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Sigh.  I am harkening back to the day when this used to be exciting and fun! I would chat with you about things on the teevee and we would laugh and laugh but it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous and I think we all need to travel more. Stop what you are doing a book a fucking trip somewhere. ANYWHERE. Because  we are NOT amused by this shit anymore. We have reached our limits. Enough already.

Okay, every year, GG goes white water rafting? Um. REALLY? Okay I will suspend disbelief and not mention that Bravo is paying for the fucking rafting trip. Let’s get on with it, #YAWN

GG is exactly right. I guess MJ had to get the bad edit/storyline eventually.  Reza and MJ are going for facials. MJ is in love with her gay. Girl??? You have to get yourself a straight man. Reza LIES (are you shocked?) to get MJ to the white water rafting trip with GG’s family. Of course we must suspend disbelief again.  Also,  MJ is getting her “facial” in full on Tammy Faye Baker makeup. Because that is what we all wear to get a facial. Triple lashes, three inches of foundation and slut red lipstick. I just can’t. I love you MJ, but you are getting totally ridiculous.

SHAHSMikeNoShirtMike is still trying to make the business relationship with Reza work. He wants a bus wrap with Reza and Mike for 45K.  For four weeks of advertising. They agree to 35K. OH MIKE, Reza is so hosing you.

Um Asa? Love you girl. but this talking head with the headdress over your nose is not working for me. I’m quite familiar with middle eastern culture and you are being ridiculous. I suspect that perhaps you did have a nose job at this point. WTF is going on with you?  Find me ONE PICTURE of an Iranian woman wearing shit like that over her nose. SMH.  I love you to pieces, but come on. Is it wrong I still look at her arm and say, I still think I can beat that in carat weight? #banglecompetion  :) Asa is THE ONLY PERSON ON SHAHS who lived in Iran. I get her attachment. I feel the same way about Libya.  I love her artistic style.  But I CANNOT ABIDE THE TALKING HEADS.  I don’t proclaim myself to be an expert on Iranians. I’ve never been to Iran, but I have NEVER SEEN THIS.

Wow I am so unfamiliar with my own country. I had no idea there was a place called American River in Cali. It looks so beautiful. Despite coming there for *ahem* “years and years” Golnesa’s mom is all like “oh it is beautiful here.” Make of that what you will and I was recently offered a cabin in North Georgia for a few days, perhaps January so I could get my own little vacation. #scammingmyignorantreaders   lol.  Um there are tented areas sent up, but they are putting up a tent as if they have never seen one before. Oh wait, GG seems to know what she is doing.  Meanwhile, Reza is a lying liar who lies.

Mike’s mom is not happy with the bus wrap plan. I get her mother saying he is not going to knock on doors. I was a real estate for a brief moment in time.  THAT IS WHAT YOU DO!  You go to FSBOS, you know on doors, you have people tell you are too young. You canvas neighborhoods. You do not ask your mother for her friends business. YOU EARN IT. And it is hard. Which is why I went back to college.  Um Now it is “SHAHS REALITY GROUP?”  I mean it is genius but I thought the were both working with an established company. My email addy for Reza is at a real company. Okay maybe she does like the bus wrap.

GG and MJ are both pissed. MJ has no clothes.  I sort of believe this because of all the Farsi. lol. Reza insults white people AGAIN.  GG tries to tell MJ not to let go of her oar, but she is not listening. It’s SUPER hard to get back in a raft. Most of them find that out.

Meanwhile it is an Asa and Lilly showdown. Lilly should not come after Asa. I hate Lilly and love Asa. End of story. I think Lilly threatened to leave the show but did not.  Lilly is pretending to be a friend to Asa for some reason.  THEY DO NOT KNOW EACH OTHER. Shove it Lilly. You are not good enough to be Asa’s friend.

MJ is in total denial. She totally threw GG under the  bus. MJ says she was just mischievous. MJ says she is NOT sorry. /sigh BUZZZZ wrong answer. Then they go over some tiny little rapids. MJ thinks she a superstar rapid rider. Reza continues to be racist. OMG is Reza pregnant?  He is HUGE!

MJ sorta kinda apologizes by saying she did nothing wrong. WTF? I love Asa and I really hoped this weird nose and mouth covered  the by necklace shit was  over. But it ain’t  Wake me up for the episode where they go to Turkey and sneak into Iran.  Um as treasonist they can’t really do but I will play along and note Reza’s acting skills since he has DENIED and Mocked his country MANY TIMES. sigh.



















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30 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap

  1. eastjames

    Thank you for recapping this show. Its one that I CANNOT watch anymore but I’m still interested because I watched in the beginning. Just so you know, one of your adoring fans is taking a trip right now. Granted its just Pittsburgh but I’m a lil ol TN gal so its the big city to me! Everybody send out some good vibes for us bc we’re trying to beat this nasty weather!

