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What do you mean that picture is not of the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Does it really matter at this point? Aren’t all these shows interchangeable by this point?  Kenya really wants to be provocative. I was just talking about this very thing today.  She LOVES saying things like, ” I am not stranger to having my legs in the air upside down.” because she WANTS us to call her a whore. When, I suspect by the way she acts, she has been laid since she won her Miss USA crown in 1972.  So call her a whore. She will love it.

Poor Kandi. Kandi is on this show for two reasons. She was a wildly successful musical artist who invested well and  has more money than the rest of these bitches put together and because she is willing to play nice with everyone. She may have some drama later this season, but that is a rarity. She’s rich, she’s grounded and she is above this nonsense. But she likes to make an easy dollar and this show gives her that (in addition to her other enterprises, which unlike the others give her a very cushy lifestyle).  So she is for that reason stuck with filming with Kenya.  She, like the rest of us would like for Kenya’s Gone with the Wind Fabulous crap to be over. Kandi claims her ankle is hurt so she can’t ride the silks.  Kandi is also on the wedding diet and she is cranky. 

d5af5fc0e78b3a9f94f30f05a3b405caKandi’s assigned task is to get to the bottom of the Kenya and Apollo sexting sitch. Kenya wants to imply that Kandi needs to worry about her own relationship. Which is laughable. Because Kenya herself chose this as her storyline.  Look, I don’t care for Kenya, but she does have proof that Apollo hit her up first.  And if you search in the search box on this site on the bottom right…. you will see lots of allegations about Apollo dating back to WAY before Kenya showed up.  Do I think she was complicit with it, of course, chile, that girl is thirstier than a wandering nomad in the Sahara.  BTW, Kandi gives good hair tonight. I love the long weave.

I know some of you think TV therapy is fake. But if y’all know me at all you know I lay mine all out there. I guess if you are trying to look good on TV it would not work. But I think Porsha really wants people to see her side. And because it is divorce therapy, I think she REALLY wants Kordell to watch so she can share all the things she could not during her Stepford wife life. I totally believe Porsha when she says “fake it til you make it.”  That is actually been the advice of therapists I have seen. Porsha’s father died when she was 17. The therapist shows her how she was looking for a father figure. Porsha says that Kordell didn’t really want to sleep with her. She is still wearing her ring. It’s all very sad, and to me a very believable scene, mock me if you will, but this rang very true for me.

Nene goes to visit Cynthia. Cynthia’s mom is taking care of her. Cynthia is feeling better. Kandi calls to check on Cynthia. She had the same fibroid surgery.  Kandi  is trying to rally the girls around Porsha.

Kandi is meeting with Phaedra at a yogurt shop to cheat on her diet and chat with Phaedra. Phaedra says she is graduating from mortician school in December. Things between Kandi and her mother are still tense.  The POINT of this staged scene is for Kandi to tell Phaedra about Apollo and Kenya. Phaedra says that Kenya has “whorish tendancies” and frankly, that was being kind.  She goes on to say that the last thing that she wants to do is to give her sagging diaper booty any more energy. CLASSIC PHAEDRA. And I sometimes love it. But chile please, don’t call this being a white southern belle. Kandi  says that Kenya said they have never talked on the phone or seen each other outside of that text message.  Phaedra says she is lying.  They were at the Beverly Wilshire at the same time.  Well now, doesn’t that explain the frigid temperature between the  two and why my APOLLO AND PHAEDRA GETTING A DIVORCE blog has been on the top of the charts since summer.  I am telling you all that um…..some people read this little blog and the Top Posts section on the right column tells me a lot about such people. Allegedly.  Storyline? Maybe. But it is the storyline that get as whole shitload of hits. Just saying.  Phaedra says that Apollo told her that Kenya kept coming up to his room to the point where he had to check out. Answer me this. Do you think Apollo is the type to leave his hotel of choice to go somewhere else? I get this is “storyline” but just like on movie sets…..sometimes people tend to get together who should not. Just saying.

Phaedra says that she knows that Kenya went for her husband but it did not work.

