Vanderpump Rules Recap : I’m Over It.

imagesCAMWYQ5PApologies in advance for this being the worst recap ever. I am so not in the mood. But off we go. Jax shows Stassi his new tattoo of her name at the beach. It is written in such girly script (did he say it was her signature?) that I am sure he will have no problem turning it into a flower or something at some point. Because they are all road tripping I’m afraid we will not have much Vanderpump at all this episode.

Stassi and Jax and Kirsten and gay Tom are fighting. Gay Tom says to the world, getting an exes name tattooed on your body is stalkerish. But Stassi loves it. The four of them go to visit Stassi’s family in Lake Arrowhead. Apparently, Stassi’s family lost their home in New Orleans to Katrina. I’m really not in the mood to care. Stassi immediately tells her mom about the tattoo. Stassi is a HORRIBLE person.VRJax

Oh look, I was wrong. How could I think Lisa would give up camera time? She and her partners are meeting with a wine rep. They buy a few wines. Peter talks to Lisa about the other waitresses not liking Scheana.  Peter tries to tell Lisa that the other girls think Scheana is getting special attention. Lisa does not want to hear it.

Stassi’s mom grills Jax. They do a shot together. It’s a brand new world where mother’s do shots with their daughters ex boyfriend.  Excuse me while I have a hard time processing this. In a later scene, Stassi mother goes out with the kids and does shots. Gay Tom and Kirsten fight. Kirsten berates gay Tom. Oh Katie is there. And Tom is playing a gig in Lake Arrowhead. That is why they are all there. Woo hoo?

I’m really not interested in this show and should probably stop blogging it all together. I am not sure how I got sucked into this shitstorm. Jesus. Kirsten is a douche. Kate is a douche. What the fuck is wrong with these people? I just want to go to bed and have this whole shitty day be over. s

Lake Arrowhead is really pretty. Jax finds his intellectual equal in Stassi’s little brother. He’s  maybe eight.  Jax asks for advice from the kid who says he cheated on her and acts drunk and stupid.  Even the kid says she is kind of vicious.  Oh I was right he is 8.

Back to Lisa,  she is taking to a waitress who is covering for Scheana. Now she has an eye problem. What is going on with that girl? The new girl says she is always having an issue. Later Lisa tells Scheana to get a fucking grip.

Peter and Tom Schwartz make the trip to Lake Arrowhead to hear gay Tom. Gay Tom is CRYING. Stassi thinks it is funny and I agree.  Wait the band’s name is “Pierce the Arrow?” Um doesn’t the arrow actually do the piercing?  LOL at Peter pointing out that Tom is up there wearing women’s eyeliner, women’s makeup and women’s pants, why not throw some women’s lingere at him. And they do.  Katie and gay Tom make up.  Stassi is still a cuntbag. Some one hit wonder performs.

I am nots sure I can do this show anymore. Do you care?


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18 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Recap : I’m Over It.

  1. Felina

    Stassi is a real chip off the ole’ bitch!

  2. Barbara R

    Nope. Don’t care. Can’t stand these people. One episode was enough for me.

  3. lol, stassi is a cunt. kristin is one also, so is katie. ok, they all are.

  4. JoJo

    Shamefully, I’ll admit I watch but when it’s on a re-run when nothing else on usually weekends. I’m waiting for Lisa to catch on to that fake ass, kiss ass, extremely annoying voice called Shaena & see her crash and burn. For all of the weird, selfish, petty useless 20 & 30 somethings in the rest of the cast, it’s that Sheena Queen of the Famewhores that I’m hoping to see revealed for what she is and isn’t, hopefully kicked to the curb. However and whoever applauded that disaster of a song/show, I’m sure the truth is that career is not going to work out!
    So, guess the answer TT, I’d read it, but seems I’m a minority of one, oh well.

  5. Katherine

    Okay I really don’t consider myself any kind of mean girl but I like Stassi a hell of a lot more than scheana or whatever her name is. The skank is ANNOYING. Stassi used to be awkward and ugly and chubby if that gives insight to her possible snotty attitude now. Clearly she’s friends with Kristen and Katie cause they are repulses & she’s the prettiest no contest. Those 2 are heinous with nasty attitudes. Jax is an idiot. That’s all.

  6. Urethra Franklin

    I don’t watch this shit-show, but the one hit wonder you referred to are THE MOTELS. They are a 2 hit wonder with Suddenly Last Summer & Only The Lonely. Those 2 songs are awesome.

    • Julie

      Shaena? makes me dislike Lisa.

      I have a pinkie’s worth of sympathy for Stassi because of her alcoholic plus other issues parents.

    • Joan

      Thank you Urethra! Love both those songs. I don’t usually watch the show. if there’s nothing else on I might… but the women are all the types of women who I usually run from at the slightest suggestion that they want to develop a friendship cause you know they are going to back stab you, hurt you and talk about you behind your back. Who needs that? I know the various Real Housewives all do it – but somehow that’s more entertaining and interesting.

    • Hot Medusa

      ERGHNN! Wrong again! The Motels also had a hit with, “Take The L…” (which happens to be my favorite by the way.) 😀

  7. Mike

    You hit it right why watch this show, a bunch of 30yr old people acting like they are in kindergarten . I rather sleep then watch this crap. Stasi is a big SLIT and Tom and Jax are just big douchebags with no balls.

  8. luna

    Every bitch in this show has gone SWF over Stassi.. Scheana wants her job at divine, Katie dyed her hair blonde and copied her exact outfit in a talking head shot, Kristens bf cheated on her in Vegas…. Wtf get new material, Vanderpump. Come film my life its 10x superior ;*

  9. kat

    Don`t stop. Laughed out loud reading this. I laughed when Tom cried too.

  10. layla

    I can’t stand this show! I tried to give it a chance because I love the Housewives shows. I’m sorry but this show is a joke. Last season they tried to say all the girls were models at a photo shoot and it obviously was something set up for the show because none of these girls could ever be models. I feel sympathy for Stassi that she still isn’t pretty when she had her face reconstructed. Kristen looks like a guy and I guess that fits because her bf is quite obviously gay. Katie is just a freaking joke with the orange hair and doesn’t have an original thought just copies whatever Kristen thinks. I love Lisa Vanderpump but she needs to give up on this train wreck, it isn’t entertaining.

  11. Kristi

    This show is a hot mess. Stassi is not hot what so ever. Kristen is just gross and Katie, let’s say freak fest. Lisa is a total control freak with lots of money. Someone needs to take the trash out literally. You have these so called educated people doing nothing but gossiping and back stabbing their way through their 20’s. I must say I do like that Peter. He is totally hot and seems to have his stuff together. We don’t see much of him though. There maybe something we are missing. Let our minds wonder.

  12. Effirama Quayson

    Lame show with the girls constantly making a big deal of nothing. #whitegirlproblems

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