  2. ZenJen53

    TT my apologies I stuck my foot in my mouth when I indicted you had never been rafting when its obvious u have. My bad onward n upward. Ur so right rule 1 u never ever take ur hand off the T-Grip. That’s how most injuries happen. Rafting is a sport not amusement ride.
    I recommend u take up the offer to visit N.GA. very close to my neck of the woods n its beautiful!
    I want to love Shahs and learn more of the Persian traditions but as with many of Bravo shows I’m over this over edited/produced shows…..sigh

  3. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    American River is in Sacramento, at least 400 miles away from Beverly Hills. You don’t just “get lost” in Southern California and end up in Sacramento, and MJ said something about being told she was going to Santa Barbara… No. It could not have happened like that unless MJ was completely drugged during the trip.

    I’m no fan of Lilly, but she’s right that if any of them are *saying* they are her friend, they should have stood up for her. I have to give that point to Lilly, sorry.

    And I’m going to Antigua in May!!! My friend WON an all-inclusive week long trip and she’s taking ME ME ME MEEEEEE. This will be the furthest away from home I have ever been and I’m super excited. Also, FREEEEEE. 😀

  4. justjenn

    MJ desperately needs to put her ego aside and admit that she was wrong. A bit of humility goes a long way.

  5. Sacramento is 8 hrs from LA and true, you don’t just casually drive there from LA. GG did look comfortable camping. That looked like a glam campground where all the work is done for you. GG family had been camping before, only seasoned campers bring water guns.

    I agree with Lily, someone should have spoken up for her at that table. I was surprised Asa did not say something.

    I’ve been reading a lot lately, I am so over the fighting of these privileged people.

    • Kisha

      Hahaha, sounds like “Camping For Dummies”. They have one in New York. They make the food for you, have toiletries, hot showers, and decked out tents Maybe it’s franchise or something.

  6. love2hatebravo

    I don’t begrudge anyone else their travel, but some of us mommies reading your blog have babies less than a year old and not yet eligible for certain vaccinations, so we watch crap tv and read blogs to fill our time until it is less dangerous to “book a fucking trip somewhere.” Maybe I’m sleep-deprived and premenstrual, and I know this is your blog and you of course are entitled to say what you want. Just offering some perspective on how all the little travel digs can get grating after a while. Whomever wants to rip me to shreds for this, go for it. Enjoy.

    • Mina

      Not at all, but there are women who can’t have kids, so you have to see this side too. Both sides are a blessing. Kids AND the freedom to travel. As someone who can’t have kids, it can be a bit much at times with all the kid conversation everywhere I go.. We are all in the same boat. We all need a nap, and a break. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

    • no ripping to shreds. :) I forget that people have babies. sleep deprivation and PMS gets a pass. As I hope for my sake perimenapausalness does too.

  7. Victoria

    TT I didn’t read this recap because I just can’t force myself to care anymore (about the show, not you!!) I was drawn in by your lead-in. I think you are spot on! We are no longer having fun. I don’t even enjoy RHOBH anymore! I never thought I’d see the day. It’s all fake and whiny. “Look at me. No me! No I want air time!” Ugh.

    Let’s go run off to Paris!

  8. Mina

    So over this show.

  9. Mango

    Oh I love Asa, her creativity, her confidence in herself, I think she’s great. What was with the dissonance in the talking heads that Lilly claims Asa as the Shah she’s closest to (not saying much in that case) and Asa saying basically that they barely know each other? I still kind of like Lilly but she needs to off the show, I think she’s gotten all the juice she’s gonna get out of being on it.

    Thanks for the recap TT. And I’m off to Amsterdam in 2014

  10. Omg,thanks for recapping girlfriend! I miss all you guys’ and your humor. Anyway,I was wondering about Asa’s diamond water. I’m kind of interested in the production process she had going on last time. And what is Golnessa’s job description again? Lilly needs to be….What’s the word….hmmm? “HUMBLE”. Nothing wrong with the way she presents herself but,not so annoyingly with” the voice of a thousand pigeons”. Lol. Anyway,toodles TT. WE ALL NEED A VACAY.


  11. lori

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is feeling so over all of these shows. I can’t get myself to care anymore, try as I may. I still watch, but I am finding it to be more of a chore than anything I feel excited about. I miss the days when I couldn’t wait for “next week”. Now what are we gonna do?

    • I’ve been not so subltely begging you to move over to The Blacklist, AHS Coven, Scandal and Revenge for awhile…. I just don’t get any feed back. Nene could fart and get a billion views….I’m hoping we can agree to move in a new direction. The ship is sinking on Reality… we are too aware of the FAKENESS for it to be fun. We either need to get stupider, or find something new and exciting. I’m open to suggestion. :)

      • Lady Chatterley

        Yes! We appear to be gradually outgrowing Reality TV

      • lori

        Well, of course I’m and AHS junkie as I have been from season one, but the other three I haven’t watched, and I hate coming into a series without being able to see the previous seasons first. I just learned that Scandal is available on Netflix, so I will be watching those episodes over the next week or so. If I can catch up on this season on demand I will be good to go. Hopefully all of this season’s episodes are available there.

