Ana Quincoces Spills the Real Housewives of Miami Tea

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs No reason for this gif other than I just like it.. :)

Gif Credit: RealityTVGifs
No reason for this gif other than I just like it.. :)

Ana Quincoces is finally speaking out about her experiences on Real Housewives of Miami. And boy does she have a lot to say. The burning question I’ve had for over a year is, “What was in THE FOLDER?” Does she tell us? Well kind of.

Ana address the reunion from last season thusly:

What you saw at the reunion was nothing more than my reaction to some facts, some rumors, and a whole lot of strategically planted information. Add to that my insatiable quest for truth and justice- and the result is… well, explosive. Needless to say, a reunion couch is no courtroom, Andy is no judge, and perhaps most importantly, trials are never ever edited. Regrets? None. Lesson learned? Absolutely.

Lea went through a lot of trouble this season to debunk the statements I made at last season’s reunion. Her attempts to address my “allegations” head on did more to solidify my position than to disprove it. And let me tell you what my point was once and for all:Rhomleaadriana

I never said Lea didn’t work hard, I said she had the help of men along the way. For example, her partner Al Perkins (now deceased) and with whom she was romantically involved,,,20105209,00.html either provided the seed money for her “cosmetics empire” or was an expert in under eye concealer. I’m willing to bet it was the former. She even admits that she remained in a relationship with Perkins until a few months after she went out to dinner with Roy “to reminisce about the trial”.

Ultimately, her cosmetics line (started decades ago) would not have all but disappeared from the market had it been as successful as she claims. Let’s face it, Lea is no Estee Lauder, but I do give her credit for trying.  It is certainly more than a lot of the other ladies have done.

So perhaps the people magazine article was one  of the folder items. I get the feeling that Ana could possibly be in the same room with Lea Black and not bite her head off. Maybe. Progress. Moving on…

Ana was not pleased with Lisa’s comments about Cubans on the show. Ana says, “Other than her disdain for Cubans, I have no real issues with Lisa. She is someone who has not accomplished very much in her life, at least not yet. I hope she realizes one day that life is about more than partying, plastic surgery, and Birkins. Much more.”  That ladies and gentleman, is a read.

Sadly, Ana had a lot to say about the end of her friendship with Marysol:

Once Marysol and I were downgraded- something that relieved me tremendously but devastated her greatly, she began to position herself as an instrumental part of every fulltime housewives storyline. Well, at least those who would have her. She began to share confidential information which I had entrusted to her with producers to leverage her position. She excluded me as often as she could, but much worse, she failed to include me when she easily could have.  She knew that eliminating me would ensure that she had more airtime. I found her disloyalty painful but I continued to be friendly with her despite her antics. After all, she was keeping me from being on a show I had very little interest in anymore.

She called production constantly looking for ways to be included in that day’s shoot. She called on people like Lauren Foster (a well-known GLAAD activist and former VOGUE model) to serve as her prop. And anyone who knows Lauren Foster can agree, she is nobody’s prop. That relationship has since ended as well. She even went on WWHL and told Andy that her father had asked Elsa to remarry him. Marry? Did they even get divorced? As of Nov 12, 2013 the answer to that is a resounding no. The case is nowhere near final judgment and has been ongoing since October 2011. Did she learn nothing from the Adrianna debacle?

Marysol seemed determined to get back to full time status at any cost.  Her biggest concern was getting a frail Mama Elsa out of the hospital so that she could film with her.  After all, Andy loves Elsa and the viewers adore her. But after having a serious stroke and brain surgery at her advanced age, filming a reality show could not have been Elsa’s top priority and certainly not that of her medical team. Who knows, perhaps some YouTube video with a bedridden Elsa will emerge debunking this statement. I think the video of a very sick Mr. Patton at this year’s reunion (which by the way, proved nothing) exemplifies the lengths Marysol will go to appear “relevant” (the most overused word in the housewife lexicon).

The final straw was when she contacted my friend and fellow lawyer directly because I had not set her up on a date with him like she had repeatedly requested (he was in a relationship at the time). She lied to him and put me in an awkward and embarrassing position and later denied it. I have since cleared the air with my friend; in fact, we managed to find humor in her delusional behavior and lies. This final act made it abundantly clear that Marysol was not the kind of person I wanted in my life. The games and nonsense surrounding the show are one thing, interfering with my personal and business relationships is quite another. That is where I draw the line.

