Shahs of Sunset: MJ Turns Mean Girl?


I am so mesmerized by the David Blaine Magic Show I could barely pull myself away for this nonsense, but I have it taping so I can get back to it. I woke up the other morning thinking about Asa’s water bottle issues. Yes, I know.  Also, I hate there opening song and wish it was Tehrangeles. Asa is the only Bravolebrity whose music I actually really like. Oddly, I don’t have a single thing other than my laptop that plays music in this house. I should probably fix that.

Reza who thrust Lilly up on a pedestal from the moment she was cast as “Persian Barbie” and talking about her Bentley this and that is now saying that Lilly thinks she is better than everyone else. Can you say complete 180 from last season? I knew that you could. Oh and Reza, loving friend that he is said on WWHL that GG and Sean are no longer a couple because Sean is gay.  However Sean just got busted looking at some gir;s ass.

OMG! NO MJ! NO! Why are you breaking girl code and telling Sean about GG making out with Shayan? TOTALLY.NOT.COOL.  GG would never do that to you!  But she will cut you with a knife for doing it to her. GURRRRL! Then MJ grabs Reza and leaves. OH NO. MJ!


I can’ help it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Asa. Check out my story on Asa here. Bless her heart she is going to bless her water. She already did it once at the tank and now she is dressed in all her Iranian finery to sage and bless the bottles. But I thought the bottle process was stalled?  Everyone in the factory is staring at her like she has lost her mind. But I think it is fabulous.

My god, Lilly just ordered half the menu. Apparently, she is trying to gain weight. I think she just sits around trying to think up new obnoxious behavior. By the way, I am not sure if I told y’all this but the PR that came with the Shahs screener said something about Lily wondering if LA is the place for her. It seemed like they were hinting that she might leave the show. I thought at the time that was wishful thinking on my part, but things already seem headed that direction. Perhaps she twirls back to Texas with Coconut after all?

Reza realizes that last season his popularity went down the shitter with all the MJ fans, and she has many, so he is sidling back up to her this season and claims to be all team MJ again. Careful there, MJ…  MJ is taking the opportunity to drive a wedge between her gay best friend and the bitch that tried to replace her. She wants Lilly gone. Go Girl!

GG asked MJ why she felt the need say what she did to Sean. AND SHE GIVES THE WORST ANSWER EVER! She says, “because I thought it was fucked up and funny at the same time!” GG is going to stab her in the gut. GG says she doesn’t care if she was making out in the parking lot, or if I flew to Never Neverland and fucked Peter Pan! MJ is supposed to be her friend!  MJ handles it horribly. GG leaves without slitting her throat which I actually commend her for. And again, WTF MJ?  Are you going to be the douchebag of this season because I don’t think I could bear that! It seems now that she has Reza back she has no use for GG.

I love seeing the softer side of GG with her sister and her kids. MJ is handling GG’s sister’s real estate needs. Her conflict with MJ is straining Mike and his family are planning a big party to celebrate his brother’s graduation from dental school. Wait what? Wasn’t he already practicing dentistry last season? Sidenote: I have GOT to get this damn veneer fixed. I’m gap toothed atm. :)the process.

I HATE HOW REZA LAYS OUT A TON OF CRAP ON HIS CRAPPY BED TO CHOOSE WHAT TO WEAR!  It’s Sofa King pretentious!  Should I wear these Louis Vuittons? Or these Loubs? Or this Rolex? I know plenty of rich people who don’t act this way. It’s so ….fake… or at best new money.

I like how Jessica coordinated her dress color for the party with Mike’s Mom. Great for the photo ops. Mike’s dad is a player. I love him. I’m surprised dinner is a buffet. GG is trying to be friends with MJ. MJ is  drunk and goes up to GG and her sister and….doesn’t help the situation. GG is feeling left out and hurt and I am surprised by MJ’s behavior.

GG and MJ talk and this is NOT the old GG. She has her anger fully under control. But MJ refuses to acknowledge that she TOTALLY violated the friend code. Her sister is NOT helping. Just leave her alone and let her confront MJ. For once, she is in the right and has the right to be angry! I somehow missed something in the recording. Sigh.


