Revenge Recap: The Battle Between Victoria and Emily Continues


Aiden is moving in with Nolan which should be interesting. Jack is not happy with that development for reasons I don’t understand. I thought Jack hated pretty much everyone now and so what’s it to him?

Emily confronts Sarah at the farmer’s market after see her together with Daniel there. Emily fake cries to get Sarah to feel bad about seeing Daniel. Sarah tells Victoria she will not help her break up Emily and Daniel.

Charlotte is being blackmailed by someone who stole her phone which apparently contained some nude photos of her. Aiden is going to take care of her problem.

At Emily and Daniel attend their Bridal Shower at Victoria’s where she plays alittle game of this is your life. This is all a ruse to bring out Emily’s former husband. Except Emily is not Emily so, I am thinking this is Amanda’s former husband. But no, apparently it was a marriage of convenience so that her gay friend could get his green card and stay in the US with his partner. He was also a student of Revenge in Japan.

The stunt Victoria pulled somehow did not backfire as it should have. Daniel now sees that that Emily is just like Victoria. He doesn’t want to marry her he wants Sarah back. Victoria makes sure to let Emily know,  Daniel is at the family apartment used by Grayson men for years for their dalliances.  Point Victoria. Though I am afraid Sarah is not long for this world. Emily hasn’t killed any one in a week or two.

Daniel leaves his love nest to break up with Emily. But before he can, Emily lies and says she is pregnant.  Point Emily.

My DVR once again shuts off early as Margot is in a dark parking lot about to meet someone who claims to have the dirt on Conrad. I fear this will not end well.




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2 responses to “Revenge Recap: The Battle Between Victoria and Emily Continues

  1. bendy

    You didn’t miss much. It was Lydia, she’s alive!

  2. One of my favorite shows but it seems to be on its way out like milk toast.
    Good recap.

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