A Brief Study of Kenya Moore….

Artwork Courtesy of Prettyontheoutside.com Also available for purchase

Artwork Courtesy of Prettyontheoutside.com Also available for purchase

It did not take long at all for “reality shows” to lost all sense of reality.  Flipping tables, infidelity rumors, neck-rolling wig-pulling knockdown drag-out fights are what we want to see apparently.  Genuinely crazy people are fascinating. The Scary Island episode was one of RHONY’s highest rated episodes.  Teresa’s table flipping scene may be what kick started the long-term success of RHONJ. Each new housewife since has tried to top the previous insanity.  Felons were cast, and felonies were committed while filming.  More is more.

Enter Kenya.  Allegedly, Kenya was neither rolling in the dough or living in Atlanta when she magically got cast as a Real Housewife of Atlanta.  But she had a plan. She was banking on a stunt double boyfriend, a house that her landlord claimed she could not afford and a whole lot of insanity .  And it appears to still be working for her.

I have often said that the powers that be at Bravo care very much about the number of comments on the official Bravo blogs.  Lea Black would not spend nearly the amount of time she does publicizing hers if it didn’t affect her in some way.  Kenya more gets the lion’s share of the comments on the RHOA official blogs. And she does it by pissing us off. She thrives on being a hypocrite. She acts like a maniac and then chastises others for similar behavior.  Let’s take a look.

Artist: David Gilmore PrettyontheOutside.com

Artist: David Gilmore PrettyontheOutside.com

From Kenya’s  March 19th blog: (525 comments)

This is a no H8 zone. My ego isn’t that big to intimate homosexuality because someone doesn’t want to sleep with me. However, when you have seen countless questionable misogynistic behaviors coupled with ex-wives and ex-girlfriends who share your suspicions, your uncertainties may be perfectly valid.  Additionally, being a “man whore” doesn’t make you straight any more than being a virgin does. You are sexually attracted to whom you are attracted in your heart. Whether you are gay or straight, you should be free to be who you are in life without the scrutiny and judgment of others. When you live your life as a lie, you lie to the world every single day. Your lies compound to the point where nothing you say or do is the truth. You will never be happy in life unless you are your authentic self and living an authentic life.  And to be very clear, sexuality has nothing to do with one’s character. Your heart, your actions,  and your intent is the compilation of your spirit. I do not judge. (I only see your heart).  One should love whom they want to love in life.

From Kenya’s November 18 Blog (comments 113)

My heart goes out to anyone suffering a loss… be that physical, emotional, or financial, etc. I never want to see anyone suffer for any reason.  If my friend were going through a divorce, I would counsel her not to publicly bash her ex. Marriages do end, feelings do change, and people grow apart. Such is life. We are imperfect and unpredictable. When life happens and results in loss, pain can manifest itself as anger. However, when one repeatedly and relentlessly slanders their soon-to-be ex husband by consistently and purposely gay bashing and slandering them, that crosses a hard line. If one claims to have been a loving wife, a loving mother to their son in marriage, and to God, then that son must be protected from such propaganda for the sake of their well-being.

I hope this will stop and that she can be a bigger person and accept that the relationship is over and refrain from such embarrassing verbal attacks the way Kordell has never bashed her publicly. That is the mark of a good person. One must look to the greater good and that is the protection of the child.

And the crowd goes wild. Commenters are pontificating their chubby little cat lady fingers off with moral outrage. What about Walter’s child that Kenya made sure to tell us was born out-of-wedlock last season? Refreshing the page over and over. Perhaps even buying #TeamPorsha  t-shirts from the Bravo store!  Ensuring we may never see the end of this new reality. No matter how much we claim to hate it.


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19 responses to “A Brief Study of Kenya Moore….

  1. Reo Langster

    Kenya Moore is not a good image to the show. She is turning this season into a season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and its not pretty nor cute. Her Gay BFF’s are literally Stunt/Fashion Queens who can’t be normal unless they see Kenya Out of her mind. Say whatever you want about Nene but with Nene she will NEVER do any of the shit that kenya will do

    • pfffttt

      Nene is boring. Time for her to go. Say what you want about Kenya, but she is 100 times more entertaining that Nene. What is Nene’s story line? Everyone is tired of her big ego and boring fake ghetto ways.

      Last season Kenya was wrong about so much, especially her treatment of Porsha. However, she is coming off a tad bit better this season.

      I’ve always liked Porsha, but I think she and Apollo made up this SEXT’ing shit for a storyline. I think Kenya and Apollo exchanged TEXTS, but I don’t think she tried to sleep with him. If she was texting him that she wanted to go down on him, why don’t they just show those texts and easily prove her a liar?

      I am warming up to Kenya. I find her more tolerable than the New Jersey hags. I’m simply sick of Melissa’s ignorant famewhoring, and Teresa’s delusional behavior, and the family shit.