Wow Noelle is 13 and asking for a credit card for books. Can people even accept credit cards from 13 year olds?  Noelle has a boyfriend named Arthur. Who she has kissed.

It’s an all in mandatory show up for everyone to support Porsha. I already predict this will not go well. Everyone actually has to have good intentions.  Porsha comes clean with her marriage. Nene acts like she is balling. ROFLMAO.  Kordell kept isolating her and not allowing her family or friends in her house. I’m not sure I am down with this whole black eyeglasses look that is popular now.

Kenya is in a shitty apt.  And Nene is mocking her white refrigerator. I TOTALLY get that. I have a white fridge I bought for  $25 bucks off the gaybor who just wanted to get rid of it ten years ago.  Over those ten years, I made a nice income BUT THAT DAMN FRIDGE WILL NOT DIE.  And it works great. I can’t see dumping it for a more impressive one until it stops fucking doing that. I have painted it  THREE times praying for it’s death. But do you really need to buy a refrigerator when the one you have works perfectly? So I have a shitty rusty refrigerator and a VACATION FUND.  Which just to piss off my haters you are free to contribute to on my paypal where I scam you all into donating money to me. OH OH OH and btw, I discerned tonight the issue. Apparently the source of my one time friend whose money I refunded due to his incessant whining?  Was that bringbacksheree nic on twitter. Who is actually Sheree (duh).  I could not figure out why anyone would be so upset that I was not financially damaged by Sheree Whitfield.  Makes sense no? Y’all paid for my legal fees and SHE WAS IRATE that the girl in the ghetto shack she posted all over the Internet including my addy was not destitute.  So anyway, I refunded him and I would like to think we moved on but I still get tweets from people who say you are being scammed. Whatever. I just could not figure out WHY until tonight. Who would be angry that my legal fees were paid by willing people? Who would bring it up now? It’s old news. That would be Miss Whitfield. Time to go check her ownership of the chateau again I suppose. lol. She always brings this shit on herself.

Nene says, “Kenya is in a 2.3 star hotel.”  Of course she is, she got evicted! Allegedly. Until that man in Dubai, needed her services, ALLEDGEDLY.  I mean come on. Oh Kenya has a Nigerian…. um… I shall leave it at that.  I will ask why he is letting her live in a hotel. He gives this in Dubai, but she got a white refrigerator at home.  We are going to hear a lot about this Nigerian prince in talking heads, but unless she hires ANOTHER stunt double, her John alleged happy relationship will not be seen on camera, because he lives in AFRICA y’all. ROFLMAO!  So when the realtor shows her a 4k square foot apartment overlooking Atlanta instead of saying. DUDE I AM FLAT BUSTED, I am making very low six figures now,  no way I could afford this when Bravo dumps me. …she  says it is beneath her.  This reminds me of the time Nene looked at multimillion dollar mansions in Miami. Get back to me when either of those things happen.  Nene makes fun of her.  Truth: Kenya can’t afford to live in my ghetto. and she is not long for Atlanta. She is only here for the show. Then she will move back to LA where she belongs with all the other fake bitches.

Finally the Phaedra and Apollo fake scene. Apollo says he is not getting any time with Phaedra. Phaedra got a subpoena about Kenya’s eviction. Phaedra says that she heard Kenya say that nothing ever happened with them.  Apollo said that he was not initiating text. Apollo says that Phaedra is not her mama and can’t tell her who to text. SEE? THAT RIGHT THERE WOULD BE THE END OF THE MARRIAGE FOR ME. DONE. OVER. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU ANYMORE. This is why I am not with anyone. I am not having that shit. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week. If I am at dinner with my man and we are talking about his interactions with another woman and he says anything thing other than, “it was a mistake and it will not happen again, now let’s makeout.”  WE ARE SO DONE.

Apollo says she brought her around. WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK?  She says it better not happen again and he says , “ENOUGH WITH YOUR THREATS?”  I may have cut his dick off right there in the restaurant. ENOUGHT WITH YOUR THREATS?” Oh HAIL to the noe.