Wow. Ana follows me on twitter and I wondered if my comments about Marysol’s out there behavior on this season’s reunion was going to upset her since they were friends. I am glad to see that she felt much the same way.  I am sad that it seems Marysol took advantage of her friendship.

You can read Ana’s entire blog on her website here.




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17 responses to “Ana Quincoces Spills the Real Housewives of Miami Tea

  1. misscologirl

    Wow, the Marysol stuff is eye-opening. This must just have been Marysol’s last season…

    • misscologirl

      Meant to say “just might have been…”

    • Nothing surprising, just look at poor marysol mum and she seems to condone it and worst she is doing similar things to her face too…
      She is as disturb as mummy dearest!
      that is not normal: the poor woman is very very disturbed, it must be quite a yuky inside: stear well clear, apart from charitable hello I would not get any closer to either one.

  2. bunniecarrot

    I really believe that Marysol’s “marriage” was all a bravo story line to make herself relevant. I believe that a hell of a lot more than claims Joanna’s marriage is for airtime.

  3. Ana is going to take a lot of grief for implying that Marysol only cared about her mother’s health in order to cement her place on the show. Personally, I do t think that is quite true. But it’s probably a little bit true, and that makes me sad. The rest is sad as well and I can see it being true. Marysol’s job is PR. She’s obviously good at it.

    • I don’t think she implied that. I think she implied that Marysol barged into Mama Elsa’s house with TV cameras to get airtime. Clearly she has no shame as she showed with the sad.pathetic.grim. Ipad video of her father in the hospital.

  4. Ana is still my favorite housewife.

    • I love Alexia the most because when Frankie what here in town at shepard spinal, she and I chatted and she seemed genuinely concerned about MY issues while she was going though such a major thing. She is a wonderful person.

      Ana is too. I love them both.

      • love2hatebravo

        Ana and Alexia are definitely the most genuine, and my favorites, too.

      • pffffttt

        Alexia seems like such a sweet woman. I also like Ana. She is intelligent and witty. She can shred someone to pieces and come out without a scratch or look like she rolled in mud.

        I don’t know why she was downgraded. Stupid move on productions part.

  5. Gingersnap

    I knew Marysol was a weasel.

  6. pfffttt

    I think Marysol was determined to get back at Lea this season because she knew she allowed Lea to walk all over her last season. I don’t blame Marysol.

    I don’t know about the problems Ana had with Marysol, but I’ve always liked Marysol and her relationship with her mother.

  7. Karla Rabago

    I always thought Marysol had originally been signed on to be a full housewife but since Mama Elsa had her stroke, she decided to devote most of her time to her and voluntarily chose to be a friend of the housewives. If you notice, Marysol had a dominate presence in the first few episodes and then suddenly, was rarely seen out. Now with Ana’s statements I’m not sure what to believe!

  8. guccinara

    i can only comment on what i have seen from S1&2 of RHOM S3 hasnt been shown here yet. I know you like her tamara but i thought that Ana was just trying to use this show as a format to launch a cooking career. she didnt really have much to bring to the show an old split from her husband – limp. none of the glamour. turned out to be argumentative in the end (but had to ramp it up to earn her wages) basically just a bit of a hanger on who turned bitter. Just a thought, but did Ana consider maybe just maybe Marysol wanted her mother to get well because, (and i’m just throwing this out there..) because she actually loves her…..(yes shocker!).
    Marysol’s wedding was always a joke in my eyes. dude hadnt even got off his knees after proposing and she was dragging him up the aisle. wedding dresses -probably off the internet – special next day delivery, just why the rush? had to get there before the snow melts (before the season filming was over more like). i believe she loved philippe but as Lea “joked” all he didnt care much for here all he wanted was his green card.

    • Ana is an attorney and a professional chef. She was both of these things before the show. She has several cookbooks and has been on lots of TV before RHOM. She has the most stuff going on in the real world of everyone except Alexia who runs a Miami magazine. Her cooking career came long before RHOM.

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