      Let’s face it. Kenya added spice to RHOA. I don’t think I could bear another season of Kim Zolciak AT HOME, BAREFOOT, and PREGNANT and Nene pretending to be “Queen Bee.” Sit down ghetto-Nene. Kandi makes more money than you, Phaedra does as well, and she is more educated. You’re not the Queen at all.

      If I was Kenya, I would come at Nene hard. The only person to do so was Sheree, and she got the boot. I’m tired of Nene ass kissing.

      • DJ

        I feel the same way. I happen to like Kenya as well. I think she makes great TV, and is really beautiful.

      • terry macon

        Kenya is disgusting!!!! she is not from atlanta, nor do she look like
        An all american girl, what island is she really from? She is trying to hard. Slow down kenya let the people look and admire you. For now
        You look like and old girl trying hard to be young. Because you are broke
        And you need money real Bad.

      • Gingersnap

        Sometimes I think I like Kenya and sometimes I don’t, but I do think that she ADDS to the show. Would she send Apollo a text propositioning him? Hell yeah, she would. I wouldn’t put that past her in the least. She strikes me a the vengeful type, and she felt Phaedra screwed her in that donkey video fiasco. Then when Apollo was perceived as flirting with her on that couples trip to Anguilla (when they were at the pool) that could have been encouraging to her. I’m sure it delighted her when she saw how much it pissed Phaedra off. She had also said that Apollo was “foine”…as in FINE. Yep, she had the hots for Mr. Apollo. Fortunately, he can smell desperation a mile away, and that’s how Kendra is coming across.

        I would love to see Kenya attempt a takeover of NeNe’s kingdom, it would be fun to watch. I don’t think any of the existing ladies could take NeNe down though.

    • joan

      I agree. I often cringe when she does one of her twirls or the recent twerking bit. She reminds me of the one girl in high school that was mean and vindictive towards everyone. She would spread lies about other girls and do anything possible to bring someone else down. In some respects I feel sad for Kenya – whether it’s all an act or real, it’s just ugly, not entertainment. I’m not over fond of any one on the show. However, I find Nene entertaining. At least her various issues are somewhat funny and outrageous in a good/funny way. If I could I would vote her off the island.

  2. Gingersnap

    *Kenya*…I don’t know what I want to call her *Kendra*. Sheesh.

  3. Urethra Franklin

    I am still laughing about the landlords’ description of Kenya on that 911 phone call. Too bad the above photo wasn’t available because it captures the essence of everyTHANG Kenya.

    • RiAnn

      That was funny as hell , I rolled ! Especially when Kenya hauled ass off her property when the police showed up. I guess she didn’t have legal documents to show the police that she had until 5pm. :)

  4. Yamoah Asiedu

    Kenya is very entertaining and, in my opinion, a great addition to the RHOA franchise.
    As a woman in her forties, I’m slightly bemused by her silly antics but her adolescent self absorption is pitiful. Everything pertaining to Kenya is about “I” or “me”.
    Me me me,
    I, I, I,
    or, some variation of:
    “People are jealous of me”,
    “I’m fabulous”,
    “People want to be me”,
    “People are hating on me”,
    “People are jealous of me”
    or Boooooo hooooooo!
    People don’t understand me.

    Kenya is a glorious basketful of contradictions which makes her a very interesting person, IMO. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the “likeability factor,” in my eyes at least!
    Maybe she can turn things around. Remember Camille Grammar!?

    She needs to approach RHOA as a stage play, write her script and bring her ‘A game’ to the performance each week. We, the audience will continue to watch and give her constructive feedback. I’m open to changing my opinion about Kenya but currently, she is just ‘entertaining.’

    For her own sake, it would be good to see Kenya mature and develop on screen. Does she even have any proper female friends WHO ARE NOT ON HER PAYROLL? I think genuine female friendships/connections are essential to personal development.

    Thanks again for an interesting assessment of Kenya Moore, Tamara

  5. I love Kenya….she is utterly crazy! She is built like a skyscraper …I am always fascinated by her structure.. She is a compete dichotomy, dreaming of a house with a picket fence..but being ghetto to the core! I think NeNe is afraid of her! That says a lot! Btw did anyone ever check to see if she is really a Man? She has a lot in common with Kelly Bensimone!

  6. lwickedgirl

    Kenya always strikes me as someone completely desperate for attention even if it make her come across as a loony tunes. To be honest I feel sorry for her.Her looks have hardened with age, she has no significant partner to share her life with and she is not making the kind of money she wants to pretend she is. When she was looking at that penthouse and the guy quoted a price she was stunned. Anyone could see she did not have those kind of funds, not living in that tiny ghetto hotel suite she was staying in. I also can’t get over that clip of her posing in that flesh colored thong that made her look naked. All I could think was tacky tacky tacky and desperate for any kind of a paycheck and attention.
    No money and no class.

  7. Charlotte

    Kenya does add a lot of drama to RHOA. Isn’t that what Bravo does best?

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