Apollo says he saw her in LA but did not fuck her. I don’t believe him.  He is sick of talking about it. BECAUSE HE IS A LIAR. Point. BLANK. Period.


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46 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Kenya showing her texts to Kandi don’t prove anything. It’s easy to delete any questionable ones and only keep what you want.

  2. misscologirl

    I love how we got to hear the real Phaedra in the car as they drove away from the restaurant. Her tone and words are COMPLETELY different and are very crass. It shows why Apollo says that no one else has to go home and deal with her.

    • I couldn’t make out what she said besides that bitch that reminded me of when she accidentally left that vm cursing last season

      • misscologirl

        Exactly, very same tone and words!

        As they were getting in the car Apollo said “Let it go man.” Phaedra answered “You wanna talk to this BITCH?!” and Apollo answered “No”. Then Phaedra asked “do you have something going on with her?” and Apollo said, “No”. Phaedra finally said “What the FUCK?”. It was very crass and her tone was completely different from anything we’ve ever heard her say.

    • Buck Henry

      Thats the real PHaedra, big time. And I stil believe Andrea Stanton.

  3. AmberKnows

    LMAO Tamara… as the kids say….YOU DID THAT!!! Apollo was so disrespectful that I wanted to jump thru the screen and throttle him. I don’t understand why he wasn’t apologetic to his wife and mother of his children, instead he chose to be the asshole and refuse to admit blame. It’s not about her controlling him but about common sense which he obviously lacks. He seems to enjoy pressing her buttons so Phaedra better bring him to his knees quick. By brute force or frozen assets.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I know right. Instead saying oh baby you are the only woman for me, he said if I wanted that I would get that…. What a dumb ass…

      • puravidacostarica2

        Yup. Sadly, if you think about it, Apollo’s responses were probably more “honest” than one might expect from some men faced with that situation. “Honest’ at least in the sense of “man, this guy’s got some ego, doesn’t he?”

    • eastjames

      Plus a classic sign of guilt was him turning the blame on Phae saying she brought Kenya around. This does not seem like a “storyline” to me. I think this shit is real.

      • willlynn

        All I know is had it been me, whatever I was drinking would have been dripping from Apollo’s face and my seat would have been empty with me headed to the door, phone in hand calling a locksmith to come change the locks!

  4. Kate

    I thought subpoenas were “served” not stashed somewhere to be delivered later.

  5. Seriously....

    A side note about your so called scamming. Reading is fundamental. The first time the donation button appeared, your post stated that you had money for your vacation fund but didn’t want to use it on lawyer fees. Now folks are mad you went on said vacation?
    Then there was the post that said that people were so generous, you could buy transcripts for our amusement and keep going to court since Sheree had nothing better to do.
    They also must have missed the one that said court cases were over but people could keep donating should they wish. I must tell you TT, you are a better scammer than you are a cult leader. You tell folk exactly what you’re going to do and then they’re shocked you do it. (Wait til some source tells them instead of constructing tinfoil hats, you sometimes go out and drink in bars. And that you don’t buy dog food because you’re poor but because you have an actual dog! That right there is somerich bitch behavior)

    • ZenJen53

      Thank you for your post. TT did not deserve what was thrown out there esp since she has privately helped a lot of people seek help and has never talked about her good deeds before.

  6. ZenJen53

    Apollo married Phaedra cuz she was with child and her professional position. Also they’ve known each other before he went to prison. They was in cahoots with questionable acts ie Angela Stanton. Apollo does not act like a man who’s in love much less faithful.
    Kandi made a reply to the paps that RHOA was a set. It showed tonite with her meeting with Kenya.
    NeNe was at her best when she was friends with Kim Z. IMO I know Kims in a different place but her chemistry with NeNe is sorely missed.

  7. Orlando

    Shame on both of you Apollo & Kenya. You both are wrong no matter what….you do not hang out with or text a married man especially if that person is in your circle, regardless if you guys get alone or not. Apollo, I’m just speechless, smh………Phaedra has every right to be piss………..I mean you just sitting up there laughing like it’s a joke. Remember KARMA is something else Kenya & Apollo!

