Scandal Recap: Vermont is for Lovers



Olivia’s father tells her mother who is being held in a cell by B613 that he is moving to another cell out of the country in a more difficult to find location. Her mother wants to see Olivia.  Her mother has been held captive for over two decades. She begs her (ex?) husband to just let her see her daughter before he moves her.  He shall not be moved. Olivia’s mother screams and begs to no avail.

The gladiators are on the hunt for whoever killed the security guard last week. Little to they know the killer….Quinn…is amongst them and being forced to spy on them by B613.

Cyrus is such a shit. He has set up his husband James to write a story on Daniel Douglas Langston, the Vice President’s husband. Cyrus knows he is on the down low and attracted to James. He does NOT mention this to James. James is thrilled and Cyrus is total douche.

Fitz is freaking out because he knows now that Olivia’s father is the head of B613. Olivia’s mom is in the cell gruesomely trying to kill herself by opening the veins on her wrist with her teeth. She is having moderate success despite going “across the street” rather than up “the alley. ” A guard finds her and gives her medical attention. Eli asks if she is well enough to transport. He says physically she should be fine, but emotionally, ” She ate her own wrists, sir. Most people would top after a couple bites but she went going until she found an artery. Whatever demons she is wrestling with? They are still there.”

Mellie tells Daniel Douglas that Cyrus and James have an open marriage just before he goes in for his interview with James.

Olivia is furious that “Fitz killed her mother.” He calls and asks her for an hour and she tells him to stop calling her and smashes her phone to bits.  Jake says that want stop him. If Fitz wants to talk to her he will find a way to do it.

I am barely following the sub story about the missing laptop from the candidate played by Lisa Kudrow. I really don’t think it is that important in the long story arc. We shall see.

Eli brings news clipping with pictures of Olivia and articles about her successes to her mother as a compromise.

The president sends a copter for Olivia. She refuses to go until the secret service guy shows her pictures of herself with her father. Olivia now knows that he knows. She meets with him.  They are in a Vermont hideaway. In fact, they are on a beautiful property with orchards and greenhouses and fancypants everything.  Fitz had it built for Olivia. He wanted to leave it all behind and live there with Olivia and have a family and raise their kids there. It was his dream and he wanted her to see it just once before he sold it. Apparently, they are going to christen it tonight.

Quinn threatens to shoot her B613 handler. He says they will just send another and he is the best one she is going to get because he likes her, and she likes him too.

Back to Olivia’s parents in the hospital room. She wants to know why he has no personal pictures, only news clippings. What did he do to her?  Eli seems angry that she was not a good enough mother to Olivia. Um pot? Kettle? You have her locked up. He is moving her tomorrow and she needs to be fully sedated.

Mellie is frantically looking for Fitz.  But he is busy making the beast with two back with Mr. President. Mellie has her assistant call Olivia. She is not answering either.  Fitz tells Olivia over and over that he loves her. But her father needs to be stopped. He needs answers. Olivia tells him to do what he has to do. Fitz says he is her father. Olivia says he is the head of B613  He knew what he was getting into. Olivia says, don’t sell the house. Not yet.

Mellie and Cyrus have a talk about setting up James to be seduced by Daniel Douglas. Mellie is concerned about Cyrus’s marriage.  Cyrus doesn’t think James would be seduced.  He’s perfectly fine about using him as bait.

OOOH!  Daniel Douglas goes after James, just like Cyrus knew he would and James immediately knows what Cyrus and Mellie did to him.

WOW. The candidate played by Lisa Kudrow, calls a press conference and takes full responsibility for the stolen laptops  (even though it was her assistant/daughter who did it!).  She withdraws  her presidential candidate. She is packing up and going back to Montana.

Mellie knows full well Fitz is fucking Olivia again, but suggests that now that Olivia is available again, they should try again with her. Fitz agrees.

James comes home to Cyrus knowing full well he set him up and plays it off. LOL James fucked the guy knowing cameras were there. Just as a fuck you to Cyrus who can’t confront him without blowing his cover.

It looks like Olivia’s mom drugged the doctor with her sedative and she is loose? Am I right about that?

Holy shit. Quinn goes to Huck and he says, ” We need to talk about who you are working for.” He has all his torture instruments laid out….

But the BIGGEST MOMENT.  Olivia’s mother finds her…



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27 responses to “Scandal Recap: Vermont is for Lovers

  1. you didn’t mention that jake asked what she did the night before and she said nothing or something liket hat and jake told her he knew fitz would find a way. i hate to say it, mellie is sick, to put up with that. ugh. cyrus is such a dick, he set up his own spouse to get the results he wants. i am so glad james had sex with the vp’s husband, so glad and that cyrus has pictures as well. serves the dick wight. as for mama pope, wow, just wow. i hope fitz and jake protect them. as for quinn, she made her bed by going off the rails wanting to play mistress of the dark or some such thing. i am glad to see lisa kudrow’s charactor leave, i felt bad for her but she wasn’t pertinant to the story anymore.

    • sheista

      Something about that scene with Liv and Jake made me feel like they were foreshadowing something for us…
      I thought the whole scene of Mellie having the assistant make the phone calls was painful! I have a new appreciation of Melllie character after last weeks episode.