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30 responses to “Shahs of Sunset: MJ Turns Mean Girl?

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Reza is so obnoxious. He only lays out all his shit on the bed to show off for the camera.

    My DVR guide said Lily was supposed to be on WWHL tonight, but she is not there? What happened? Did she flake out? …It was nice seeing Meredith Viera as her replacement.

  2. Joan

    Hubby & I watched David Blaine as well. I’m not a fan of SOS – and man it’s tough to pull my eyes away from David Blaine. The water & Kerosene trick scared me for him…. did you see that one illusion?

  3. Barbara R.

    Mike has two brothers who are both now dentists.

  4. justjenn

    TT, I thought the same thing while I was watching-Girl Code must not be dismissed. MJ has spent too much time with shady boots Reza!

  5. bunniecarrot

    My is friends with Reza for a reason. Did you see her wink at Reza the moment right after breaking girl code. I no longer feel sympathy for that beached whale that is Mj. She deserves Reza and liposuction. She will end up alone just like her mother. G.G I felt sorry for because she had been blindsided that she was just a temporary friend. ASA…..(crickets) I’m so sick of these bravolebrities picking random things and calling them a business as Bethany says. Mike’s other brother with hair is a dentist. I love mike and love to look at him.

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    When Reza does this, I think of Christian Bale in American Psycho. You’re welcome, people!

  7. James

    I’m done withe mj. Reza not only betrayed her he tried to destroy her last season. And now she’s acting like it never happened and voting back up to him and dogging golness (I love that name) in the process. I initially thought it was very mature of the sister too not let it affect her business with mj but after the shady way she’s acting I’m like F that. Yank the listing.

    It seems like they’re all scared of reza and let him treat them any old way (I’m looking at you Mike) but fight each other tooth and nail over the slightest incident. All except Asa. She’s got reza’s number and he knows not to pull any shit with her.

    • Buck Henry

      You may be correct about Reza, he may know alot about the others and that is why they are afraid of him. Mike is shady, he’s trying to find anyone that can make him money after FAILING (not downturning) in Las Vegas. He wants to be player and he can’t do it, hell his mother said he wasn’t a hustler. Reza has dirt on alot of them and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t have dirt on Lily. For her to go from lawyer to starting her own bikini line is fishy. All those things she has or leases remind me of one thing. She dresses like an escort and she may be an escort UTR. Maybe that is why nobody is coming to her defense, because through the “Persian” grapevine they heard what she truly does for a living.

      Also did you all get what was said between GG and her sister at her sisters house when the sister said you introduced her to me to sell the house 2 weeks ago, and GG said that was 2 MONTHS ago. So I wonder what had happened during that two months that turned MJ against GG. Since they take things out of order we won’t know until later or it’s hidden until the reunion. Hell it might be that the reason they all turned against GG and her sister is that fact they are broke as hell and don’t have any money. I wouldn’t be surprised if GG didn’t ask one of them or the sister for money. And we still don’t know the reason why GG’s sister’s husband cheated and divorced on her sister, that must have been a major scandal for the community.

  8. Vivaladiva

    What is wrong with you MJ??? GG is the only one who has had your back on everything. Sometimes I feel like GG is treated like the kid at school thT desperately wants to please the cool kids, and they let her into the group occasionally but are just as quick to ostracize her. Mike will be a GREAT husband and father. He is just a genuinely nice guy. I think Asa was not at the actual bottling plant burning sage, but at the warehouse. I would imagine health codes would be violated if she was shaking a burning sage branch over water being put into bottles.

  9. Vivaladiva

    Have Asa and MJ had plastic surgery? Or excuse me, the usual”Botox and fillers?”