  8. elle

    I watched the episode twice because I missed the beginning and I have to agree with some of the other commentors. Apollo was wrong he was wrong and did not care that he was.wrong. I have been in Phaedra position with my ex husband and key word here is ex. I told him how I felt and he decided to keep the relationship so I I decided not to keep him. He slept with that girl and being the call girl that Kenya is shes trying to cover her.butt and.he keeps on talking.

    Oh and as for a free check with Ms. Kandi I dont think.its worth it any more. This show is a joke now. As you have said your.reputation is your word.and Ms. Kandi had a nice reputation before.this mess. She had.Kandi Koated.Nights and her shops plus she was writing songs for othet artist. I.know she said she thought music should be represented on the show but bravo has not painted her in the best light. That hod awful black baby mess, her crying most of her first season because no one liked aj, god rest his soul, the whole mess with kim z and now rehashing the whole likes my fiancee thing. Plz Ms. Kandi leave this mess before it puts a stain that can not be removed on your career

    Oh and did anyone else catch NeNe reading Phadera and Kenya in on fail swooop about those silly videos

  9. RVA

    does anyone remember what phaedra said as she was driving away? i got distracted and missed it.

  10. Yamoah Asiedu

    Interesting episode. I think Phaedra said that Apollo can be “immature and stupid”. Even if this is true, she’s wrong to slander him publicly. Ms Southern Belle has just opened the floodgates to allow random people to agree with her and even to say much worse. We can all see that Apollo is not the brightest or sharpest tool in the toolkit: ‘the sector of the time frame?’ Huh?, BUT, Apollo is still your huband. Wives should protect their husbands IN PUBLIC and when/if necessary, give them a mouthful (British expression) IN PRIVATE. SMH. “Stupid” and “immature” will not go away.

    That said, Apollo looked very shifty. He probably did arrange to meet Kenya and maybe something DID HAPPEN. IJS.

    Not a Phaedra fan but I feel the tension between them in this episode and I feel sorry for her. If they handle it properly, it could be stopped in its tracks.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Haha “sector of the time frame”…

      Apollo tries so hard to talk like he’s eloquent or articulate, but he hilariously comes off sound like Damon Wayne’s character Oswald Bates from “In Living Color” ….

      • Monihew

        Priceless!! ROFLMAO Remember when he spoke to the group of people (was it KOC?) I am sure that speech was full of “sector of the time frame” comments. LOL

  11. lwickedgirl

    Phaedra is about two seconds from showing Apollo the door. She reminded me of the old saying when you have had enough of some one…you will need me before I need you. Phaedra knows Apollo has just about reached his shelf life as her husband with his disrespect. The southern belle act went down the drain pipe when she had that knife in her hands. When she started cursing in the car she showed real anger at the stupid way her husband has behaved. She looks like she will be saying “thanks for the pretty babies and see you mutherf*cker” real soon.

    • Oracle5

      It seems as if, from the sound coming from the car, as the two drove away, cursing wasn’t the only anger showed, Phaedra knocked that knuckledhead Apollo with something.

  12. V1xen79

    Tamara I do not post often as I enjoy chuckling at you and the regulars comments. I truly enjoy this site. However; have to say that you blogged my mind with this one!! Apollo is lying so bad its unreal. I also believe Phaedra knows it too. He knows he cant go no where till she is done with him. She is a lawyer that wedding contract / pre-nup will be iron clad! That said I think Kenya is also towing the line but dropping hints because she can not afford to get sued.

  13. Monihew

    I may be in the minority here, but I am not liking Porshe’s attitude. I am not a fan or Kordell and I do believe he is “shady”, however, it just seems unfair that she is trashing the hell out of him. I know this is her story line and it is probably true, but I don’t think trashing him makes her look better or seem more interesting. If I was married to a man that felt it was ok to “chat up” other women and not run like hell from a situation that was clearly inappropriate, the relationship would be over!! I am not sure if I am more annoyed because he probably had some kind of relations with her or that he DOES NOT act like he did anything wrong. Phaedra, this is going to be your life honey and if your man will casually meet-up (and who knows what else) with someone you clearly don’t like, he is not down for you AT ALL. Go buy you someone else who is at least faithful.