      • Victoria

        I’m obsessed with AHS!! Please keep recapping, but there has to be a scripted, interesting, non-Bravo show that we can snark on! There has to be.
        Any ideas what show can we get into but still like fun at?

      • Justified starts on FX in January, I love that show and I love Timothy Olyphant. Elmore Leonard himself gave it a thumbs up.

  12. Xanadude

    In my weekly Shas vs. Surs, the Shahs again come across far far worse. Who would you rather spend time with Reza or Stassi? At this point I’d go with Stassi. At least I’d know she’d be bitching to my face rather than evilly cackling like Mama Cass from the HR Pufnstuf movie like Reza.

  13. Shawn

    I am still in shock with Reza. I can’t believe the way he talked about MJ at reunion & now the 2 of them are best friends again. I know they have had months to deal with the issue but dang! He is a true 2 bit dirt bag. Really seen the true side of him. I can’t even talk about MJ because she is so freaking spaces out. If I was GG I would have slapped MJ after tattling to the boyfriend. GG has every right to be mad. And Mike, oh poor Mike. He just hasn’t seen that Reza is using him with the “business deal”. Oh well….

    • I think I saw MJ and Mike on WWHL.$… or something recently and they were BFFs! Maybe they get it. But I just don’t know with these guys.

      I was quite friendly with them before the sh ow and came to like Reza, MJ, Asa and GG quite a bit. While I congratulated them on their new show, I TRIED to prepare them for all of this. They had no idea what they were walking into. Last season, Reza blocked me and Asa was a bit less than pleased about somethings I said in my blog. This season, MJ is.

      I totally get all of their perspectives. They take their personalities and AMPED THEM UP TIMES A BILLION. They edit things in a certain way. I get all that. Reza is probably not such a little bitch that can’t keep his dick in his pants. MJ is not a drunken mess who pops pills. GG has a knife collection but is not a psychotic mess, Asa is uber spiritual and artisitic but last season made her look like she is not caring for her family financially.

      It’s television.

      I won’t say I regret becoming friends with the Shahs. Because I do not at all. But I think that we all know (me and the cast) why Bravo didn’t want us to be close, they were pissed I got to them for interviews well before most people even knew the show would be aired. I called Reza a sockless wonder and then I got to know most of them, not Mike or Sammi at that time. I felt close to the four of them.

      And then the handlers clamped them down and Bravo started to take turns making them look like assholes and they really could not talk to me anymore. The show became very inauthentic, and now, I have to blog it like a show where I suspend disbelief of the people I chatted with…. I don’t like that. But if I was making bank with a TV show and the add on businesses…. I would not worry about what they thought either. I hold nothing against anyone except Reza’s treatment of MJ. I was sent the big reunion stuff on her before the first season started. I chose not to post it and asked people to keep it to themselves. Amongst other skeltons. Perhaps this year, Reza’s come out….

      I can’t imagine being BFFs with someone, and knowing their skeltons, and outing people on national TV. Not for any amount of money. But that is just me…

  14. I think the facelet thing Asa had on looked like one of those midievel horse dressing things. Ridiculous. Reza’s continued bigotry is disgusting. He really had better never get upset with anyone for disrespecting his culture or sexual orientation. Because he’s got no high ground. More importantly, I wander if there is ever the possibility that he will grow up. He’s a 12 year old girl and I don’t think it’s possible that his behaviour will ever change. Sad really. Mike thinking a bus side for marketing his services to high end buyers in that area is more than stupid. The people they need do not take or see buses. Hell, even I don’t look in the direction of public transit. I don’t want to make eye contact with the great unwashed masses. If out of home I s their chosen medium, taking spots in the restrooms of high end restaurants or in playbills or on sporting event tickets or club room materials makes more sense. Or hire someone who knows marketing. But since real estate is 90% marketing anyway, if you don’t have instincts for it in the first place! you might want to become a dental assistant.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I thought the bus ad was stupid to considering the target market. I thought the bus was a public transportation bus, but I think (not sure) it was just a moving billboard through Beverly Hills & other ritzy areas on a huge ass bus. I don’t think it has any riders.

      I’m surprised Mike is having a hard time finding clients. I thought the Persian community only did business with other Persians. Doesn’t the show give him enough publicity or maybe the show ( & his PlayGirl photos) has hurt him in business? I

      • He’s not very smart. Persian or ottoman, I would never entrust a purchase to him.

      • lori

        I can’t imagine this show helping anyone involved in real estate. I know I would never deal with them, especially Reza. He shows himself to be such a self serving, swindling type character. As for Mike… he doesn’t come off as being very bright, and certainly not the go getter type I’d like my real estate agent to be. Honestly, I don’t have much respect for most of this cast. Did anyone catch the picture of GG with bird poop on her face? Her bf posted it on his Twitter page. TMZ thinks it was fake and just another publicity stunt so that her bf can get more Twitter followers. *sigh. It’s a sad world we live in.

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