  10. GirlFromKY

    After I watched last night’s episode and that insulting-to-intelligence program known as Vanderpump Rules (totally agree with you Tamra), it’s clearer to me all these Bravo reality shows are becoming more and more staged, scripted, and FAKE to the point of the RIDICULOUS, ya know?! I simply can not believe MJ would truthfully behave like that toward anyone (even GG haha) in real life. I mean, that bitch was just pure EVIL wasn’t she? And Reza’s 180 with Lilly??? I’m calling out a big ole pile of BULLshit about that! I mean, since he received the hate backlash from throwing MJ under the bus last year, we all common-sensically know he knows better than to throw someone ELSE under too! Doesn’t he see that word “hypocrite” which is so readily used across ALL the reality blog feedback sections out there??? I firmly believe producers coach their pawns into dramatic dilemmas we have fallen for and post about with such intense conviction and even sometimes with excessive anger. I kinda feel as I’ve been taken for a fool…I believe viewers are catching on…I believe reality shows are on their way out because the content has gotten so ridiculous and hurtful to any adult’s common courtesy and common sense sensibilities. I firmly believe Andy knows this better than anyone and THAT’S one of the real reasons he’s shifting (or has been required to shift) positions at the network. Though it’s entertaining to see some tv drama for the sake of having mindless fun, I just feel lied to and played, ya know? Because of the absurd content we see…man…there’s just no way tv reality personalities don’t talk in private inbetween seasons to see how they can get into cahoots, stir inauthentic crap up, and then have it sensationalized into the programming and to the press. I really do believe it is a calculated process orchestrated between many conforming groups (publicists, producers, press (not you Tamra), actors, etc) for creating chaos among viewers in order to deliver their ultimate goal of relevancy, revenue, and ratings. Don’t get me wrong…I’m all about people making money and earning a living, but MAN…it’s just become focused into such a disgusting and socially-damaging venue that it’s inevitable the bottom is going to drop out and the whole thing WILL end up self-imploding on its own. There’s just no way it can sustain as-is, ya know? What are your thoughts?

  11. Stacey

    Asa appears to have had a little work done on her nose and had her eyebrows shaped IMO….after all her talk of natural Iranian beauty last season. However, I think she looks fabulous!

    • I can’t BELIEVE I actually asked her, because I consider her a friend and feel like I know her based on our interactions. I know she is not the plastic surgery type. The best thing about Asa is her realness. Oh and she said no.

  12. ThePersianKittyNo1

    There is no loyalty among any of them. Its like they pick one of them to gang up on and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. How soon did they forget they all ganged up on MJ last year. GG is still sore at MJ for not inviting her to the b’day party last year and MJ is sore at her for the invitation to Lilly’s b’day party. MJ clearly needs to stop boozing and drugging it up so that she can see she is not thinking straight. These particular Persians are not to be trusted at all. Mike seems to be the only one with a clear head.

  13. Snookums Lynn

    I am not mad at MJ for saying she wants Lilly gone. She and Lilly had issues and Lilly really wasn’t that nice to her.

    But this GG this MJ is all kinds of wrong. She’s being such a bitch. It was funny and fucked up what GG did to Sean. That’s the shit you text your bitch at a party. ‘U know your ass is wrong, I should tell him u was making out last week with somebody’ U dont put her on blast with dude! Who the fuck are you? You aren’t the relationship police.

    I’m surprised Asa was able to burn the sage on the bottling plant.

    I’m glad GG is growing up. But she’s still 15 in the relationship department.

    • Snookums Lynn

      Oh and I totally get dressed like Reza does, and I have like only a little money… Just the clothes horse of it all… I’m on my way to clean up my weeks worth of clothes now!

  14. ThePersianKittyNo1

    When MJ was on WWHL a caller had asked MJ if she felt more comfortable now that everyone knows her real age. And her response was she is embracing turning almost 40. What?!? She turned 41 this past August. She is still a faker and I have lost all respect for her. Plus, we are NOT stupid and remember when Reza was snooping in her wallet that clearly had her birth year at 1972! Her drug use and alcohol has fried her brain and made her delusional. A step up for what I think of would be “pathetic”.

  15. ThePersianKittyNo1

    I’m glad Bravo did a Shahs Marathon right before the premiere and that helped a lot to see how everyone ganged up on MJ and GG also I was able to note MJ’s birth year. If MJ doesn’t step up she will lose all her credibility and she will be “NFL” NO FANS LEFT.

