi and Kandi is in LOVE with Todd. Stop having Karmon always around you and your MAN. Mama J., you’ve done an excellent job of raising Kandi. Kandi loves you and respects you. Kandi has the right to disagree with you. So get a new ATTITUDE in everyway. Stop being so MEAN to others. Is NENE still a very RICH —–? Greg, keep on being COOL.

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