  2. TamarAngela

    The realization that came on Cyrus’ husband’s face had me cracking up. I’m so glad he slept with the vp’s husband.

    And just WOW at Mama Pope escaping and finding her daughter. I don’t know if I can wait two weeks to hear this conversation.

    Still can’t figure out just what Mama Pope is guilty of. Rowan/Eli still seemed to have some affection for her at least when they were looking at pics of their daughter. He was touching her shoulder.

    • therealdeb

      i noticed that also, maybe she was a spy or sleeper agent and instead of having her killed because she was his wife and mother of his daughter he just kept her imprisoned. he gives me the creeps.

      • sheista

        There was a scene where they discussed that someone was taken off of that plane before take off. I cannot remember who/what they said that person was. I think there may be a clue there?

    • Her momma was the traitor, something to do with a bombing, I think

  3. SnookumsLynn

    WOW! this episode was EXPLOSIVE…but my sister just told me that the next episode is the last until after the winter olympics! Booo Hiss…but

    Yeah, this episode, Mrs. Pope is a BEAST! you bit into your arms to see your daughter? Talk about your unconditional love…
    I feel there were inconsistancies regarding the pres and Olivia around her fathers identity. He and she both just got confirmation of whom he is, but
    Fitz was all, you never told me and she never confirmed that his identity is new to her life also….
    Quinn, Quinn, Quinnn…sorry but Huck’s gonna hurt you…
    I need Harrison to get some more story other than being the bedmate of the sister/daughter…I’m glad their gone…
    Cyrus got what he deserved and now he can’t blackmail the VP with that…ha ha!
    Mellie, for as much as she is aware of her situation, Fitz keeps giving her hope, and for that I am sorry, cause she gets it; he’s not that into her, he’s got a girlfriend and she sacrificed alot to be with him, but then he does that little protection thing and she’s automatically back smitten, I get that as a woman, but I’m also not making MAJOR sacrafice like she is, so she’s gonna have to put those emotions in check.

  4. jasmine

    I believe the pictures were fabricated by James and the VP’s husband to hurt Cyrus for what he did. James has integrity and sleeping with someone isn’t in his DNA. Cyrus is unbelievable!

    Bringing down Rowan would be a “so what” moment because B613 would continue to exist under different leadership. I’m curious as to how and why Rowan became head of such a program.

    What Millie is experiencing is what many women who marry for power and prestige go through. She should have told Fritz about his father. If memory serves me correctly, she has said to Fritz he’s like his father.

    What’s up with Jake? Don’t trust him.

    Huck is no joke and simpleton should have known better. Can’t wait until next Thursday.

  5. bunniecarrot

    I’m waiting for Quinn to die, she’s been a bug since day one. She flutters around but really contributes nothing. Constantly has her eyes open but doesn’t learn or follow directions well. Hoping Huck kills her in the next episode but I doubt it. I wish mellie would blurt out to Fitz that his father raped her. Olivia is so intelligent but such a fucking hypocrite. I hate scrolling down my timeline to see people rooting for the WHORE , THE MISTRESS. you got perfectly good old B16 blue eyed brown hair ex boyfriend white guy Jake RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE!!!!! and still chasing around Mr. Married President. Ugh!

  6. Toi Bowie

    Pls, someone answer my question . . . Does Cyrus know that Eli is Olivia’s father? Oh, Oh I got another question – where is Cyrus and James’ adopted baby?

  7. Mimi

    So I just realized…that means Fitz’s wife Mellie gave birth to Fitz’s half brother. Ewwwwww

  8. naa

    So, a few things. With Kerry Washington preggers, I have a feeling they wrote the scene with Fitz and her in VT in case she needs to be pregnant in the show. Seems weird that they reconciled just like that and so quickly. Didn’t really flow from what was happening.

    The James thing was hysterical. Except I think he really did sleep with him. Integrity or not, the Veep’s husband wasn’t going to go for it. I guess it’s possible they do a “flashback” where James only gets half naked and then leaves, but that’d be kind of lame. Possible, but lame. The shower and the “love you” were perfect.

    The Lisa Kudrow thing was sort of lame, but that whole story line was sort of lame. I think because of Kerry’s pregnancy they had to get her back with Fitz and killing the Kudrow storyline is one way to do it.

    On the mother, I declined to watch the scene were she ate herself. I think if I remember right on a previous episode they said something about a “dirty bomb” on the plane bound for London. That also seems far-fetched and I don’t get why they had to shoot the plane down if they already knew about the plot and took the perpetrator off. I have to confess the mother story line is all kinds of weird.

    Oh, and I am DEFINITELY not really watching this show.

  9. naa

    TMZ is reporting that Paul Walker is dead. I need a moment.

    I don’t watch Teevee. I download stuff onto my computer. Scandal is my dirtiest secret. lol

  10. naa

    oh wait, now they are saying that it may be a hoax. I am better again.

    Mellie will hit Fritz with the daddy rape at some point. Probably when she finds out Olivia is pregnant.

  11. naa

    I don’t know what a TL is.

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