  16. Vanessa

    Finally got to watching this weeks episode. I think MJ has finally found her confidence, after being thrown repeatedly under the bus, car, motorcycle, and bicycle. It was revolting watching Reza cut her to pieces during the reunion, and I’m sure he is trying his best to get back on her good side, as well as the audiences good books. Hence, sucking up to MJ. I don’t think he’s genuine. He’d sell Adam for a pair of Louboutins.
    MJ seems to be ignorant to the fact that Reza might not have her best interests at heart, but neither does GG. Didn’t we hear GG sticking up for Lily in last weeks episode? I’m sure MJ is carrying a bit of that resentment with her. Also, she’s helping GG’s sister out, and Laila did agree that her lawyers had been pulling new things out every week, which was causing a delay in the listing. Why the hell is it GG’s business to call MJ out on it? That should be a business relationship between MJ and Laila. Seemed like GG wanted an opportunity to pound on MJ.
    Mike looks so unhappy and self-conscious around his brothers. He kept reiterating how they were doctors, etc. Maybe dropping out of law school wasn’t the right decision, but teaming up with Reza, definitely wasn’t.
    Oh, and Lily went to lunch with her “real friend”. Ehem. Doesn’t this real friend of hers charge her by the hour, or is she getting a discounted rate in exchange for his free publicity? Glad we didn’t see too much of her plastic this episode.

    • Snookums Lynn

      Ha ha. Lilly’s friend definitely charged by the hour. She said are u taking me to lunch or am I taking u to lunch. He said nothing but his look said, in addition to lunch your paying me too. Lol

    • Olive

      I’m with you Vanessa. There’s far more to this MJ / GG issue and Reza trying to be back in good graces with everyone – even taking our coined phrase “teamMJ” from last season. He’s hip to whats up.

      And he may have lost Lilly as a client, thus, not needing her as a “friend” anymore.

      I’m still team MJ. I read her blog and get what’s what. GG gets like 2000 passes for a >30 yr old woman. MJ can have her one slide. :roll:

      • Olive

        Meant to mention that if you follow right now – current time- what’s going on in shahs land– Mike and MJ and GG seem cool/close and Reza is only hanging with Asa.
        Tick tock…… Mike and MJ seem to learn what’s really up with slippery snake Reza as the season progresses.

  17. Amber

    MJ is continuing to be revolting. Really, you think it’s funny to spill your supposed best friend’s secret? MJ is obviously so jealous of the women’s happiness in their little group it’s pathetic. First Lily, who she hated from day one for no reason other than Reza liked her. Still don’t understand why she didn’t just hate Reza for dissing her and not Lilly. And now GG, who has had her back through everything and she continually stabs her in the back. Last season by uninviting her to her birthday trip (but she’s oh so offended that she couldn’t go to Lilly’s b-day party?) and I loved last episode that GG called her on the hypocrisy of that situation. Now she felt the need to tell GG’s boyfriend that she kissed someone else. Like ugh, I’m proud of GG for being mature about it and wanting to talk about the situation but the other side of me wish old GG would pop up and punch MJ in her fat disgusting face.
    Reza is such an a-hole I cannot believe the complete change in her personality! Or rather that we are just now seeing how disgusting he is also. I see why him and MJ are such good friends; two disgusting people deserve each other.
    Asa is dancing on the border of eccentrically interesting and bat shit crazy to me, if I was in that bottling facility I’d look at her like she was crazy too.
    GG’s niece is adorable!

  18. I find their friend dynamic to be very Jr. High. Basically, they have made Reza, who in the end is not very bright (I dispute the Patrick Bateman comparison), their leader and the arbiter of right and wrong. If he says you did good, you did good. If he says you are to be scorned, they all scorn you. It’s like they can’t think for themselves.

    So, they listen to the guy who wears orange patterned suits and tries to sound black but just comes off like Snagglepus. ” Persian, even”. We were laughing our asses off at his talking heads. “You dress up to go to a Persian party”. “Persians like to dance” “PERSIANS breath AIR.” Basically, if you replace “Persians” with “people” or even “monkeys” it’s all true. But try it, next episode, with “monkeys”. It’s truly hysterical. Oh and make it a drinking game if youd like.

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