    • Monihew

      Sorry, two different topics there. Porsha then Phaedra.

      • willlynn

        I don’t care for Porshe’s storyline either. She married the man even after family told her the rumours so the only one that looks stupid is her! Did it ever occur to her that the reason Kordell didn’t give her money was because she wasn’t very bright? She may come home with a bag of majic beans! And I guess she learned a new word because she used “Facade” so many times while talking to her therapist.

  14. Asia

    The women are attacking Kenya but not Apollo. Let’s see if they take Phaedra out to lunch to discuss Apollo’s actions. Also, Kandi has forgotten she has been cheated on numerous times so why is she questioning anyones actions. Like Kenya said she needs to check her mom and her man’s rumors of cheating.

  15. LoriNYC

    The only reason Portia got a second season was because of her divorce. I agree that Kordell was controlling but it’s obvious to me that she went in as a gold digger. You know what happens to gold diggers Portia…… they get served. When you act like a child, you get treated like one. I think Kordell is a total piece of garbage for the manner he chose to handle it but she’s getting on my last nerve. I think that Kenya is just out of her mind but I still find her entertaining. There’s definitely more to the Apollo story though. The way Apollo spoke to Phaedra made it seem like he had something to hide. He’s forgetting one thing “SHE WHO HAS THE PESO’S HAS THE SAY-SO’S” and Miss Phaedra clearly is the breadwinner, he’d better remember that or he will get a box of his clothing too when he moves in with his mama.

  16. trina

    I just want to know who mr. Presidents daddy is… because Apollo aint the daddy

    • Oracle5

      Why are you saying something that is so obscured? Children develop characteristics from the Mother or the Father. In other words, children with the same Mother and Father can have the exact image of the Mother, another child can have the exact image of the Father, then another child can have the image of both parents. Also, the complexion of a child can either be that of the Mother or the Father, including the Grandparents. Anyway, the DNA process most difinitely, without a doubt , invokes who is who. So, why don’t you (trina) take a look in the mirror and see who your reflection resembles?

  17. karen (@kreim)

    This is the first time I agree with you about the ATL housewives.

  18. Loro

    I read your blog and derive enjoyment from it. So maybe I will give you money just for the hell of it. You made your intentions crystal clear,

  19. I"m the Genius Here

    If earning ‘low six figures’ is considered flat busted, can somebody please flat bust me right now? This here teacher is tired of busting my rump for peanuts…
    I, too, think Apollo is a liar. It’s pretty see through.

  20. cherry

    When I saw that extended stay that Miss USA was in…. I flat lined! Nene did not make it any better. Kenya needs to cut the drama, cut the fake man bit every season, and needs to do more work on her skin because while it looks better than last season for her to be a beauty queen she leaves a lot to be desired (and mind you I know I am not a 10, I know my truth).

    • Kenya DOES NOT LIVE IN THE ATL. so some cheap ass extended stay is all she can afford. I am sure Bravo will pay her rent somewhere soon just llike they use to do for Sheree, And Nene (allegedly)

  21. XOXOXOX, check paypal! Miss you!

  22. Shellbelle

    When I watched it today a few things struck me as odd… The supena that was sent to Phaedra was handwritten, both the address and the sender. One would think that it would at least be typed by a legal secretary. I think it was bs. Also, I see a divorce in the parks household… I know I’m not the only one.
    I did buy into Porchea’s therapy session. I think she was naive to say the least ( her elevator just doesn’t rise to the top) and Kordell took advantage of that. I don’t necessarily buy into the gay rumors but I do think he was abusive in his treatment of her.
    Some of Nene’s lines had me rolling. She is like able at times and not so much the other.

  23. Katrina

    I remember when that rumor was going around about Phaedra and Apollo. I thought it happened in Atlanta. Now Kenya is denying everything. She is the one who brought it up at the reunion. Phaedra is not happy!
    Tamara you are right about those white old style refrigerators. They don’t die. We had ours in the garage as a second refrigerator.

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